my tumblr existence finally has meaning

Why I don’t like people using the existence of ‘Intersex’ people to push their bullshit fakeass “gender”.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see people on tumblr using the existence of ‘Intersex’ people to further their bullshit nounself/kintype-genders. 

My brother’s oldest boy has Klinefelter syndrome. That means he has XXY chromosomes, and it also means that life has been hell for him ever since he got old enough to finally be able to speak in full sentences (which was about age 5. Klinefelter’s has a serious detrimental effect on a child’s learning abilities, as well as on his mental capabilities and stability.). He once threatened to hit the teacher/principle/cut himself if his mother made him go to school. 

He was fucking 5 years old when this happened.

As he grows up, he is going to develop breasts. His testes will be extremely small. His ability to process thought and pick and choose what to say vs what not to say will be bad his whole life. He will need to take Testosterone when he hits 12 years old (which will be in about six months) in order to go through puberty in any real capacity. It isn’t just hard on him, it’s hard on his whole family. Now, do not take my bluntness for spite; we all love him. He is a good little boy for the most part, and we know that when he does such things that he doesn’t have much of a filter. When he is happy, he is very good. When he is denied something like a special treat because he didn’t do his chores or was mean to his siblings, then he can become very scary. But we love him, and we try very hard to be understanding. 

So when these fucks use the tragedy and harshness that is having a chromosomal disorder like Klinefelter’s Syndrome to further their shitty fucking attempts to insist that “see? Intersex ppl exist and are clearly nonbinary, so why couldn’t being stargender exist uwu?”, it fills me with rage. 

You need to STOP. My nephew’s disorder and the difficulty of his life ahead is not to be used as a bargaining chip for any reason. You disgust me.