my tumbles

Hey I threw all my tumbled amethyst into my sachet of lavender and added a clear quartz to put near me while I fell asleep with the intent to enhance my dreams to gain some clarity but instead I Calmed The Fuck Down so that’s my accidental witchcraft of the day goodnight

me, posting anything w my smol 200 followers on instagram: /gets a lot of likes and actual comments/

me, posting anything on tumble w my larger amount of followers: 2 likes, u get two


My take on grown Misty!( * ^ w ^ )  She’s about in her early 20’s, Misty went back to running her gym, and as a side job and hobby she teaches in a swimming program to younger kids! She uses up most of her free time visiting Pewter City and assisting Brock with his Pokemon Rehabilitation Center, tending to pokemon, Brock appointing her often to tending to the water pokemon, since she specializes in them, and for having a better understanding of their needs. And often the only one willingly open for a swim at any time lol. 

she already heard you two last night

stonus bory:

she just needs some luvin okay


majestic ✩

my take on the mcr groupchat:
  • gerard: pictures of cats (jupiter and mitch or random cats they met or internet cats), in-depth analysis of weird ideas they get
  • ray: wishing everyone good morning/goodnight, discussing the news
  • mikey: probably has the chat muted, sends those old people on facebook image thingies not entirely ironically
  • frank: pictures of his kids doing goofy stuff, slightly concerning statements played off as humorous
  • james: his iconic fashion statements, good things he had for breakfast, puppies