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You are not to be underestimated, Claire.
Hell, I’m still getting used to bringing the hurt instead of fixing it.
Well, for what it’s worth  I’ve never had a student progress as fast as you have.
Guess I got tired of people doing things for me all the time.
Tell me about it.

Hyde and Jackie as parents headcanons, part 2 of 2.

PS: I did these a while ago but somehow got lost in my other blog (poetdameron), so I re-write them here.

  • Kitty calls every day, even when they see each other. She calls to ask how the baby is doing and when the kid grows, she calls to talk to her/him. Baby Zen (1) loves to talk to Kitty, especially once she is older and she can gossip about school and the stories her mom told her, while Baby Boy Zen is more shy but likes to talk to grandma too, Baby Zen (2) doesn’t like phones because like dad, she thinks the goverment may be into something with the phone lines and Jackie wants to kill Hyde. 
  • They also enjoys spending time with Red. When Baby Zen (1) was a newborn, she cried when passed to someone’s arms that weren’t her parent’s, but she never cried even once when given to Red. He won’t accept it, but the sight of it warmed his entire self and he pretended to be bothered by having to carry the baby when Hyde or Jackie were needed in the kitchen or somewhere else, but Kitty knows better. Eventually, the kid got used to everyone else and the crying stopped.
  • Jackie’s bedtime stories are always about her, and her favorites to tell are the ones that involve Steven. Once their little girls are older, they will ask for these stories about their parents and then go to their dad and ask about it. The first two or three times, Hyde told them the truth: “I went to jail for her because she was too young, had a future, I just couldn’t let her that way”, “Uhm, well… I wanted your mom to caught uncle Kelso because he and Laurie were annoying…”, but then he would listen to what Jackie is telling their daughters and would discover that maybe his chick isn’t making anything up, maybe all that time he did have feelings for her that then leaned to romantic feelings too. Now, every time their daughters tell him what Jackie said, he smiles and “that’s how it was, kiddo, all of it” “you punched a nasty guy because you liked her even before you were together?” “yup, all those years without she even knowing it. Actually, i did it twice, there was this moron who was bothering her and he was dressed as this ass of a dog…”
  • And of course Hyde is scared shit of not being a good father, so he low key talks all the time with Red about it. Once Eric becomes a dad too, he starts feeling better about himself when he can give his friend advice and finally notices he isn’t a bad father at all. In fact, he does it pretty good, is almost natural to him. Jackie says is because he has too much of a good heart, and he is sweet, it was obvious he was the perfect man to become a father.
  • Baby Zen (1) also adores her da, she is totally a daddy’s girl. And is so obvious Hyde spoils her, everyone teases him about it, and Jackie is proud of it because “she make Steven J. Hyde a good daddy”. Hyde kind of agrees secretely. Their boy is a big mama’s boy in a cool way, he will do whatever Jackie wants and have a more open relationship with her, always listening to her advice and so, but he wont’ be on her tit all the time. He is truly a very zen person, but can get bitchy very easily and over protective with both his sisters. Baby Zen (2) is… a mess. She is okay with both her parents, but prefers uncle Eric’s advices, she’s kind of a nerd and a rebel at the same time. Kitty says she is just searching for her identity, Hyde says she will conquer space one day since she wants to be an astronaut and first person to pee on Mars.
  • He always talks to their sons in third person: “Okay, now please don’t make a fuzz while your pa makes breakfast”, “Your ma is going to work today, so you will go with pa to Grooves”, he only does it when nobody is around. Jackie has catched him a couple of times and doesn’t understand why he gets blushed for it, she thinks is adorable.
  • She loves dressing their kids, she takes them for shopping every time she can and tries to pass her knowledge on fashion and so to them. There is no way her daughters will ever been seen dressed like poor girls, they are always looking freaking cute and nice, while there isn’t most adorable and then handsome boy than hers (as a matter of fact, Baby Boy Zen is handsome, everyone jokes he got the best genes from his parents put together into one not pretty, but actual handsome boy).
  • “YOU ARE NOT PUTTING THOSE ON OUR PRIN– STEVEN!”, there was this one time Hyde buy himself a new pair of sunglasses and found the same model but for kids, so of course he buy them for his older daughter, who’s his little princess no matter how much time passes. Worst part is, the girl loves those glasses because it make her look like da, so she won’t put them away, and Jackie can’t argue against that. Hyde enjoys the little victories of life, that’s for sure.

why did god not give me artistic talents so i could redraw this with their anime counterparts

(also Suga Kenta is my son and i love him for pandering to my needs)

(also also is it not super on brand for Tsukishima to be reluctant and Hinata to just pull him into the spotlight)

unpluggedfeelings  asked:

okay i just made it to season 8 and my jackie hyde heart is broken... do you have anything to make this season worth it

NOTHING is worth that season, baby. NOTHING. Not even the “humor” because it’s silly and out of character, and more racist and sexist than ever. Really, don’t watch that crap.

If you like to read, here and here are some very good fanfics to heal your heart. And these are my recommendations of HJ fanfic set during and after season 8:

~ During

Made Bare by MistyMountainHop

Summary: A heartbroken Hyde considers his relationship with Jackie kaput. Too bad Jackie sees it differently. She intends to get a proper resolution with him, but breaking through his hostility—and getting past his wife—may well prove impossible.

Commentary: This is my season 8 canon, my favorite fic set during season 8. Really. Not to mention MistyMountainHop is my favorite t70s author ever, she gets the characters in such incredibly deep, it’s just awesome. Her scenes are delicious, her words are how you would made your brain persive color if you couldn’t see them. It’s all feelings and nivnineinfir, it’s beautiful.

The Right Road Lost by zpplnchick

Summary: After a car accident, Hyde wakes up to a twisted version of reality he comes to find is actual hell and with no memory of how he got there, a hell that Jackie’s been living in for the past few months. Set during Season 8, shortly after “Sweet Lady”.

Commentary: First fic I read from zpplnchick, It’s a great story. I recommend you to read it after you read ‘Made Bare’, because it’s another option of how things can get well resolved.

~ After

Zoso: A Journey to Understanding by zpplnchick

Summary: “You don’t deserve a real tattoo. But if I were to get one, I’d show it to Fez before I’d ever show it to you!” Ironically, that’s pretty much how it happened. One-shot.

Commentary: This fic is lovely and has one of my favorite ideas ever: Jackie getting a tattoo. This fic explores why would she get it. Plus side, it has a happy ending and, Fez and Jackie being good friends.

The Morning After by ShanghaiLily

Summary: (The sequel to my one-shot ‘Resolutions’) What happens the morning after Jackie wakes up in Vegas with a nasty hangover and a wedding ring on her finger that she just can’t manage to take off?

Commentary: One of my favorite fanfics, even when it does has some flaws. Jackie in this fic is very strong and really, after s8? It’s always nice to see Hyde pining a little for her.

** And just because I’m ridiculous, here let me tell you about my fanfic. It’s after season 8.

Heart Like Yours by poetdameron

Summary: Jackie goes home to Point Place for Donna and Eric’s wedding, but an accident and an unexpected experience may show her a reality she never thought was happening around her.

20 Questions by ShanghaiLily

Summary:Just after New Year’s day in 1980, Jackie Burkhart decides to disappear from the basement to save her sanity. When Xmas rolls around and the Formans beg Jackie to attend their party, she ends up involved in an elaborate game of 20 Questions with Hyde that could change both of their lives. T-rated w/ some M chapters. Story is COMPLETE! This one’s for the Zennies who hate Season 8!

Commentary: THIS FIC! It’s really good, I had a lot of fun reading it. It has some M scenes you may not like or, maybe yes. Also, the characterization isn’t always the best, Jackie gets manipulated to forgive Hyde’s shit in such weird way, you must be careful. 

~ In which it never happens

Shade by MistyMountainHop

Summary:Hyde finds himself homeless on a night where Jackie is without parents. The gift he gave her last Christmas draws him to her, but his attachment lingers past that rainy first night, grows through countless experiences, and leads him across state lines. Their relationship is a high-stakes gamble, but Jackie may fold before Hyde can show all his cards.

Commentary: I LOVE THIS FANFIC! It’s kind of my favorite by MMH. This story is just so lovely and the take after season 7 it’s incredible!

Hyde’s Long Way Home by MistyMountainHop

Summary:Hyde goes on a self-destructive bender after finding Jackie with a towel-wrapped Kelso. The day after that, he wakes up … and it’s the same day as before. He’s doomed to live the same day over and over — unless he can figure out a way to live it right.

Commentary: This is one of the motherships when it comes to the HJ fanfics. It’s precious. Every word is a trip you just can’t let go of. You’ll love it, you just have to be patient because booooy, this fic gets dark at times.


[16/20] Favorite TV Shows of 2015 - Nathan for You Season 3

My name is Nathan Fielder, and I graduated from one of Canada’s top business schools with really good grades.
Ranked 3rd by me, 16th by followers.