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“I dreamed you’d come back for me…”

“It was like I was in a dream too. I forgot everything. But even though I didn’t remember you—I felt your presence… and I knew that I would never be complete unless those shadows were brought into the light.”

Sheith headcanon: when they go to bed at night the tend to switch up who is the little and big spoon. But more often then not Keith tends to be the big spoon because it makes shiro feel safe and warm inside. On bad days tho, where someone almost dies or they couldn’t save everyone, shiro tends to big spoon because he has a horrible sense and need to protect. He needs to feel like he isn’t completely useless, like he can still save someone. Keith understands and tends to rub up and down the arms around him till it lulls shiro to sleep.


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Hi! Do you think you could write an aftermath situation with the Chocobros comforting Reader after he/she is rescued from Ardyn who physically/mentally harmed Reader? (Though, I imagine Ardyn being very fond of mind screws considering what he does in the game). Thanks!

I love how twisted Ardyn can be (BlameArdyn2017) this actually shouldn’t have been as much fun as it was, but it was so much fun!!



You gave a soft cry in your sleep, yet settled down the moment that you felt the warm embrace of Noctis surround you. He was mindful of the scars around your arms and wrist, having to be even more so when moving your head to rest against his shoulder. As the crown, that burning hot circlet of a tiara that Ardyn place on your head had done some serious damage to your forehead and would leave a scar for life.

During the day you were mostly fine, yet at night when you slept, nightmares of the memories returned. The terror and torture that Ardyn had placed you through, you had only been gone for a week, but to Noctis and yourself it felt like a lifetime.

When you finally stumbled back into their group, Noctis made certain that he was forever at your side, never to leave you again. So when he found himself be awoken to your tears, Noctis would cuddle you close, stroking your hair, pressing soft kisses against your face and hands.

“I’m here.”

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*interacts with people*
*has to take a four hour nap*

Shout out to all of you who are still reading my crap after an entire year. We’re so close to Season 2 and I can’t wait to experience it with you and see all the wonderful things this fandom will create.