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vintage beauty products i came across at a lovely antique store yesterday ♡


Skipping school to go on a road trip with Stiles.

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AU where autocorrect exists in a galaxy far, far away and the Falcon’s comm keeps correcting “smuggler” to “snuggler” and Han Solo is slowly losing his mind and also his reputation

[17-190717] I meant to post this a few days ago when I was doing my homework on the way to nyc. I got back from my little trip yesterday and it was great, I got to see so many historical sites (a lot having to do with Hamilton). now I need a break from human interaction for a couple days haha

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Help! My parents are being cryptic about whether I’m going or not!

i’m sorry about that!! maybe try and keep a good vibe between you and them until tuesday?

seeing y’all struggle getting parents permission has both made me sad (bc everyone on here deserves to see the show) and so damn glad that i’m an adult who doesn’t have to ask permission bc it’s my life/my money


Polish or Winged Hussars were the elite cavalry of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. They often charged straight towards their enemy at a time where artillery and guns were gaining more and more popularity. Both the Ottomans and the Tatars amongst other foes, would only have to see the banners of the Husaria to feel unease suddenly emerge within their ranks.

Today the Hussars are mostly known for the elaborate ‘wings’ that riders wore. These wings could be made from a variety of materials although real bird feathers were the most common.

My Mom’s Trip!

As yesterday was Mother’s Day and I am over 300 miles away from my mom, I thought I would blog about the last time she visited me, as I am missing her right now! Plus, I got her this card, which I can’t actually give it her!

Easter Weekend 2017

Keeping up with my mom’s spontaneous status (still impressed she spontaneously went to Arizona with me earlier this year!) the Friday before Easter, around 11am, I texted my mom, “I’m not going to Chicago. I’d love a visitor…?” and within seconds she wrote back that she’d leave at noon. God Bless!

I had originally been very uncertain about Easter as I didn’t get any days off for it (I still find this weird!), and was supposed to go to Chicago with M., the guy I was dating at the time, but we last minute cancelled it, as I realized all I wanted to do was hang-out with my mom.

When you go long periods of time away from your home and away from the people you love and know you best, it’s the most remarkably awesome and comforting feeling when suddenly you’re with someone know knows you better than you know yourself. 

The first thing I wanted to show my mom was my CrossFit building. 

My CrossFit building is a 2,200,000-square-foot old auto-body manufacturing factory built in 1925. Today (although it looks empty) is filled with lots of lofts with various businesses running out of them (like woodward, glass blowing, art, and my CrossFit!). It’s very cool. 

My mom and I went in and walked around. It was eerie as there was no one around, but we did find this piece of art in an old hallway.  Some of the doors had over ten locks on them, which I must admit was a little unsettling. 

After walking around for a while we decided to head back to the car, except just as we were approaching the car two girls came up to us and asked, “do you know where the art show is?”  

We had no clue, but then another couple who overheard us pointed to a door and said we should all go, so we did!

We climbed three flights of stairs and found ourselves at a hipster-y art show.  It was so neat! A true Detroit experience for both of us, complete with city views in the distance. 

The rest of her trip was spent showing her my favourite spots. Including, but not limited to: 

Detroit’s historic Corktown (apparently just a few years ago this area wasn’t a safe place with signs everywhere to not leave valuables in cars as they will get broken into. Today it feels incredibly safe, is super charming, with apartments going up all around.) 

We walked around the old train station (with its spiffy new windows and blooms out front)!

And then stepped into a gorgeous little coffee shop called Astro Coffee for lunch. 

Saturday afternoon we strolled around downtown with no plan but to see the city’s sites and architecture. 

I took her to The Belt, a neat little graffiti alleyway

And then we topped off the evening with a gorgeous sunset over the city from Belle Isle!

How lucky I am to have an adventurous mama that was willing to head to Detroit within an hour to keep me company over Easter. 

Happy Mothers Day Mom!! Love you to the moon and back! xoxo


LACC 2017 trip: My comic con trip yesterday was the best day I ever had in two years since I went to Long Beach Comic Con September 2015, and to Stan Lee’s Comikaze on November 2015 (which is now called Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Convention a.k.a. Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con), I met some great cosplayers and great creators I had so much fun taking pictures with, in Photo #1: I met a cosplayer dressed up like Bayek from Assassin’s Creed Origins, in Photo #2: I met a new coming Comic creator named Calvin Nye, who is the Comic writer and comic artists who created his superhero indie comics series of his original Indie Comic Superhero named Joe hero, who is a superhero with Autism, and the creator of the Joe Hero is Autistic himself, just like me (Blake Andrew Roten), it was nice meeting him and I’m glad my Uncle Sean ( who I drew in my family portraits for him in various styles every Christmas of course) had introduced me to Calvin Nye, in Photo #3: I met a cosplayer dressed up as King Dice from the Cuphead Xbox One Indie game which I watched on YouTube as a series of walkthrough videos made by some popular YouTube gamer I can’t recall who recorded and played the Cuphead game, in Photo #4: I saw an excellent cosplayer dressed up as Afro Samurai and it is my favorite cosplay picture I ever took with that Afro Samurai cosplayer😎, in Photo #5: my cousin, Riley took a picture of me and my mom with Tommy Wiseau, in Photo #6: I met the Blue Cat Cafe Webcomic creator, Alexander Lee for the third this year at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, I met the creator of the Blue Cat Cafe Webcomic series two times about two years ago in 2015, first time at Long Beach Comic Con, and second time at Stan Lee’s Comikaze ( which is now called Stan Lee’s LACC this year), I really liked meeting up with him again since he’s honestly a really nice guy😄, in Photo #7: I met Kevin Eastman the co creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and he marker sketched my favorite ninja turtle, Leonardo on my TMNT 25th anniversary compilation book I bought at LBCC 2015, and I got to take some quick pictures with him, I was so lucky to meet him and I got a chance to a nice talk/chat with him about how he and peter influenced me and I showed him my best Emerald Kappa illustration on my iPhone, he liked it, and he told me to keep drawing, which are the nicest words I ever heard him say, in Photo #8 and #9: I met some TMNT cosplayers dressed as my favorite film series ninja turtles from the original TMNT film series, I took some pictures with my favorite ninja turtle, Leonardo, and a Donatello cosplayer dressed as the Jim Henson animatronic costume designed ninja turtles from the TMNT Indie film adaptation of the TMNT Indie Comic series, and it made me think, why didn’t the filmmakers of the Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles film series use mocap on the Jim Henson Costume designed turtles and convert the Jim Henson animatronic turtle costumes into CG remodeled characters whose animatronic squash and stretch facial cartoon expressions would be more fluid and life like instead instead of having those reptilian ape like faces? In Photo #10: I met a cosplayer dressed up as a Samurai version of Darth Vader and it was awesome, there are other pics from LACC 2017 I wish I could put in my post but since my tumblr posts can only take up 10 pictures in one post at a time, all I can do is make two honorable mentions of them, my first honorable mention were those two Ninja turtles fan sketches I got for free from the anonymous artist’s girlfriend named Emily and I honestly wish I had ask Emily what her boyfriend’s name is so that I could her artist-boyfriend some credit since he didn’t put his name on the Ninja turtles sketches I got for free, and my second honorable mention is that I got to see a Ralph Bakshi animation art booth and I met Eddie Bakshi who is one of Ralph Bakshi’s adult children, and I actually actually once got Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings animated movie on Christmas 2001 as a DVD when I was ten years old after the Peter Jackson’s first LOTR movie, the Fellowship of the ring came out that year, and I was 10 years old and the animated LOTR movie was the first Ralph Bakshi movie I ever watched at a young age, it was actually an interesting adaptation of the novel trilogy and I liked it, it was just as good and interesting as the Peter Jackson-LOTR trilogy itself, well that’s about all I can say on this post, and I hope you folks like my recent Comic Con trip pictures I posted on tumblr this year😉?