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I recently took a trip to Disneyland with @suachun1 and we both thought about “Why not do a Halloween Disney Voltron AU” so I decided to draw it and she suggested I dress Hunk and Shay as Maui and Moana along with Shiro as Shang. I thought Lance and Keith worked as Eugene and Rapunzel. Allura as Kida and Pidge as Milo were kind of the perfect choices. However, we struggled with Coran tbh but then thought the Duke from Cinderella fit really well. SO HERE IT IS. INSPIRED BY MY TRIP TO DISNEYLAND. 


A Disneyland Trip with Draco Would Include....

Showing him every single Disney movie possible before the trip

Singing along to Disney songs during the car ride

Draco questioning everything about Disney logic

“Why would a siren fall in love with a muggle?” “Who would want a puppet to come to life?” “Fairy God Mother?” “How was that child able to talk and understand animals and survive the jungle?” “Why-”

Telling Draco to be quiet and enjoy the stories.

Once at the park Draco being overwhelmed by the amount of people 

Riding the Matterhorn and Draco thinking the Yeti is real

Draco being terrified of the huge drop on splash mountain

Meeting Mickey and Minnie and Draco wondering why people would wait an hour for mice

Draco complaining about the long lines

Meeting Chewbacca 

Having to explain what a wookie is

Chewbacca messing around with you and Draco…. 

Chewie covering both your faces for one of the pictures

Meeting Darth Vader and being terrified (he’s really scary!)

Wishing you would’ve just stayed with the wookie   

More complaining about the lines from Draco

Eating Dole Whip and Draco enjoying it

The Tiki Room theme song stuck in Draco’s head.

Draco sitting driver’s seat on Indiana Jones

Draco wondering why pirates would sing this much about their life

Eating churros

Draco thinking for awhile you two were actually in space while riding space mountain

Beating Draco’s score on the Buzz Lightyear ride

Draco almost getting sick after a spin on the teacups

Trying to get on all rides

Even more complaining about the lines

Catching glimpses of the parade

At the end of the day watching the fireworks and Draco kisses you

Going on Splash Mountain one last time and being soaked on the way to the hotel

Draco admitting he had fun

I had my first trip to Disneyland two days ago which was amazing. I bought a sketchbook there instead of the autograph book so I could fill it in with sketches for the characters to sign. Didn’t get all of them though ;/

I’m still sad I didn’t get Rapunzel and Flynn to sign theirs. :’D

I want to get some color on these once uni cools down a bit.

simplyryn  asked:

Fact: During a trip to Disneyland I took with three of my guy friends last year, we ended up meeting Cinderella. I informed her that it just so happened to be one of the guy's birthday. She said that we should plan a birthday ball for him. Me, being incredibly socially awkward, loved the idea but what came out instead (in a flood of panic) was, "That's a lot of work, isn't it?" Still haven't really gotten over it to this day ^_^;


Fact: During a school trip to Disney World, my friends and I rode Star Tours 21 times in one day because we didn’t want to do anything else at Hollywood Studios and we wanted to see all the different possible combinations of locations you could go to. Eventually the cast members started to recognize us and let us go in the FastPass line. It was a great day. 

3:30 a.m. Wake Up Call

Just got back from a Disneyland trip (: I got my wristband that says ‘Mrs. Hamada’ on it! Hahahahaha I’m such a dork XP

I love baby!Hiro. I’ve wanted to do one of these for a while now, and I love this AU, so here you guys go! :)


You woke up to the sound of a small voice. You blinked your eyes several times before remembering where you were. You were in your boyfriend’s room, sleeping peacefully next to him, until the cries of his younger brother woke you up. Typically, Hiro’s voice woke up Tadashi, but you knew your lover had been working extremely hard the past week and was exhausted. You practically had to beg him to sleep.

You sat up carefully, not wanting to wake the man sleeping next to you. You fixed your sweatpants after they’d rolled up in your sleep. You stretched your arms up and gently tossed the covers back. You looked to your left and saw Hiro sitting by your bedside, tears in his eyes. You frowned down at him.

“Hiro, what’s wrong?”

“I had a bad dream,” Hiro said sadly. You cooed and climbed out of bed. You picked Hiro up and his little hands grasped at the shirt you were wearing, which happened to belong to Tadashi. You carried him against your hip and carefully crept downstairs. Hiro sniffled and tucked his face into your chest.

“It’s okay, it was just a dream Hiro,” you comforted. You walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. “How about some warm milk?” you asked sweetly. Hiro nodded hesitantly. You grabbed his bottle of milk and closed the fridge with Hiro still on your hip. You put the bottle of milk in the microwave and warmed it up. “What happened in your dream?” you asked gently.

“A big monster with big teeth and an ugly face tried to eat me. It ate you and Dashi first,” Hiro said quietly. You retrieved the bottle of milk from the microwave, making sure to stop the microwave before it beeped and woke up the rest of the Hamada family.

“Aw, baby, it’s okay,” you comforted. You sat down on the couch with Hiro in your lap now. “I promise no monster will ever hurt you or me or Dashi. Monsters aren’t real,” you said. He reached for the bottle in your hand. You moved the bottle to his lips as he reached for it hungrily. The suction cup slowly met his lips and he started sucking greedily. His little hands sat on top of your hand on the bottle. “Slow down, or you’ll get a stomach ache,” you said quietly with laughter. Hiro’s big brown eyes gazed up at you. You smiled down at the little baby in your arms. You glanced at the digital clock that sat on the table next to you. It read three thirty a.m. in bright red lights. You focused your attention back to the small child in your arms, trying not to think about how much sleep you were missing. “I have bad dreams too, you know,” you said, trying to calm him down. He stopped sucking on the bottle of milk and looked up at you.


“Yeah. Everyone has bad dreams, Hiro.”

“Even Dashi?” You laughed quietly.

“Yes, even Dashi,” you said. Hiro yawned. “How about we go back to bed?” you suggested. Hiro clung to your shirt tightly.

“No. I’m scared,” he replied. You set the milk bottle down on the table and shifted Hiro in your arms.

“Okay, I’m right here. It’s okay. No monster would ever hurt you,” you comforted and kissed his forehead. You moved Hiro back to your hip and grabbed the milk. You walked back into the kitchen and set the bottle back in the fridge. Hiro grasped tightly at the color of your shirt. He reached up and kissed your cheek. You looked at Hiro, who was now smiling.

“I love you, sissy,” he said quietly. You smiled and rubbed your nose gently against his.

“I love you too, Hiro.” You sat back down on the couch. Hiro was now awake and alert. You noticed a stack of books near the coffee table. They were mostly fairy tales and legends. You leaned against the arm of the couch and grabbed the one on top. “How about a story?” you asked the eager child in your lap. Hiro nodded and bounced gleefully.

“Yay, story!” You opened the picture book with Hiro in between you and the book.

“Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who all wanted to build houses. They wanted to stay safe from the big bad wolf.” Hiro pointed to the cartoon wolf.

“He’s a meanie,” Hiro said.

“You bet he is, buddy. The first little pig built his house of hay. It took almost no time at all.” You flipped the page. “The second little pig built his house of sticks. It also took him no time. The two little pigs saw the third little pig building his house out of bricks. They laughed at him and yelled 'we already finished our houses. Now we have time to play’,” you said in your best little pig voice. Hiro laughed gleefully. “When the third little pig finished, there was no time left to play. Each pig returned to his own house to eat dinner. Suddenly, the big bad wolf showed up! He knocked on the door of the straw house. The wolf said, 'little pig, little pig, let me in’,” you growled in a deep voice, making Hiro laugh even more. You smiled at the cheerful child. “The little pig replied, 'not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!’ So the wolf replied 'then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!’ And the wolf blew the straw house down!” you exclaimed. Hiro gasped, despite having heard the story before.

“The wolf went to the house made of sticks and knocked on the door. He yelled once again 'little pig, little pig, let me in!’ And the pig replied 'Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!’ The wolf said 'then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!’” Hiro snuggled against your chest. “And the wolf blew the house down! So the wolf went to the last house, the house made of bricks. He knocked on the door and said 'little pig, little pig, let me in’. But the third pig said 'not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.’ The wolf said 'then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.’”

“No!” Hiro exclaimed.

“But as hard as the wolf blew, the house wouldn’t come down. The wolf soon gave up and the three little pigs cheered. And they all lived happily ever after,” you finished as Hiro yawned. He closed his eyes and cozied up to you. You kissed the top of his head and set the book down. “Goodnight, Hiro.”

“Goodnight, sissy,” he whispered quietly before falling into sleep. You smiled down at the child until your felt a warm blanket come around your shoulders. You looked up to see the smiling face of your boyfriend. He stole a quick kiss from your lips.

“Did I wake you?” you asked in a hushed tone. He shook his head.

“I woke up and you weren’t by my side. I wanted to make sure you were okay,” Tadashi said quietly. He looked down at his little brother in your arms and his heart melted. You looked tired, but Tadashi thought you had never looked more adorable. “He loves you so much,” Tadashi said as he looked at Hiro. You looked down at the little human in your lap.

“I love him too.”

“We both do,” Tadashi said as he brushed Hiro’s hair back. He kissed your cheek. “You should’ve woken me up. I could’ve dealt with him; you need your sleep.”

“So do you,” you replied. “Besides, I’ve got it,” you said with a smile. “Don’t you want to be parents some day Tadashi?”

“Of course sweetheart,” he replied. “C'mon. Let’s go back to bed,” Tadashi said as he stood to his full height. You raised an eyebrow.

“Tadashi, he’s sleeping,” you said. Tadashi smirked.

“I know, so try not to squirm too much,” he replied. You were about to ask him what he meant when he hooked his arm under your legs and his other arm behind your back. He picked you up into his arms and carried you back up the stairs to his room. You cradled Hiro close to you and snuggled into Tadashi’s arms. He placed you down softly on his bed and climbed in next to you. He leaned against the pile of pillow on his bed and brought you against his chest. You leaned against your boyfriend and kept his brother safe in your arms. “I love you,” Tadashi muttered into your hair. You leaned up and gave him a long, loving kiss.

“I love you, too.”

“Forever and always?”

“Forever and always.”

Emotionally Distraught  (send help)

I like this guy from my section in marching band but I’m very apprehensive about talking to him.  I don’t LIKE LIKE him (his face is nice tbh, my type of guy wink wink) There are three things as to why I want to talk to him am scared.  

  1. I did something real embarrassing the first time I’ve actually had a small “conversation” with him.. (I don’t think he remembers it…hopefully not)
  2. He’s a year older than me (meaning by next year it’ll be his last year in high school)
  3. From what I’ve noticed he isn’t really the talkative type..

If I do eventually talk to him I might have time during my school’s trip to Disneyland but I need help and that’s where you guys come to play!  I need your guys’s advice.  Should I finally talk to this guy (when I have the time i.e. marching practice since I stand next to him in the block)?  If so, what/how should I do it?

We also visited the Enchanted Tiki Room when we went to Tokyo Disneyland! Unlike the Walt Disney World and Disneyland versions, theirs is based off of Lilo and Stitch. They sing songs from the movie and Stitch himself even shows up. They also have different birds, so no Jose, but they do have a lady bird as a star which I thought was pretty cool. This was one of the attractions where you could request a handheld device that shows English subtitles of what they are saying. 

I didn’t want to bother everyone else by taking pictures inside the show so I just got a picture of Stitch’s spaceship outside of the attraction. The book inside is the Ugly Duckling

Hi RP Partners🤓🖑

I know I’ve been lagging and barely replying to our threads and that’s just due to school. Especially right now cuz I’m studying for a biology test for tomorrow =.=; Other than that, I just wanted to let you guys know that I won’t be on tumblr over the weekend because my family and I are going on a trip to Disneyland. Super excited for that. So as soon as I get home or have enough time on the trip I’ll reply when I can and that’ll explain why it’ll look lkke I’m M.I.A. Anyway, I gtg. I’ll reply to a few more and bounce. Good Night and see you guys later! @goldenevil91 @yamiyugilover2000 @ggarposts @dragontamer05 @princesszelda-spirit @neoqueenserenitychibiusarpblog

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