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Five sentence prompt! Steve and Bucky are surprised by how closely Darcy is following the election, and she has to remind them that she did study Political Science. (Because Political Science!)

Your wish is my command. :)

(This one’s OT3 Darcy x Steve x Bucky, just as a small heads up for those of you who aren’t into the pairing…)


It’s a combination of two things that wakes Steve up – the first is the sound of Bucky grumbling behind him and his arms tightening on his waist, and the second is the glow from the computer screen, which, at two in the morning in a dark bedroom, is always going to look especially eerie.  He blinks his eyes open and stares up at Darcy blearily, watching as she leans in even closer to the glowing computer screen and tapping a couple of times on the touchpad.

“Darcy, come to bed,” Steve mumbles, even though technically they’re all already in bed and two out of three of them are mostly asleep…well, at least Steve is, because Bucky’s a lot more blunt and awake sounding when he says grumpily, “If you don’t put that computer away I’m tossing it out the window.”

Darcy just snorts gracelessly and gives her boys a look as she says, “Yeah, sure, like I’m going to sleep when the post-convention reviews of the RNC and the DNC are happening right now and not to be missed.  Poli-sci major,” she explains with a wave of her hand at the computer and a smirk on her face, “and this stuff is either a trainwreck in progress or Christmas come early, so you two can sleep while I soak it all in.”

Essential School Supplies

I’m not going to tell you what brands to buy or anything like that because that is really up to the person. In the end, brands really don’t matter. People have been studying for years and getting good grades without fancy pens, paper, and notebooks. You can too.

This applies mostly to college kids, but also overlaps with high-school.

* I know it says essential, but these are not a must get, but really great to have. Not everyone can afford it, and if you can’t no big deal. I’m on the poor side of studyblr, so I know the struggle. I accumulate stuff to make this work.

- A good backpack. Best if it is a big expandable one. In college, at least the ones I have been too, you don’t have lockers anymore (I miss them), and you might have to carry all of your books for the day. You might not be able to move your car once parked because of losing a space altogether, or you don’t have time to go back and switch out books. Having a big expandable backpack has saved me time and from being really frustrated about not having what I need. Roller backpacks also are good for this! (Obviously only needed for a semester that has lots of books and classes in the same day, or if you are a pack rat, like me.)

- Extra pens, pencils, paper, and scantrons. By all means have enough for yourself, but have some that you don’t 100% care about getting back. There will always be someone who didn’t bring these things and will need them. Sometimes they are forgetful or lazy or sometimes they don’t have the money for the basics. It shows goodwill towards your classmates, might make you a friend, and sometimes even endears you to the professor because they don’t have to scramble to find it. If you are ever in the situation of not having something, people will definitely help you out in return. It goes both ways.

- Favorite Pen/Pencil/Paper. Everyone has a favorite instrument to write with and a favorite notebook or paper brand for writing. Try and have at least one of each. It makes your note taking and studying more enjoyable when you have the things you like. I know that I love doing math when I have my favorite mechanical pencil. It makes it different for me, it makes it more enjoyable. If you don’t have a favorite, try and find one. It can make a difference.

- Extra calculator/Basic calculator on hand. One of those basic ones from the dollar tree. You should get it back from a student who borrows it, I have never seen them forget a calculator. It helps a little or a lot depending on the math class if you can either share with someone or if you have a small one ready to go during the lecture. It is really helpful in general to have one throughout the day for doing small math things.

- Folders/Notebooks/Expandable Folio. You need some way to keep things organized. I prefer folders because they are less bulky and I usually use them for storing handouts. An expandable folio is also useful for this. If your class requires a notebook or is handout heavy, you might want a notebook instead of a folder. You need to have an organization method. Get one for each class or get one for different types of things, a folder for handouts, homework, writing, etc. Try your best not to be the person who dumps everything in the backpack. It might work for you but you risk messing up the work, losing it, or being that kid in class taking 20 minutes to find something.

- Agenda/Planner/Small notepad. Or something that is just for tracking assignments and grades. I used to use a tiny flip notebook. I have a legit planner this semester because my mom bought me one for my birthday, but anything works. Sometimes high-school and middle schools will give you these. If you have an awesome memory, that is great, but it is better to be safe than sorry. If you have something with all of your assignments in it, it really helps you to maintain focus and make sure you don’t forget anything for the week. I tracked my grades as well so I could be aware of my own progress and didn’t have to wait for midterm/nine weeks grades to be released. It is nice knowing what you are facing so you aren’t surprised. And, if you track your grades and average them correctly, if there is a mistake in a posting, you have something to help you get it fixed. (Also try and keep all graded assignments for proof)

- Flash drive. This one isn’t as necessary as the others, but extremely useful to have, especially in college. You can save things at home and finish them at school in the computer labs or libraries. Handy for having everything together for when you need to print. You can save your notes on them, powerpoints that teachers supply, or other things you would find useful to put on there. I know that where I am at in GA I can get a 32 GB for $9. Now, a student really doesn’t need that much, but what I am trying to say is you can find one that fits your needs most likely under $10. You are more likely to find even better prices online. If you don’t have the ability to get one but still have a computer, try and email yourself all the things you will need to work on at school or print to yourself. Or you could also sign up for Google Drive and Drop box.

I really feel that this is all that is necessary except for things that the classes actually require. Highlighters and post-it notes and any other things like that are a personal preference, so they aren’t necessary for everyone. You will get the information on what textbooks, math calculator, and anything specifically required when you start.

I feel that having these basics is a good start to any school year and already puts you in a place to succeed.

And if anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to add them!

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What about we both join forces together?

An excellent plan, Full Bring.

I’m rather fascinated by your power (though some of it’s intricacies confuse me). You’re the ultimate self-insert/Mary Sue, @tsukishimasuggestions, am I right?  Yet, somehow you created a past where Ichigo’s blade wasn’t broken. If you can change the past, I’m not sure why in living hell that stupid Ryoka boy didn’t bring you down with him instead of that useless, red-haired baboon.

Regardless, I suggest you hurry yourself to the battlefield.  I have a very bad feeling we may not have seen the last of @yhwachsuggestions (though nor has he seen the last of my tricks.)  


If I’m somehow wrong, and he’s dead, you’d still be useful.

How about you insert a past into everyone’s heart where I have always been their beloved and benevolent Soul King? And, you, I don’t know, you can add yourself however you like.

Work for you?


If you are considering meeting up with someone online use this trick to identify who really are who they claim to be:

1. Ask them to Skype
2. If they refuse or can’t for some reason ask for a current selfie
3. If they also refuse or can’t do not meet up with them
4. If they provide one ask them to send another with them holding 3 fingers up
5. If they refuse read step 3
6. If they provide a selfie where they show 3 fingers they are probably for real

(If you’re still unconvinced try again with them drawing something in their hand)

please spread this message as more and more young people are lured out into situations where they get kidnapped because they weren’t 100% sure the person they were talking to was real.

Email Tips

I had to send a ridiculous amount of emails to my teachers last semester because of reasons and these are some tips for getting the best results.


Look at the syllabus first, some teachers will put in it exactly how they like to receive emails.

Put your first and last name and the class in the subject, also try and put something that explains what the email is about.

EX: Hailey Last name, Poli Sci M/W 9:30, Absence

Never leave the subject blank. It almost always guarantees a delay because teachers and faculty will respond to ones with subject first.

If you know the course code for the class, throw that in too. Sometimes teachers are more familiar with that then the actual class days and times.

If you are emailing a member of staff in Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, etc., always include your student ID number in the subject, and what it is regarding.

EX: Hailey Last Name, 123456789, Schedule Change

They will appreciate it so much.

Know your audience:

I have a teacher who has a PhD in Psychology but does not like to be called by Dr. He prefers for people to call him Frank and to be really casual with him.

When I send an email to this professor I am more casual with him.
My first email was more on the professional side, but once I saw how he responds, I wrote my emails to match his tone. Very laid back and very concise. I got more friendly responses and even joking, and I think that helps to build a rapport with teachers.

I had a teacher that was extremely professional and wanted as much information as you could provide in an email, even had a part of his syllabus about how to email him.

It will differ from teacher to teacher. Start out with a professional type email, but adjust accordingly once you see their style and can see how they like to be addressed.

Actual Email:

Always try to be cordial. Even if you have a laid back professor, never be rude or antagonizing if you can help it.

If the email is about an absence, explain as much as you are comfortable with about the absence and let them know you are sorry you will be missing class. If you have the syllabus, let them know that you are aware of the assignments and will be keeping up with the work so as not to fall behind.

If you need something specifically from the teacher, apologize for the inconvenience and ask if they can email you the material when they are able to. Also, if it is an extended absence, let them know when you will return. Try and give as much notice as possible. If you know you aren’t coming at 2 AM, then go ahead and send the email. Don’t wait until the actual class time, if you are able to notify before then.

If you are only missing this one class, but can maybe make another one of their other classes at a different time and are willing to do so, ask for permission. Most of the time they will say yes and will like the initiative, and this could also clear out the absence you would have gotten.

If you are missing a deadline or a test, make sure to ask for an extension or make up test time. DO NOT ask for the last two if it is 100% clear in the syllabus that they do not do make-ups or extensions. It usually just irritates them.

If the email is about a grade, make sure you can back it up. Have concrete examples as to why you think you deserve a different grade.

Do not email teachers asking when a grade is going to be posted or something is going to be given back unless it is well past the expected return time. Sometimes they forget. Most of the time they are just busy.

If your reason for emailing is about an explanation for an assignment or just about assignment details, make sure it is not explained in the syllabus first. Nothing will annoy a teacher more than asking for a clarification that could be found in a rubric or syllabus. It just makes you look lazy.

If the information is not in the syllabus or rubric, or not explained to where you can understand it, let the teacher know. Explain your problem or what you need, let them know you looked at the syllabus/rubric and it either did not have the information or wasn’t clear enough. They will appreciate the honesty and the fact that you looked first.

If you are in a group assignment and you are doing all of the work, let the professor know. Either they will find a way to help you, almost always in discreet manner, or when it comes time for grading, the grade will reflect it. There is nothing wrong with letting a teacher know you are having an issue. Someone should not benefit from your hard work, if they didn’t help.

If you are emailing staff members in Financial Aid, Registrar, Cashier, Bookstore, and Admissions, be extremely detailed. 

These people don’t know you and your situation, you need to explain it as much as possible. If it is something like a schedule change make sure you have course code  numbers, they aren’t going to look it up for you.

Always end the email with thanking the person for their time, help, or consideration based on what the email is about.


Don’t have some weird inappropriate signature with lyrics or anything like that. Always end with your First and Last name. Sign off with Thank you about 98% of the time, if something is more appropriate you will know.

If it is something where the person you are emailing will need to know your student ID, include it again with your signature.


It can be a little scary to email professors. I am one of those people who still doesn’t like to make adult calls if I can help it. The most important thing to remember is to be courteous and clear in all emails. You will get the hang of it and be a pro in no time.These tips might not work for everyone, but they work for me. I’ve been emailing professors multiple times a week for the past 3 semesters and I always get good results and responses.

EDIT: @lilstudybug made an important point in the reblog about student email. I swear I thought it was in there.

ALWAYS use your student email when you can. The teachers usually already have your email as part of their class roster, it is professional, and would most likely be responded to before any other type of email.

HOWEVER, if you lose your password/login and are waiting for an IT person, which can take a while, have a back up “safe” email.

My personal email was created for job searching way back when, so it is my first name and last name and an initial.

If it is an urgent matter and you can’t reach them through some other manner, have a respectable email and email them from it. Also, apologize for having to email them from that email, and that you will do so from a student email in the future.

I have had to email my teachers from my personal email before. It is not ideal, but it is not the end of the world!


This may sound a little odd, but here are some of my tips and tricks to spice up a simple make out. And if you have any things that you do that are hot/sexy and helpful, PLEASE add them! The first few are basic, but then they’ll get spicy.

1. Be the one who initiates the kiss. You will feel empowered and the person will be thankful and/or impressed you made the move and will show you’re confident.

2. Straddle the person. Don’t be afraid to hop on top of the person and show your wild side. This is yet another way to prove you’re confident and down to have fun.

3. Teaseeeeeeee. Pull away from a kiss so the person you are kissing reaches to kiss you. Bite the other persons bottom lips or nibble on the other’s top lip.

4. Use your hands. Run your fingers down the person’s back, either lightly or scratching. Run your fingers through their hair, down their arms, just use your hands! You can have them wonder, too, but don’t go straight for it.

5. Kiss the person’s neck. Lick it, kiss it, nibble it. All feel amazing.

6. Do not be afraid to use tongue. I personally enjoy tongue more so then not, but only when it is used right. I don’t like when someone sticks their tongue down my throat or uses it so “quickly.” Slow passionate kisses to intense and rough kissers back to the slow ones are my go-to and you use tongue through it all with some pecks thrown in the bag.

7. Stick a piece of mint gum in your mouth right before kissing. The intensity of the mint in one’s mouth is so refreshing and exciting for the other person.

8. Take a swig of sweet, white wine and transfer it from your mouth to the other person’s. This trick makes the wine ultra sweet and it’s incredibly sexy. It may sound nasty, but it is FAR from that. I stole this from 50 Shades of Gray.

9. Cake icing or frosting is delicious, but how about sucking it from of someone’s finger? Yep, that’s right. Put icing on your finger, whether it’s off a freshly baked cake (store bought or not) or straight from the container. Offer your finger to your partner and have them eat it off your finger. You can even put some on your lips and have them eat it off of you while kissing you. Mmm.

10. If you or your partner enjoys smoking from a vape and has a yummy-flavored oil, kiss the person towards the end of their exhale. The oil flavor gets trapped in the person’s upper lip and the taste is overwhelming amazing.

***Gym Leader Cabanela Wants to Battle!***

As soon as I saw Candela from Pokemon Go I wanted to draw Cabanela in her clothes.

It’s astounding how well the look suits him.

Can’t think of what his full poke-team would be, but he’d definitely have a Milotic and a Shiny Mega Gengar

(open image in a new tab to see it in it’s full glory as tumblr makes it all fuzzy ;_;)