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Momusu Sayashi Riho and Ishida Ayumi’s “Forbidden Love” Talk

Ishida Ayumi (left) and Sayashi Riho (right), who become entangled in a love triangle in a musical

Idol group Morning Musume ‘15’s Sayashi Riho (17) and Ishida Ayumi (18) fall into a forbidden love!? The two are from Momusu, whose members are not allowed to date, but they will appear in the musical “TRIANGLE” (on play starting the 18th in Ikebukuro, Tokyo). Sayashi in a male role, Ishida in a female role, and Kudo Haruka (15) playing the other male role will fall into a “love triangle” in this romance play. Ishida talks about how it is a very strange feeling as she has never been in love, while Sayashi shockingly confesses that at times she found herself to be fond of a member’s upper arms.

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