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K: Lost Small World Chapter 1 pt. 1
  12 years old: When Yata first meets Fushimi
Warnings: SPOILERS.Translation of a Chinese summary by x.

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“In June of 2010, the first game was released, in July of 2011 the first phase of the animation was aired. The third in 2013 and the fourth in 2015. During all this time, we shared love, dreams and feelings with the fans. 

Now, fall of 2016,  the Uta☆Pri World, welcoming another idol group, will come back to the stage to become legends…!”*

*Improved translation, thanks to @kuroorchidnobass!

Soraru’s Childhood pictures

@soraruru  暇だからアイコン変えた

Soraru : i was bored so i changed my icon

@soraruru  実写顔出し

Soraru : Live action face appearance

@soraruru  こっちはイケメンだから勘違いしないで

Soraru : I’m an ikemen here so don’t misunderstand

@soraruru :  イケメン(まるい)

Soraru : Ikemen (Round)

@soraruru  暇すぎて昔の写真整理してたのよね

Soraru : I was too free so i was organizing my old photos 

@soraruru いろいろおもしろい写真あるんだけど何歳くらいまでの写真なら顔出しにならないのか判断できないwwwww

Soraru : There’s a lot of interesting photos but i cannot determine will which age i can show my face

@soraruru  誕生日会的な これくらいの年齢ならいいでしょう ちなみに前にLINEで送った弟が一緒に写ってるの

Soraru : Something like birthday celebration, around this age should be okay.By the way the brother that i sent in LINE before is shown together here

@soraruru  もう少し大きくなると危なさそうなのでこの辺にしとこう

Soraru : It seems dangerous if i shown something older so i’ll leave it here

@soraruru 歌詞太郎とかともひさの変顔写真やばすぎて笑ってるけどこれは秘蔵

Soraru : Be it Kashitaro or Tomohisa, their weird face photos are too amazing i’m laughing but those are treasures

@soraruru  やっぱこれくらいの長さのほうが似合ってる気がする 伸ばそう 

Soraru : As i thought this kind of length suit me the best 

@soraruru  やっぱあんまり子供のころと似てないと思うんだけどどうかな

Soraru : As i thought i don’t think i look similar to when i was a child

@soraruru  これで最後にしよう おだんごそらる

Soraru : I’ll put this as the last  Dango Soraru 

@soraruru  女の子と言われたらそう見えなくもない

Soraru : If you tell me it looks like a girl, it can be seen that way too


Main Quest Part 1.5

Chapter 1 “Hero, Restarts”

King: What!? Alba?!
Soldier: Yes, he said he wants an audience with Your Majesty to talk to you.
King: To hell with that! No way, no way! I’m busy right now! Busy settling various things! Besides, it’s all his fault! That’s why he’s been sentenced to 30 years-
Soldier: Um, but,

Soldier: I’ve already brought him along.
King: WHY!?
Soldier: Because he said he wanted me to bring him.
King: Just because he says he wanted you to bring him doesn’t mean you should freely allow a prisoner out, right!?
Alba: Your Majesty.
Your Majesty, you want fame, don’t you?
I’m going to revive the Demon Lord.

King: Do you have… some kind of method…?
Alba: Not at the moment, but I will definitely find one.
King: Then no way! No way!
Minister: Your Majesty.
Currently, “the king is reviving the Demon Lord and Alba was thrown in prison for attempting to prevent that” is the rumor being spread far and wide throughout the world.
King: I know that! It’s what I’m busy dealing with right now!
Minister: What better way to dispel those rumors than to have Alba himself deny them?

Minister: In any case, we have not thought of a way to revive the Demon Lord yet either. So if we allow him to travel and find a method to revive the Demon Lord, while at the same time he takes care of those rumors…
Ah! It’s a little too difficult to understand!
To put it this way, if Mr. Bear is in trouble, Mr. Rabbit will~
Alba: Are the things he’s using supposed to be me?
King: I see! Then go forth, Hero Alba!

Alba: I’m starting my journey as a hero for the second time now…
The first time, I was together with a really condescending soldier…
To think that for my second time around, I’d be trying to find him…
Alright, time to go! First things first, I’ll meet up with Ruki!

Chapter 1 “Hero, Restarts” / END

To be continued in MQ Part 2 Volume 2!


Ioriku has so many cute scenes together but this is one of my favourites.

Iori is a worried mama bird when it comes to Riku stressing his body too much but, at the end of the day, he’s the one who believes in Riku’s talent the most. Even at times when Riku doesn’t feel that he has what it takes. Especially at times when Riku doesn’t feel that he has what it takes. That’s A+++ boyfriend material right there. 


choose your weapons wisely.

[JAEHYO TWITTER] 수시 불합격 했다는 트윗이 많이 오네요. 힘내요 실패가 아니라 한걸음 걸었다고 생각해요 완벽한 성공으로만 채워진 인생은 없어요 지금 한걸음을 좋은경험삼아 내년 내후년엔  멀리뛰길 응원할게요!

[JAEHYO]来了很多考试不合格的Twitter呢. 加油哟 要想着不是失败是前进路上的一步 没有只被完美的成功填满的人生 现在的一步当作好的经验明年 明后年 为了你们跳的更远会给你们应援的哟!

t/n: Received a lot of exam failure tweets on twitter. Good luck! You have to think that failure is just a step on the road to your future. There is no life that is only filled with perfection. Now just treat every step as a good experience. This year, the year after, this will enable you to jump even further.

I read this in chinese and I just had to translate it into english to share with you all as I felt so touched with his tweet. He is just the sweetest angel and I’m so glad i’m part of BBC.

chinese t/n cr: BlockBFAMILY

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Aoimotion, just a little fan of yours here and I had a little big question for you. You didn't happen to abandon the "Tales of a sly fox and a dumb bunny" fiction, have you? Sorry if this looks kinda pushy or desperate, but your fiction was the first one that I've read and it made me move forward into other fictions, so I would love if you made an update! Again, sorry if this seems pushy, you're great and just wanted to let you know, bye now! (imagine that in Nick's voice). :-)

I still can’t believe that so many people actually appreciated my crappy translation… you’re beautiful. I’m so sorry I can’t deliver nothing to you right now, I just can’t translate my one-shots in this period, neither I’m writing new ones tho D: