my translation is a bit off i think


Here it is at last! The Gates of Moria, completely finished.

Most of this is stem stitch, with split stitch for the details in the middle and tiny backstitch for the writing. It took about 25 hours (in between a lot of procrastinating and several other projects). A not-insignificant amount of that time was spent pulling out stitches and redoing them until I was happy with the way a line looked. Of course, I still look at this and see things that could be improved, but I’m happy with it as it is.

I was originally planning to frame this in a slightly smaller hoop and just leave out the very bottom, but that hoop was too small and would’ve cut off too much. Of course, that meant I had a bit more work to do than I originally thought

I left out the English translation at the bottom because I don’t think it’d look that good, and anyway I’ve had more than enough writing to do on this piece already. I promise I’m not going to complain about that anymore, I did enough of that in previous posts.

This is the companion to my White Tree and One Ring hoops, though I’ve done other Middle Earth pieces as well. I, uh, really like Tolkien, you guys.

Special Volume 37 File 11

(Second Part)

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Public Humiliation (Yuta x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) It’s ya girl, Ry, back at it again with that smutty goodness, now kinkier than ever! Let’s all be honest: Who here has been personally victimized by Nakamoto Yuta? Everyone? That’s what I thought. What better way to celebrate our combined demise then with some kinky Yuta smut? Enjoy my little nasties!

Originally posted by royalyeol

You felt your face blaze with heat as the audience members burst into fits of laughter, practically busting stitches while you fought the urge to run off the set.

“Oh my, Yuta,” the television host chuckled cordially, eyes crinkling at you in sympathy as you looked down at your hands folded in your lap in shame. “It seems your translator needs to brush up on her Japanese quite a bit, don’t you think?”

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English translation : 

1# Ezarel 

Gar : Arg I’m hot !

Ez : Hmf, this outfit is too refined for a wild like you

Gar : Ah ! I feel that a demon is trying to own my body

Ez : Bitc-

Gar : I have to tear off these clothes

Ez : NO

#2 Nevra

Gar : Hey nevra, we’re good in your clothes

Nev : Normal I need comfortable clothes to move quickly

Gar : ah !  It’s surprising, you -

Nev : Moreover, my leotard perfectly underlines your beautiful curves ♥

Gar : … ಠ-

#3 Valkyon

Gar : Say Val, aren’t you cold in the winter?

Val : No

Gar : And you do not think this armor is a bit light?

Val : No, why ?

Gar : I understand better why you have so many scars on the belly

#4 Leiftan

Gar : I know I like being comfortable, but it’s not… a little too muuuuch …

Leif : It suits you very well

Leif : But don’t show it to others !

Leif : Don’t look at her !

she’s mine, it’s my clothes too !

Nev : Woh ! Dude, you’re abusing !

Ez : While it becomes interesting

Val : I respect guardian

anonymous asked:

I found out that in matthew 19:12 in a version of the bible that my grandma had (I can't remember which one) said "for some do not marry because they are born that way" and that sounds like asexuality or aromanticism to me

This is actually a really interesting section, it begins with the Pharisees asking Jesus about divorce and him spouting the verses that homophobic christians love to spout at us about being created ‘male and female’ and how it’s good for a man to leave his parents and become one flesh with his wife, never divorcing her.

But here’s the kicker, the disciples are like “woah if this is so high stakes and we can’t divorce at all, it’s better not to marry, right?”

Then Jesus basically says “yo everything I just said only applies to some people” it reminds me of the “people are gay, Steven” meme. Here’s the verse.

But he said to them, “Not everyone can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.”

Matthew 19:11‭-‬12 ESV

(Fyi eunuch was a term for a man who had been castrated, so the phrasing here that some were born with their private parts already cut off is confusing, suggesting a deeper meaning or a translation issue)

Anyway so yeah you bring up a section that’s a good bit to think about, and in my opinion helps validate many members of the lgbtqia+ community, especially ace spec people.

Thanks for sharing, I love you lots and so does God! Lemme know if you need anything and have a great day!

Radio MC: …Seungkwan also naggs the most.

Everyone: Yeah Seungkwan

MC:  whats wrong? Do you nag a lot?

SK: I think I do a bit

MC: You acknowledge it too. Have you nagged today too?

SK: (to the other members): Did I nag today? Who heard me nag today?
None, right?

MC: Yesterday? Who got nagged by Seungkwan?

SK: Oh Vernon was biting his fingernails  

VN: I was picking my fingernails so he told me not to

SK: I told him off. You have to fix bad habits.

Seventeen @ Young Street(171119) radio SVTunited Subs 

Originally posted by 12fools

I have to take them all off
Suzuki Tatsuhisa
I have to take them all off

Here’s Tatsu talking about what he looks like when he records with a dummy head mic…

Tatsu: Hmm, speaking of the toughest thing about using a dummy head mic… Because it picks up every single sound that my body makes, handling that is probably the hardest thing to do. Like, as you can tell from my outfit today, I always wear accessories, and I have to take them all off (for the recording). I also need to take off my hat. And my wallet, because it’s got a chain attached to it. And I need to button up all the dangling metals on my pants because they’ll clatter. Surprisingly, I’ll end up wearing barely anything… *laughs* Oh right, I take off my shoes too. So with my shoes off…  If people see me recording with a dummy head mic like this, they might think “Eh? That’s how he looks when he records? I’d never have imagined that…” Well, since no one can really see me like this, I guess it’s fine~ Yeah.

~from Cast Talk in Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa

(Ok now I am super curious about how he looks lol)

Shoma Uno: Lombardia Trophy Post-FS Interview

*Updated with full interview (source)

Your thoughts on your score?

S: Hmm. Umm I don’t know. It was about the same as last season’s Worlds wasn’t it? But this one I landed a 4S and only made a mistake on the 4Lo, whereas at Worlds, I made a mistake on the 4T… I guess that shows the difference between the perfection of the two programs.

Within all of the hype amongst your Italian fans, how does it feel?

S: I don’t really understand why, but I can jump for some reason. The mistake on the loop is within tolerable range, and I didn’t even have to brace myself in the salchow, I just took off normally and I landed it normally. The salchow shouldn’t be that difficult of a jump, so maybe I can land it if I’m not especially conscious of it.

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Mob Psycho 100 translation

Going off of @softboyritsu‘s raws (thank you!), which can be found here, I thought I’d try my hand at a translation. I haven’t practiced my Japanese in years, but is A+++ and I do think this is very close to accurate. The last page gave me a bit of trouble, but I’m sure there’ll be a better translation coming along soon.

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Q&A - 2/24/17

Going through some private messages and emails and wanted to share a few, but before that I want to let you all know that I’ll be interviewed by another blogger very soon and I will post the link to that as soon as I can. Hopefully it will have some helpful information for you all. With that being said, let’s get into some questions.

dirtymindseeyoho says.. “You have a lot of good information about hotwifing on your blog, gonna use some of your ideas thanks”

Well dirtymind, thank you for the kind words. It’s great to know that I have support of followers like you afterall, this blog was intended to not only digest my journey to get my wife to have some open sexual experiences, it was meant to help others who have the same fantasies. I also appreciate the followup message you sent;

“I got her to submit to me last night… she actually said I submit to you I will do whatever you want me to and i will let you do what you want to do to me. I am yours. It was so hot and erotic first we were just playing around I told her to get on her knees then suck my dick and then I told her I have always wanted to slightly control her in the bedroom and I asked her how she would feel about that so then she proceeded to give me one of the best cock sucking I  ever had.  And then I made her beg me to let her come and I did that with my fingers”

Now some of  you might be thinking “what does that have to do with hotwifing?” and the answer is that if you can be open and honest with EACH OTHER sexually then you can openly discuss your fantasies without fear of being rejected or viewed differently in the eyes of your spouse.

jonesalley38 says.. “Hello I’m trying to get my fiancé into the bdsm lifestyle but she’s extremely strong willed and prudish woman but the other night when we had sex I tried something new, I was sucking and pulling on her tits I decided to choke her, the next thing I knew she was guiding my hand between her legs I never knew her clit could be that swollen or pussy so wet. I at that moment realized that the only thing would be better than this moment is watching another man doing these things to her, I’m I wrong for thinking this way?”

Jones, I’m going to share with this group exactly what I said to you in our private chat. You’re absolutely NOT wrong for thinking like this. This is YOUR fantasy. It’s a feeling that turns you on, and it may or may not be something you can even control. HOWEVER, you need to be open with your fiancee and COMPLETELY honest with her. You can’t just say “hey I want you to have sex with another man”. From personal experience with my wife, who is the same as your fiancee with her strong willed and somewhat prudish mentality, you HAVE TO explain everything and hold nothing back. She has to know how sexy you think she is, and how much you love and trust her, and that will translate into her realizing that you’re not trying to trap her into letting you have sex with another woman later on. I’ve found that, at least in my case, if your wife/fiancee/gf has the slightest bit of doubt of your intentions then she’s likely to blow the whole thing off. Just be completely honest, and remember. REASSURANCE IS THE KEY!

And to wrap up this edition of Q&A, I wanted to share a brief conversation I had with a follower that I found to be pretty exciting. At least for him.

eaglesmit1 started out by saying .. “I’m freaking out! I just sent my new hotwife, (married for 30 years but new to this), out on her first date!”

howtotrainyourhotwifeYeah? Write me and let me know how it goes! I’d love to share your story. Good or bad

eaglesmit1 “Wanted to let you know that I’ll send some details on how it went - but for now: GREAT! Also, my wife and I tend to over-think things so we actually have a written agreement of OUR hotwifing rules. I’ll send that too.

eaglesmit1 “Not too familiar with Tumblr so I guess I can just write you here? Anyway, my wife and I agreed to try hotwifing. The very next day she set up an account on a dating website and found a guy to meet her for lunch. she left, anklet and all, and that was an exciting moment. An hour later she texted saying things were going great and she likes him a lot. After another hour, she asked me to join them - which I did. I found her sitting across from him at the table with her feet up in his lap. He was nervous when he saw me but calmed down once he knew I was ok.with it. He had to leave soon after but she walked him out to his car and was gone for the longest time, (I was so turned on). She came back and said they talked and kissed and he’ll be over Saturday night…”

This is the kind of thing I love to see from my followers, and for those of you who are new to hotwifing, you’re likely not going to tell your wife or significant other that you want her to have sex with another man and have her immediately agree and jump right into it. It will be a LONG and slow journey in most cases, so be patient and don’t rush it. Once you see progress being made, don’t try and push it too fast. If you do, and she becomes scared or annoyed then it could come crashing down on you and she might back off completely! So be patient and take babysteps!

That’s it for this session of Q&A, but keep your questions coming! I’ll do my best to answer them all!

I’ve got a bit pieced together from the spoilers and some of this’ll draw from stuff other people said and a little I thought of on my own but I’m gonna try to cover a few things all at once. SPOILERS BTW(gonna tag it anyways but just in case)

This is gonna take a little while but I think the place to start would be with what the descriptions of these two specials can already tell us

Right off the bat I’m not the best at translating French but before I go ahead with butchering that translation let’s unpack what the visuals show us. 

For starters there’s several new Akumas and heroes and right off the bat we can recognize all the heroes and a few akuma but it also stands out that Queen Wasp is Queen B and “Malediktor” looks like her dad. So since it looks so similar to her suit as Queen B it seems reasonable to assume that the events of “Le Combat des Reines” take place after “Le Tour des Heros”. 

As for the new akumas, previews have confirmed who The Collector and Troublemaker will be and a few others seem obvious given character designs but a few will obviously be new characters and on the whole would be best explored on their own like how the snowmanlooking one may be why we saw the ice-skating preview; but it also stands out specifically that there are so many Akumas simultaneously thus necessitating the introduction of three new heroes who we know to have each been akumatized before so that alone will either mean that they’re gonna have to be deakumatized before they become heroes or their Miraculouses will protect them.

And that seems like best way to lead up to talking about how several sources who translated the commentaries from the video we got these images from all agree that it was said that Marinette will be the one handing out the new Miraculouses so Alya becoming Rena Rouge is an obvious choice seeing as she already tried to make her Ladybug in the origin episodes and by extension it makes sense for her to give one to Nino as Carapace ore “Shell” as some people have been translating it, but it gives cause for us to wonder why she’d ever trust Chloe to become a superhero. There’s some simple explanations right off the bat like about how it happens during an emergency and she was low on options or it happens after Chloe had already started showing progress towards becoming a better person, but one theory I saw that stood out was that Marinette would’ve originally tried to give it to Adrien but as we all know Adrien already has one so he gives it to one of his oldest friends and I sorta like this not only because it’d show Marinette trusting Adrien with a responsibility she doesn’t know he already has but from her perspective it could look like he gave it up like she almost did. And to further support this, Ladybug would probably b confused if the person showing up with the bee miraculous is obviously not the person she gave it to so I’m gonna bring up a spoiler we got tweeted to us a couple of months ago a short piece of their script:

Here we have Chloe just straight up telling whomever she’stalking to who she is which in the context of Ladybug being confused about why she’s obviously not Adrien makes some sense.

Next things I’m gonna address will have to do with translations from what we see so bare with me and if I’m very wrong please let me know so I can correct myself. 

For starters I can at least read that “Les Tour des Heros” is a 2 part special but the best I could translate the title to was “The Hero’s Turn” which isn’t very helpful. As for the rest of it the picture tells the story about as well as I can try to translate it; there are new heroes and many villains.

‘Les Combat des Reines” translates to “The Combat of Queens” and is described as a trilogy so that paired with the previously statement that the Bourgeois family is being controlled by Style Queen leads me to a few conclusions.

First the plurality of combat of queens make me suspect that the big fight this will ultimately be about will pit Queen B against Style queen with her family at stake.

Next, I already mentioned that this seems like it takes place after the other one so gonna guess that paired with my theory from before that Chloe tells the rest of the team who she is this could lead to some mistrust as most of the rest of the team recognize her as a bully so I think that may be the beginnings of a team divide that ultimately lead here, making it necessary for Chloe to show and prove that as Queen B she can be a hero for reasons that aren’t just because she idolizes Ladybug so much. And beyond that some level of distrust withing the team as a whole is sort of expected because Thomas Astruc was asked to share a spoiler so he tweeted a poster of Captain America: Civil War prompting a panic that the heroes would fight each other about something.

All that aside there’s one final set of theories I thought I’d at least attempt to cover while I’m at this and that is to do with all the Chinese Zodiac Kwamis we saw 

And there’s not really that much concrete information to go off of here but it is known that there’s a planned episode with Ladybug in Shanghai.

Which again doesn’t tell us much, they’re both basically just concept images.

There is however a secondary theory that seemed to spring up out of a bunch of people separately comparing Kwamis they liked to the main cast and what this one boils down to is that the rest of their class somehow ends up with these Zodiac Kwamis; popular theories being that Kim gets the dragon or that Alix gets the snake both based in part on their personalities and the aesthetic of their character designs. For me this idea came to mind when the mouse and/or rat Kwami reminded me of rose because they were both small but someone pointed out that the listed Kwamis leaves out the Rabbit and/or Hare and that they thought she’d be more fitting of that based on how she acts. 

There’s a lot here and I know there’s probably more to share so feel free to add in the comments (assuming I post this correctly). Also if I’ve made any major mistakes then please let me know about that.


Part 1

(Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

A famous avenger that writes fanfiction on tumblr? What could go wrong? 

Words: 1372  Warnings: Fluff, little shit Pietro, couple of swears,

Requests  Masterlist 

An: Writing a lot of angst lately so wanted something fluffy for a change. :p There’s at least four parts if anyone likes it! :)  God I love these gifs, cut offs from my fave gifset, he so knows how hot he is! 

Translations:  Dulceaţă/sweetness, Îmi plac toate frumoasele doamne/I love all you beautiful ladies,  La naiba/f**king hell

Tags: @lexbugz, @goal-mine, @sevenhelens, @iamtheonewhocares

(Let me know if you want to be added/removed to Pietro fics or anything else!)

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You blended in with the multitude of other marvel blogs, you got a few notes and messages but didn’t think much of it, it was just a bit of fun, a way to wind down after long missions. That was until you were attending comic con with Pietro, Clint and Wanda and the interviewer got onto the subject of fans.

The pretty blonde leaned closer with the mic, “Do you have any idea of how big your fan base is?”

“Tony gets truckloads of hate mail, does that count?” Clint smirked and the interviewer giggled.

“Pietro you’re especially popular on tumblr,” the interviewer carried on and Pietro gave her a smug grin and shifted about in his chair to lean closer to her, his chest puffing up a little more.

“Really?” he was obviously trying to sound coy but you and Wanda rolled your eyes at each other.

“There’s quite a lot of fan fiction about you, it can get pretty…graphic…”

“You got me interested now." 

"What is this tumblr?”

Clint groans,“It’s the one Tony has the secret blog on, he’s probably read all that fan fiction.”

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black-shiro  asked:

I don't know how good are you with audio/voices but have you noticed that there's a slight difference in Keaton's voice when he plays S1&2 Shiro in contrast to S3 Shiro? I don't really know how to describe it but to me it feels kind of artificial. I am an audio enthusiast so I've watched all the episodes in both languages (mine and English) and there's definitely something off about S3 Shiro's voice

yES I’ve definitely noticed this!! It’s something @kcgane has mentioned to me before too, and she’s musically inclined so she has a really good ear for pitch! ^^ And while I wouldn’t call myself any kind of expert or anything, I am much better with recognizes voices than I am names or even faces. I’m one of those people who can also memorize voices and like, play them back in my mind. So as soon as I heard Kuron speak, I just knew it was off

There’s something slightly off-key with his tone, and it’s a testament to Josh’s voice acting ability that he’s able to make them sound a bit similar yet strikingly different. It’s very eerie, and a good part of why I believe he’s a clone. If he’s just brainwashed, why change his voice? I don’t think there’s any logical explanation for it if the clone theory is wrong. But anyway, thanks for letting me know he sounds different in other translations too!! ^^ That’s what I assumed, but I’m happy to hear it confirmed from someone who’s familiar with other versions. Thank you! 

ミッションインポッシブル?~脱出セヨ! ビッグテディ~
ミッションインポッシブル?~脱出セヨ! ビッグテディ~

Diabolik Lovers Vandead CarnivalSkit Dolce tokuten drama CD

Mission Impossible? ~ The Escape! Big Teddy ~

Three days ago I finished my exams and of course I totally forgot that I’d promised to translate some new drama CDs as soon as I got some free time.. until like, 6 hours ago? So yeah, here it is (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) I kinda rushed it a bit so if you notice something off please let me know! Also, I was chatting with my friend, the Tumblr user epithetologist, and she told me she’s translating Animate’s tokuten drama CD with Shuu, Subaru and Kou. So yeah, stay tuned!

Reiji ahh… and so the Carnival finally ends. I didn’t know what to expect from it but… well, before adding anything else I think I will go to my room and have some tea–

*crashing sound*

Reiji hm…? What was that…?

*more crashing*

Reiji …again? It sounds almost like it’s coming here…

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by 脳みそゲログチャ。


Anime: Tsukiuta the Animation

Song: mare~Kimi to Tsudzuru Koukai Nisshi~

- Fuduki Kai Character Song

Here is the mare AMV I have been working on. It’s based on my theory that Shun is the reincarnation of Kai’s girl, and I explain a bit in the description of the video. 

@kirakirafairyprincess @aina-akabane here it is lol. @tsukiuta-obsessed I think you’ll like this~ 

I may be uploading a version where you can turn the subs off. But this song unlike the Kimi ni hana song and Monochrome Sky has long and complex phrases, so I thought it would be nicer to have a subbed one first to catch the meaning with the scenes.

I also took the liberty to modify a few translations so it would reflect the Japanese meaning better, and to capture the subtle nuances. The overall meaning is the same or similar. 

A few translations from the Drama CD where the original translation sounded incorrect were provided by my friend who studied Japanese formally, for example the one where Kai says when Shun says it, he feels as if the girl is saying it. Originally it was ‘Just like you said, did it really seem like what she had said?’ which was a literal translation, and didn’t quite translate well into English. He said Japanese needs some accustomization to it when translated into English. He doesn’t know Tsukiuta, but I showed him the original translation for the context.

For example, ‘ohanashi’ is not ‘memory’ but ‘talk’ ‘conversation’ maybe ‘story’, something to do with talking. Memory is ‘omoi’. So I translated it as ‘story to talk about’.

‘Setsunai’ is more than a sad feeling, it’s like bittersweet or heartrending and often to do with love. I think the Japanese can explain it if you goggle better than I can lol. It’s something that’s hard to translate into English so I just put it as 'sad’ but it’s more than just ‘painful’ or 'sad’, it’s emotional and psychological pain. 

The fact that Shun uses it while referring to it as a ‘ohanashi’ with that wistful tone of voice is quite interesting I think. Because he seems to be comparing it with it being a nice memory for Kai.

vorpalgirl  asked:

I have a group of villains who are granted powers by a nasty shadow-themed ancient being which feeds off of others' pain/fear (and thus empowers people who are willing to hurt others). Thing is, I don't want to just call it "the Dark One/Shade/Shadow" because too many stories use those? But I'm having trouble thinking of another name. Wondering if maybe there's something from ancient mythology or etc that I could mine for that (without appropriating a current culture's beliefs)? Any suggestions?


There’s definitely TONS of places to find an interesting alternative name. Mythological figures from other cultures is a good start, if the character you find happens to be in line with your own (ideology, symbols associated with them, how people worshipped them, etc). Using google translate is a good resource too. Pop “the shadow” or any other ominous synonym like “the abyss” or “eclipse” and start cycling through languages until you find something cool. 

 My recommendation for the google translate method of coming up with Significant Names is to find one with a recognizable root (latin, Greek, whatevs) so that people can guess that the name represents something negative, and the rough symbolism behind it. I’d also mess with the spelling a bit to make things more original and memorable (and sometimes, more readable). 

 In this specific case, it sounds like HP Lovecraft might be a good start for you, based on ‘nasty ancient being which feeds off fear.’ Heck, some people just take the names from his creatures straight off the pages. I think he used names from the bible for some of his creatures, too, if you want to go a bit heavier on potential symbolism.

NDRV3 Transcripts: Chabashira Tenko’s FTE #3

Alternatively titled, “I don’t really know what you expected.”

Here’s the third FTE for Tenko as promised! A huge thanks to @shinjiroaragaki for the transcription and icons!

This one does contain ndrv3 spoilers for anyone not past Chapter 1, so please read only at your own risk.

The Google doc link also has all three currently translated FTEs for anyone who has an easier time reading it there!

Google doc link.

More translated transcripts.

I hope you all enjoy!

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Cersei and Jaime. Anytime I say “Lannisters” to myself, I hear it with a little jazz flourish: ~*~LANNISTERS!~*~

I’m not thrilled with this as a drawing, because I was struggling to translate my mental image of their looks at the same time that I was trying to figure out an appropriate pose. So it’s all a bit stiff, and Jaime looks off, but I think I at least arrived in the right neighborhood.