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Voltron season 2 predictions/theories/hopes??

Tomorrow’s the Big Day™ we’ve all been waiting for so here I am, writing some of my most significant VLD s2 predictions, theories, hopes, questions etc. so that after I bingewatch the whole season in a few hours while lying in my bed and eating snacks I’ll feel proud cuz some of those happened and/or embarassed cuz those didn’t happen

Anyway, here I go:

  • Shiro won’t die, that’s for sure (at least not in season 2)
  • Galra!Keith happens? Maybe?? Or there are more hints for it, I’m callin it
    • If galra!Keith really happens, I doubt Keith’s appearance will change tho (unless there’s like a really good reason for it but it’s unlikely)
      • it’d be cool tho cuz there’d be drama
    • eventually part-galran/part-altean Keith happens
      • but I know Lotor is going to be part-galran/part-altean so I’m not sure they’d do the same plot twist twice
      • it’d be the best explanation of all the not-fully-human!Keith hints in season 1 tho
  • paladins’ backstories
    • Where do Keith and Shiro know each other from?
    • Why’s Keith an orphan??? how did his life even look like before? was he in the foster care? did he know his parent(s)?
      • Also, what’s the deal with his dagger? did Keith get it from his parent? Is it galran??
      • Also, are both of his parents actually dead? or are they just like, somewhere in space?
    • more retrospections from the garrison and from Shiro’s times as a gladiator/in a prison
    • something about Lance’s family
    • sth about Hunk?? we know pretty much nothing about Hunk’s backstory wtf mate
  • beach episode?? (ya know Keith and Lance are swimming, Hunk’s cooking sth, full chill on the beach)
  • Klance moments pls
    • (I’d like to write “Klance is canon” but that’s probably asking for too much) (would be nice though)
    • them being good friends and space ranger partners that they are and cooperating together
  • What does the quintessence actually do and what is it?
    • does it heal and speed up regeneration?
    • does it somehow expand the general capacity of the body?
  • what’s “altean magic”? How does it work, what does it look like? what is it
  • Someone is captured (at first I thought it’ll be Shiro but after the s2 trailer I’m really concerned about the blue boy)
    • pls no
  • who’s actually Thace??? like what’s his deal
    • he’s probably in some kinda resistance tho, and tries to sabotage the galra empire
  • we find out sth about Matt and Sam Holt’s whereabouts
  • Klance moments
  • former paladins’ backstories
    • Was Alfor the yellow paladin?
    • What did Zarkon use to be like? was he like, fully good??
      • If so, why did he change? what are his motives now?
  • The new galran ally was probably some kinda galra soldier but ran off
  • What’s going on on the Earth?
    • How’s is Mrs. Holt holding? I mean dude, she’s pretty much lost her entire family (assuming that she already knows about Pidge’s disappearance)
    • What’s going on at the garrison rn?
  • Zarkon keeps finding Voltron because of Shiro’s galran arm
    • […] Keith’s galran heritage/biology
    • […] his connection to Black Lion
    • […] because the new galran ally is actually a spy (I doubt it tho but who knows?)
  • did I mention Klance moments?
  • we meet Lotor, maybe? if it’s not too early for this
  • ponytail Keith?? (damn what a selfishness we’ve already gotten ponytail Coran and we still crave more)
  • some LGBT representation?
  • and many, many more minor things (there are just…. so many good things that could happen wow)

So yup, that’s it and I’m really hyped! feel free to add something if you wanna

Introducing Mochizuki-kun:

From the booklet that came with the BD:

Makoto’s classmate. They were in the same class during their third year in elementary school. Soccer club.

Director’s comment: Though Haruka got a very bad impression of him at the beginning of the movie, I think he’s actually a good guy. In any case he’s one of Makoto’s friends.

Yeah? Remember him?

Apparently he

gave Haru

a Very


impression. Yeah we can definitely tell X’D

I’m remembering what happened with our best friend Kisumi here…

An article from some time ago:

Kisumi who was in the same class as Haruka and Makoto in middle school. Fed Haruka side dish from his bentou, put his arm around Makoto, stuck his tongue out at Haruka and got between the two of them. Makoto might not have minded but Haruka remembers it even now, and directed an unfriendly attitude towards Kisumi whom they met for a first time in a long time.

From an interview (x) :

Kisumi tried to steal Makoto and Haru remembers up till this day XDD

So basically Haru doesn’t like anyone who tries to take Makoto away from him I’M LAUGHING THIS IS SO CUTE JEALOUS HARU IS REALLLL

Anyway, presenting to you Kisumi-kun and Mochizuki-kun

…who happen to have the common misfortune of being disliked by Haruka because they had gotten between him and Makoto, but are actually very nice people.

  • ボンベを使わずに、どれぐらいもぐりますか?
  • Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Miyano Mamoru, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Hosoya Yoshimasa

How deep can you dive without the gas cylinder?

again, this is a personality quiz

Mamo: To the point my feet can barely touch the sea floor, about 2 meters

Tatsun: That’s really barely in your case

Zakki: You’re tall after all

Tatsun: That’s really near to the surface!

Mamo: I’ll drown if I go deeper than that!

Zakki: I think about 5 meters

Hosoya: About 3 meters

Mamo: You guys can swim that much?

Tatsun: If I really try I think I can go 10 meters

Mamo: That’s cool!

… . .

Zakki: This question actually reflects on how far you want to escape from the society

Mamo: Pfftt This is bad. The deeper one is the worse


Mamo: Tatsuhisa, I’m sorry I said you were cool. You actually wanted to escape

Tatsun: I’m not fit to this world

Mamo: Stop it! Come back here!

Tatsun: Should I go to the mountain? The sea?


Tatsun: I always think of that recently

Mamo: This is bad, the deeper one is the worse. I wonder who thought of this

Tatsun: It’s hard in this concrete jungle. I’m lost in this concrete jungle

Mamo: Shut up! That guy would definitely not escape


Red solo cups are dapper as fuck. Also, tiny demon Dipper transporting ice for his merciful overlord (one cube at a time because he’s like the size of an air freshener.) All geometric shapes pictured are of legal age, by which I mean they are in fact ageless.

Dedicated to billdip week because I can’t do anything on time, and to any Spam Artists™ I haven’t blocked yet~☆✨ Hope you’re enjoying the party.

Reigisa Mook: A Butterfly in a Distant Planet Clip
  • Reigisa Mook: A Butterfly in a Distant Planet Clip
  • Free! Eternal Summer Reigisa Mook
  • Free! Eternal Summer Reigisa Mook

The Free! Eternal Summer Illustration Works comes with drama CD tracks for the Sourin, Reigisa, and Momotori Mooks. This is an excerpt from the Reigisa Mook! Enjoy~ (See here for all Free! Mook translations)


Nagisa: Rei-chan, I know where the final component lies…here, right? Inside my chest.

Rei: Nagisa-kun, so you noticed that you are an android…

Nagisa: Yes, Rei-chan is the one who created me, right? This body, my memories, everything.

Rei: Yes…that is correct. I made you.

Rei: One year ago, there was an accident that caused me to make an emergency landing using this spaceship. I was left all alone. I started on repairs for the spaceship immediately but was unable to make any progress. Since there was no one around, and I was the sole survivor on this lonesome planet, I started losing my mind. It was at this time that I thought it would be nice to have a companion to be here with me as well…

Nagisa: …..

Rei: So then to cure my loneliness, I decided to create an android of Nagisa and implant all the memories of the time I spent with him on Earth.

Nagisa: So the memories we recalled just now were all inputted by you, Rei-chan?

Rei: That is right.

Nagisa: So then what is the real me doing now?

Rei: The real Nagisa-kun is probably doing very well back at home on Earth. Nagisa-kun was very bright and excelled greatly in space travel and eventually became the top of his rank. However, for some reason instead of him being appointed, I was sent on this mission to space instead. Even though I was the one who cheered Nagisa-kun on the whole time and took on studying space because of him, it is ironic that I was the one chosen for this mission.

Nagisa: Then you must return home now! The real me is waiting for you back down on Earth!

Rei: But… if I do that then there might be a chance that you will forget about me.

Nagisa: I would never forget you, Rei-chan!

Rei: But how would an android like you know that?

Nagisa: Of course I would know! After all, I’m also Nagisa, and I would never forget about Rei-chan ever!

Rei: Nagisa-kun…

Nagisa: That’s why you gotta hurry! You can use the part in my chest when you first created me, and once you do so the spaceship will move again! Use the part!

Rei: I can’t do that. If I take it out of you, you will stop working.

Nagisa: It’s fine! You can just put in another part when you return back to the Earth, and I’ll move again.

Rei: But that isn’t the problem. I can’t! If I remove the part from you, all your memories will be reset, which means that all the memories you have of what we have gone through in space will be erased.

Nagisa: It’s all right, if it means that you will have a chance to return to Earth.

Rei: Nagisa-kun…

Nagisa: Hurry and go home to the me on Earth. Just being able to be with Rei-chan in itself was really fun!

Nagisa: I’m doing this because the real me is probably waiting for Rei-chan and worrying about you. So please understand, okay?

Rei: No, you can’t…I—

Nagisa: Thank you, Rei-chan.

Rei: NAGISA-KUN!!!!!!


Rei: —-!!!!!

Rei: A dream…

Nagisa: Oh? Rei-chan’s awake? That’s pretty rare of you, falling asleep like that…

Rei: Nagisa-kun…

Nagisa: What’s wrong, Rei-chan?


Nagisa: EHH?????!!

  • 細谷佳正
  • Miyano Mamoru

 Mamo imitating Hosoya
Kakumeiki Valvrave Web Radio
(When Kaji tried to say that Hosoya would’ve helped him controlling Jun and Mamo)

Kaji: If Hosoya san were here
Mamo: Th…that…I don’t know
Others: LOL
Mamo: Even if you ask Hosoya san, it would turn like that. “What do you think Hosoya san? Err aa… umm… I think it’s good” Wouldn’t it end like that?
Kaji: You really sound like him
Iwatobi Channel ES
(When Nobunaga said that he saw Mamo and Hosoya doing the fistbump in the studio and Mamo talked about Hosoya’s reaction)

Mamo: That… Miyano san’s hand is warm
Nobunaga: *laughing*
Mamo: LOL When I say, “That is your reaction? No, it’s important…I’m bad
Nobunaga: It’s similar
Mamo:I’m not really good with people… your body temperature… that might be a conversation starter… so for me that’s important.“ He said that
Nobunaga: It sounds like him!
Mamo: LOL
Nobunaga: It really sounds like him! What you’re saying and the way you say it are so like him. That’s awesome
Iwatobi Channel ES Radio CD
(When they were talking about how Tatsun and Mamo are the “hunter” and Hosoya and Nobunaga are the “hunted”)

Mamo: I wonder how people see it that way?
Hosoya: That’s true
Mamo: That’s true
Hosoya: I want to know that
Mamo: I want to know that
Hosoya: Why is that
Mamo: I wonder why is that
Hosoya: We are all guys so
Mamo: Right. I wonder how they see it that we are the “hunter” and you guys are the “hunted”
Hosoya: That’s right
Nobunaga: Stop imitating Hosoya san!
Others: LOL
Nobunaga: Miyano san, because you did a really good job right there
Mamo: The listeners would think that there are two Hosoya san
Hosoya: LOL It’s like bunshin no jutsu
Mamo: Maybe it is bunshin no jutsu just now

bunshin no jutsu-cloning technique used by ninja-

*My translations are completely free to use.*

Azusa: ……U-ugh……

Azusa: Uh……Ugh……I’m sorry guys……

Azusa: I……actually knew that……

Azusa: You guys didn’t think my existence……was meaningless……

Azusa: But……I was strangely worried……so……

Azusa: I’ll make sure……about it this way……*hiccup*……

Azusa: Uh……I’m sorry…… And……uh, thanks……

Yui: Azusa-kun……

Yui: I’m sorry for making you worried because we couldn’t express it very well……

Yui: But I’m glad you understand it. Thanks, Azusa-kun. 

Azusa: Uh……I……I wanna help everyone……

Azusa: Will you go to the Vibora Clan’s castle with me……?

All Free! Character Mook Translations Compilation Post

I’ve been getting a ton of asks for all other Mook translations I’ve done, and they’re all under my translations tag, but here’s a compiled post of all of them! (all scan credits go to the awesome sunyshore)~

SouRin Mook Original Story
Reigisa Mook Original Story
MomoTori Mook Original Story
MakoHaru Mook Original Story
RinHaru Mook Original Story


The "Iwa-Same" Cafe Drama Clip- Rin Asks Sousuke to Laugh and Makoto & Haru Share Telepathy
  • The "Iwa-Same" Cafe Drama Clip- Rin Asks Sousuke to Laugh and Makoto & Haru Share Telepathy

Another small snippet from the Free! Seiyuu Event~


Nagisa: All right, let’s start with some practice!

Everyone: Practice for…?

Nagisa: Yeah! In order to attract the most customers possible, we need to have some cashier training!

Rei: Ah, I see!

Momo: Seems pretty interesting~

Nagisa: Okay, in either case— Haru-chan please sit here! Sou-chan you sit here.

Sousuke: Uh…okay…

Nagisa: All right, now Sou-chan please take Haru-chan’s order!

Sousuke: Err…order?

Nitori: I see now! You must practice how to take orders from people!

Rin: But that’s something that anyone can do! Why do we need to practice this crap?

Nagisa: C’mon c’mon, let’s just try it out first! All right let’s go— 3, 2, 1 GO!

Sousuke: Hey, hurry up and order something.

Haru: Grilled salted mackerel.

Everyone: Uh……..

Rin: This is bad…

Nagisa: I told you right!

Rei: With this kind of customer service, all our customers will run away!

Makoto: And a normal cafe like this wouldn’t sell mackerel!

Rin: Uh uhhhh in either case Sousuke, you gotta smile!

Sousuke: Ha…ha….haha………



Momo: Ouch ouch owww!!!

Nagisa: Okay next! Haru-chan, would you like to try it out? Mako-chan come over here!

Makoto: Ah, okay. All right let’s do this, Haru!

Haru: Yeah.

Nagisa: Ok here we go, Haru-chan— 3, 2, 1 GO!

Haru: *silence*

Makoto: *smiles*

Haru: He wants chocolate cake and coffee.

Rin: Wait wtf? You can’t just read each other’s mind! You gotta talk!

Haru: I don’t need to hear him to understand him.

Rin: But that would only work on Makoto!

Makoto: *laughs*

Momo: Omfg, THEY CAN DO THAT?!!?

Rei: It’s like they’re communicating telepathically. This is definitely very close to full-on telepathy.