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In Memory of Dr. Max Moritz Klar

The orthopedist and surgeon practicing in the inner-city of Munich was a leading member of FC Bayern starting in the 1920s.  As chariman of the Munich section of the pacifist German Peace Community and committee member of the “Club for Repulsion of Antisemitism”, Dr. Max Moritz Klar was particularly hated by the National-Socialist Party.

In July 1933, the Klar family brought the SPD-politician and later Bavarian Prime Minister Wilhelm Hoegner into hiding in their house for protection and gave him their car so he could flee from Germany.  Dr. Max Klar was arrested the day after the Reichspogromnacht on 9. November 1938, where synagogues in Germany were ransacked and burned, and he was brought to the Dachau concentration camp.

The doctor died there overnight, despite being in completely healthy condition by all reports, under suspicious conditions.  His wife Silvia was murdered in 1942 in the women’s concentration camp Ravensbrück.

At our last home match, we dedicated a choreography of the Südkurve to our murdered club member for the remembrance day of German football.  His is yet another fate that shows where a society goes when irrational hate and the delusion of superiority of some people or groups over the rest of the society does not get combated.  That is true for today just as much as then.

ἀλλ᾽ οὔτε σιγᾶν οὔτε μὴ σιγᾶν τύχας
οἷόν τέ μοι τάσδ᾽ ἐστί. θνητοῖς γὰρ γέρα
πορὼν ἀνάγκαις ταῖσδ᾽ ἐνέζευγμαι τάλας.
ναρθηκοπλήρωτον δὲ θηρῶμαι πυρὸς
πηγὴν κλοπαίαν, ἣ διδάσκαλος τέχνης
πάσης βροτοῖς πέφηνε καὶ μέγας πόρος.
τοιῶνδε ποινὰς ἀμπλακημάτων τίνω
ὑπαιθρίοις δεσμοῖς πεπασσαλευμένος.
But I can neither be silent nor break silence
about my fate. For since I offered gifts to mortals,
I am yoked with these constraints, a wretch.
I hunted down the fennel-filling stolen
wellspring of fire, which became a teacher
of every craft to mortals and a mighty bridge.
For such offenses I pay the price,
pinned with chains in open air.
—  Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound 106-113
BANA JAPAN 160209 New Album Announcement

Translation: @bwun-a4 

 Announcing B1A4’s 3rd Japan album “3”!!

B1A4’s 3rd Japanese original album, the first in about 2 years, will be released on March 16, 2016 (Wednesday)!!
Of course the single songs “SOLO DAY
-Japanese ver.-,” “White Miracle,” and “HAPPY DAYS” will be included. Adding in Japanese versions of songs such as “SWEET GIRL” and “WAIT,” as well as the new original Japanese songs “Motbongeoya ~Pretending I didn’t see…-” (written and composed by Jinyoung) and “SOMEBODY TO LOVE” (written and composed by Cnu), a total of 10 songs will be included!!

For this album, there will be a total of three versions: limited edition, regular edition, and the BANA JAPAN limited edition which is available to BANA JAPAN members only.
As perks, the limited edition will include a DVD with footage from last year’s “B1A4 X’mas LIVE 2015,“ the regular edition a trading card (6 total, included in first press only), and the BANA JAPAN limited edition a DVD with album jacket photoshoot and album recording footage.

What’s more, purchasers of the BANA JAPAN limited edition will be entered into a raffle to win an invitation to an all-member fansign commemorating the release of "3.”

Further details regarding the date/time, participation details, and venue for the all-member fansign will be announced on the BANA JAPAN homepage at a later date. B1A4 will also be visiting places they’ve never visited before to see many BANA, so please look forward to it!!

■ 3rd Japanese album “3” (160316 release)
★Limited edition (CD+DVD) PCCA.04366 ¥3,800 + tax
<DVD Contents> “B1A4 X’mas LIVE 2015” Abridged Footage

★ Regular edition (CD only) PCCA.04367 ¥3,000 + tax
<Included Perk> Trading card (1 of 6 by random) *First press only

★BANA JAPAN limited edition (CD+DVD) SCCA.00041 ¥3,800 + tax
<DVD Contents> Behind-the-scenes footage from the jacket photoshoot and album recording

<CD Tracklist> *Same for all 3 versions
1. SWEET GIRL-Japanese ver.-
2. You Are a Girl I Am a Boy -Japanese ver.-
3. モッポンゴヤ〜見なかったことに・・・ (Motbongeoya ~Pretending I didn’t see…)
4. 白いキセキ (White Miracle)
6. SOLO DAY-Japanese ver.-
8. 道-Japanese ver.- (Road -Japanese ver.-)
9. WAIT -Japanese ver.-
10. ヘンボカジャ〜幸せになろう-Japanese ver.- (Haengbokhaja ~Let’s be happy
-Japanese ver.-)

■BANA JAPAN limited edition perks■
Purchasers of the BANA JAPAN limited edition will be entered into a raffle to win an invitation to an all-member fansign!! *Further details regarding the date/time, participation details, and venue for the all-member fansign will be announced on the BANA JAPAN homepage at a later date.

【BANA JAPAN members only - Preorder reservation period】
Orders will be accepted beginning February 22, 2016 (Mon) noon
*Deadline: February 29, 2016 (Mon) 23:59
(The preorder reservation period is subject to change. We ask for your understanding.)

【Target customers】
Joining BANA JAPAN when ordering (After payment confirmation, a member number and qualifications will be issued)
※For those wishing to become new members who select “Convenience store payment,” payment confirmation may take some time (about 2 days), so we recommend selecting “Credit card.”

■CD store preorder early purchase perks■
By preordering either the limited edition or regular edition of “3” at a music store, you will receive a bromide photo (set of 2 randomly chosen from a total of 50) as an early purchase perk! Be sure to reserve at your local music store soon!

*The perks are limited in number. They will stop when supplies end.
*Some music stores may not carry the perks, so please confirm with store staff prior to making a reservation or purchase.
*Perks may also not be available for some online purchases, so please check the online stores’ announcements.
*Limited and regular editions purchased in a BANA JAPAN members-only preorder will not include bromide photos. We ask for your understanding.

■BANA JAPAN preorder reservation perks■
When reserving the limited edition or regular edition of “3” with BANA JAPAN, you get a promotional poster as a bonus for preordering!

*The promotional poster will be given with reservations of the limited and regular editions as supplies last.
*Some music stores may not include the promotional poster with purchases of the limited and regular editions. We ask for your understanding.


T/N: The Haikyuu!! guidebook includes comments by Furudate-sensei about Karasuno. (3/8)

Sawamura Daichi

“He’s been around since the first one-shot. In the beginning he was simply a composed person. He looked in his thirties on the outside ánd on the inside (laughs). But because I felt that wouldn’t be enough to unify the bunch, he became someone who’s scary when angered in the first series draft. I usually draw him as “the tolerant Daichi-san”, like how Hinata sees him, but I try to make him look relatively unrefined when he interacts with the other 3rd years”.

Name Origin: 澤村 大地
“His surname simply came to me. I decided on his name without much trouble because I finished his character first. I personally like the way “Daichi-san” sounds.”

Sugawara Koushi

“Sugawara’s first appearance is in the serialisation. I didn’t have a clear image of him in the beginning, but I slowly fleshed him out, as a person who can see things in a way Kageyama can’t. He seems a “good person”, but I first felt “Sugawara turned out good, huh” when I drew him picking on Tanaka. Also, he’s probably always making up bad puns in his head.”

Name Origin: 菅原 孝支
“At my previous work place, I had a senpai who got called “Suga-san”. I somehow really liked the way that sounds. I named him Sugawara to be able to call him “Suga-san”. His grandmother or grandfather probably named him.”

T/N: The Haikyuu!! guidebook includes comments by Furudate-sensei about Karasuno. (1/8)

Tsukishima Kei

“He first appeared in the 2nd one-shot as a cool and clever 2nd-year blocker. His basis remained the same in the serialised version, but I made him a 1st year and gave his sarcasm a power-up. He’s the opposite of Hinata. That’s why - even before getting serialised - he’s the character I most want to draw making a victorious fist pump.”

Name origin: 月島 蛍
“His last name has ‘moon’ (月) to contrast Hinata’s ‘sun’ (日). But I named him ‘firefly’ (蛍) because he can emit light on his own.”

Yamaguchi Tadashi

“His first appearance is in the serialised version. He was completely Tsukishima’s follower at the start and I hadn’t thought about him flourishing like he does in the current arc at all yet (laughs).”

Name origin: 山口 忠
“He’s 忠 (loyalty), like a loyal dog!”

T/N: Furudate uses the word 忠犬, which literally means ‘loyal dog’, but it’s also how you write ‘Hachiko’: a famous loyal Japanese dog. Yamaguchi and Hachiko even share the same birthday, November 10th.


Haikyuu Kareshi - Bed Time [Hinata Shouyou]

Not the best scanlation in the world I know (I don’t want to damage my book), but I did my best and I really need to let this out from my system. Especially Hinata’s story. The hardest part scanlating this wasn’t the translation and the scanning part but I had to try my best not to squeal at every panel when I translate, clean and typeset this lol.

T/N: The Haikyuu!! guidebook includes comments by Furudate-sensei about Karasuno. (2/8)

Hinata Shouyou

“I took care he wouldn’t become a character I had nothing in common with. Although Hinata has a certain, how to put it, madness or unusual passion, he usually has the straight-man comedy role* and he can read the atmosphere. When I drew one of those little scenes when Hinata makes a quick retort to Kageyama, I felt “ah, Hinata turned out good, huh.”

T/N: *For those familiar with manzai: he refers to the tsukkomi role.

Name origin: 日向 翔陽
“I gave him this name with the image of “sun” and “flying” in mind.

T/N: 日 and 陽 mean sun. 翔 means flying.

Kageyama Tobio

“I actually created Kageyama before Hinata. He hasn’t changed very much since I first created him. I felt “ah, Kageyama turned out good, huh” - like with Hinata - when I drew about him being a passionate setter yet being an idiot.”

Name origin: 影山 飛雄
“I gave him this name with the image of “strong shadow” and “flying” in mind.

T/N: 影 means shadow and 飛 means flying.

T/N: The Haikyuu!! guidebook includes comments by Furudate-sensei about Karasuno. (4/8)

Azumane Asahi

“He came into being because I had a story about the ace and the libero that I wanted to write. When I first started the series, I vaguely pictured him as the mischievous type, but he turned into “the glass heart ace” to contrast with Nishinoya who I created at the same time.”

Name Origin: 東峰 旭
“Because I finished the story and scene first - which doesn’t happen often - I made his name contrast to Nishinoya’s name: the morning sun which rises from the eastern peak!”

Nishinoya Yuu

“He came into being the same way Azumane did. He’s ridiculously strong-hearted. In my high school days, our team’s libero was good and really cool. I also put that feeling of respect into his character.”

Name Origin: 西谷夕
“The evening sun that sets in the western valley! But I still think the name Yuu doesn’t fit Nishinoya!”

T/N: The Haikyuu!! guidebook includes comments by Furudate-sensei about Karasuno. (7/8)

Shimizu Kiyoko

“I created her with the image of a “capable secretary” in mind who does her work in a matter-of-fact manner. But that doesn’t mean she’s cool, in fact I draw her as being not very good with words. There are many things I haven’t drawn about her in the main story yet. I want to draw more about her little by little.”

Name Origin: 清水 潔子
“I like the way ‘Kiyoko’ sounds. I managed to name her without much trouble.”

Yachi Hitoka

“I created her this way because I wanted to introduce someone with a “new point of view”. Creating a character with an “extremely negative way of thinking” turned out suprisingly easy and I think she comes off very human. I created her as someone who doesn’t overlap with Kiyoko-san at all.”

Name Origin: 谷地 仁花
“I gave her the image of earth and plants because Kiyoko-san is ‘water’ (水).

T/N: 谷 means ‘valley’, 地 means ‘earth’ and 花 means ‘flower’.

Ἄστερες μὲν ἀμφὶ κάλαν σελάνναν
ἂψ ἀπυκρύπτοισι φάεννον εἶδος,
ὄπποτα πλήθοισα μάλιστα λάμπῃ
  γᾶν [ἐπὶ πᾶσαν]
… ἀργυρία …
Stars around the lovely moon
conceal their shining shape again
whenever she, waxing fullest with light
[upon the whole] earth
—  Sappho (Gallavotti 15)

I wanted to translate Edgeworth’s profile from Gyakuten Saiban Fanbook since this is one of my favorites pics of him when I noticed they used a lot of ‘japanese expressions’ to refer Phoenix and Edgeworth relationship that may get lost in translation: 親友 (shinyuu/closest friend), 友人 (yuujin/best friend), 幼なじみ (osananajimi/childhood friend) and it also says they are connected by a bond of trust and confidence.

We got some relationship goals there, huh.