my trails

You were the last thing I expected, and it took the space of a second to fall.

Still, that distance between seeing you and falling in love with you, though a simple blip in time, carries its own meaning. A vast gulf between past and present, between going through the motions and blazing, screaming life.

It took me the whole night to realize it, but the truth is, I was in love with you the moment I spotted you on that park bench, singing the song that resonated in a heart that must not have been as broken as I thought, if I could notice you.

The Christmas lights formed a runway around us, a halo of lights that caught in your eyes, that made us glow even more than we already were.
I was foolish for not seeing it sooner.

And I guess this is the ultimate goodbye letter, tossed into the wind of cyberspace, a million clicked links away from where you’ll ever see it.

This is a message shouted into the wind, and maybe it will be carried to you one day, when winter comes again and the town turns to magic and you hear that whisper of remembrance threaten to cloud all of you with nostalgia.

Maybe you’ll feel this. Like a song you half-remember, or an old friend you don’t quite recognize.
Maybe your memory will allow you to see it in my eyes.
I loved you then.
I love you still.
And I guess time tore us apart, I guess Christmas can’t last forever or it’s not special, I guess we’ll both move on with our lives, and be happy, and never see each other again.

But just in case.
Just for old times’ sake.
I hope you see this.
I hope one day this trail of lights leads you back to me.

—  ‘”Trail of Lights”

anonymous asked:

What would Solas' reaction be to a young Dalish Inquisitor who has an abusive father and considers Solas a father figure? (My Inquisitor was constantly trailing after Solas like a kicked puppy trying to impress his new father figure)

There are times when Solas wonders- briefly and with no little trepidation- if he is perhaps wrong about the world he’s awoken to. But as the the enormity of the abuse that the Inquisitior has suffered slowly comes to light and good deal of that fades. Aside from the scars and the nightmares da'len struggles to meet male authority figures in the eyes– and is flatly terrified of both Cullen and Blackwall. In the beginning Solas comes under that same terrified suspicion as well, but the rift made is patient and careful in both voice and movement and has the advantage of being less physically imposing in stature.

Before too long Solas gets them talking, and if they are a mages he invites them to converse with friendly spirits in the fade that helps more still. In time the Inquisitor becomes his silent shadow, as close as a real father and son, and when Corypheus is at least defeated leaving the child behind will be a huge struggle. The events of Trespasser will be vastly different, if nothing else, and the child will have a better chance than anyone else of either changing Solas’s mind or joining him.

Imagine: Jimin (Stolen Hoody)

Imagine you’re in a video call with boyfriend Jimin late one night and he’s walking around his hotel room searching for something.
“Where is it?!” He exclaims, upturning everything in his suitcase.
Jimin stops and scans the room once more before focusing his eyes back on his phone screen.
“Y/N - do you know if I packed… my…”
He trails off as he suddenly notices what you’re wearing.
“Are you serious?!”
Your cheeks flush as you tuck your knees further into his comfy hoody.
“That’s my favourite,” he glares.
“Mine too,” you respond cheekily.
Jimin sighs again before breaking into giggles and flopping back onto his clothes-piled bed.
“You are so not getting away with this.”
“Oh but you can’t resist the cuteness.”
You’re right, of course. Even now he’s still grinning from ear to ear. He can’t help but to kiss his phone as his closest means of kissing you.
“That hoody is mine when I get back.”


I think I just deceased myself.

- Dolceice