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NU'EST when Minhyun is gone
  • Aron: *poured orange juice on all his clothes and refuses to do laundry or get dressed* "there's orange juice everywhere" "but you did that" "Mnet did"
  • Baekho: *hoards noodles* "gotta ration our food supplies" *Aron made him pasta* *he won't eat it* (it's warranted since Aron isn't wearing anything)
  • Ren: *screaming a lot* *calm otherwise*
  • JR: *calling Minhyun* *puts on speaker phone to hear the screams* "do you see what's happening?"
  • Minhyun: "It isn't my fault, Mnet did it, Aron is right"
Confessions in the Moonlight | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Summary: After nearly a month of avoiding you, Jungkook finally confesses the true reason behind it.

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this is a list of my favorite lazytown fanfics <3 no smut in these!

((if you wrote a fic and it’s not here, sorry! i haven’t read all of them and there are some i really like but can’t find/remember (or it was mature/explicit, or it hasn’t updated in a while). but i’ll do more recs! feel free to send me links if you want ^^))

Elf!Sportacus and Fae!Robbie

(those stories that, sadly, could never become canon)

catch your breath; there are no breaks by Psilent (HereThereBeFic)

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 63,197 (WIP)

About ten years ago, something went very wrong in LazyTown.” | A classic in the fandom, intriguing plot mixed in with funny interactions between Robbie, Sportacus and, later on, Glanni and Íþróttaálfurinn.

curled up, died, and now it’s Rotten by Sportafloopity (TjLockticon)

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 125,915 (WIP)

Some elves don’t know how to keep their noses out of trouble, and some things do not stay as dead as they should.| Yet another classic. This is edge-of-seat level of reading, you have been warned.

A Hidden Village by nicky_raves

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 20,598 (WIP)

“Robbie was just 20 when he was kidnapped by the Dark Elves.” | (Warning: rape/non-con, not explicitly) | This is amazing, I don’t have the words. A lot of hurt!Robbie tbh, + really good suspens.

see also: That Black Forest and the Fire in Earnest, by the same author

Only a Little in the Air by GoblinCatKC

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 12,692 (WIP)

In the depths of winter, Sportacus is faced with a hidden threat, something that attacks children in the night.” | A lot of dread, a lot of suspens, a lot of questions, PLEASE READ THIS I DO NOT WANT TO SUFFER ALONE.

Alternate Universes

(two that could be canon but then deviate from the story, two that don’t start in canon at all)

Apple Blossoms on my Tongue by FaeBae

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 6,343 (WIP)

“It began with a simple cough.” | Coughing up flowers because you don’t confess your love, how cute is that? There’s only one chapter out of eight for the moment, but I can’t wait for more.

Agree to Disagree by xByDefault

General Audiences – Words: 2,028 (WIP)

“What do you say about crashing a wedding?” | It looks really cute and it is well written yet I am the only one who left a comment???

Teach Me to Sing by FiliaNoctisPulchris

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 25,222 (WIP)

Robert Rotterdam has the dubious honor of giving the new PE teacher the school tour.” | Teacher!au, yes plese. I love seeing those two dorks dancing around each other.

Tourmaline by GigglingGrave

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 2,629 (WIP)

Robbie had been hiding in Lazy Town for years.” | Steven Universe meets LazyTown! It looks really good, and you don’t need to know a lot about SU to read it :)

A cup of fluff with a cloud of angst, please

(those that could take place in canon, i guess)

Saying It First by indigorose50

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 7,972 (FINISHED)

I am trapped at the bottom of my own trap. I think I should be allowed to curse a bit.” | Three chapters of fluff, honestly I’m pretty sure you guys have read it already but it’s so cute.

see also: Shimmery Violet Tail, by the same author

The Dangers of Enjoying Chocolate by Dinolad

General Audiences – Words: 2,816 (FINISHED)

“Sportacus wants to tell Robbie he likes him…but doesn’t want to say it.” | All the fluff! Fluff is everywhere! AAAAA!

In the Garden by Talax

General Audiences – Words: 4,333 (WIP)

Sportacus accidently creates a civilian alter-ego, accidently really likes it.” | Who doesn’t dream of a blushing Robbie who doesn’t know the new guy is in fact Sportacus? Not me!

Robbie Rotten’s Guide to Annoyingly Active Cuties by Sorahana

General Audiences – Words: 3,076 (FINISHED - but more chapters might be added)

While the town loves Sportacus, sometimes his energy is a bit too much for them to handle.” | Ashajklajks warning: cuteness overload. I want more, I neeeeeed more!

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@ my anxiety: why are u more concerned about a tame party than the marketing test immediately before it that i still haven’t studied for


The Void

Halloween has come to The Void! Put on a costume and have a skele-fun time exploring the town. Be on the lookout for candies and other goodies, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a chance to trick-or-treat your self. Be sure to stop by the witch’s cafe for some delicious pumpkin pie and hot apple cider, I can assure you that friendly gal doesn’t have resting witch face. Come have a dream of this unboolievably spooky town, I hope you think it’s as gourd as I do~!

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If your still doing those lazytown prompts, How about a sport that keeps doing all these ridiculous things to impress Robbie. Like lifting extremely heavy objects for really trivial reasons, or making elaborate meals for everyone, and just ... Generally getting more and more obvious about it till someone (like the mayor) finally just has to confront him about it. And Robbie mean while is super impressed but it just doesn't register that sport was doing all these things for him....

Hey look the Mayor finally decided to join in the prompt fun.

Sorry this is so short! Wanted to leave some Sportacus extra-ness to the imagination!

Mayor Milford cleared his throat nervously as he tapped Sportacus on the shoulder, “Um, Sportacus? Can I talk to you for a moment?”

Sportacus, who had been doing squats while holding up the ice cream stand, grinned, “Of course, Mayor!” He let the stand drop to the ground, “What did you need?

“I wanted to talk to you about your… activities lately.”

“What do you mean?”

Milford tapped his fingers together, “Well, you’ve been doing push-ups on the roof of town hall, bench pressing multiple benches at once, weeding every garden in town…”

Sportacus frowned, “Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh, no!” Milford said quickly, “Not at all. It’s just- we’re worried you’re overworking yourself.”

“Don’t be so nice to him!”

Both Sportacus and the mayor jumped at the sudden new voice. From the other side of the wall beside them, Robbie Rotten popped up. He looked extremely annoyed, glaring at Sportacus.

Milford missed Sportacus’ cheeks turn a faint pink as Robbie went on, “He has done something wrong! This menace has been back flipping over me all week, doing basketball tricks in my face, keeps balancing things on his feet while doing handstands - for some reason!- and I can’t go two feet without him offering to carry me someplace!”

Robbie crossed his arms, “What is wrong with you lately?” He asked finally.

Sportacus opened and closed his mouth a few times before answering, “So, you’re not impressed? Should I- Should I do more? Less?” 

Robbie blinked, “Am I impressed that you can lift just about anything and do almost every trick?” He looked away, “Maybe. A little.” Robbie coughed, “But why would you care what I think?”

Sportacus was practically bouncing on his toes at this point. Milford backed away quietly; suddenly, uncomfortably aware that this wasn’t his conversation anymore.