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Confessions in the Moonlight | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Summary: After nearly a month of avoiding you, Jungkook finally confesses the true reason behind it.

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If your still doing those lazytown prompts, How about a sport that keeps doing all these ridiculous things to impress Robbie. Like lifting extremely heavy objects for really trivial reasons, or making elaborate meals for everyone, and just ... Generally getting more and more obvious about it till someone (like the mayor) finally just has to confront him about it. And Robbie mean while is super impressed but it just doesn't register that sport was doing all these things for him....

Hey look the Mayor finally decided to join in the prompt fun.

Sorry this is so short! Wanted to leave some Sportacus extra-ness to the imagination!

Mayor Milford cleared his throat nervously as he tapped Sportacus on the shoulder, “Um, Sportacus? Can I talk to you for a moment?”

Sportacus, who had been doing squats while holding up the ice cream stand, grinned, “Of course, Mayor!” He let the stand drop to the ground, “What did you need?

“I wanted to talk to you about your… activities lately.”

“What do you mean?”

Milford tapped his fingers together, “Well, you’ve been doing push-ups on the roof of town hall, bench pressing multiple benches at once, weeding every garden in town…”

Sportacus frowned, “Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh, no!” Milford said quickly, “Not at all. It’s just- we’re worried you’re overworking yourself.”

“Don’t be so nice to him!”

Both Sportacus and the mayor jumped at the sudden new voice. From the other side of the wall beside them, Robbie Rotten popped up. He looked extremely annoyed, glaring at Sportacus.

Milford missed Sportacus’ cheeks turn a faint pink as Robbie went on, “He has done something wrong! This menace has been back flipping over me all week, doing basketball tricks in my face, keeps balancing things on his feet while doing handstands - for some reason!- and I can’t go two feet without him offering to carry me someplace!”

Robbie crossed his arms, “What is wrong with you lately?” He asked finally.

Sportacus opened and closed his mouth a few times before answering, “So, you’re not impressed? Should I- Should I do more? Less?” 

Robbie blinked, “Am I impressed that you can lift just about anything and do almost every trick?” He looked away, “Maybe. A little.” Robbie coughed, “But why would you care what I think?”

Sportacus was practically bouncing on his toes at this point. Milford backed away quietly; suddenly, uncomfortably aware that this wasn’t his conversation anymore. 

So I know that a ton of fics with Dex in it are set in Portland, Maine. I get why, it’s a cute little city with a lot of history and the most gorgeous rocky beaches. But, to be completely honest… I always pictured him in Camden, Maine. It’s insanely close to Portland and Acadia but it has more of a little town vibe. Everyone there is usually friendly and the port downtown near Mount Battie is gorgeous. The closer you get to the hills and mountains, the less condensed it gets and you see some old farmhouses hidden by trees. Downtown has that small town 1950′s vibe with kitschy little ice cream shops, Mariner’s restaurants and Mom and Pop shops.

Don’t get me wrong, Portland is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see in Maine. But I always thought Dex had more of a country background (Read: he’s a good country boy with a beaten up old truck) and Portland has more of a city vibe. It’s very dense in Portland and that doesn’t lend much to the headcanon that Dex has a big family living in a big single family home. This is just a headcanon, but I can’t shake the feeling he’d be here.

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I am a latina, What is it like to have two traditions from both sides?

mixing Japanese culture and Mexican culture…is weird to say the least. 

Going from a quiet New Year’s morning with osechi ryori and then doing a complete 180 later that night and dancing/singing to ranchera music with my mom is so wild but a kind of experience i wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s an amazing part of my life i love so much.

The only complaints I have is that I take after my Japanese side a LOT more than my Mexican side and i have my authenticity questioned and doubted often by Americans and Mexicans alike. I’m often alienated when i go visit my family in Mexico because I’m Japanese (like getting stared at in the streets, my cousin’s friends wanting to meet me just because I’m Japanese and they’ve never met one before, my cousin’s friends telling their family I’m from Japan despite the fact I’m American as all hell–the list goes on).

I think there’s both positives and negatives to everything but when it comes to growing up with two cultures–the positives outweigh the negatives

You guys wanna hear a funny story?
I was in London with some friends during my winter break and when we went to Madame Tussauds I was wearing my Robbie Rotten shirt. This is an actual conversation I had with the security guy in front of the Spirit of London ride:

Him: Is that a Robbie Rotten Shirt?
Me: Yes
Him: Hey (to another security guy) look! It’s the shirt of the day!


My guys, jeg er Ace, og jeg skal forsøge at fylde jeres hjerner med endnu flere useless denmarkfacts!

Lidt om mig: Historie-slut uden ende, så jeg kommer nok til at poste en del danske historiefacts, for det er jeg god til~
Man er også velkommen til at spørge om sådan noget, hvis det er!
Og så har jeg et salty, salty forhold til Sverige, for det skal man have når man er dansk historiker-in-spe, og uforbeholden kærlighed til Norge.

Jeg er i et turbulent love-hate relationship med DR K, og vi har ikke talt sammen siden seneste sæson af Historiequizzen sluttede.

Kong Christian stod ved højen mast, og alt det dér

But why are so many musicals centered around the idea of getting out of the big city and moving to a small town??? Like,,, my guy,,, have you ever been to a small town??? it’s not cute and peaceful everyone’s racist and there’s nothing to do and you feel more stuck there than you ever could in a city,,,


“The the name of the moon, I shall consume…. everything!” This idea has been floating around for awhile and was SO fun to finally finish. I hope you like Sailor Majora. The whips seemed perfect for flowing like Usagi’s hair. Gave her the Crystal pose because the longer legs seemed to fit the fleet footed villain of Termina. I hope you all enjoy, as always. Going through some rough family stuff right now, love you guys.


Why is there such a stigma with internet dating? Like I found this guy I really like to hang out with/talking to/ being around and I would never have simply bumped into him in my daily life. anytime people ask where I met him they go “tinder? Nooooooo, oh my goddddddd, say it isn’t true” like back the fuck off aunt sharon, not everyone married and divorced their alcoholic high school sweetheart like you

idk about you, but the Lazy Town fandom is like the sweetest fandom ever?? Everybody is openly shipping Sportarobbie , sharing headcanons , and most of all : the fanart. We’re posting little doodles made in margins, crappy frist-time drawings , overall cute little things and it’s just SO GOOD?
Lazy Town is bring back beauty in 2016 I swear

reasons thomas sanders is better than ur fave:

  • his pranks are harmless and funny
  • he adds LGBT themes in his vines without making them the punchline
  • he puts his pronouns in his description, despite being cis, to normalize asking for people’s pronouns so people stop assuming gender
  • he’s hilarious
  • he’s the only white boy to come from vine that isn’t a complete asshole
  • he’s super nice to fans
  • he’s as nice irl as he seems