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Stolen // Part Two // A Shawn Mendes AU

Part One


You wake up and your lower stomach hurts and you know you have to pee. Getting up wasn’t difficult but getting the guy’s attention was. You go to the door and yell, announcing very loudly that you have to pee. No one comes. You end up slamming your shoulder against the door over and over to get their attention. It works and Geoff comes to the door and opens it, glaring at you. Never in your life had you seen someone more annoyed. When you explain you have to pee he sighs as if it’s the most tedious thing ever to walk you to the bathroom.

The minute you get in the bathroom you realize you’ve got a bit of a delima. You can’t get your pants down with your hands tied. You inform Geoff of your problem and he reluctantly agrees to cut your hands free.

In the bathroom you notice there is a small privacy window in the shower. It looks just big enough for you to squeeze through. The navy blue color of the sky tells you it must be early morning, maybe 5am. It was now or never. You stand and step into the cold shower, pushing open the window quietly. It was high enough you would need to stand on the edge of the built in tub below to get yourself up and out. You take a deep breath and haul yourself up on the thin ledge, wedging your shoulders through the window frame.

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Seduce Me 2 Reactions

Drunk Damian:

Learning more about The Spirit from Erik’s route:


My Precious Baby Matthew:

Angel Torture:

Demon!James scenes:

The kinky ass sex with Demon!Sam:


All the crossroad choices, where you KNOW there’s a Right Answer but you don’t know which is which:

Anytime the The Demon Lord talked:

The Boys’ Wives showing up:

The Council:

Diana and Saero:

The art and music:

The Bloopers:


Spencer Pratt’s track by track reputation review

1. “…Ready for It?”

It’s such a “here we go, boom,” turning the ignition on her Lamborghini or whatever she wants to have. That’s the vibe it has. “In the middle of the night, in my dreams, you should see the things we do, baby” — that right there, even with all the new songs, hits me so hard. I’ve heard it now a thousand times and every time it makes me sing to the clouds. That is poetic, like some shit Robert Frost would have been writing back in the day. Now that I know it’s the first on the album, it’s just even more powerful. It’s showing the swag that she’s gonna bring. Are you ready for it? I wasn’t actually ready for it. And the “let the games begin” — she already knows all the haters are gonna be out here. All the little blogs, all the little posts. Let the games begin. She knows she just brought this heat on so many people.

I’m so torn because I’m such a Kardashian diehard. I’m in such a weird predicament in this situation because she gets me so angry at Kim and Kanye on this album. It’s gonna be weird being a Kim fan post-Reputation. I’ll see how I can handle it. Maybe I’ll just only love Kris Jenner because you can’t blame Kris for anything.

2. “End Game”

Here’s the thing with “End Game.” Future is one of my top 10 all-time, so when I saw the track list leak and I saw Future on it I was so excited. Heidi thinks it’s fine. She thinks I’m way too Swift ganged out, she’s like, “He barely spits eight bars, Spencer.” I’m like, “Yeah, those could have been eight bars of Taylor lyrics.” That’s how deep I am right now in the Taylor gang where I didn’t need either of them on that song. I don’t need to hear Ed Sheeran rapping. When he started singing I was like, “OK, homie’s got pipes.” I’m feeling those singing parts. But him rapping with his Irish accent, I was like, “Come on now.” I don’t need this in my life. I don’t need Taylor to be on any records with anybody, just like I wouldn’t need Michael Jackson to be on a record with somebody. At a certain level you’re only wanting to hear that person because they’re a damn superstar. But I started liking it because my conspiracy mind was like, “Ooo, maybe Future doesn’t like Kanye and there’s more to this.” Like he hit Taylor up like, “Yo fuck Yeezy, let me get on a record with you.” Future’s eight billion times doper than Kanye so it’s kinda like, “I don’t need Kanye West I got Future on my team.” I hope Kanye’s now like, “Damn, Future’s riding with her.” That makes me like it, if there’s a conspiracy that Future wanted to piss off Kanye.

3. “I Did Something Bad”

This should be the next single, one billion percent. I hope she spends $10 million on the damn music video. I don’t know what she did bad, so I think that’s the joke. I feel that. Because I didn’t do anything bad and I got straight up hated on The Hills for somebody lying about their own thing they were lying about and I become the liar and the leaker. I love this because I’m like, “OK, if I did something bad it feels so good because you’re the damn liar.” I’m thinking she’s referencing this whole Snapchat thing, I don’t know. I’m sure the Swiftie YouTubers will break it down better than I will. For me, I relate to it because I didn’t do anything bad and I got hated and I have no idea why people hate on Taylor. Because she wants to have a really good image? Because she didn’t go out like Katy Perry and act like she’s some damn politician in the media? I don’t know wanna know who Taylor votes for. I don’t care. I wanna hear hit damn records out of her and that’s it. I wanna see her go on dates in Rome with frickin’ Tom Hiddleston. That’s what I wanted to see, not her running around with Hillary Clinton. I’m sure people are like, “She could have stopped Trump.” No she couldn’t, people! Hello, Hillary won the popular vote! What, is she gonna switch the electoral college vote? I don’t think so, so everyone needs to move off of, “Oh, I hate Taylor because she didn’t campaign enough.” I hate that shit. She’s a frickin’ pop star.

4. “Don’t Blame Me”

This one’s amazing. This is what I imagine I’m gonna play when I’m feeding my hummingbirds. My hummers are gonna love this one. I also love it because I just had a baby and my baby’s definitely like my drug that I’m straight high off of, snorting his little hair off his head daily, so again I feel like she’s writing for me. I know she’s talking about Joe or whatever. By the way, I need to do more research about Joe because this guy is frickin’ Romeo on steroids. He’s got Taylor so damn sprung it’s overwhelming. I feel like she just made her own Ex Machina robot Ava but Joe. She went to the mountains to live next to the waterfall and had Google make her a boyfriend.

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Team Fortress 2 Valentine’s Day Drabbles

Valentine’s Day drabbles I wrote for all the mercs ^^
it’s so late why did i spend so much time on this

Scout: “O-oy, _!”
   You look to Scout, who is a blushing mess. He scratches the back of his head awkwardly and averts his gaze from your eyes. You giggle, making Scout even more flustered.
   “H-here, I wanted to give this to you.”
   Scout hands you a small, red, heart-shaped box tied with a cute pink ribbon. “Sorry, I don’t really know what to get girls on Valentine’s Day… Happy Valentine’s Day, _…”
    He ruffles your hair before he walks away.

Soldier: “Happy Valentine’s Day, _!” Soldier shouts, a little too loudly.
   “Y-you too, Soldier,” you reply shakily.
   “My apologies! Did I cause discomfort?!”
   “No, you’re just a bit loud…”
   Soldier clears his throat. “I am sorry. Is this tone of voice better?”
   “Yes, much.”
   Soldier hands you a daisy. “Is this a satisfactory gift?”
   You suppress the urge to laugh. Soldier is clueless about girls, yet it’s sweet how he cared enough to consider getting a present for you.
   “It’s very nice, Soldier. Thank you.”
   Soldier lowers his head, and you can see a faint pink color present on his cheeks.

Pyro: “Mmm mmph!”
   You literally light up when Pyro hands you a rose. It’s not just any rose, though. This rose is on fire.
   “Uh… Thank you?”
   You grin nervously as you blow out the fire. “I enjoy the gift…!”
   Instead of having its usual red color, the rose is now brown and charred by the fire. Pyro isn’t exactly a sane person, so you didn’t expect a very… sane gift from him. You are still touched by Pyro’s present, though. He tried to make you happy, and that’s all that counts.
   “Happy Valentine’s Day, Pyro!”

Demoman: “Ayy, Happy Valentine’s Day, _…!” Demoman slurs.
   You grin as Demoman slings his arm around your shoulder. You can’t resist laughing when he’s in a drunken state like this. “I ain’t got you a present, but I got ya this-”
   A blush spreads across your face when Demoman presses his whisky-coated lips against yours. His fingers entwine with your (H/C) locks. He releases you, and a large beam lights up his face. “Did ya like my gift?”
   “It was great,” you laugh. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Demo.”

Heavy: You are taken aback when Heavy gives you a large box of fancy chocolates. He smiles widely when you thank him for the gift.
   “Do you like it?”
   You open the box, revealing a large array of white. milk, and dark chocolates, all with different glazes and fillings. You resist the urge to inhale all of the chocolate, and you instead close the box.
   “It looks delicious, Heavy! Thank you!”
   Heavy pets the top of your head with his large hands. “я люблю тебя,” he whispers. “Is ‘I love you’ in my tongue.”

Engineer: “Follow me, darling.”
   Engineer walks briskly, almost as if he’s late for something. He grips your wrist, tugging you gently along. “I spent a good three weeks on this thing.”
   Engineer grins as he hands you a small machine that fits in the palm of your hand. It is a miniature pink sentry with a bow tied around the gun. “I call him ‘Sentry Jr.’ Do you like it?”
   “It’s…” You can’t find words to describe the warm feeling in your chest. “I love it.”
   “I’m glad that that hard work didn’t go to waste.” Engineer pecks your lips. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Medic: The German man smiles. He looks like an excited child, yet he still seems like he would murder you in a split second if he could. That’s the strange thing about Medic’s smile. It’s both cute and unsettling. “Do you like the gift, _?”
   You stare down at the small golden heart locket. You open it, and you find a charming picture of Medic’s face. “I love it, Medic. Thank you.”
   Medic wraps his arms around you. “That’s good.”
   “Happy Valentine’s Day, my little Fraulien.”

Sniper: “Are you tempting me with that face of yours?”
   You let out a quiet squeak when the Australian roughly pushes you against a wall. “It’s Valentine’s Day, _. Do you know what that means?”
   “I’ll have my way with you, and you won’t resist, okay?”
   “I can’t say that I totally agree to that-”
   Sniper presses his thumb against your lip. “Just let me do what I need to. I hope I can make your Valentine’s Day enjoyable, _.”

Spy: “Spy, are you sure I’ll be okay…?”
   “I assure you, mon cheri, you are safe.”
   Spy’s smooth, silky French voice soothes you. He gently pushes you along, as you are blindfolded. “Alright, you may take your blindfold off now.”
   You push up the cloth gingerly. Your eyes widen, and your cheeks grow hot as Spy reveals his surprise. Your room is decorated with roses, hearts, and chocolates. The lights are dimmed.
   Spy hands you a bouquet of crimson red roses and kisses the back of your hand. “Happy Valentine’s Day, mon cheri.”

I love Hot Air Balloons!

Dean x Reader

Brief mentions of Sam, Cas, Jody, Donna, Claire, Garth and Crowley (seriously the whole Scooby Gang). Lots of fluff to balance the smut.

Warnings: Smut, Oral (female receiving), slight Doctor Kink, language, period talk.

A/N: This is was written for Beca’s Big Celebration Challenge. @jensen-jarpad

You woke up in the middle of the night with some awful cramps on your left side. You left your sleeping boyfriend and walked to the bathroom. You tried but you couldn’t go so you thought it may just be indigestion or an old injury flaring up. You took some Tums and a couple of Tylenol and returned to your snuggly boyfriend.
“You ok, sweetheart?” Dean asked in a sleepy but concerned voice. He wrapped his warm arm around you.
“Yeah, my tummy hurts.” You pouted in a baby voice.
“Period?” He questioned.
“No, that was last week remember.”
“I do, now that you mention it. You want me to rub your belly, Baby?”
You curled closer into him, “Yeah, that would be nice.” His rough hands felt nice on your soft skin, you let his expert touch guide your relief.

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Day Twenty-Eight

-A man told me that, “Donald Trump would give single M&Ms for Halloween. He’s a jerk. Donald Trump doesn’t care about America or candy.” This is a man with whom I can really get into a political conversation with.

-My first guest of the day, at the prime hour of Too Early In The Morning, was a very kind old man who did not recognize me. I was fairly unsurprised by this, as he had no reason to recognize me or to announce that he did not, but I soon found out that he was a regular and I had just never worked this early before. As he thanked me for handing him his bag, I told him it was no problem, to which he solemnly looked me in the eye and told me, “I do hope it was not.” He was petrified to be any form of an inconvenience and I can fully relate.

-Opening the drawer beneath my register, I discovered a small, angry-looking Pluto figurine. Pluto the dog from Mickey Mouse, not Pluto the planet from Outer Space. I taped him to the top of my receipt printer with a folded sticker. He was my companion for the day and I appreciate all he did for me.

-I saw a woman with a bun that extended three feet behind her. Actually, it was two women walking close together, but the moments before I realized this were filled with an awe the likes of which I have never known.

-They say that our sense of smell is one of our strongest, and that it is most strongly tied to memory. Today was a day of vivid smells, all of which took me back to my childhood. A bag of chips being opened. Oatmeal with brown sugar wafting through the breeze. Human feces in some indeterminable location causing nausea and displeasure. My shift today was a long walk down memory lane.

-A woman accused me of conspiring to make her spend too much money. When asked if she found everything alright, she had only this to say: “That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s exactly what you want me to say. That’s what you want from me.” This was a very unsettling exchange for me. Someone has been leaking my plans. They are onto me.

-A very elderly woman with an incessant cough informed me as I was ringing her up that she did not want to die in this store. Looking in her eyes, I could tell this was a legitimate concern for her right then. I have never scanned hand sanitizer so quickly in my entire life.

-A child hid in a clothes rack. Her parents pretended to say goodbye and leave to get her to follow them. Instead, she embraced her new freedom and ran off to explore a rack of DVDs. After she was finally convinced to leave the store, she stopped her escort at my register to take the time to wave and say goodbye. I did not ring them up, I had no interaction with the family, but I am so grateful for this little girl’s gesture.

-A man walked up behind my register and handed me a pair of sunglasses without saying a word. He then walked around my lane, stepping in front of a woman who was placing her things on the conveyor belt. He then paid for his glasses, despite being thrown off by the concept of sales tax, and proceeded to walk away without his bag. Upon realizing his mistake, he returned and told me that he thought he had them on his head the whole time. I am unsure how he thought this, as he had not touched the glasses at any point after handing them to me, but I respect a man so sure of his ability to bend reality to his will. He may not have had this ability, but he surely had the belief, and that is half of the battle right there.

-A soccer mom stopped halfway through handing me her money to stare off into the distance. Once she rejoined me in the moment, she apologized. “Sorry,” she whispered. “I was thinking about popcorn. I should buy my husband popcorn. He likes popcorn.” Whether this was a genuine moment of compassion for her spouse or something triggered a hypnotic suggestion he had implanted in her remains to be seen. Either way, she left without purchasing popcorn. 

-Two old women were bickering at each other in line, yelling at each other to go faster. Just as I thought fists were about to come into play and I was reaching for my camera, they began laughing together and informed me they were sisters. This was mostly a relief, but also more than a little disappointing.

-The Cat Lady stepped out of a truck driven by a man cloaked entirely in shadow despite it being a bright and sunny day out. She slowly walked towards the doors of Target, seemingly about to join us for her daily purchase. Instead, as soon as the truck drove off, she looked around suspiciously. Upon seeing that the coast is clear, an enormous smile stretched across her face as she realized that her scheme had worked, and she hobbled as quickly as she could straight to the adjacent Dress Barn. She is the leader of her own life and I admire her passionately.

-I rang up an exceptionally tall, lanky, pale man. He had snow-white hair that stood out from his head in odd patterns and his arms were covered in dark cragged tattoos that I could not fully make out. Glazed gray eyes complimented his entirely vacant expression, proving beyond a doubt that I had just rang up the gravedigger from every movie ever.

-A man leaned in and informed me, as I was ringing up his wife’s purchase, that he was going to stand the shower rod she was purchasing up vertically in their shower and use it to dance. Finally, a form of performing arts that I can truly support and become a patron of.

No Sleep

Pairing: DickBabs

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Language

Disclaimers: I do not own Dick Grayson or Barbara Gordon

          It was three in the morning and my eyes had long been adjusted to the darkness of my bedroom. Dick snored softly next to me as my eyes followed the blades of the ceiling fan round and round and round. Apparently, God hated me and was denying me any kind of sleep tonight. I huffed in frustration and threw the blankets off me and stomped (as quietly as I could) to the living room. If I was up all night, I may as well catch up on some binge worthy tv.

           I tied my hair up into a bun on top of my head and turned the lamp on dim then plopped on the couch grumpily. As much of a night owl that I was, nothing pissed me off more than not being able to fall asleep when I wanted to. And even though I was saltier than the Dead Sea, there was no helping it so I pulled up Netflix and picked on the last show I was watching.

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anonymous asked:

How would you rank all of Austen's heroes from your personal favorite to least favorite? And all of her heroines from your favorite to least favorite? No ties allowed ;) Thank you for running one of my favorite blogs on this entire site!

Thank YOU for being so lovely, anon!

Okay, considering 1. to be The Favourite, as follows:

1. Captain Wentworth
2. Edward Ferrars
3. Fitzwilliam Darcy
4. Colonel Brandon
5. Henry Tilney
6. George Knightley
7. Edmund Bertram

1. Anne Elliot
2. Elinor Dashwood
3. Elizabeth Bennet
4. Marianne Dashwood
5. Fanny Price
6. Catherine Morland
7. Emma Woodhouse

To be honest mostly anything below my top threes all kind of drift around and take turns being my Unfavourite for different reasons, but as of the morning of 12 September 2017, I stand by this ranking. For now.

anonymous asked:

Would you be up to writing a blurb about how niall would react when he finds out you're pregnant?

1-2-3-4 Tell Me That You Love Me More

One missed period.  Two pink lines.  Three pregnancy tests.  Four hours until Niall gets home.  

Sitting on the bathroom floor you stared in disbelief at the three tests - all positive.  Your first instinct was to yell out “How could this have happened!?”  Admittedly that seemed pretty juvenile; you knew exactly how this happened.  You and Niall had been together for years - since the early days of 1D.  You’d cycled through almost all the different types of birth control during that time, trying to find what worked best for you and your body.  You’d finally settled on the pill.  It had been working just fine…..until it didn’t, apparently.  

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Niall Horan rules multiple Billboard charts this week, as the One Direction star earns his first No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with Flicker. The arrival also makes him the third 1D member to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100.

1. As Horan tops the Billboard 200 for the first time, One Direction ties The Beatles as the only groups with three members with No. 1 solo albums.

—  13 Things to Know About the Charts This Week: Niall Horan Puts One Direction on Par With The Beatles for Billboard 200 History & More

anonymous asked:

What are your top three females chars? I'm just interested to know ;D

I’m unsure as to whether you’re asking about the top three female characters I find most attractive, or my top three favourite females in general. So I’ll go ahead and answer both.

The top three characters most attractive to me are Hairu, Eto and Touka. I don’t really need to explain these choices as it’s all a matter of preference.

As for my top three favourite females in TG, I’ll need to explain my choices:

1) Eto - Always loved Eto’s character. Before the cochlea arc Eto has been tied with Kaneki as my favourite character in the entire series. If I had created my blog before the cochlea arc then I could assure you my blog name would have been Etomahgurl. To this day I’m still incredibly disappointed that Eto was removed from the story in such a boring cliffhanger, although I have acknowledged that it was somewhat necessary.

2) Touka - To be honest my feelings about Touka have been up and down throughout the series. The points I felt most negatively about Touka were the times when Touka was irrelevant to the story, when she was only appearing once every 50 chapters or so. However I’ve been pleasantly surprised by her development ever since she was brought back into the story and I’m also satisfied with how her relationship with Kaneki turned out.

3) Hinami - As one of the longest running characters from TG, I really like the way she’s grown throughout the series, especially in a rare case like hers where we’ve seen her transition from a child into an adult. Also, Hinami is an underrated badass.

new oc! new oc! 

Meet Alice Ikehara! She’s a 3rd year in the Support Department! 
She’s an aloof and relaxed girl who is always sleepy! She tends to daydream a lot and gets lost in her thoughts easily. However, she’s quite smart and she loves helping her friends out with things that they need. 
It takes her a while to warm up too people, but she’s very loyal to those she trusts. 
Her hair is not exactly water, but rather a gelatinous healing substance.

Her quirk is called “Rejuvenate”! By removing blobs of her hair and placing them on an injury, the substance is absorbed into the skin and heals the person! The bigger the blob of hair, the larger an injury she can heal! 
However, she’s limited to how much she can pull off before her hair grows back and she can only heal injuries like cuts, bruises, stabbings and shooting wounds. She can’t heal internal injuries. 

On the upside, her hair grows quite quickly! 

Some more stuff under the cut

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Build A Boyfriend - Oh Sehun

Originally posted by kai-tastrophe

Korea the city of lights. The city of night. The city of WiFi. The city of takeout. The city of kimchi. The city that you were now apart of. Seoul was beautiful in your opinion. The food, the culture, the people and of course the lifestyle. Seoul was known for many things but the busy nights were what kept it alive.

 It was also known for its schooling. Hours and hours of studying and exams took up your Wednesday night. Fortunately you didn’t have any classes until noon the following day. Unfortunately you’d been studying for way longer than you had anticipated. Glancing at the clock you had to do a double take.

“2:35 am?!? I could’ve sworn it was 12:30 when I last checked….” You muttered to yourself rubbing your temples. You had only planned to study for an hour or two, not an hour plus two.

“God, I should take a break.” You muttered shutting your book and pushing it to the side and grabbing your laptop. Logging into your Tumblr, you aimlessly scrolled through your feed. 

“Build a boyfriend? The hell is this?” You muttered staring at it. The ad was rectangular shaped and read ‘Need a hot boyfriend? No need to fear, build a boyfriend is here! Click on the ad to learn more information.’ You blinked at it in disbelief scanning the ad suspiciously. 

 "Eh I got nothing better to do!“ You shrugged clicking on the ad. It then linked you to a page with about 25 + questions. 


 25 questions later it’s 4:15 in the morning and your eyelids were dropping. You yawned. 'I should probably go to bed’ you thought and immediately fell asleep.

 A couple hours later you wake up and glance at your alarm clock and your eyes immediately widen leading to you to jump out of bed. 

"Omg I’m so late! God why didn’t I set an alarm?! Biff I’m so screwed! Gah!” You scrambled out of bed pulling on various clothing items looking a little bit presentable. Picking a random pair of shoes and pulling the door open and freezing on the spot.

“That’s right you’re my type.” You blinked once, twice, three times. 

 "I’m sorry who the hell are you again?“ You questioned staring at the blonde very very hot male staring down at you with a playful look in his eyes and to top it all off a bright red ribbon tied onto the top of his fluffy hair. 


 Your head only tilted more in confusion, unknowingly to you, Sehun thought you looked even more adorable with your pink oversized sweater, black pants and a pair of mismatched socks and shoes. 

 "Do you know me?” You questioned feeling slightly uncomfortable with how long he’s been staring at you. The only response was a slight look of awe on his face at how you could manage to look so beautiful in a mismatched outfit. 

“Look, Sehun. I’m sure your a nice guy, but I think you have the wrong house and I’m already running late for my classes so if you could move that’d be great." 

 "Wait! No don’t leave yet! You know me y/n! Remember? You built me!” He shouted in a panic blocking your way. That’s when it hit you. 

 "Wait that stupid ad was real? Like legitimately it worked?“ You asked in disbelief. 

 He rolled his eyes. "God y/n I already went over this! I’m Sehun the boyfriend you built, now love me! You can’t send me back!” He said playfully poking your side. You recoiled with a small Yelp. 

 "Yah! So on top of school work and a job, I have to take care of a extremely attractive man-child?!“

 ”…did you just call me attractive?“ A smirk crawled it’s way onto his lips.

 You groaned. "Seriously? I really don’t have time for this Sehun! What do I have to do for you to let me go to my class?" 

 He put his hand on his chin, as if he was thinking over something. And by the playful look in his eye, you knew you were in for something. His eyes snapped back to yours with a smirk playing at his lips. 

"Kiss me." 

"Come again?” You asked, not sure if you had heard him right.

“Give me a kiss, and I will let you leave.” He said smirking tapping his cheek. 

You eyes him wearily. "Just a kiss?“ 

 "Just a kiss.” He confirmed tapping his cheek. 

 You took a deep breath and leaned into kiss his cheek. As your lips neared his smooth cheek, he quickly turns his head making your lips land on his. 

 You pulled away blushing a bright red. You put your hands on your cheeks to hide the redness and cool them down.

 Sehun smiled at you wrapping his arms around your form making you blush even deeper.  

“Aish your so cute!" He sighed in content resting his chin on your head. You smiled and relaxed into Sehun with a soft smile, closing your eyes. 

 "Sehun, I really need to go to class now.” You whispered reluctant to pull away from his surprisingly warm and comforting embrace. Sehun sighed and eventually unwrapped his arms from around your form and turning you around.

 "Okay. I did make a promise. Have a good day at class jagi.“ He said kissing your nose softly and letting you go. You walked Down the hall waving at Sehun before disappearing around the corner onto the bus. 

 You sighed in content looking out the window. You couldn’t wait to get back home knowing that once you got home you had an extremely attractive boyfriend waiting to love and hug you. 


anonymous asked:

What are your top 5 ships and why?

okay, i’m home.

The first three might sound very similar but they just have similar relationships… sort of, but i’m gonna try and differentiate them. Also, they are usually all tied as favorites, sometimes one might pull ahead just depending on my mood for the day.

1. Jinmin - boy fuckin howdy. I love jinmin so much it physically hurts me sometimes. they are my beautiful boys, and i absolutely love the way they mess with each other. jimin being the only one who doubles over at jin’s puns, who ENCOURAGES him to make those puns, who gets so exasperated at the way jin picks on him (“say my lovable hyung-nim, please can i have another [arrow]”). jimin pushes back a lot, and i love to see jimin laughing at jin with that LOOK even while he’s saying “hyung, why are you like this”

2. Taejin - Jin lets taehyung get away with e v e r y t h i n g. where jin messes with jimin and jungkook, it’s tae that messes with jin (calling him pig, wiping food on him) in a way that should be mean but tae does it with such a fucking playful innocence. they’re both my dumb sons who hang all over each other, like their level of physical interaction is only rivaled by vmin. i also just love thinking about the video after the mamas of jin’s hand on the back of tae’s neck when he says “hyung will support you” hands on necks fuck me UP

3. jinkook - “say you love me three times” (immediately does it) “say hyung-nim” (says hyung-nim immediately and loves it). the way they argue playfully (honestly that jinminkook vlive from a couple weeks ago FUCK) just seems like perpetual flirting. underneath all the back and forth, tsundere jungkook really just seems super eager to please jin. i’m sweatin

4. minjoon - listen this shit came out of NOWHERE and knocked me on my ASS. namjoon treats jimin so fucking well oh my god, and jimin thinks namjoon is so cool. namjoon is only ever supportive and kind and praises jimin the way i think jimin should be praised, and honestly also boy i love that height difference. just. fuck okay, look at a picture of namjoon and jimin together, looking at each other. OTP right there.

5. sugamon - the RESPECT. the AMBITION. the pisces and the virgo, complementary signs, yin and yang, both pushing themselves to greatness while trying to overcome depression and/or anxiety. namjoon soft and focused and reliable, yoongi relentless and intense and caring. this ship fucks. me. up.

extra : vmin because they’re literally soulmates and i don’t even mean in just a shipping sense, i mean in life sometimes you meet that friend who will be with you for the rest of your life who completes you even if you thought you were fine on your own. that’s vmin.

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Inside or Outside

Anonymous said:
Could you write one where he has sex with you in a pool, but you have to be quiet, because the boys are inside the house
yes I can :)


Everyone laid on the couch, bored out of their mind. I traced shapes on Ashton’s shirt, hearing his heart beat while everyone tried to figure out what to do. “Can we please do something, I’m bored as hell.” Michael whined. “Do you want to be inside or outside? The pool is out back, so we could go swimming.” I suggested. “Yeah! Guys lets do that, we haven’t swam in forever.” Calum sighed. “Alright, let’s go.” Luke smiled.

I ran to my room, grabbing the bikini Ashton loved way too much. I slipped out of my panties changing into the bottoms and tied my top on. I ran down stairs seeing all the boys ready. We all ran outside jumping in the pool. “I think we should have a diving competition.” Michael says. “I’m telling you right now I’m going to beat you.” I said. “Well we’ll be the judge of that.” Ashton said.

After three times of diving, the boys finally decided that I won. “It’s about fucking time, I won the first time.” I sighed. I felt a small pinch on my ass, “Watch your mouth baby girl.” Ashton whispers sternly. I turn and look at him with sorry eyes. “That’s only because you were a diver for seven years of your life.”  Michael says.

“Sorry? I can’t help it, I have a love for diving.” I say. “Yeah yeah, anyway I’m going inside this has put me out.” Luke suggests. “Same, I’m ordering pizza for us.” Calum said. “If there’s pizza I’m coming.” Michael immediately hops out. “I’m gonna stay, I have to talk to Y/N.” Ashton says. “Oh shit is going down.” Calum boomed. I rolled my eyes and went to Ashton.

He grabs my face and presses his lips to mine. “I’ve been waiting to do this all day. You look so good in this suit.” He practically moans. I smile, biting his lower lip. “Ash please, do something. I’ve been craving your touch all day.” I mumbled. “Don’t worry I’m going to make it up to you right now.” He grabs my hips towards his. His prominent boner pushing against his swim trunks.

I tug down my bottoms, grabbing his hand and bring it to where I need him most. Ashton ran his fingers between my folds rubbing small circles on my clit. “Please no foreplay.” I begged as I sunk down on his fingers. I moaned, moving my hips against his fingers. “Sh baby we don’t our friends to hear us do we?” Ashton bites down on my neck. “I’m gonna cum.” I whined.

“Hurry and cum for me so I can fuck you.” Ashton encouraged. My core clenched around him, while he muffled my moans by kissing me. My back arched off the pool wall, “fuck me.” i moaned. “Oh I plan on it baby girl.” Ashton smirked. Ashton rid of his shorts and wasted no time before slamming into me. “You feel so good baby.” He moans.

I wrap my legs around his waist, moving myself on his cock. He guided me by my hips before I felt him shift underneath, and the next thing I knew, he was wildly thrusting up into me, doing the work this time.

“Ashton, I’m so close.” I moaned. He hit that sweet spot inside of me and he smirked to himself. He made sure to repeatedly hit it as he lifted his hips up into me over and over again, fucking me into that familiar feeling of my impending orgasm. The very familiar feeling came in the picture as Ashton continued to hit my g-spot.

“You wanna cum for me again? Huh, right here when one of our friends could walk out on us. You want that right baby?” Ashton growls. I nod my head, moving my hips into his again. The pit of my stomach stings with pleasure and I bite down on Ashton’s shoulder to keep me from screaming. “Fuck baby, you gonna cum for? Huh you wanna cum for me again?” Ashton says, rubbing my clit.

“Shit I’m cumming!” I yelped. “That’s it baby, that’s it.” He says. My muscles clench around him as he starts to struggle to move inside me. “Fuck Y/N, I’m close.” He moan. “You wanna cum for me Ash?” I giggle. “Nothing’s funny about this, but fuck you feel so goof wrapped around me.” Ashton groans. I feel him twitch inside me, disputing the hot liquid.

“I’m continuing this later, don’t think you’re getting out easy baby.” Ashton whispers.


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