my top three are all tied

Seduce Me 2 Reactions

Drunk Damian:

Learning more about The Spirit from Erik’s route:


My Precious Baby Matthew:

Angel Torture:

Demon!James scenes:

The kinky ass sex with Demon!Sam:


All the crossroad choices, where you KNOW there’s a Right Answer but you don’t know which is which:

Anytime the The Demon Lord talked:

The Boys’ Wives showing up:

The Council:

Diana and Saero:

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Meet The Blogger

Name : Nicole

Lives: Ontario, Canada

Age: 19

Studying: Broadcasting Television and Film Production

Ships: bughed obvi, stydia, and everlark are my top three/main ones!

Fave bughead moment: Tied! Jughead comforting Betty in her room and his voice cracking when he says “also,” before they kiss; when Jughead walks Betty home, nervously telling her why he is and him holding her hand eeek so cute omg

I’d love to get to know you all!

'character development' of Natasha
  • Iron Man 2: *fights off an entire wave of security guards in the time a trained bodyguard fights off one*
  • Avengers: *fights off three armed man from a start position of being tied to a chair. spends the rest of the movie being a complete badass who can look out for herself and her team mates*
  • Captain America 2: *manages to escape death at the hands of the most dangerous assassin in the world and goes on to trick top HYDRA personnel and leak all their secrets, effectively destroying them*
  • Age of Ultron: *gets locked behind bars and waits for a man to save her*
  • Everyone: ...
  • Everyone: ...
  • Everyone: literally wth
match day

You know how I said my top three all felt like they were tied for #1 in my heart? I got my #3, and I absolutely feel like I got my #1. It is a perfect place for me, with the strongest social medicine focus of any of my top programs, and a lot of really inspiring faculty, in a seriously cool city that I’m excited to explore. I am SO happy about it, and really don’t think I would have been any more excited had I matched at my official #1 or #2. So that’s great. 

It was a weird day, though. My medbesties and I picked up our envelopes from the table, and gathered separately from the rest of the group. I hadn’t been nervous at all until the moment I had the envelope in my hand, and then I was suddenly so emotional that I really thought I might pass out or throw up. I snapped a quick picture of the outer envelope during the countdown, and then tore it open. And there was ANOTHER ENVELOPE INSIDE, and I was like, are you trying to fucking kill me right now? Opened the second envelope, and the little card, and saw my match…it was like every feeling all at once. Thrilled to get one of my top choices, a flash of sadness about the places I wouldn’t get to go, but mostly just completely overwhelmed and sort of stunned to finally know. After so much time and work and agony…boom. This. This is what’s next. This is life after med school. Finally. 

At that point time starts for me again, and I find myself in a chaotic room. I look up at one of the world’s best humans, one of my closest medfriends, and she is standing there holding her unopened envelope and shaking. She says she can’t open it. I tell her that yes, she can. She says she really can’t. I put my arm around her shoulders, and watch her hands tremble as she finally tears it open. She reads it. She looks stricken. She shows me, and I recognize the name of a program that I know she loved. After her interview at this place she raved about it. However, I also knew it had moved down her list over the course of the interview season, and was ranked at something like #5. 

I look up at one of my other medbesties and she looks like she just saw a ghost. She is there with her sweet boyfriend, who looks like he just received a prison sentence. She also got her #5. She doesn’t look sad, exactly. She just wasn’t mentally prepared for this. She was disappointed…but still relieved to finally know.

A third…he got his #10. He mainly seemed confused at that point. He had sent and received love letters, he had ranked programs that were not overly competitive…he had worked so hard, and now felt so small. But still. Still relieved to know. Hurt. Relieved. Hurt. Confused. Relieved. Hurt. All of it crossing his face, all at once and repeatedly. 

And this, this is to say nothing of the people who we were missing because they didn’t match and couldn’t bear to be there at what they assumed would be a full-fledged celebration. As it turned out, their sadnesses would have blended into the crazy emotional tornado just fine.

The coordinator asks us to go around and say where we matched, and looks in our direction. My first friend shrinks, can’t seem to speak…doesn’t want to say it out loud. They skip her, and I share my result. Each of these people, many of whom I really dearly love, says the name of a program, a city, a specialty. Some look happy, many look relieved, and many just look shocked. We go to a highly-regarded medical school. We were told we could expect our #1 or #2 pick, most likely. That’s not what happened for most of us. Most of us were still perfectly happy, but many were not, and regardless, EVERYBODY was having a profound, intense, personal, and somewhat jarring experience in a room full of people also having that experience. I’m glad we were together, but holy shit, so many feelings in that room.

I sat down with my friends. My first friend sobbed on my shoulder briefly, a first step in letting go of her hurt. We all chatted quietly, shared our confusing feelings, and tried to avoid the roving photographers. I was really very happy, but also overwhelmed by the reality of the move I need to make, and in any case, could not celebrate in the presence of so many people feeling so many mixed emotions.  

We were all short on sleep and food. We split up into two camps, the burn-the-crazy exercise camp and the drown-the-crazy beer-and-burrito camp. I went with the beer camp, not because I actually wanted the beer, but to keep that last guy company. He was still in his head more than in his heart, and I was afraid that he was going to start drinking and fall apart. He didn’t. He’s ok. 

Everybody is ok. Later we all ended up in a sunny backyard with babies and dogs and beer and lawn games and friendship. I saw everybody smile and laugh. The emotional storm had passed, we all helped each other to bail out the boats, and everybody was floating in the sunshine. We made it to where we are, together. 

I’m very grateful. 

StormPilot fic recs

I’m slowly compiling a list of my favorite fics so far and I thought I’d put them here so you guys can enjoy.

But I’m a Stormtrooper - cute fluff

The Street Enters the House - ugh, the angst is delicious

Piece of People We Keep Inside Our Hearts (no smut but holy hell gorgeous writing)

‘cause I’m begging for the sun (bee-YOO-ti-ful smut - seriously, the writing)

By Any Other Name - sweet fluff about last names

And my top three, because holy hell the prose is absolutely stunning:

Fortress - previous Poe/Kylo. This one may kill you with its beauty and angst.

we are all stardust - damaged Finn and loving Poe, this one broke me.

got you (like I want you) - sheer, unapologetic smut like WHOA. Literally just PWP and one of the best things I’ve ever read. Multiple times.

I drew this a couple of days ago as a warm-up doodle~

Its my top 3 favorite Youtubers and the three things that I remember them most by! X’D

There is the CTK Logo, Sam the Septic Eye, and of course Markipliers mustache!

cinnamontoastken was my first youtuber, and will always be my number 1

But both markiplier and therealjacksepticeye are tied at number 2!

Of course all three of these guys are just amazing.

All three of these guys have brought me so much joy and have gotten me to smile even in the toughest of times… Whenever I feel lonely or just down, I go and binge watch all of their videos and all their jokes and just seeing them smile makes me feel better.

Most people in the world want to meet famous actors or models….I just want to meet these three guys one day!

I recommend all three of these guys. 100000/10.

lazy background is lazy

It’s three sleeps ‘til Christmas Day, but I can’t bring myself to post another seasonal song. Instead, I’m gonna slow your warp speed into a slow jam and try to chill your holiday craze. If your toes are twitching at every stoplight, your fingers are wrapped in bandaids from tape dispenser accidents, and you’ve come way too close to punching a bell-ringing Santa outside Safeway, you need to take a Badu chill the fuck out pill. After all, it’s clinically proven that stress shortens your life. So if you want to maximize your Christmas returns, then sit back, relax, and tis the season from your armchair while Erykah takes it home.

This lady is one of my top three artists. Aside from minor disappointments (mostly in the form of New Amerykah Part I), she almost always makes my world a better place. She’s a super talented lady, and her live show is one of my favorite I’ve seen to date. She’s also one of my desert island pics- but more on that some other time. This new album of hers is interesting… still feeling it out. But this track immediately caught me. Enjoy!