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Seduce Me 2 Reactions

Drunk Damian:

Learning more about The Spirit from Erik’s route:


My Precious Baby Matthew:

Angel Torture:

Demon!James scenes:

The kinky ass sex with Demon!Sam:


All the crossroad choices, where you KNOW there’s a Right Answer but you don’t know which is which:

Anytime the The Demon Lord talked:

The Boys’ Wives showing up:

The Council:

Diana and Saero:

The art and music:

The Bloopers:


I love Hot Air Balloons!

Dean x Reader

Brief mentions of Sam, Cas, Jody, Donna, Claire, Garth and Crowley (seriously the whole Scooby Gang). Lots of fluff to balance the smut.

Warnings: Smut, Oral (female receiving), slight Doctor Kink, language, period talk.

A/N: This is was written for Beca’s Big Celebration Challenge. @jensen-jarpad

You woke up in the middle of the night with some awful cramps on your left side. You left your sleeping boyfriend and walked to the bathroom. You tried but you couldn’t go so you thought it may just be indigestion or an old injury flaring up. You took some Tums and a couple of Tylenol and returned to your snuggly boyfriend.
“You ok, sweetheart?” Dean asked in a sleepy but concerned voice. He wrapped his warm arm around you.
“Yeah, my tummy hurts.” You pouted in a baby voice.
“Period?” He questioned.
“No, that was last week remember.”
“I do, now that you mention it. You want me to rub your belly, Baby?”
You curled closer into him, “Yeah, that would be nice.” His rough hands felt nice on your soft skin, you let his expert touch guide your relief.

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Team Fortress 2 Valentine’s Day Drabbles

Valentine’s Day drabbles I wrote for all the mercs ^^
it’s so late why did i spend so much time on this

Scout: “O-oy, _!”
   You look to Scout, who is a blushing mess. He scratches the back of his head awkwardly and averts his gaze from your eyes. You giggle, making Scout even more flustered.
   “H-here, I wanted to give this to you.”
   Scout hands you a small, red, heart-shaped box tied with a cute pink ribbon. “Sorry, I don’t really know what to get girls on Valentine’s Day… Happy Valentine’s Day, _…”
    He ruffles your hair before he walks away.

Soldier: “Happy Valentine’s Day, _!” Soldier shouts, a little too loudly.
   “Y-you too, Soldier,” you reply shakily.
   “My apologies! Did I cause discomfort?!”
   “No, you’re just a bit loud…”
   Soldier clears his throat. “I am sorry. Is this tone of voice better?”
   “Yes, much.”
   Soldier hands you a daisy. “Is this a satisfactory gift?”
   You suppress the urge to laugh. Soldier is clueless about girls, yet it’s sweet how he cared enough to consider getting a present for you.
   “It’s very nice, Soldier. Thank you.”
   Soldier lowers his head, and you can see a faint pink color present on his cheeks.

Pyro: “Mmm mmph!”
   You literally light up when Pyro hands you a rose. It’s not just any rose, though. This rose is on fire.
   “Uh… Thank you?”
   You grin nervously as you blow out the fire. “I enjoy the gift…!”
   Instead of having its usual red color, the rose is now brown and charred by the fire. Pyro isn’t exactly a sane person, so you didn’t expect a very… sane gift from him. You are still touched by Pyro’s present, though. He tried to make you happy, and that’s all that counts.
   “Happy Valentine’s Day, Pyro!”

Demoman: “Ayy, Happy Valentine’s Day, _…!” Demoman slurs.
   You grin as Demoman slings his arm around your shoulder. You can’t resist laughing when he’s in a drunken state like this. “I ain’t got you a present, but I got ya this-”
   A blush spreads across your face when Demoman presses his whisky-coated lips against yours. His fingers entwine with your (H/C) locks. He releases you, and a large beam lights up his face. “Did ya like my gift?”
   “It was great,” you laugh. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Demo.”

Heavy: You are taken aback when Heavy gives you a large box of fancy chocolates. He smiles widely when you thank him for the gift.
   “Do you like it?”
   You open the box, revealing a large array of white. milk, and dark chocolates, all with different glazes and fillings. You resist the urge to inhale all of the chocolate, and you instead close the box.
   “It looks delicious, Heavy! Thank you!”
   Heavy pets the top of your head with his large hands. “я люблю тебя,” he whispers. “Is ‘I love you’ in my tongue.”

Engineer: “Follow me, darling.”
   Engineer walks briskly, almost as if he’s late for something. He grips your wrist, tugging you gently along. “I spent a good three weeks on this thing.”
   Engineer grins as he hands you a small machine that fits in the palm of your hand. It is a miniature pink sentry with a bow tied around the gun. “I call him ‘Sentry Jr.’ Do you like it?”
   “It’s…” You can’t find words to describe the warm feeling in your chest. “I love it.”
   “I’m glad that that hard work didn’t go to waste.” Engineer pecks your lips. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Medic: The German man smiles. He looks like an excited child, yet he still seems like he would murder you in a split second if he could. That’s the strange thing about Medic’s smile. It’s both cute and unsettling. “Do you like the gift, _?”
   You stare down at the small golden heart locket. You open it, and you find a charming picture of Medic’s face. “I love it, Medic. Thank you.”
   Medic wraps his arms around you. “That’s good.”
   “Happy Valentine’s Day, my little Fraulien.”

Sniper: “Are you tempting me with that face of yours?”
   You let out a quiet squeak when the Australian roughly pushes you against a wall. “It’s Valentine’s Day, _. Do you know what that means?”
   “I’ll have my way with you, and you won’t resist, okay?”
   “I can’t say that I totally agree to that-”
   Sniper presses his thumb against your lip. “Just let me do what I need to. I hope I can make your Valentine’s Day enjoyable, _.”

Spy: “Spy, are you sure I’ll be okay…?”
   “I assure you, mon cheri, you are safe.”
   Spy’s smooth, silky French voice soothes you. He gently pushes you along, as you are blindfolded. “Alright, you may take your blindfold off now.”
   You push up the cloth gingerly. Your eyes widen, and your cheeks grow hot as Spy reveals his surprise. Your room is decorated with roses, hearts, and chocolates. The lights are dimmed.
   Spy hands you a bouquet of crimson red roses and kisses the back of your hand. “Happy Valentine’s Day, mon cheri.”

Day Twenty-Eight

-A man told me that, “Donald Trump would give single M&Ms for Halloween. He’s a jerk. Donald Trump doesn’t care about America or candy.” This is a man with whom I can really get into a political conversation with.

-My first guest of the day, at the prime hour of Too Early In The Morning, was a very kind old man who did not recognize me. I was fairly unsurprised by this, as he had no reason to recognize me or to announce that he did not, but I soon found out that he was a regular and I had just never worked this early before. As he thanked me for handing him his bag, I told him it was no problem, to which he solemnly looked me in the eye and told me, “I do hope it was not.” He was petrified to be any form of an inconvenience and I can fully relate.

-Opening the drawer beneath my register, I discovered a small, angry-looking Pluto figurine. Pluto the dog from Mickey Mouse, not Pluto the planet from Outer Space. I taped him to the top of my receipt printer with a folded sticker. He was my companion for the day and I appreciate all he did for me.

-I saw a woman with a bun that extended three feet behind her. Actually, it was two women walking close together, but the moments before I realized this were filled with an awe the likes of which I have never known.

-They say that our sense of smell is one of our strongest, and that it is most strongly tied to memory. Today was a day of vivid smells, all of which took me back to my childhood. A bag of chips being opened. Oatmeal with brown sugar wafting through the breeze. Human feces in some indeterminable location causing nausea and displeasure. My shift today was a long walk down memory lane.

-A woman accused me of conspiring to make her spend too much money. When asked if she found everything alright, she had only this to say: “That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s exactly what you want me to say. That’s what you want from me.” This was a very unsettling exchange for me. Someone has been leaking my plans. They are onto me.

-A very elderly woman with an incessant cough informed me as I was ringing her up that she did not want to die in this store. Looking in her eyes, I could tell this was a legitimate concern for her right then. I have never scanned hand sanitizer so quickly in my entire life.

-A child hid in a clothes rack. Her parents pretended to say goodbye and leave to get her to follow them. Instead, she embraced her new freedom and ran off to explore a rack of DVDs. After she was finally convinced to leave the store, she stopped her escort at my register to take the time to wave and say goodbye. I did not ring them up, I had no interaction with the family, but I am so grateful for this little girl’s gesture.

-A man walked up behind my register and handed me a pair of sunglasses without saying a word. He then walked around my lane, stepping in front of a woman who was placing her things on the conveyor belt. He then paid for his glasses, despite being thrown off by the concept of sales tax, and proceeded to walk away without his bag. Upon realizing his mistake, he returned and told me that he thought he had them on his head the whole time. I am unsure how he thought this, as he had not touched the glasses at any point after handing them to me, but I respect a man so sure of his ability to bend reality to his will. He may not have had this ability, but he surely had the belief, and that is half of the battle right there.

-A soccer mom stopped halfway through handing me her money to stare off into the distance. Once she rejoined me in the moment, she apologized. “Sorry,” she whispered. “I was thinking about popcorn. I should buy my husband popcorn. He likes popcorn.” Whether this was a genuine moment of compassion for her spouse or something triggered a hypnotic suggestion he had implanted in her remains to be seen. Either way, she left without purchasing popcorn. 

-Two old women were bickering at each other in line, yelling at each other to go faster. Just as I thought fists were about to come into play and I was reaching for my camera, they began laughing together and informed me they were sisters. This was mostly a relief, but also more than a little disappointing.

-The Cat Lady stepped out of a truck driven by a man cloaked entirely in shadow despite it being a bright and sunny day out. She slowly walked towards the doors of Target, seemingly about to join us for her daily purchase. Instead, as soon as the truck drove off, she looked around suspiciously. Upon seeing that the coast is clear, an enormous smile stretched across her face as she realized that her scheme had worked, and she hobbled as quickly as she could straight to the adjacent Dress Barn. She is the leader of her own life and I admire her passionately.

-I rang up an exceptionally tall, lanky, pale man. He had snow-white hair that stood out from his head in odd patterns and his arms were covered in dark cragged tattoos that I could not fully make out. Glazed gray eyes complimented his entirely vacant expression, proving beyond a doubt that I had just rang up the gravedigger from every movie ever.

-A man leaned in and informed me, as I was ringing up his wife’s purchase, that he was going to stand the shower rod she was purchasing up vertically in their shower and use it to dance. Finally, a form of performing arts that I can truly support and become a patron of.

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I DIDNT KNOW YOU LOVE DISTURBED JAX :D! what are your Top 10 songs by them if I may ask?

Metal Music is my 2nd FAVORITE GENRE of MUSIC so I’ve been a MASSIVE DISTURBED FAN since I was a kid because the old DBZ movies had Disturbed play in them. Also it didn’t help that I used to be chubby, beaten up, made fun of and bullied so I would listen to Disturbed, Drowning Pool, and Three Days Grace like no tomorrow because they made feel like I could transform my rage into something useful lmfao xD

but my Top 10 Disturbed songs are 

1) Down With the Sickness (Literally in my TOP 5 favorite songs of all time)


3) Fear

4) Voices (there was an amazing SLASHER music video made to this as a Horror fan I loved it) 

5) Awaken

6) Prayer and Remember are Tied to me

7) Sons of Plunder

8) Conflict (THERE IS STILL AN AMAZING 300 Video to this song)

9) Violence Fetish

10) Stricken

But those are my Top 10

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Would you be up to writing a blurb about how niall would react when he finds out you're pregnant?

1-2-3-4 Tell Me That You Love Me More

One missed period.  Two pink lines.  Three pregnancy tests.  Four hours until Niall gets home.  

Sitting on the bathroom floor you stared in disbelief at the three tests - all positive.  Your first instinct was to yell out “How could this have happened!?”  Admittedly that seemed pretty juvenile; you knew exactly how this happened.  You and Niall had been together for years - since the early days of 1D.  You’d cycled through almost all the different types of birth control during that time, trying to find what worked best for you and your body.  You’d finally settled on the pill.  It had been working just fine…..until it didn’t, apparently.  

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Build A Boyfriend - Oh Sehun

Originally posted by kai-tastrophe

Korea the city of lights. The city of night. The city of WiFi. The city of takeout. The city of kimchi. The city that you were now apart of. Seoul was beautiful in your opinion. The food, the culture, the people and of course the lifestyle. Seoul was known for many things but the busy nights were what kept it alive.

 It was also known for its schooling. Hours and hours of studying and exams took up your Wednesday night. Fortunately you didn’t have any classes until noon the following day. Unfortunately you’d been studying for way longer than you had anticipated. Glancing at the clock you had to do a double take.

“2:35 am?!? I could’ve sworn it was 12:30 when I last checked….” You muttered to yourself rubbing your temples. You had only planned to study for an hour or two, not an hour plus two.

“God, I should take a break.” You muttered shutting your book and pushing it to the side and grabbing your laptop. Logging into your Tumblr, you aimlessly scrolled through your feed. 

“Build a boyfriend? The hell is this?” You muttered staring at it. The ad was rectangular shaped and read ‘Need a hot boyfriend? No need to fear, build a boyfriend is here! Click on the ad to learn more information.’ You blinked at it in disbelief scanning the ad suspiciously. 

 "Eh I got nothing better to do!“ You shrugged clicking on the ad. It then linked you to a page with about 25 + questions. 


 25 questions later it’s 4:15 in the morning and your eyelids were dropping. You yawned. 'I should probably go to bed’ you thought and immediately fell asleep.

 A couple hours later you wake up and glance at your alarm clock and your eyes immediately widen leading to you to jump out of bed. 

"Omg I’m so late! God why didn’t I set an alarm?! Biff I’m so screwed! Gah!” You scrambled out of bed pulling on various clothing items looking a little bit presentable. Picking a random pair of shoes and pulling the door open and freezing on the spot.

“That’s right you’re my type.” You blinked once, twice, three times. 

 "I’m sorry who the hell are you again?“ You questioned staring at the blonde very very hot male staring down at you with a playful look in his eyes and to top it all off a bright red ribbon tied onto the top of his fluffy hair. 


 Your head only tilted more in confusion, unknowingly to you, Sehun thought you looked even more adorable with your pink oversized sweater, black pants and a pair of mismatched socks and shoes. 

 "Do you know me?” You questioned feeling slightly uncomfortable with how long he’s been staring at you. The only response was a slight look of awe on his face at how you could manage to look so beautiful in a mismatched outfit. 

“Look, Sehun. I’m sure your a nice guy, but I think you have the wrong house and I’m already running late for my classes so if you could move that’d be great." 

 "Wait! No don’t leave yet! You know me y/n! Remember? You built me!” He shouted in a panic blocking your way. That’s when it hit you. 

 "Wait that stupid ad was real? Like legitimately it worked?“ You asked in disbelief. 

 He rolled his eyes. "God y/n I already went over this! I’m Sehun the boyfriend you built, now love me! You can’t send me back!” He said playfully poking your side. You recoiled with a small Yelp. 

 "Yah! So on top of school work and a job, I have to take care of a extremely attractive man-child?!“

 ”…did you just call me attractive?“ A smirk crawled it’s way onto his lips.

 You groaned. "Seriously? I really don’t have time for this Sehun! What do I have to do for you to let me go to my class?" 

 He put his hand on his chin, as if he was thinking over something. And by the playful look in his eye, you knew you were in for something. His eyes snapped back to yours with a smirk playing at his lips. 

"Kiss me." 

"Come again?” You asked, not sure if you had heard him right.

“Give me a kiss, and I will let you leave.” He said smirking tapping his cheek. 

You eyes him wearily. "Just a kiss?“ 

 "Just a kiss.” He confirmed tapping his cheek. 

 You took a deep breath and leaned into kiss his cheek. As your lips neared his smooth cheek, he quickly turns his head making your lips land on his. 

 You pulled away blushing a bright red. You put your hands on your cheeks to hide the redness and cool them down.

 Sehun smiled at you wrapping his arms around your form making you blush even deeper.  

“Aish your so cute!" He sighed in content resting his chin on your head. You smiled and relaxed into Sehun with a soft smile, closing your eyes. 

 "Sehun, I really need to go to class now.” You whispered reluctant to pull away from his surprisingly warm and comforting embrace. Sehun sighed and eventually unwrapped his arms from around your form and turning you around.

 "Okay. I did make a promise. Have a good day at class jagi.“ He said kissing your nose softly and letting you go. You walked Down the hall waving at Sehun before disappearing around the corner onto the bus. 

 You sighed in content looking out the window. You couldn’t wait to get back home knowing that once you got home you had an extremely attractive boyfriend waiting to love and hug you. 


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Hi! Kira anon here! I'll have to rewatch it to give a full detailed report but from the top of my head, I loved Kira's character and how sweet she was. I loved how Kira's season three arc tied in with Stile's nogitsune thing. Aside from that, I already had problems upon casting. I love Arden Cho, she is a real life sweetie so this is not on her, but Arden is Korean and Kira's supposed to be japanese. That itself is kinda upsetting because (1/2?)

(2/lmao it’s 3 now) it implies the usual ‘all aspects of Asia are interchangeable’. This is coming from someone with Chinese heritage. Although, I have to credit with the casting of the mum because she is Japanese American and I love her work. Then after that, her sword choreography doesn’t really reflect japanese swordmanship. Many times she holds the sword with one hand and that’s just a no-no (This is from watching the show with a martial arts enthusiast).

(3/3) Lastly, (for now at least), her development pales compared to Allison since everything she did was done as a plot device for Scott. Like her powers being developed just to highlight how Scott’s failing as a leader. But that wasn’t even finished. Now I’m just bitter. A very last (petty) note, Scott/Kira felt rushed and tbh I wanted Kira to end up with Stiles just because Stiles was my fav and Stiles would’ve fucking treated her better.

Well firstly, I think if there’s one thing Hollywood has taught us is that all people of Asian heritage are interchangeable - usually with Scarlett Johansson. 

IIRC, Kira’s dad was Korean but took Kira’s mother’s name when they married? So possibly that’s how they attempted to work around that. Which, to be fair, is more than most shows would bother with, I guess? 

I really loved Kira as well. She was a real breath of fresh air. I loved how she was awkward and adorable, and then turned out to be smart and funny and a total bad ass underneath all that. 

I agree that it’s a shame she was introduced as Scott’s Girlfriend, and once that ended instead of further developing her character the show just wrote her off. I mean, come on? A girl’s not allowed to be single in Beacon Hills? 

I think the problem with the Scott thing was that they sold us so hard on Scallison in Season 1and 2, that when Scott suddenly had to be interested in another girl (since Allison was being written out) it felt… really, Scott? You’ve loved this girl and been heartbroken and pined over this girl for two and a half seasons now, and hey, look, another girl! It was quite jarring and, like you said, felt very rushed and therefore very unfair to Kira’s character. And also Scott’s character too, actually, since it made him look like he did a complete 180 in regards to Allison. 

The sword thing is interesting! I never would have picked up on that, but my knowledge of martial arts is limited to watching Jackie Chan movies and saying “Holy shit. How does he do that?” I know absolutely nothing about Japanese martial arts. 

I really wish they’d kept Kira instead of ditching her once Scott didn’t need a girlfriend any more. She had such an interesting backstory and mythology, and in the end she was reduced to an expendable girlfriend. 

When it comes to representation, I do sometimes think the real issue isn’t in casting, but in the writers’ room. I wonder how diverse the writers of Teen Wolf are. I mean, you can put in as many POC actors as you want, and still have those characters being totally white-coded. (Looking at you, Scott McCall.) 

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What are your top 5 ships and why?

okay, i’m home.

The first three might sound very similar but they just have similar relationships… sort of, but i’m gonna try and differentiate them. Also, they are usually all tied as favorites, sometimes one might pull ahead just depending on my mood for the day.

1. Jinmin - boy fuckin howdy. I love jinmin so much it physically hurts me sometimes. they are my beautiful boys, and i absolutely love the way they mess with each other. jimin being the only one who doubles over at jin’s puns, who ENCOURAGES him to make those puns, who gets so exasperated at the way jin picks on him (“say my lovable hyung-nim, please can i have another [arrow]”). jimin pushes back a lot, and i love to see jimin laughing at jin with that LOOK even while he’s saying “hyung, why are you like this”

2. Taejin - Jin lets taehyung get away with e v e r y t h i n g. where jin messes with jimin and jungkook, it’s tae that messes with jin (calling him pig, wiping food on him) in a way that should be mean but tae does it with such a fucking playful innocence. they’re both my dumb sons who hang all over each other, like their level of physical interaction is only rivaled by vmin. i also just love thinking about the video after the mamas of jin’s hand on the back of tae’s neck when he says “hyung will support you” hands on necks fuck me UP

3. jinkook - “say you love me three times” (immediately does it) “say hyung-nim” (says hyung-nim immediately and loves it). the way they argue playfully (honestly that jinminkook vlive from a couple weeks ago FUCK) just seems like perpetual flirting. underneath all the back and forth, tsundere jungkook really just seems super eager to please jin. i’m sweatin

4. minjoon - listen this shit came out of NOWHERE and knocked me on my ASS. namjoon treats jimin so fucking well oh my god, and jimin thinks namjoon is so cool. namjoon is only ever supportive and kind and praises jimin the way i think jimin should be praised, and honestly also boy i love that height difference. just. fuck okay, look at a picture of namjoon and jimin together, looking at each other. OTP right there.

5. sugamon - the RESPECT. the AMBITION. the pisces and the virgo, complementary signs, yin and yang, both pushing themselves to greatness while trying to overcome depression and/or anxiety. namjoon soft and focused and reliable, yoongi relentless and intense and caring. this ship fucks. me. up.

extra : vmin because they’re literally soulmates and i don’t even mean in just a shipping sense, i mean in life sometimes you meet that friend who will be with you for the rest of your life who completes you even if you thought you were fine on your own. that’s vmin.

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hey, can i have some sns fic recs

(whispers) god bless you

There’s so much smut I seem like such a perv




For The Greater Good

Pocket Dial

The Divine Glitch - Sasuke is an angel of death just collecting people’s souls until this one baby who’s supposed to die actually SEES HIM and refuses to die.(I love this one so much please read it it’s really short and worth it.)

This Is Everything - Pointless smut. Yay!

Smoke and Sweat
 - Band concert

I Want, You Wish Whatever

Stuck in the Between
 - I can’t really explain this one but it’s a REALLY GOOD ONESHOT and also this might just be me but I CRIED


 - Artist Naruto.  Based on the title I guess you can figure out the rest


Masked - COMPLETE NARUSASU like if you want sasuke here you go god DAYUM

Big - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  (it’s exactly what you think it is)

TORRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (INTENSE SCREAMING)


Embracing Dreams UNFINISHED AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE FINISHED.  READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!  - It’s a sort of X-MEN fusion fic where all the main characters are mutants.  KakaIru is there too if you like that.

God It Burns UNFINISHED AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE FINISHED.  READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION! - Sasuke is gonna get what he wants, and he wants Naruto.

Pyromaniac - FIREFIGHTERS.  It’s really…. HOT (my sense of humor has gone down the drain)

A Meeting With the Hokage - More plotless smut yay!!!!!!

An Unforgettable Gift - More pretty much plotless smut!!!!!


In A Moment Of Weakness - You are going to need tissues.  A lot of them.  You will cry. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FICS I’VE EVER READ PLEASE READ THIS

Tangency - Sasuke saves Naruto from getting killed by Madara and now he’s stuck with the idiot.

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate - U WANT ANGST HAVE SOME ANGST

Talk to Me - Naruto works at a sex hotline and Sasuke calls him but not for the reasons you’d think.

The Demilitarized Zone

Misery Business - Naruto somehow winds up in the future.  Part 1 of two fics that are UNFINISHED

Misery Loves Company - Sequel to Misery Business. UNFINISHED FOR SOME REASON BUT STILL SO GOOD

Roleplay - from the makers of Torrid (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Just read it man.

We Three - This is one of the best tears will happen trust me.

Playing With The Toys UNFINISHED AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE FINISHED.  READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION! - this is my guilty pleasure fic because it’s so fucked up and I feel so bad for loving it so much ughh, but it’s still so good!!!!

Sasuke Says - Stolckholm syndrome fic.  READ IT.



Naruto - Which world is real?

Healing the Broken - Work in Progress


Forbidden Best Friend

Do You Voodoo?

Pipes - naruto hears sasuke singing through the pipes of his apartment. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Strangers by Day, Lovers by Night

Three Times When Sasuke Didn’t Kiss Naruto - it sounds corny but it is the cutest and one of my faves

Caution! Slippery When Wet

Library Skills for Dobes

Strip Poker - the second chapter is like… gaara x neji which I don’t ship man but if you like that cool.  The first chapter is sns tho

Spiral Falling - SMUT IN EVERY CHAPTER BUT STILL HAS REALLY GOOD PLOT UGHHHHHHHHHHH (sort of non-con in the beginning though just as a warning.)


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Can I add the androgynous assholes to my top three? How many people can I have in my top three? I have a lot of people tied for second. You're one of them. TT is first since they are the God of roleplay then you and all the other people I've named. I also have a lot of people tied for third. I'm very bad at picking favorites.

um hell yeah?? im the same way man, i feel guilty calling one person my best friend over the others how am i supposed to pick a favorite rp'ers they’re all so amazing for different reasons

A Very Potter Sequel

If I were to compile a list of all the things that i loved about AVPS, it could quite possibly go on for miles. After rewatching it, it quickly made its way up the list to my top three favorite Starkid musicals (nothing can beat out Starship and Firebringer). Everything about AVPS was better than what I remember it being: the soundtrack, the jokes, even the characters. I thought I couldn’t love Lauren’s Draco anymore than I did, but damn was I wrong. What I think I loved the most were the AVPM references sprinkled throughout it. It really tied them together. 10/10, maybe a little long, but worth it. 

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Top three ships: uhhhhh #1 would be yukogeki but like after that it honestly depends on how i feel lol

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Inside or Outside

Anonymous said:
Could you write one where he has sex with you in a pool, but you have to be quiet, because the boys are inside the house
yes I can :)


Everyone laid on the couch, bored out of their mind. I traced shapes on Ashton’s shirt, hearing his heart beat while everyone tried to figure out what to do. “Can we please do something, I’m bored as hell.” Michael whined. “Do you want to be inside or outside? The pool is out back, so we could go swimming.” I suggested. “Yeah! Guys lets do that, we haven’t swam in forever.” Calum sighed. “Alright, let’s go.” Luke smiled.

I ran to my room, grabbing the bikini Ashton loved way too much. I slipped out of my panties changing into the bottoms and tied my top on. I ran down stairs seeing all the boys ready. We all ran outside jumping in the pool. “I think we should have a diving competition.” Michael says. “I’m telling you right now I’m going to beat you.” I said. “Well we’ll be the judge of that.” Ashton said.

After three times of diving, the boys finally decided that I won. “It’s about fucking time, I won the first time.” I sighed. I felt a small pinch on my ass, “Watch your mouth baby girl.” Ashton whispers sternly. I turn and look at him with sorry eyes. “That’s only because you were a diver for seven years of your life.”  Michael says.

“Sorry? I can’t help it, I have a love for diving.” I say. “Yeah yeah, anyway I’m going inside this has put me out.” Luke suggests. “Same, I’m ordering pizza for us.” Calum said. “If there’s pizza I’m coming.” Michael immediately hops out. “I’m gonna stay, I have to talk to Y/N.” Ashton says. “Oh shit is going down.” Calum boomed. I rolled my eyes and went to Ashton.

He grabs my face and presses his lips to mine. “I’ve been waiting to do this all day. You look so good in this suit.” He practically moans. I smile, biting his lower lip. “Ash please, do something. I’ve been craving your touch all day.” I mumbled. “Don’t worry I’m going to make it up to you right now.” He grabs my hips towards his. His prominent boner pushing against his swim trunks.

I tug down my bottoms, grabbing his hand and bring it to where I need him most. Ashton ran his fingers between my folds rubbing small circles on my clit. “Please no foreplay.” I begged as I sunk down on his fingers. I moaned, moving my hips against his fingers. “Sh baby we don’t our friends to hear us do we?” Ashton bites down on my neck. “I’m gonna cum.” I whined.

“Hurry and cum for me so I can fuck you.” Ashton encouraged. My core clenched around him, while he muffled my moans by kissing me. My back arched off the pool wall, “fuck me.” i moaned. “Oh I plan on it baby girl.” Ashton smirked. Ashton rid of his shorts and wasted no time before slamming into me. “You feel so good baby.” He moans.

I wrap my legs around his waist, moving myself on his cock. He guided me by my hips before I felt him shift underneath, and the next thing I knew, he was wildly thrusting up into me, doing the work this time.

“Ashton, I’m so close.” I moaned. He hit that sweet spot inside of me and he smirked to himself. He made sure to repeatedly hit it as he lifted his hips up into me over and over again, fucking me into that familiar feeling of my impending orgasm. The very familiar feeling came in the picture as Ashton continued to hit my g-spot.

“You wanna cum for me again? Huh, right here when one of our friends could walk out on us. You want that right baby?” Ashton growls. I nod my head, moving my hips into his again. The pit of my stomach stings with pleasure and I bite down on Ashton’s shoulder to keep me from screaming. “Fuck baby, you gonna cum for? Huh you wanna cum for me again?” Ashton says, rubbing my clit.

“Shit I’m cumming!” I yelped. “That’s it baby, that’s it.” He says. My muscles clench around him as he starts to struggle to move inside me. “Fuck Y/N, I’m close.” He moan. “You wanna cum for me Ash?” I giggle. “Nothing’s funny about this, but fuck you feel so goof wrapped around me.” Ashton groans. I feel him twitch inside me, disputing the hot liquid.

“I’m continuing this later, don’t think you’re getting out easy baby.” Ashton whispers.

match day

You know how I said my top three all felt like they were tied for #1 in my heart? I got my #3, and I absolutely feel like I got my #1. It is a perfect place for me, with the strongest social medicine focus of any of my top programs, and a lot of really inspiring faculty, in a seriously cool city that I’m excited to explore. I am SO happy about it, and really don’t think I would have been any more excited had I matched at my official #1 or #2. So that’s great. 

It was a weird day, though. My medbesties and I picked up our envelopes from the table, and gathered separately from the rest of the group. I hadn’t been nervous at all until the moment I had the envelope in my hand, and then I was suddenly so emotional that I really thought I might pass out or throw up. I snapped a quick picture of the outer envelope during the countdown, and then tore it open. And there was ANOTHER ENVELOPE INSIDE, and I was like, are you trying to fucking kill me right now? Opened the second envelope, and the little card, and saw my match…it was like every feeling all at once. Thrilled to get one of my top choices, a flash of sadness about the places I wouldn’t get to go, but mostly just completely overwhelmed and sort of stunned to finally know. After so much time and work and agony…boom. This. This is what’s next. This is life after med school. Finally. 

At that point time starts for me again, and I find myself in a chaotic room. I look up at one of the world’s best humans, one of my closest medfriends, and she is standing there holding her unopened envelope and shaking. She says she can’t open it. I tell her that yes, she can. She says she really can’t. I put my arm around her shoulders, and watch her hands tremble as she finally tears it open. She reads it. She looks stricken. She shows me, and I recognize the name of a program that I know she loved. After her interview at this place she raved about it. However, I also knew it had moved down her list over the course of the interview season, and was ranked at something like #5. 

I look up at one of my other medbesties and she looks like she just saw a ghost. She is there with her sweet boyfriend, who looks like he just received a prison sentence. She also got her #5. She doesn’t look sad, exactly. She just wasn’t mentally prepared for this. She was disappointed…but still relieved to finally know.

A third…he got his #10. He mainly seemed confused at that point. He had sent and received love letters, he had ranked programs that were not overly competitive…he had worked so hard, and now felt so small. But still. Still relieved to know. Hurt. Relieved. Hurt. Confused. Relieved. Hurt. All of it crossing his face, all at once and repeatedly. 

And this, this is to say nothing of the people who we were missing because they didn’t match and couldn’t bear to be there at what they assumed would be a full-fledged celebration. As it turned out, their sadnesses would have blended into the crazy emotional tornado just fine.

The coordinator asks us to go around and say where we matched, and looks in our direction. My first friend shrinks, can’t seem to speak…doesn’t want to say it out loud. They skip her, and I share my result. Each of these people, many of whom I really dearly love, says the name of a program, a city, a specialty. Some look happy, many look relieved, and many just look shocked. We go to a highly-regarded medical school. We were told we could expect our #1 or #2 pick, most likely. That’s not what happened for most of us. Most of us were still perfectly happy, but many were not, and regardless, EVERYBODY was having a profound, intense, personal, and somewhat jarring experience in a room full of people also having that experience. I’m glad we were together, but holy shit, so many feelings in that room.

I sat down with my friends. My first friend sobbed on my shoulder briefly, a first step in letting go of her hurt. We all chatted quietly, shared our confusing feelings, and tried to avoid the roving photographers. I was really very happy, but also overwhelmed by the reality of the move I need to make, and in any case, could not celebrate in the presence of so many people feeling so many mixed emotions.  

We were all short on sleep and food. We split up into two camps, the burn-the-crazy exercise camp and the drown-the-crazy beer-and-burrito camp. I went with the beer camp, not because I actually wanted the beer, but to keep that last guy company. He was still in his head more than in his heart, and I was afraid that he was going to start drinking and fall apart. He didn’t. He’s ok. 

Everybody is ok. Later we all ended up in a sunny backyard with babies and dogs and beer and lawn games and friendship. I saw everybody smile and laugh. The emotional storm had passed, we all helped each other to bail out the boats, and everybody was floating in the sunshine. We made it to where we are, together. 

I’m very grateful. 

It’s three sleeps ‘til Christmas Day, but I can’t bring myself to post another seasonal song. Instead, I’m gonna slow your warp speed into a slow jam and try to chill your holiday craze. If your toes are twitching at every stoplight, your fingers are wrapped in bandaids from tape dispenser accidents, and you’ve come way too close to punching a bell-ringing Santa outside Safeway, you need to take a Badu chill the fuck out pill. After all, it’s clinically proven that stress shortens your life. So if you want to maximize your Christmas returns, then sit back, relax, and tis the season from your armchair while Erykah takes it home.

This lady is one of my top three artists. Aside from minor disappointments (mostly in the form of New Amerykah Part I), she almost always makes my world a better place. She’s a super talented lady, and her live show is one of my favorite I’ve seen to date. She’s also one of my desert island pics- but more on that some other time. This new album of hers is interesting… still feeling it out. But this track immediately caught me. Enjoy!

I Know That Love Is Strong Enough (Larry Stylinson AU)

Harry is in the famous boy band One Direction

Louis is his boyfriend whose along for the ride

Somehow, they’ll make it through

Because in any universe, Harry and Louis always find a way

(AU where Louis wasn’t put in one direction after xfactor, but that didn’t stop him and Harry from falling in love anyways)

“I’m so proud of you,” Louis smiled. Harry and him were sitting on the floor of the Janitor’s closet. They were putting off Louis’ departure from bootcamp. After the boys were picked, Harry and Louis laughed and hugged and said “at least we’re both out, who needs them anyways?” But then, when they were called back, and Simon called off names of the boys who would be put in a group, Harry was called, and Louis was not. And now Harry was staying and Louis was leaving, and neither of them were quite sure how to deal with that. 

“I should really go, my mum has texted me like a hundred times,” Louis laughed through his tears.He was so happy for Harry, but getting caught still wasn’t a good feeling.

“Don’t,” Harry whined and wrapped Louis up in his arms.

“I have to. I have to go home so I can cheer for my best friend on my couch. And you need to go out there and be a superstar,” Louis smiled through his tears, hugging Harry back. 

“I don’t want to be a superstar without you,” Harry mumbled.

“Well you have to. Because I can’t be seen with not famous boys.”

“Hey!” Harry giggled.

“Yeah. The only reason I befriended you is because I knew you’d become famous and i could make you buy me stuff,” Louis joked.

“I hate you,” Harry smiled and pressed his forehead to Louis’.

“You should make me miserable.”

“How can I do that?”

“You could kiss me. I’d really hate to be kissed,” Louis said hesitantly but seriously, knowing if Harry laughed in his face that he could always cover it up as a joke.

But Harry just grabbed Louis’ cheeks and pressed their lips together. Louis wrapped his small arms tightly around Harry’s neck, kissing him forcefully, just in case this was his first and last kiss he would ever get the pleasure of sharing with Harry Edward Styles.

But destiny proved it to be just the first of many.


Three years later…


Harry and Louis are on the red carpet in tuxes and ties, they both smell like hair gel and their hands are entwined. It’s been three years since that night in the closet, which Ironically is the day they both came out of the closet. They’ve been boyfriends through it all, through One Direction losing, and then their spiral to the top of the charts. Harry had never made an attempt to hide his sexuality or his relationship with Louis, against management’s orders.

“Harry who have you brought with you this year to the Grammy’s?” An interviewer says.

“My boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson,” Harry smiles.

“Louis what are your thoughts tonight?” She asks.

“I’m just proud One Direction was nominated at all, whether they win or lose I’m the proudest boyfriend here,” Louis smiled, looking up at Harry. In the past few years, Harry had sprouted upwards. He now towers over Louis at 6’‘3, and Louis remains at 5’'9.

“Awe. You’re a cutie,” Harry smiles and pecks Harry’s lips.

“Well good luck,” the interviewer smiled and the boys walked off to their seats. Harry has his arm wrapped around Louis’ waist securely as they walk past the tons of celebrities and photographers. Louis looks around in awe. He hadn’t been with Harry on his last tour, so he wasn’t used to the thousands of lights and people in his face. Harry just ushers him quickly to their seats and sits down, next to them are his bandmates, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. Louis can’t help but to look at them with envy. Those are the boys who won. The boys who were good enough to sing on a stage with Harry.

“I hope you win tonight babe,” Louis says smiling as Harry puts an arm around Louis’ shoulder.

“Win or lose, we have an album nominated for best record of the year! That’s a win all on it’s own!” Harry smiled.

Harry doesn’t realize how much that hurts. He of course loves his boyfriend and is so happy Harry made it, but he can’t help but think that he should be apart of it. He will always wish that he could have been in the band, always wonder what could have been if One Direction had been a group of five instead of four.

“You’re brilliant Harry,” Louis smiles, swallowing his pride and his selfish jealousy, and just taking it in. Because he’s here, at the grammy’s. Not to mention he’s with the love of his life. He’s been there as Harry sobbed about the media wrecking him, been there when Harry squealed and danced with him around the kitchen because Take Me Home had reached number one across the globe, been there when Harry just needed someone normal, and needed an escape from the crazy life.

And Louis can’t help but believe this happened for a reason, and if he was in the band, that Modest would do even more then they were already doing to try to keep them apart.

Later that night, Harry squeezes Louis’ hand when their category is up. And Louis jumps up and screams and throws his arms around Harry when they win. He’s probably louder then all of the boys together. Harry doesn’t care though. He’s just so fond of Louis, and so happy he made Louis proud. 

Harry thanks “my amazing, perfect boyfriend, for supporting me through everything and helping me through the good and the bad while making this album”. 

And Louis cries from happiness.

That and he really is so so proud. 


Louis and Harry are lounging around their house, or really, Louis is. He’s propped up against pillows on the bed while Harry is checking off things on his list of things to bring on the Take Me Home Tour. The two of them are discussing little domestic things, like if they should get a cat for Harry or what they should get for dinner.

“Louis, come with me,” Harry says abruptly. 

“What?” Louis said, sitting up more. He’s wearing nothing but one of Harry’s big sweaters and a beanie (“Why are you wearing a hat in the house?” Harry had asked. “Because my ears get cold.” “You and your cute little ears,” Harry teased, and Louis just kissed him to shut him the hell u). 

“Come on tour with me. The boys would love to have you, and you could be like my number one groupie,” Harry smiled.

“Harry I have work,” Louis pointed out.

“Which is ridiculous because I make more than enough to support us. Quit your stupid job! Come explore America with me!” Harry begged, tossing a flannel shirt into his bag and then moving swiftly over to Louis’ side. 

“You’d really want me being a pain in the ass during your entire year long tour?”

“I want you with me everywhere always.”

“Is this even allowed?”

“If you don’t go, I won’t go.”

“I want to Harry,” Louis smiled. 

Harry put his hands on Louis’ cheeks and pressed their foreheads together. Louis leaned up and kissed Harry softly, looping his arms around Harry’s neck and kissing him deeper. “Now I won’t have to cry tonight at the thought of you leaving tomorrow,” Louis smiled widely.

“That’s right. All you have to do is pack.”


Life on tour is wonderful. Of course, it takes Louis some getting used to. He doesn’t like the cameras in his face everywhere he goes. He especially hates when him and Harry are trying to go out to dinner or go to a show, and they get delayed for forty minutes while Harry signs autographs. 

Life on the tour bus is fun though. There are only four bunks, but of course, Harry and Louis either cram together and share, or just sleep together on the large sofa in the main part of the bus. Harry makes eggs and grilled cheeses and raman noodles for Louis all the time in the small kitchenette. It’s almost like home except smaller and there are three other lads with them.

Louis is constantly disapointed when they have to leave a big city before he gets the chance to wander. Some days they’ll pull up just before the sound check starts, and leave for the next town right afterwards.

When they’re in Chicago, Louis is dying to see the Sears Tower. Harry is trapped to commitments with their PR team and a meet and greet plus two concerts, so there’s no time. So while Harry goes to the meet and greet, Louis left to go to the city, showing himself around and seeing some of the sites. He goes to Geno’s East (a popular deep dish pizzeria) and eats there, then gets a small pizza in a box for Harry so he doesn’t feel like he missed out. However, on his way back to the meet and greet, someone spots him and after that it’s all downhill.

“Sorry, I really just want to walk through please,” Louis smiles, trying to push through them. He had always been with Harry during these situations and he wasn’t used to getting crowded when he was by himself. In his mind he was just the boyfriend, so he didn’t understand why these girls would want to talk to him.

He was getting all kinds of things yelled at him, some were even asking for his autograph or asking him to give their twitters to Harry to follow. Others were saying cruel things, that he didn’t deserve Harry or that he was just using Harry for money and fame.

Louis felt as though he was going to have a panic attack. He began hypervenilating as he continued to just shove through. He felt bad but tried his best to be careful with the young girls as he pushed them aside. 

“Faggot! Harry isn’t even gay! You turned him gay!”

He turned around to see who had said that but the voice was just one of many. Louis began crying as he gripped the box of pizza in his hands, holding his one shopping bag on his wrist as he finally made it to a cab and got in. 

When he made it to the sound check, he went backstage and was still shaken up, tears on his face as he watched Harry practice “still the one”. Harry looked over and smiled and waved, his happy exterior fading when he noticed Louis had tears on his cheeks. Harry immediately handed his microphone to Liam and ran over to Louis. Louis set the pizza and his bag down on the ground and opened his arms. 

Harry scooped Louis up protectively and rushed him to his dressing room, closing the door and hugging Harry tightly. “Hey now, what happened?” Harry whispered, backing Louis up against the wall. When Louis’ back was flat against the wall, Harry placed both his arms on either side of his head to keep Louis in a little, safe box of nothing but Harry.

“I got mobbed,” Louis cried.

“What? By who?”

“The fans. They were asking for your phone number and calling me a faggot and saying I didn’t deserve you.”

“Louis none of that-” Harry cut him off.

“They said I turned you gay and that I’m only dating you for fame and money. But Harry, none of that is even true!” Louis cried, his hands finding Harry’s shirt hem and holding harry closer.

“Shhh love I know. They’re just jealous because you have my heart and they have no chance of ever being with me. One because I’m into dick obviously, but also because I am madly in love with you baby.”

Louis let out a sob but nodded, wrapping his arms around Harry’s neck.

Harry held Louis close for a few minutes before Zayn knocked on the door and asked if everything was alright. Harry kissed Louis deeply and rubbed his tears off.

“How about some cuddling after the concert?”

“I’d like that,” Louis nodded.

“Now let’s get you some water to drink and then find you a couch or something to sit on during the show.”

“Okay. And Harry? I bought you pizza.”

Harry laughed, “I love you,” he smiled and took Louis’ hand in his, walking back out to the backstage area. He asked a security guard to keep an eye on Louis and then Louis settled down on a couch, watching his wonderful boyfriend sing on stage. 

Life was hard being the significant other of a member of the world’s biggest boyfriend, but Louis could never ask for anything better than Harry.


After months into the tour, they get into their first real fight in years. Louis is tired of following Harry around the country. Anytime they go out, he’s too busy with the fans to really pay attention to him. Louis knows it seems selfish, but he doesn’t think it’s really too much to ask for some alone time out in the town with his boyfriend.

“I think I may go home to London,” Louis says one day. The two of them are on the couch, blankets covering them and Greece is playing on the TV in the background. 

“What?” Harry says, completely taken by surprise.

“Harry it’s boring just following you around like a dog. Besides, the whole reason I came was so we wouldn’t have to be apart for a year but I hardly ever see you here anyways so what’s the point? I want to go home, see my mum, do some stuff for myself,” Louis sighed.

“You’re just going to up and go? Because it’s too hard on you? I have to deal with this everyday Lou! It’s nothing you can’t handle,” Harry said stubbornly.

“Harry I know what I can and can not handle and sure, I can deal with waiting in the cold for hours while you meet twelve year olds, but I don’t want to. I just want to have a day with you where you aren’t being rushed off to a CD signing or a sound check.”

“What happened to you supporting me?”

“Oh my God Harry! I do support you!” Louis said, raising his voice and sitting up from where he was laying on harry’s chest. Louis looked down at Harry with sadness and anger in his eyes.

“Then why are you leaving me?”

“I’ve been on tour with you for close to six months already Harry. I tried my best but it’s so hard to deal with all this pressure. I never asked for any of this.”

“Then maybe we shouldn’t be together.”

“I never said I wanted to break up.”

“You’re disrespecting my fans!”

“Whose more fucking important? Me or your fans?” Louis screamed, hurt.

“At least my fans understand what a privilege it is to date me. You just take me for granted Louis!” Harry sat up and yelled.

“I do not take advantage of you or your love Harold.”

“Lou-” But Louis didn’t let him finish.

“All the attention has changed you Harry. I miss the boy from xfactor who was always blushing and always laughing at my jokes and would always say how much he couldn’t believe he was there. I miss when you were grateful. You know what? If you want someone who treats you high and mighty just because you have some thirteen year old girls buying your shitty pop music, pop music that not even YOU would listen to, then be my guest.”

Louis rubbed his eyes from tears but didn’t move. He wanted Harry to apologize. He wanted Harry to say he was sorry and he was wrong and that he appreciated how hard Louis had tried. He wanted to be told that it was okay to go home, because he’s been here for six months and he just can’t handle it.

“I’ll book you a flight for the first thing in the morning.”

Louis shivered but nodded, getting up from the couch and going over to the bunk, climbing in and sobbing himself to sleep. 


The next morning, he woke up and there as a plane ticket and boarding pass on his chest. Louis shuddered and got up, pulling on a hoodie, not bothering to fix his messy fringe and put his glasses on. After grabbing his bags, he got off the bus and caught a cab, which took him to the airport.

He cried the entire plane ride home.


A month later, Louis is sitting in him and Harry’s house. It feels empty. Louis keeps his laptop and phone away form him at all times. It huts too much to see the “no missed messages” sign pop up. It’s even harder to resist just calling and apologizing.

He knows he’s a mess. He spends most of his day in sweat pants and tee shirts laying on the couch with his glasses on. He tries reading or watching TV, but not much can help distract you when you have lost the love of your life.

Eventually he finds his way to Harry’s twitter page being open on his laptop. He cries and cries as he reads Harry tweeting happy tweets about how much fun he’s having on tour. 

And Louis can’t help but think if he hadn’t been such a selfish jerk, he would still be on tour with Harry.

Louis falls asleep on the couch that night, laptop still open and TV still on. He awakes to someone taking his glasses off his face and setting them on the coffee table before he is being easily lifted up into someone’s arms.

“hey what the hell,” he mumbles, beginning to squirm around trying to escape the unknown person’s arms.

“Shh it’s just me love.”

Louis tilts his head up to see Harry there. Louis just starts crying again and buries his head into Harry’s chest. “Harry what are you doing here?” He breathes out shakily, because Harry still had four months left to be in America.

“I was tired of being a million miles away from the boy I love. I needed to apologize and it needed to be said in person.”

Harry sets Louis down in the bed and climbs in beside him. Harry scoops Louis back up into his lap and holds him closely, rubbing Louis’ back and holding one of his hands.

“I’m sorry I said I wanted to leave.”

“You were right though. It’s stressful and I’m sure it was hard just watching me ruin our plans by stopping every five seconds for a fan. I hated it too. You don’t understand how badly I wanted to just be with you. I’m sorry I was being an asshole.”

“I just can’t believe you dumped me over that,” Louis whispered hesitantly.

“I know boo. God I’m such a fucking idiot. I missed you everyday. I missed all your stupid quirks and all your cute habits and your snarky banter. I was miserable.”

“I was miserable too,” Louis whimpered.

“I’m so sorry Lou. I really am. I know I’m not any better than anyone else. I’m sorry for acting like a brat about it. I know you appreciate me. You appreciate and respect and love and understand me more than anyone else. And that’s why I belong with you.”

“Just to me. You only belong to me,” Louis nodded, wrapping his arms around Harry’s neck and squeezing him tightly.

“Always Lou. I promise.”

“When do you leave to go back to America?”


“Can I come with?”

“Louis you don’t have to..”

“No. I want to. I want to be with you. I’d rather be super busy than here with nothing to do but miss you. And I’d rather stare at the back of your head while you sigh autographs than be a million miles away from you for four more months.”

Louis pressed his lips to Harry hungrily and the two kissed for a while. They had both missed the taste of each other more than anything they had ever missed in their lives.

Harry laid down in the bed and covered their bodies with the blanket and cuddling close to each other, running their hands through each other’s hair and kissing each other’s skin and just putting little touches on each other.

“I slept with your sweater every day,” Harry whispered.

“You’re a dork.”

“Shut up.”

“Can I tell you a secret?”

“Sure babe.”

“i slept with your sweater too.”


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Title from the AMAZING song: San Francisco by The Mowglis
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One Direction Beats Beatles' Record With Fifth Top 10 Debut on Hot 100
With its latest Billboard Hot 100 debut, One Direction bests the group's British boy band ancestors the Beatles.

Perfect’ enters at No. 10, marking 1D’s fifth top 10 start, the most among groups, besting the Beatles’ four.

With its latest Billboard Hot 100 debut, One Direction bests the group’s British boy band ancestors the Beatles.

As previously reported, One Direction roars onto the Hot 100 (dated Nov. 7) at No. 10 with new single “Perfect.” Fueling its start, it begins at No. 2 on the Digital Songs chart with 136,000 sold in its first week, according to Nielsen Music, and No. 18 on Streaming Songs (6.9 million U.S. streams), following the arrival of its official video Oct. 20.

“Perfect” is 1D’s fifth top 10 debut on the Hot 100, and second from its Nov. 13 album Made in the A.M.; “Drag Me Down” debuted and peaked at No. 3 upon its arrival on the Aug. 22. With five, One Direction breaks the record for the most top 10 Hot 100 debuts among groups, passing the Beatles’ four. Counting all artists, Taylor Swift has tallied a record 12 top 10 debuts, dating to the Hot 100’s 1958 inception.

Before “Perfect” and “Drag” (the latter of which tied the Beatles’ mark), One Direction debuted at No. 3 on the Hot 100 with “Live While We’re Young” (No. 3, Oct. 20, 2012), “Best Song Ever” (No. 2, Aug. 10, 2013) and “Story of My Life” (No. 6, Nov. 16, 2013).

The Beatles launched three of their fab four top 10 Hot 100 debuts in their original historic heyday, and one as a reunited trio (featuring the late John Lennon’s vocals) more than a quarter-century later: “Hey Jude” (No. 10, Sept. 14, 1968), “Get Back,” with Billy Preston (No. 10, May 10, 1969), “Let It Be” (No. 6, March 21, 1970) and “Free as a Bird” (No. 10, Dec. 30, 1995).

Notably, until the adoption of Nielsen Music data in the ‘90s, which made top 10 Hot 100 debuts more regular (although still fully laudable), the Beatles boasted the only such arrivals, with “Jude,” “Back” and “Let.”

1D also launches a second Hot 100 debut this week. Further down the chart, “Home” – a stand-alone track not on the new album – enters at No. 97.