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top 10 L/L fics!!

OK, I am going to amend this to my top GG fics overall since @savvyliterate also asked.

I can be pretty picky with fanfiction. I don’t like angst that wasn’t in the show (didn’t ASP give us enough angst for a lifetime?) and I can be really touchy with the way Luke is handled, especially around the time of Partings. I’ve read my share of “well, he deserved it” fics and they really pissed me off. For that same reason, I almost never read fics that were written when the original series was going on. I also can get kind of antsy about fics where Lorelai angsts out about not being married because as we all know after seeing the revival, she went in the opposite direction for a long time. (But hey, how could we know that, right?)

OK, that said, here are my favorites

Holidays and Happenstance by enserio - This is a Lit fic that’s based on the interactions Rory and Jess have at various family happenings between 2007 and the revival. So far there are four sections and we’re up to 2009. I kept trying out Rory-centered fics for a while and couldn’t find any I really liked, so I was really glad to enjoy this one as much as I did. It’s very well done and there is some quality shade thrown at ASP. Though if you already crush on Jess Mariano, the third chapter may put you into overdrive.

Waltzing With Digger by @dollsome-does-tumblr - The crackship you never knew you wanted. Christopher and Digger become a couple and for some reason it works. I think we are all better served if Christopher finds something to occupy his time, anyway.

The Stars Hollow Wi Fi War by @savvyliterate - Finally, Jess’s mysterious comment about Luke not giving him the wi fi password for six months in AYITL is explained! This is a fun fic with lots of townie interaction, plenty of cute L/L moments and excellent use of Jess as a supporting character.

what are you afraid of, making it better? by @dollsome-does-tumblr - This an AU fic where instead of Emily accepting it when Lorelai tells her the wedding isn’t happening in 7.21, she demands to fix things. This was the first AU fic I read and it kind of opened my eyes to the other stuff that was out there, since I usually prefer stuff that doesn’t stray too far outside of canon. This really was an improvement on the utter crapfest the show forced on us, and it’s 100% what should have happened instead of what we got. Plus, Anna Nardini and Emily have a bitch-off that is simply glorious.

Reconciling by HandfulofBarbie - There are a ton of fics out there where Luke and Lorelai talk out the issues regarding April and Christopher that led to their break-up, finally come to peace with it, and get married and have babies approximately 5 minutes later. This is by far the best of them, and it does make me a little wistful things didn’t exactly work out this way.

Seven Weeks by mags68 - This fic has almost mythical status in the fanfiction world, and it deserves it! It stays fairly close to canon, with the slight caveat that Luke and Lorelai did end up seeing plenty of each other while he was stuck in Maine. High quality smut here.

The Heart So Hollow by @savvyliterate - This is an AU where Luke’s never opens because Luke is a hotshot baseball player instead. He hires Lorelai to keep Taylor’s grubby paws off of his dad’s hardware store (thus financing Rory’s Chilton tuition) and much bickering and flirting ensues. It’s very fun and luckily he’s still a down home culinary god, so we’ll see what happens.

I Will Always Love You and Thanks for Christmas by @meags09 - These are my favorites in a series of song fics that take place at various points in the series. Thanks For Christmas is the best Luke centric fic I think I’ve ever read, especially since it takes place during the much-undervalued Forgiveness and Stuff.

Lorelai In Wonderland by @meags09 - Lorelai wakes up mid season 5 with no memory of the last two years. Cute twist at the end, and Luke is definitely swoon-worthy in this one.

I Know We Only Get Better by Valhalla and The First Nine Years Of Marriage (Before Marriage) by Bimadabomi - These two fics are a series of one-shots that try to fill in the gaps in the L/L relationship between the series finale and the revival. I think they both do an excellent job of laying out why exactly their relationship developed the way that it did.

Good At Dating and Defining All In aren’t included in here because I haven’t finished them. Maybe they eventually will be.

Fics that have not yet been written but maybe need to be:

I’d kind of like a fic that goes into detail on the April/Christopher stuff that so derailed L/L during the original series and yet still has them deciding on the relationship status that was established in the revival. I’d like something a little different than the immediate marriage-and-kids resolution that we know now didn’t happen.

I’d also like a fic in the speculation based on this thread that the real reason Jess and Rory hadn’t seen each other in the four years before AYITL is because something sexual happened between them. Make it happen, people. Bonus points if Lorelai makes Deliverance jokes.