my top 30 favorite tv shows

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Relationship status: Beyond single

Favorite color: Light pink (like the exact color of eleven’s dress) or black

Lipstick or chapstick: Both, because my liquid lipsticks dry out my lips and then I use chapstick.

Last song I listened to: Idk probably a show tune or something from the 80s

Last movie I watched: The Shawshank Redemption (one of my faves)

Top three TV shows:
Stranger Things (duh)
Glee (ella stop your theatre nerd is showing)
Top three characters: This is physically impossible for me (I tried to narrow it down for 30 minutes) so I’m gonna do more that three bc I’m a cheater

Everyone from Stranger Things (besides Lonnie and Brenner fuck them)
Everyone from Harry Potter
K done hehehe

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Relationship status: together 30 years, married 29

Favorite color: shades of blue

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Last song I listened to: I remember it all - Keith Harkin

Last movie I watched: Hacksaw Ridge

Top 3 TV shows:
Hawaii 5-0

Top 3 Characters:
Sam Winchester - SPN

Roarke - JD Robb In death series

Rollo - Vikings

Top 3 ships:

Han and Leia but they hardly count, everyone loves them

Toby and Happy - Scorpion

Thor and Jane 

Brian and Mia - Fast and Furious

Books I am currently reading: Three weeks with my brother - Nicholas Sparks

iwa-do-me-hajime  asked:

All the multiples of five for the ask meme?

5. When is your birthday?

june 27 :0

10. What makes you happy?

haikyuu, food, drawing, my friends, cute animals, and swimming

15. What are your top 5 favorite shows?

brooklyn 99, friends, (the rest is just anime i don’t watch tv v much) haikyuu, free, and gsnk

20. Favorite food

(i have too many smh) pasta, pizza, chicken tenders + fries, and cheeseburgers

25. Describe your crush?

ahhhh i had a small crush but i’m over it now. but they’re really funny and kind and i smile when they’re around? idk i have a hard time describing

30. Random fact about yourself?

sometimes i have this stupid habit of like,, humming my thoughts?? like if i’m in a loud place i need to hear what i’m thinking so i.. hum them. idk it’s kinda dumb

35. Do you have trust issues?

sometimes? like if people are snooping around my stuff

40. What pisses you off?

rude people, people going through my things, waking up super late, not getting any sleep, my knee being in pain. idk i get pissed at things that irritate me

45. Do you believe in love at first sight?

i used to as a kid but not anymore

50. Do you regret anything from your past?

going out with someone and realizing they’re fucking harmful and toxic

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relationship status: Single

favorite color: Purple :)

lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

last song i listened to: “Whenever, Wherever” by Shakira

last movie i watched: Passengers

top 3 tv shows: Noooo, I have a whole list. :D Ok, so let’s say Sherlock, Legend of the Seeker and Jessica Jones

top 3 characters: more like top 30, I have so many faves! :D Josephine March, NOLAN ROSS (EVERYTHING GOALS), Greg Sanders

top 3 ships: Klaus + Caroline ❤ Stiles + Lydia ❤ Frank + Karen ❤ Don’t make me choose OTPs, anything else but that! :D (Nessian, Feysand, Bellarke, Chalek, Nemily, Daudrey and so many more!)

books i’m currently reading: Fanfiction :D

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My Top 30 Favorite TV Shows: (In no particular order): The Office

My Top 30 Favorite TV Shows: (In no particular order): Angel