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Spanish class

Today my Spanish teacher fell asleep during class. She woke up and yelled “bonjour!” Then looked around and saw that she was in her classroom (Spanish is the only thing she teaches and it’s her first language) she said something in German, which my friend informed me was “I forgot my first language” then a few kids started laughing and she said, “stop laughing at me you pervs” in English. Then she just facepalmed and said “hola mi amigos soy loco” (idk if I spelled any of that correctly) which basically means “hello my friends I’m crazy” and then she told us we had free time for the rest of the period.

since it’s asexual awareness week I wanna rec some books with great ace characters from all over the ace spectrum 
(some have more than one!!!!!!! actually i think all of my recs have more than one tbh)


Collection of short stories:


So canon it hurts :”D

Ravenclaw Headcanon

The only way a Ravenclaw isn’t going to go to school or work is if they’re on their deathbed. And even then it might take some convincing.

Sometimes I forget that the Holy Spirit dwells in me. I forget 1 Corinthians 3:16. I forget Philippians 4:13. I get caught up in the present, in the pain, in the hardship. I tell myself, “I can’t do this.” When really, I am His temple and His Spirit dwells in me. When really, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

the signs as oasis lyrics

aries: supersonic // I’m feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic, you can have it all but how much do you want it?

taurus: stand by me // said I would and I’ll be leaving one day, before my heart starts to burn

gemini: some might say // you’ve made no preparation for my reputation once again

cancer: don’t go away // damn my education, I can’t find the words to say with all the things caught in my mind

leo: let there be love // come on baby blue, shake up your tired eyes, the world is waiting for you, may all your dreaming fill the empty sky

virgo: live forever // lately did you ever feel the pain in the morning rain as it soaks you to the bone?

libra: little by little // true perfection has to be imperfect, I know that that sounds foolish but it’s true

scorpio: cast no shadow // bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say, chained to all the places that he never wished to stay

sagittarius: whatever // you’re free to be wherever you, wherever you please you can shoot the breeze if you want

capricorn: slide away // slide away, and give it all you’ve got. my today fell in from the top. I dream of you and all the things you say. I wonder where you are you now?

aquarius: stop crying your heart out // we’re all of us stars, we’re fading away, just try not to worry, you’ll see us someday

pisces: half the world away // I’m still scratching around in the same old hole, my body feels young but my mind is very old

Aph Anko Family with Baby Iceland

Denmark: Hey buddy, what’s wrong?

Baby Iceland: M-my fish…

Norway: Tell Dan what you told me, Ice.

Baby Iceland: H-his ghost fell out.

Norway: *whispering* His fish died.

Denmark: …oh…

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Sherlolly librarian au

“Could I take this out, please?”

Molly turned around and nearly tripped over her own feet as she rushed over to assist her outrageously handsome customer; she was more than a little confused when she found a small slip of paper waiting for her.

“Sir, this is a blank piece of paper.”

“Yes,” Sherlock smirked, exuding confidence as he leaned closer, “I’m going to need your name and phone number.”

send a ship, an au and I’ll write a four three sentence fic

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Can we have more inigo and his boyfriend? (Mask mask)

I suppose

Magi 344 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

UPDATE: I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^ Also, Thank you to @sayakakat2012​ for translating page 10 and 12 from the Korean scans on saturday (  i checked it and it was the same in japanese haha) 

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Netabare’s texts ^^ 

@sayakakat2012 @maumauxmau

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Alibaba: There was a time when I was dead. at that time, I was blown to a strange space. At first, I didn’t understand the reason.

Night 344 : All is a strategic move*

TN: *Sort of ( It could also be “All are preparations”), it’s a tricky line to accommodate in English but, it means that it was all a means to an end. 

Alibaba: What? Wasn’t I fighting against Hakuryuu until just a while ago?

Text in black (Narration): 

what happened between Alibaba’s death and until his resurrection!?

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Furry balls.

Modern!Ragnarssons x Reader.

@ivarinleatherpants​ wanted this after the puppy’s and i’m always a slut for ragnarssons in any situation, especially with animals, so here you go boo!!

yes, i did make a brandon rodgers quote.

Prompt: How would the Ragnarssons react to you bringing a stray kitten home.


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Humorously, when you first met Bjorn, you really weren’t attracted to him. In fact, you found him a total dick when you first met him  — short answers when he would decided you were good enough to talk too, odd looks, would always keep his distance, and it was his younger brother Ubbe you were trying to get at. Surprisingly, one day that was shot down when you found out the second-oldest was in a very serious relationship. After that information, you realized quiet a few times Bjorn had tried to give you hints that his brother was not available. Afterwards, it was shockingly the blonde who was there in your weakness.

You had grown so close over time, and now here you were; engaged and living in a beautiful house in the woods. Though, there had been one little problem with the relationship you two shared. He had always had a no inside pet rule, no matter what kind of animal it was, and you tried them all: birds, dogs, ferrets, etc. 

No, no, and no. The same answer every time. He never grew up with pets in the house, they always stayed outside. You, on the other hand, your house had always been close to practically being a zoo. You tried hard, you really did, and it was now to the point you were ready to cut corners.

So that day when he came home from work, hauling through the front door and looking around with narrowed eyes, your head tilted and you questioned him. His thick finger pointed at you accusingly. “I saw the bowls outside, babe, I told you  — “

“Well then,” You cleared your throat, motioning towards the porch that he walked through, which happened to be closed in. “You’d be happy to know that I’m actually listening to you.”

“Really?” He questioned, nodding his head towards the corner of the kitchen. “Because I see a bag of cat food over there, unless you slipped something in my lunch today.”

Delicate hands fell to your hips, shifting your weight to one foot. “It’s outside, boo,” You explained to him, feeling a little heart-broken that another one of your plans were beginning to fail. 

“And tomorrow it’s going to be inside.”

“Nuh  —  “

“I know you.”

Your heads both snapped towards the door, listening to the faint meowing coming through it. Chancing a glance a him, you saw the warning look cross his face before you took off running towards the door. Despite the fact he tried to tackle you, you effectively made it and threw the door open, immediately picking up the little fuzzy kitten that nuzzled into your warm touch. 

“It’s not even tomorrow yet…”

“But look at him, Bjorn!” You shouted, holding the little squirming baby up, it’s little triangle tail wagging like a puppy’s. “He has no mommy! He was stuck in the rain earlier!” 

You watched him stand, pinching the bridge of his nose and massaging it. The only sound that could be heard for the moment was the kitten mewling, and his electric blue eyes were piercing into it. The heart-break must of been obvious on your features, and it seemed this was the last time he could take it. “If you really want  — “

You screamed, bouncing up and down before running towards him, putting the three of you into a big group hug, one that the kitten seemed to love because it began purring and rubbing it’s head against his neck. His arms didn’t hesitate much to wrap around you.

… It was how much he actually loved you.


It had been a hard day at work you figured, when Ubbe came home that evening, offered you a rushed greeting and a soft kiss to your cheek. 

He practically waved you off when you tried to stop him, trying to explain to him what had happened to you today on your way home, but with his tired sigh, you allowed him to continue up the stairs to take a hot shower. It was how he always relaxed at work, and you knew how stressful his job could be, how important it was… and the fact he had to do it every day with all four of his brothers, you could imagine how annoying that would be.

You loved his siblings, just like they were your own, but they fought all the time, especially Ivar and Sigurd. There was nothing the two of them could disagree on and be salty over. So, you understood when he would not want to talk the first hour. The first time you had prodded had not turned out pretty, despite the fact you knew it would only rile him up more, he had snapped at you like he would of wanted to do to his brothers all day. Of course, he felt horrible about it later, but you understood and you apologized.

As you heard the water turn on upstairs, you went back to sitting on the couch, sipping your warm drink, going back to enjoying your book. Perhaps it was best to wait and tell him what you had brought home.

Grinning lightly, your thoughts wondered back to the little puffball that was roaming around your house, probably curled up on a bed, or sleeping in a basket of dirty clothes. 

You and Ubbe had talked so many times about getting a pet, thinking that it might be nice for you when you would be home alone for long hours of the day. It would give you a companion, one he wouldn’t have to worry too much about being home alone with you. One you could easier defend yourself against if something bad were to happen. But, for some reason, you just couldn’t find the right one to take home… and this little thing roaming in the rain seemed perfect as it mewled at you with large eyes and sopping fur.

A very feminine scream erupting from upstairs had you tossing your coffee mug in shock, watching it shatter and you glanced up towards the stairs, your heart racing. Suddenly, it was followed by a irritated shout of your name and you flushed, next hearing: “No, no, don’t bite me down there!”


Tonight must of been one of those nights at the company, Hvitserk calling you and asking you to come pick him up, he must of been sneaking whiskey in his coffee again to keep calm. You were just glad he never decided to drive home when he decided to do that, choosing to call you as his DD. 

Pulling up to the large building, you sat for a few minutes, glancing at your clock every so often. Really? He always chided you on not being late, but you could have stopped at the Taco Bell line during dinner rush and ate a party box by now, and now a whole 30 minutes had passed. Luckily, you had something to keep you busy. 

Looking up at the sound of a car unlocking, you watched his oldest brother Bjorn making his way towards his sleek vehicle. The man didn’t miss you though, flashing you a smile before hoping inside, starting up and driving away. He was probably excited to get home to Torvi and their kids. These guys worked so much, and so hard, especially after their father passed away. You were proud of Hvitserk for the shit he put up with. 

Playing some tunes, you even watched Ivar roll out of the building, but still there was no sign of your husband, and that worried you a bit. Usually he was the second out, trying to run away from the two youngest as quick as possible before he would have to help break up a fight.

Ready to unbuckle, despite the soaked squirming ball in your lap, you yelped in shock as you heard a voice through the open passenger window: “Why is there a kitten in your lap, sugar?”

Gaining back your wits from your mini-heart attack, your nails lightly raked through the wet fur. “Why isn’t there a kitten in your lap, boo?”

“Because I’m standing.”

“Touche’.” Even drunk, he was still a sarcastic asshat. 

Jumping into the car, he shut the door and immediately leaned his chair back so he could stretch out, arm laying across his face. You didn’t ask, you knew if he wanted to talk about it he would. You didn’t even bother to stop the kitten as it crawled from your lap to his, and you heard him sigh lightly. “These are 300 dollar pants…”


If there was one thing for sure, it was that Sigurd could not read a map to save his life. Honestly, it surprised you that you did you made it this far without getting into an accident, or killing anyone, with you have to take the map from him and fix it. But, his driving made you extremely anxious from how slow he was. You encouraged safe driving, of course, but he was like a hundred year old woman when it came to the highway, and his turns were way too wide. He was lucky you could multi-task.

Even though the highway wasn’t too busy as it was very early on a Saturday morning, he would still make a noise of discomfort every time you would stare at the map for too long, to which you would make it even worse by looking away from the road directly to glare at him. You had eyes all around your head, damn him.

Finally on the right path, you did decide to slow down a little bit to cruise as it was raining out, and you didn’t feel like going head first into a tree if a deer were to run out in front of you. 

“Oh!” Sigurd let out, causing your brows to furrow. 

“What?” You questioned, glancing over at him, noticing how he was trying to look out the back of the car at something behind you.

“I thought I saw a kitten  — “

There was no hesitation in the way you immediately jerked the car to the side, making a quick illegal turn in the middle of the road, listening as he screamed at you about driving laws and putting your lives in danger. “I have to go back!”

“It;s a highway!” He reminded you, trying to grab at you as you swatted his hands away, trying to unbuckle and get out. “You can’t just run across it to grab a cat!”

 “That mothers adrenaline is kicking in, Sigurd!” You yelled, literally kicking the door open and he quickly followed, still trying to stop you before it was too late. Your yell turned into a scream: “I can see every equation!”


Things had been surprisingly quiet that night, despite the argument you held with Ivar about an hour ago. Usually, after fighting, he would have trouble letting it go and leaving you alone, making snide remarks here and there, and you try to ignore them, but usually it ended up not working that way. It usually ended with the both of you sprawled out on the kitchen floor, completely naked and drenched in sweat, giving each other small smiles.

This time, despite the fact it was a blow-up over the smallest thing, but he was being completely selfish over the matter. At least, that’s what you kept telling yourself. It was just something so small, and he wouldn’t even be taking care of it anyway. It was there to keep you company when he was at work, and in the process, you had been helping it as well. 

On your way back from the grocery store, you had found a little kitten in the middle of the road, shivering and looking scared for it’s life. So, you took it home, and Ivar was no happy about it at all.

Now you were sitting by yourself in the living room, busying yourself with a book and your fiance’ was distancing himself from you in the kitchen. Where the kitten was, you didn’t know. You figured it was probably checking out the house, but that thought went away when you heard something breaking in the kitchen. A feeling of dread quickly ran through you as fast as it left, knowing that he wouldn’t of done something to the animal but you were off the couch and in the kitchen in seconds, running over to it and picking it up. You noticed him watching you, as you coo’d to the little baby, looking it over to make sure it was okay, and you just barely saw his eye narrow slightly. 

After making sure the little one was okay, you sat it down on the floor, far away from the broken glass and you proceeded to clean it up. Almost done with the task, you paused hearing the same noise again. Looking over your shoulder slowly, you saw Ivar with his hand out and another glass on the floor, his face dead of all emotion. “I can break things too,” He decided to remind you.

The corners of your lips twitched upwards.