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@jakei95 saw you were having a tough time a while ago and didn’t get around to making your b-day present. So here ya go! 

-Metadora : Any - Jakei
Art: Me!

OH YEAH, Guess I should keep track with a list. 

Drainir (done! kinda old ^^;)
- Any (you are here)

next??? (who knows????)
 ((Probs draw another character when you least expect it :3 ))

anonymous asked:

bob looks so good with the maxis match you've used than the base game bob I'M SO SHOOK

“ hi kind nonny. i’m very happy you like my looks but all miss strawberrymark did was give me glasses for my bad eyesight & put this lovely skin on me. I’m still an adorable teddy bear 😊 ”

Time to fill your hope with more gaster x2 DRUGGSS of happiness