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Miraculous playing Overwatch
  • Adrien maining D.Va and Nino maining Lucio because Adrien is a weeb and music kids stick together
  • Bonus Adrien and Nino being suckers for D.Va/Lucio and knowing all the interactions by heart
  • Alya mains Sombra because knowledge is power and hacking is great
  • Mari doesn’t have a main. She wrecks ass with all the champions. She’s the forever play of the game.
  • Chloé not wanting to play at first and acting all haughty but then she tries (supposedly against her will) and falls in love with Widowmaker

  • Rose mains Junkrat. Unexpectedly.
  • You thought she’d main Mercy but no
  • Juleka mains Winston because she constantly wants to hug him
  • Mylène mains Orisa because she reminds her of Ivan and Orisa is just too good. Efi wants her to be the greatest hero, and fight me she is
  • And Ivan plays Bastion because they could cosplay each other with a minimum effort
  • Max mains that little turret cunt Symmetra
  • Kim mains Tracer because gtg fast
  • And Alix hates the guts of Tracers but then gets used to her cheefulness and actually enjoys premaking her games with Kim
  • She also mains Torbjörn
  • Lila plays… Mercy. Yes. Deal with it because I think she’d be the greatest Mercy of the history of Mercies.
  • She also plays Roadhog when Mercy gets instapicked and she’s salty
  • Nath mains Zarya because tomato boi and ripped mum make the best duo ever
  • Master Fu mains McCree go home
  • And Prince Ali mains Solider 76 because S76 is just so cool and imagine this kid just being in awe in front of S76′s lore
  • Nathalie plays too. Because she connects on a special level with Ana.
  • Jalil plays Farah. Because she has that one Anubis skin he’s ready to murder for. Jalil is a sucker for skins.
  • Gabriel is an edgy hoe, so he plays Reaper
  • can bridgette main mei
  • and felix would probably main genji. Unexpectedly.

I still have Hanzo and Zenyatta to give but idk to whom man idk

also i dedicate this entire post to @megatraven because garbage can

If I’m feeling headachy and can’t really focus is now a bad time to watch Suicide Squad or the worst time to watch?

“Protest racism, protest xenophobia, protest homophobia, protest inequality, protest hate, protest hate, protest hate, but don’t become it.”