my time

My Time
Bo en
My Time

close your eyes, you’ll be here soon 
一二三四五分 (Ichi ni san shi go-bu)
時々本当に寝たい (Tokidoki hontōni netai)
でもこのワードできない (demo kono wādo dekinai)

おやすみ (oyasumi)

おやすみ、おやすみ (oyasumi, oyasumi)
close your eyes and you’ll leave this dream 
おやすみ、おやすみ (oyasumi, oyasumi)
I know that it’s hard to do 

days go by, しょうがない, (shōganai)
moments pass, shattered glass,
hands of time, where’s that chime?
In my head, I’ll just 

hands of time will wring my neck, 
every little moment spells regret 
but i don’t have to feel this way 
as a voice inside my head 

おやすみ (oyasumi)

Me: I’m bored and that musical is waiting for me to listen to it for about a month. Judging from song sincerely me which I heard first, rest of songs should be happy too.

Me *after listening the musical and reading a summary of the story*: I never cried this much in my life