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Not Dead Yet (Part 44)

*Thank you all so much for over 500 followers. Fair warning there is a lot of dialogue.*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: language

“How are you still alive?” Felix groaned when I walked back into camp later that night.

“A deal with the devil.” I sat down flashing Felix a broad grin. “Weren’t expecting me to get out of that one, were you?”

“You brought a fairy to the island. You really shouldn’t have been able to walk away scot free after that. What spell did you cast to make him spare you this time?” Felix didn’t seem particularly angered by my continued existence but rather tired.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not like Peter to get irritated over any little thing.” I smirked. I figured Felix was fighting the urge to push me into the bonfire.

I suppose doing the exact opposite of what your leader wants and never suffering any consequences for it would wear on any of Peter’s loyal followers. There was only one real rule on the island and that was not to upset Peter in any way. You angered him or disrespected him then your head would surely be on a chopping block. Sure I’ve irritated him to the point where he probably would have killed me and I have been scared for my life when I was caught doing things I shouldn’t have but I always came out fine. In the many years I’ve lived here I have done a countless number of things that should have gotten me killed and this latest blunder was my crowning jewel. Anyone else would have been skewered on the spot. Me? I got laid.

I had thought about leaving to find Tigerlily but decided that I had tried my luck for the day. I could have very easily gotten her killed I doubt she would want to see me anyways. I’ll try in the morning after training.

During training the next day I paired off with Spink to practice my sword fighting. Usually the fight was over when the other was subdued but after an unfortunate accident involving an overly aggressive Nick and a dagger in a past Lost Boys eye it was changed to whoever drew first blood. Not as much fun or practical for real combatives but it did keep us from having to dig more graves.

After training I went off into the jungle to search for Tigerlily. I eventually found her hunkering in a cave on the other half of the island. “Hello,” I stepped into the cave, “Can I have a word?”

“You’re already here so…” she shrugged. I sat down. “What is it you wanted to discuss?”

“I had wanted to make sure that you were alright after yesterday. Peter told me you helped him and that he was letting you stay on the island but I wanted to make sure nothing else had happened that he wasn’t telling me.”

“I’m fine, as you can see. What all did he tell you?”

“Everything. He knows it’s not a good idea to keep secrets from me anymore.”

“Yours is a truly unorthodox relationship isn’t it? Such devotion to each other is something I have not seen in some time.”

“Devotion may be a strong word. I’m loyal to him and we’re friends but besides that I’m not sure I would go as far as to it’s anything more than that.”

“But you two are lovers?”

“It’s more of slating urges and bribery than it is about emotional connection. Once we’re done we part ways. Waking up in each others tents would give the Lost Boys the wrong idea.”

“So you believe this arrangement between the two of you is purely physical?”

“Well, yes. We’re friends and lovers but to imply that there is deeper emotions behind all of this is expecting way too much of Peter. At the end of the day he’s a self codfish and there’s no changing that. He only acts so generous because I’ve basically threatened him into being that way.”

“And what does a Lost Girl have to threaten the ruler of Neverland with?”

“My absence.”

“Your absence is enough to make him do as you wish? And you still claim that he only cares for himself?”

“I see how that looks–”

“It looks like he cares about you more than just as a friend of lover–”

“The situation is a lot more nuanced than that. You just got here you don’t know me and you don’t know who Peter is nowadays.”

“You’re right. He has changed a lot since I saw him last. But I stand by what I said.” she shifted to undo the braids in her hair and re-braid them, “If I may ask, how did you come to be here? Come to be by Peter’s side?”

“That is a long story spanning many years.” I sighed.

“I have time and nothing to do.” she tied off her first braid, “Care to tell me the tale?”

“Sure. But a lot of what I’m going to tell you cannot leave this cave.”

“Of course.” the grin on her face made me hesitate to tell her anything. “Compromising details you don’t want the rest of your group to know. I’m used to hearing such specifics.”

“As long as we understand one another.” I took in a deep breath and recounted my tale. How years ago I had been living in the Enchanted Forest and heard the pipes. How I was brought to Neverland and fought against sexist Lost Boys and cocky leaders to become a skilled fighter and manipulator. I told her about my damning curiosity that landed me in my fair share of tough spots. How I had twisted Peter’s arm to respect me and be honest with me. How we had grown from wanting to kill each other to this weird friendship we have now.

Tigerlily listened closely only interrupting to ask a question about a situation or person who is no longer alive. By the end she seemed to understand more why I had such an influence on Peter and how I could force an entire pirate ship to do as I wished with one threat.

“That is a lot to take in.” She drummed her fingers against her knee, “How long have you been here exactly?”

“I don’t even know anymore. I stopped counting a couple decades ago.” I leaned back against the cave wall. Retelling everything had brought up a lot of feelings I had forgotten about. I touched the spot on my neck where my pearl necklace used to lay. I hadn’t even thought of it until I was telling her about the initiation and how Peter had saved me from being drowned by mermaids. I wonder if I would ever see it again.

“Well for all the fights you engaged in it sounds like you to have hit an even pattern.”

“It doesn’t do well for anyone if we fight. It’s better for one of us to swallow our pride and admit our wrongdoings before the island breaks in two.” I hadn’t noticed before but the sky had gotten darker during my tale. Tigerlily noticed and started to gather some dry brush and wood to start a fire. I stood to help her having had a lot more practice starting fires. “What about you? How did you end up wingless and such?”

She kept her back turned to me as she placed the wood strategically so to have the fire catch quicker. She let out a short sigh and turned back to settle those unreadable eyes on me. “A life story for another.”

“It only seems fair.” I stooped close to the brush and got out my flint to start the fire. “Feeling like sharing?”

“Sit down. This may take a while.” the fire caught and started to lick up the sides of the wood as it grew. “Where to start?”

“How about when Peter was cursed.” I suggested.

“Alright, then.” she picked at a stick drawing swirls in the dirt at her feet. “After Blue had him condemned to the island for his vulgar actions we went back to our world. I remember being unable to sleep the entire night as I thought of my godson rotting away on some island all alone. Blue tried to assure me that he would live to see many years in his solace maybe one day if he truly learns from his mistakes the curse may be lifted. But over time he continued to do bad things and with each mistake the consequences grew.”

“Grew how?”

“He was supposed to live for as long as he could unable to leave the island. Once he learned magic to separate his shadow from his body the spell binding him to the island transformed into a curse. We felt the presence of dark magic and returned to the island to find the hourglass counting down his life. We told him he had maybe a thousand years before the sand ran out and warned him not to do anything more that would alter it.”

“And we see how well that worked out.” I muttered.

“Yes. A while ago though I’ve lost my wings I could still sense the island and the curse. I could tell it had changed once more and started looking for a way to tell him. To come here to Neverland and help him. After all the grief he has given me I still feel inclined to help him. He was my godson and though he has become this demon spawn a part of me still wants to believe there is something worth redeeming in him.”

“If Peter can be redeemed it would take a lot longer than a thousand years to accomplish that.”

“I’m starting to realize as much.” Tigerlily scowled, “Still, if there was a chance would you not help him?”

“I would.” That much I knew to be true. “But how did you lose your wings?”

“That is another story altogether.” she glanced behind her as if she was expecting to see them there again. “After I had lost Pan as my godson I was ushered to find a new one to care for. I couldn’t bring myself to care about any of them though and turned to the Black Fairy.”

“I’ve only heard stories about the Black Fairy. She is a force to be reckoned with. Even Peter doesn’t speak of her and he scoffs at things such as wraiths and the Dark One. But you…you worked with her?” I asked disbelieving.

Tigerlily nodded solemnly. “I knew that her magic was dangerous and that affiliating myself with her would put me in the bad graces of the other fairies but I didn’t care. I kept thinking that if I could stick by her side I could learn some way to break the curse on Pan. She was quite eager to help me too. In the end being her ally became too dangerous and I couldn’t turn a blind eye to what she was doing to her children anymore. I went back to Blue and the other fairies for help to stop her. They gave me the half of the ancient wand I used to slow the curse and banished the Black Fairy to a land where she couldn’t harm anyone else.”

She withdrew a piece of driftwood from her bag and held it as if it was a precious jewel. The ancient wand. The one that saved Peter.

“After that I renounced my wings. They had me keep the half of the wand believing it would be safer away from the dominion of the fairies in case the Black Fairy ever returned. That was part of the reason I was so keen to get to another realm. Word leaked to some dark forces that I carried the wand and I spent years running from them across the Enchanted Forest. It was when I met you that I realized that Neverland was my best hope to avoid the wand falling into the wrong hands and to reunite with my godson.”

“Wow.” I let the story sink in, “That is quite the story.”

“Yes. I knew coming here that Pan would be rather cross about my appearance seeing as how we parted on bad terms but it was a chance I had to take. I needed protection and I needed closure.” she clutched the wand half tighter, “You brought me both. For that I thank you and am in your debt.”

“You’re already paying that debt or do you forget my conditions for bringing you here?”

“I think I understand more why you wanted another female presence on this island. Brothers are all well and good for a family but it can be isolating being the only one of your kind, can’t it?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” It was getting late and if I didn’t return to camp soon Peter may come looking for me. “I’m glad you’re here, Tigerlily. Not just for what you did for Peter but for listening to my dramatics. I haven’t been so blatantly honest with someone outside of Peter in years.”

“Glad I could be of help. If you ever need a day away from the testosterone circus you know where I am.”

“That I do.” I started to leave the cave, “One more thing, this goes without saying but if you breathe a word of what I have told you here today or betray my trust you will wish you had been banished with the Black Fairy. Understood?”

She didn’t seem intimidated by the threat if the smirk on her face was anything to go by. “Understood. I would expect nothing less of a Lost Girl.”

“Good. Have a nice night.” I left the cave and started the trek back to camp.

“Hey, where have you been?” Ben asked when I got back to camp. “You just disappeared after training we thought you had bailed the island with Pan again.”

“I was talking with Tigerlily. Peter left?”

“Still can’t believe you got away with bringing a fairy to the island.”

“Ex-fairy. Where’d Peter go?”

Ben shrugged. “Don’t know. He just up and left earlier this evening. Oh by the way that new kid you brought the other day was looking for you.”

“Isaac? What’s he want?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you go ask him? He’s right over there.” Ben pointed across the camp where I spotted Isaac’s pale hair beaming like moonlight. “Hard to miss him, not very useful for sneak tactics when he’s such a bright contrast to the jungle.”

“I think he has promise. See ya, Ben.” I walked over to Isaac and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and his pale face turned bright pink. “Ben said you wanted to talk to me?”

“Y-Yeah,” he swallowed thickly. The boys with him snickered at his stuttering. I shot them a cold glare and they slinked off without a word. I motioned for him to sit and asked him what he had needed from me. “Well, I was just curious about something really.”

“What’s that?”

“I um…” he kept from looking me in the eye, “I noticed that you’re the only girl on this island, right?”

“That is correct. Well outside of the mermaids and now Tigerlily’s here but I’m the only Lost Girl if that’s what you’re wondering. I know it can confuse new boys.”

“It is a tad strange. But you are really strong and confident and when I met you I thought you were also very kind and fun.”

“Awe, you flatter me.”

“I suppose I was just wondering why it is that you aren’t the ruler of this realm. All the boys seem to like and respect you. Even Pan holds you high regard from what Devin’s told me. How are you just a regular Lost Girl like we’re Lost Boys?”

Oh. This was the first time anyone had ever expected me to be the leader. I know that Rufio had held me in high esteem but what Isaac was talking about seemed different. From how seriously he talked it sounded like he truly believed I should be the leader of Neverland and the Lost Boys. It was flattering in a way but also dangerous. The last time traitorous thoughts like that came about on the island it exploded into a civil war. I was not going to settle another one of those.

“Peter is the leader of this realm because he is the most powerful. As Lost Ones we need to respect him. We are a family and he is the one that brought us together and lets us live here in this paradise. The other Lost Boys respect me because they are my brothers and I respect them. As for Peter, we didn’t always get along. We actually actively tried to kill each other many years ago. I may be important to him now in some regards but at the end of the day I am a Lost One same as you and same as all the others. Nothing strange about it. Like I could handle controlling all you idiots to begin with. I can be scary but without any magic like Peter I doubt my reign would last.”

“You really believe all that?”

“Honestly? Yes. I’ve grown to respect him in the way he’s used to. I can’t very well let him know that though so don’t mention any of this to him, okay?”

“Sure.” he was blushing even deeper now. “I know you want me to see Pan as the leader but is it okay if I look up to you instead? I won’t call you leader or treat him any less than the others but I would much prefer to come to you instead of him. Is that okay?”

“Sure, I guess. As long as you still respect Peter I don’t see the problem with it. Going against him will surely get you killed, just remember that. We may be a family but with Peter it’s a special case. He’s not exactly a brother but not a king ruling over his land either.” I know I regard Peter as a friend and a lover but what was he to the other boys besides their leader? Surely there had to be more than just that.

“So he’s more like a god?” Isaac piped up.

“Now don’t let him hear that. He does not need reason to get an even bigger head.” Just the thought of Peter comparing himself to a god brought on a migraine. He’s already so pompous and smug I didn’t want to add any fuel to the already out of control inferno that was his ego.

“I just thought it made sense. He brought us here, he controls the island, and he can choose whether we live or not? Isn’t that kinda god like?”

“A vengeful god maybe.” I muttered, “You really don’t need to worry about him. He’ll give orders and play games with us from time to time but other than that he keeps to himself. The more I think about it, I barely see him talk to anybody on the island outside of Felix and I.”

“See, you are more than just a regular Lost Girl.” Isaac smiled brightly.

A warm wave of affection thrummed through my chest. I hadn’t felt something so pure in a long time. I wrapped an arm around his shoulders and gave him a small squeeze. “I like you, Isaac. I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun together.”


Isaac spent the night sitting on the beach overlooking the dark water ripple the reflection of the moon in it’s waves. When it was quiet this place could be so peaceful. It was so open and warm.

Excellent work my child. The voice slithered around his mind like the burning cold of frostbite.

There only a matter of days and you’re already in Pan’s second in command’s good graces. I’m almost impressed. Then again she can be so trusting.

“She’s kind.” he whispered to the air.

She’s a murderer. A ruthless and unyielding pawn of mayhem molded and forged by Pan himself. You haven’t forgotten what he’s done already, have you? What he’s taken from you?


Then keep in mind what it is you are there for. Earn their trust. Break them. Return him to me and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams my son.

“Yes mother.”

Good boy. Now get some rest. I will tell you when we move next. Sweet dreams.

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You know I have my character Tigerlily, and I’ve kinda redesigned her when trying to make a persona for bnha. But…I realized my quirk would probably be more fitting if it related to magical girls in some way.

Idk how I can do that but I’ll think of something.

GIRL'S GOT A WHIP: Her lies are so rotten, but they sound sweet to a 
broken demon's ears.

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