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I was sketching up the Ugly Christmas Sweater picture yesterday and the next thing I knew this popped into my mind. Because mistletoe X3 Also Tiffany trying to “help” Deborah and being a bit unsubtle in her ways of trying to get them together. I guess mostly the whole thing’s inspired by the thought that while Tiffany might act like she’s going to steal someone else’s crush to motivate them, she’s actually a weirdly supportive friend. (Emphasis on the weird sometimes.)

Meanwhile Deborah’s embarrassed (though the kiss wasn’t all that bad really) and Tommy’s more surprised than upset. (And probably getting some ideas about that mistletoe honestly :3)


Magnolia Springs Hospital, Ariama

Well, the morning was off to a rough start. Tiffany hated shots, that she already knew. Watching her hone in on her artistic skills and chew on crayons you never would have guessed she was ‘supposedly’ trying to kill her a mere 30 minutes prior.

Sure she had been cranky all morning. What toddler wouldn’t after being woken at 5:00am against her will. She slept it off during the ferry ride to Ariama, so Roxane assumed everything was fine. She hadn’t expected her sweet little angel to scream bloody murder the minute they stepped foot in the lab, garnering the attention of the 5000 square ft. facility. It was impossible for someone so small to make so much noise yet Tiffany defied all odds.

She really was her mother’s daughter.

Cederville Heights Chapter 1.17: Chance


Having a daughter with an impressive set of lungs did come with its perks. Labs got processed a lot faster when everyone wanted her little devil angel out of there.

Even Dr. Brewer.

“From what I’ve gotten so far, everything looks good.”

“Great! Can we leave now?”

“Not so fast,” Dana interjected. “We still need to discuss the irregularities on Tiffany’s chart.”

“Can’t we do this after our trip?”

“I won’t see you for another 3 months. I still don’t know how you were able to get an appointment so fast.”

“My assistant is great at her job.”

Cederville Heights Chapter 1.17: Chance

Batfam Week: Wayne Gala!

When all the guests had left, Bruce brought out the old record player and danced with his kids to songs from the 50s. Some favorites include Beyond the Sea (Bobby Darin), Hound Dog (Elvis Presley), At the Hop (Danny & the Juniors), Sh-Boom (The Chords), and Rockin’ Robin (Bobby Day)!