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Tiffany Fox Headcanons

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  • She is the second (Luke being the first) to test new Bat tech and stuff that Lucious and Luke have made, normally without their permission or knowledge.
  • She knows that Damian had a crush on Steph when she Batgirl so she likes to bring it up whenever hes annoying her, which is surprisingly quite a lot.
  • “Fox! Fox! Stop that, you can’t fight properly! I knew I should have never said I would train you, you are just a girl,”
  • “Stephanie is a girl and you luuuvvveddd her!”
  • “Fox! I did not,” cue Dami blushing
  • When she’s older she starts to act like Tim does at school, is super smart, super sarcastic and back chats to the teachers but never does the assignments because she just doesn’t have the time.
  • But you can’t tell me that she doesn’t join an after school club.
  • And it was definitely some book club or math club, when shes feeling sporty she does Softball though.
  • She likes to bake cookies, but its the only thing she can bake/cook. She could probably burn water.
  • She hates milk, but likes all other dairy products.
  • She is cute, and smol and demi, and helped Dami come out as ace aro.

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"My friend Tiffany... you remember her? She's pregnant" Densi prompt

They’re back late from an OP, that’s nothing new. She smiles when she sees a note from Brianna their dog walker:

‘I got a text from Mr. Deeks, he said your work project was going to run late tonight. I came over and finished some of my homework and rented a movie on your TV but that way Monty had some company. I ordered you guys some Thai food and he’s been fed.’

“Deeks she is way too good to us.” Kensi laughs as she pulls the food from the fridge and starts to make their plates. 

“I saved her from a human traffic ring when she was 14. I knew a lady who ran a local coffee shop and her daughter died when she was 8 years old in a car accident. I had a feeling they would be good for each other, and they were. I never expected Bri to do so well and even stay home and go to UCLA.” Deeks grabs their plates from the counter and walks them to the dinning room table. 

“Wow, that’s so…. Such a thing you would do. You never mentioned it.” Kensi says as she pulls out her chair.

“She doesn’t really like to talk about it. But that’s why she doesn’t let us pay her. Watching Monty is her way of thanking me.” 

“We don’t pay her?” 

“No. I’ve tried. Many times. I have even tried giving a check to her mom, but they both always end up back in the mailbox. But I anonymously donate money towards her tuition every quarter.” 

“Let me guess, she doesn’t have to pay any student loans?” 

“No. She does. I only pay enough that her monthly payment is less than 300 a month. She helps her mom run the coffee shop so she works and goes to school, she pays most of it off every school year, she’s smart. She wants to go to law school. But it’s the least I can do, really.” 

Kensi smiles as she takes a bit of her food and stands up running to the kitchen to answer her cell phone. Deeks continues to eat his food and is startled a bit when he hears a bit of squealing, a ton of “NO WAYS”, and hearty laughter for a few minutes. He figures it’s just a girlfriend because if it were OPs they would have called both of them, so he lets her have her girl time. A few minutes later he hears her footsteps coming back to the dining room. 

“Deeks, you’ll never guess!” Kensi says. “Oh shit, my food is cold. Oh well.” 

She sits down as Deeks pushes his plate forward in front of him. 

“What’s that?” 

“My friend, Tiffany, do you remember her?”

“Tiffany, yes. The one who likes to force me to sing karaoke. How could I forget. We went to her wedding about a year ago, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, the one on the golf course in Pasadena. Either way… She’s pregnant. With twins!” 

“Oh that’s awesome news. She’s going to make an awesome mom.” 

“Do you ever think about it? Kids, the whole thing. With our jobs and such.”

“I do… Sam and Michelle. It works. It’s unconventional to say the least. But I do. I do all the time.” Deeks says as he takes a deep breath. “Do you?”

“I’ve never wanted kids. I didn’t have the best relationship with my mother and after that everything that happened with my dad I just never wanted kids. I didn’t want to have to have the possibility my kids could go through what I went through.” Kensi replies as she takes a bit of her food. They sit in silence for a minute while she chews her food. 

Deeks shifts in his chair and Kensi can see the slight twinge of disappointment on his face. 

Kensi grabs his hand and squeezes it tightly. “That was before you, though. Now I can’t help but think about how we’d make the cutest little babies in SoCal.” 

“You mean it? You’re thinking about it, the possibility?”

“I am. And I want it. I don’t know when. I don’t think I’m ready now but then again honestly I don’t think I’ll ever know if I am ready… I’m not sure anyone knows when they’re ready. But we’ll figure out. We always do. It will happen in our own time, when we’re ready or least expect it. But I do know that I can do anything with you by my side.” 

Deeks smiles as he kisses Kensi’s temple. “You really think we’ll make the cutest babies in SoCal?” 

“I do.”