my thumbs are weird looking

When stressed, it’s doctor (Dr. Stark to be precise) recommended to draw the golden avenger and find inner peace.


I keep making comics based off of random ideas I see 
I tried to make them look tiny but not sure it came out right ^^;
AGGGGH!!!! They’re so fun to draw yet kinda weird too??? idk xD

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so i saw @nostril-nugget tag this here post as zukka and i………………had to do this im so sorry ive descended into the zukka garbage so fast oh lord 

  • Dodie: *looking at her thumbs* my thumbnails do this weird thing sometimes where they turn blue
  • Me: oh yeah my thumbnails sometimes turn green...
  • Dodie: ?!?!?!
  • Me: when I don't upload my video properly
  • Dodie: Fuck you
Knives and thumbs don’t mix well.


October 17th 2015- TAYLOR POV

The afternoon before a huge show is not the best time to get sick or injure yourself, and believe me slicing my finger open was far from my intention when I decided to make some lunch before heading off. But now I was here, with a cumbersome bandage wrapped around my thumb, about to play my show in Arlington. The only fun part was that I wrote 13 on it, making loads of fans go crazy since it’s the closest they’ve had to a ‘13’ on my hand in a while.

*earlier that day*

For some reason the jar of olive oil that we had in the cupboard wasn’t cooperating when I tried to open it, and Adam was in the shower so couldn’t open it for me. I just needed a little to put in the salad dressing I was making.

So the next logical step in my mind is to run a knife around the inside of the rim to loosen it a little. I found a little sharp knife and began to run it around the rim. It was all going well until it slipped….

“AHHHH! SHIT!” I screamed as the knife cut into my thumb.

I heard heavy footsteps making their way into the kitchen.

“What happen- oh…. ok…..” Adam stopped as soon as he saw my thumb, which I didn’t want to look at right now. He grabbed a bunch of paper towelling and wrapped it around my thumb, squeezing slightly and making me cringe in pain.

“My knight in shining…. Underpants?” I said giggling as I saw my boyfriend standing there in just his underpants.

“Hey! I had only just gotten out of the shower when you screamed….” He replied, pouting slightly. I just smiled at him as best as I could with a throbbing thumb and leaned towards him as he wrapped his free arm around my shoulder, gave a a quick kiss, and led me over to one of the bar stools at the counter.

“Okay…let’s see what the damage is…” He said, unwrapping my thumb gently.

“I don’t want to look!” I said, closing my eyes.

“It’s okay…. just breath…. calm down…. it’s probably fine.” He said reassuringly as he finished unwrapping the paper towels.

“So what’s the verdict Doctor Adam?” I asked, opening my eyes slightly to look at him. His brow was furrowed in thought.

“I’d say it might be okay with just some antiseptic and a bandage…. but you should probably get it checked out by a doctor…..might needed stitches…” He told me, looking at my thumb and dabbing at it with the towel as it was obviously still bleeding.

I took a deep breath and took a quick look at my injured thumb…. It looked pretty gnarly.

“Weird….” I said, watching the blood come out slowly and feeling pain as I tried to move it, “Well this isn’t going to make playing the piano very easy is it…”

Adam soon got to cleaning it off and wrapping it, placing a kiss on my bandage as soon as it was done, like with a little kid. 

“Almost good as new!” He said, making me smile.

*back to the evening*

I had sent pictures of my injury to basically everyone I knew, including my parents. My mum obviously freaked out in her worst-case-scenario-Andrea way, but Austin and my dad just thought it was cool.

Luckily we have first aid people with us on tour, who I went to as soon as I had arrived at the stadium. They unwrapped the temporary bandage Adam had put on and cleaned it up a little, before putting on steristrips and re-wrapping it while handing me some mild painkillers, telling me it should be fine but I should still see an actual doctor about it sometime tomorrow.

The show must go on I guess, injured finger or not…. And Ellie ‘The Matchmaker’ Goulding was here too, which made everything better, at least for the night.

Forever-Nate Maloley Imagine

Creds to anon for this wonderful and cute request!


Y/n Pov

It’s about 2:58am and I can’t sleep and neither can Nate, So we’re here staring at the ceiling talking about random stuff, like our future.

“well do you see you’re self having, I don’t know….a family one day?

“Um yeah…I see myself having a beautiful wife, but let’s cross that off the list since you’re right beside me and maybe 1 or 2 kids….You?” he said looking at me with a smile and I smiled back

“You want kids? A boy or a girl?” I asked

“I think I want a girl.”

“Why? I would think you wanted a boy because you could dress him up in cute jerseys and teach him your ways” I said

“Yeah but I feel like with a girl I would protect her, dress her up, watch her come home with cute pink tails in her hair and take her to ballet. She will be daddy’s little girl, my princess. Oh and she will be like a mini you, sassy but classy.” He said looking up at me. I giggled and smiled at his last sentence

“Wait, we’re talking some much about me! What about you do you want kids?” he said. I immediately started to become antsy. I began playing with the bottom off my shirt, then moved to my thumbs, then started braiding my hair…..a weird tendency I had. I looked but up at Nate while continuing to braid my hair.

“Yeah……but I kinda wanted one sometime soon……” I said quietly and started trailing off, then looked away from Nate because I started getting embarrassed. I’m not really sure why I’m getting embarrassed. I never get embarrassed talking kids, especially my own husband.

“Is y/n getting embarrassed?” Nate teased

“No” I said looking out the window located in front of our king bed.

“Ok…” he answered and started to copy my actions by looking out the large window

I laid back down and curled into Nate’s chest and Nate took his arm and out it around me, making me smile. I looked at my rings that are placed on my ring finger that were shimmering from the moon light coming from the window.

“You know I want a baby sometime soon to you know?” Nate said quietly  

I looked up at Nate and smiled then I leaned in and pecked his lips.

“Maybe we should get to that soon…” Nate said pecking my pecking my pecks again then moving his hands down my sides.

“That will be on the to do list, for tomorrow” I said and moved his hands from where he had placed them and put them back to my shoulders

“Ok” he said getting excited and kissed my forehead. I shut my eyes and began to fall asleep.

I fell asleep thinking about how our lives are going to change forever…


Hope you enjoyed this! I really like writing this. And please note that if you do have any request(s) please tell me! Have a great rest of your day loves!