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okay so I’ve been watching the Olympics basically 24/7. I am not even kidding /cough and I needed to draw some CS AU Olympics style and lo and behold, you guys wrote fanfics for it, too! THANK YOU. ;o; I read them all. So far my three favs are Gold Medal T-Shirt pt 1 by @slimacwrites , Lifeguard by @lenfaz, and Copacabana Dreams pt 1 by @initiala

But where are my track and field AUs?! GET ON IT GUYS. My sloppily colored sketch awaits track and field fun times. <3 Though I might take a whack at swimmer Killy later~

does anyone ever just lose something… and i don’t mean the “omg i misplaced this” type of losing something, i mean the “it disappeared off the face of the earth” type of losing something… because i literally CANNOT find my pillow for the life of me. how does a pillow even disappear??????????????????? the sad part is that this isn’t the first time this has happened, one time i left a picture frame leaning against a wall and when i was going to grab it an hour later it was gone? how? it gets worse though… after i came home one time i decided to put the mail i had in my hands on the table in the hallway, i ended up going to the kitchen to get something to drink and when i came back 5 minutes later it was gone… i looked for that mail for about two hours and i finally found it under the bed? wtf man… i feel like the only real thing i’m losing here is my mind. 

if you find my pillow please mail it to me, i couldn’t sleep all night because i’m missing my pillow

im-not-crying-youre-crying  asked:

OMG I love your blog so much! Sinful Sunday gives me life, but even your SFW scenarios make me just 😍😍 ah! Anyway, I need more father AUs bro... My top three favs are Tsukki, Bokuto, and Kuroo... And I've read your scenarios for them becoming parents or meeting their children.... Maybe just some domestic scenarios for them? Like they each have a litter of kids with their s/o? Just a day in the Tsukkishima, Bokuto, and Kuroo households? (It feels weird to use their common names for their lasts)

That is so sweet of you, thank you! This truly means a lot to me. :) I am complete trash for Domestic AUs so I had a lot of fun writing this!

-Admin Lana

Tsukishima Kei:

The baby monitor perched on the nightstand crackled to life, a familiar wail resonating through the small speakers. Within moments both parties were awake, groaning and fumbling to attend to the cranky newborn.

“It’s your before six in the morning.” A sleepy mumble came from your lips, lightly pushing at the blonde’s shoulder. The male mumbled a string of faux insults before shuffling from underneath the covers, heavy footsteps trailing in the direction of the nursery.

Flicking on the lights, the room became illuminated, much too bright for his eyes at this ungodly hour. Gold hues met with those identical to his, face flushed with annoyance.

“Oi! Why are you fussing so early in the morning?” As if the child could understand, he babbled nonsense, small arms flailing around. With an exasperated sigh he scooped up the little boy, cradling him into his arms. Tsukishima began a soft rock, hushing his cried, softly humming a song into his ear.

You stood silently in the doorway, watching as your husband quickly soothed the baby with nothing more than musical notes and the gentle sway of his hips. Stalking quietly, you snaked your arms around his waist, careful not to wake the almost snoozing infant. “You’re good at this. He never falls asleep that easily with me.” You sighed, leaning your head on his broad back.

“He just likes me more.” He replied snakily, an arrogant smirk adorning his lips as he tossed a glance at you over your shoulder.

“Shut up.” You jested, pressing a fleeting kiss to his bare shoulder blades. “Come back to bed when you’re done.” And then you were gone, chasing dreams of a restful night.

Glancing down at the sleeping bundle in his arms, Tsukishima couldn’t help the ghost of a smile that appeared, silently thankful for his little family which was soon to be growing considering that were sporting a rounded belly once more.

Bokuto Koutaro:

“Don’t forget your socks!”

“No talking with your mouth full!”

“What did I say about running in the house?”

It was typical to find yourself following after the smaller versions of you and your husband, checking to making sure that everyone was well prepared for the day ahead, having groomed hair, full lunches and whatnot. In the years that you were married to your husband with four children, you had become a pro at multitasking, learning how to cook several meals at once while simultaneously ironing Bokuto’s suits.

“Mum! Aki stole a piece of my toast!” A shrill voice rang before a distinct wail followed it noting that the twins were arguing once again.

“No, you started it first!” Aki jabbed, stealing back the aforementioned object, pausing when you turned to give a stern glare.

“Enough of that, you know there’s more than enough food to go around.” You chided, watching as the children muttered sullen apologies sheepishly. “I swear, you have your father’s endless stomach.” A series of protests erupted from all four of the children, dishes clattering as they put it in the sink.

“Kou, are you ready? It’s almost time for you to leave!” Almost as if on queue, the male came bounding down the stairs, hair in it’s familiar style, yet his tie was still undone.

“I need help.” Bokuto sighed in defeat, coming to a stop in front of you. 

You couldn’t help but smile as you fixed the tie with ease patting his chest in accomplishment. “We’ll work on it.” And then his lips were on your in a chaste kiss.

“Gross!” Shiro groaned, covering one of twin’s eyes at your display of affection.

“What you want some too?” Bokuto grinned, and then chaos ensued, all four children scrambling to escape their father’s affection.

Yes, they could be a handful, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kuroo Tetsurou:

Upon entering the house, you were surprised with the sight that greeted you. Kuroo sat in a miniature sized chair, face caked in makeup while his hair was styled in what resembled pigtails. It was enough to make you double over in laughter. And were those cat whiskers drawn on his face?

“Well what have we here? Has my husband been turned into a cat?” You questioned, watching as Kuroo shot you a mock glare, a smile quickly returning to his face upon his daughter’s appearance.

“Look Mummy! Doesn’t Daddy make a cute kitten?” She smiled a toothy grin, coming to hug your leg. Indeed, he made quite the cat.

“I’d like to think you. You did a good job on the makeup, and the whiskers are a nice touch.” A contagious grin made it’s way to her face at your praise. “But let’s give Daddy a rest? I’m sure he’s tired after playing all day.”

At the mention of a nap, a small yawn erupted from her lips which ultimately made you and Kuroo do the same. “I think it’s safe to say we could all use a nap?” Your husband suggested, the little girl being the first to jump up and grab a blanket, urging the two of you into the master bedroom. It wasn’t long before she was nestled in between your bodies, snoring happily.

“Your hair looks good, you should do it more often.” 

Kuroo flashed you a glare before leaning over to peck your lips. “I love you.”

I love you more.”

Bug catcher giveaway (day two)!

hope you’ve brought your net balls ! this giveaway consists of two famous bug catcher pokemon and three of my fav bug types :)

Masquerain (Bubbles)- male, lv 50, in a fast ball

Venomoth- female, lv 50

Scizor (Sith)- male, lv 100, BR, Impish, holding a muscle band, in a heavy ball

Shedinja- lv 100, BR, Adamant, in a luxury ball

Durant- male, lv 50

(All pokemon have full ivs)


So ! deposit pokemon is a FEMALE luvdisk, and the code for this giveaway is BugCatcher.

double dipping is permitted ! i have about a box of each, and a box and a half of the BR ones. the BR pokes are all ev trained. this giveaway will end around 12:30 am central or when i run out. though if i get too tired, i might end it a lil early.

Have fun !

@fxightme froze the heart for a starter!

“how… you… WHAT the heck was that?” the teen questioned, ducking to avoid the blow. “i didn’t mean to scare you i just- HEY that’s not cool, trying to catch me by surprise.” all he’d been doing was following the girl who seemed to look just like the avatar, at least from what he’d seen in the papers and such lately.

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Top three Sonny moments. GO.

DAMN. This is a good one. Okay.

1. Parole Violations. All of it. The whole episode.

2. Sonny’s confliction in Unholiest Alliance. So good. Plus, that conversation with Barba for obvious we’re-standing-too-close-in-this-scene but-who-cares reasons?!

3. UNDERCOVER SONNY in season 17 because HELLO. I love him.


ALSO THE SCENE WHERE SONNY TELLS BARBA HE TOOK THE BAR AND THEY’RE SO GAY it’s wonderful anyways what was the original question

probably the worst part about watching a rare anime is that when there IS merch of it being sold at a con it’s like one set of mystery boxes at one booth and all the rare fans fuckin flock to it and they’re gone in an instant. like. when your anime is rare enough to NOT have merch that’s one thing. but when its rare but mainstream enough to have a very small amount of merch sold at a large con. that’s heartbreaking.