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30 Day Know Yourself Challenge

This challenge is one that will help you think creatively about yourself. It’s important to understand yourself as a person and as a being in this world. Really think about your answers and how you want to answer these questions.

Here’s my set up. I kept it pretty simple for this challenge.

1. Write your highs and lows of the past year. 

2. Three things you are terrified of. 

3. Write one sentence describing yourself.

4. Your favorite quote. 

5. Three ways to win your heart. 

6. Write what you want to say to someone who hurt you.

7. Describe your perfect spouse in five words.

8. List two weird things you do when you’re alone.

9. Write about something you miss. 

10. List six things that make you smile. 

11. Five pet peeves. 

12. Name a fictional character that is most like you and why.

13. Write one sentence describing your favorite place. 

14. List your top five favorite songs. 

15. Write about the importance of education. 

16. Describe your favorite color without saying it within two sentences.

17. Write about your best friend. 

18. Write your views on religion.

19. List your favorite places to eat. 

20. Write about what makes you nervous. 

21. List your top five favorite fictional characters.

22. Describe your dream job. 

23. Write your views on a topic that you are passionate about. 

24. Write about your earliest memory. 

25. List six interesting facts about yourself. 

26. Describe your favorite vacation memory. 

27. Name your favorite movie and describe it in one sentence. 

28. List your top five favorite non-fictional characters. 

29. Doodle a flower to relax. 

30. Describe a place you’d love to live. 

For work reasons, I regularly have to stand up in front of a bunch of people I have never met before, and talk to them. Usually it’s about fifteen people, but at conference time my seminars have upwards of seventy-five people or more in the audience.

For years, public speaking was not my favorite thing; I dreaded it more than anything else in the world. But I love it now, and I’ve been told I’m good at it, so I’m gonna share some tips. 

  1. Freak out. Go ahead. Give yourself permission to panic about having to stand up in front of a bunch of people and give a speech. Go. Panic, scream, cry, complain to the world. Just get it out of your system - really get it all out in one go. You can have anywhere from ten minutes to three hours, depending on how close this due date is. But however long you take, know that when you’re done freaking out, that’s it - it’s work time now.
  2. Make an outline. Write down the main points you want to cover. Dates, theories, equations, all of the Big Stuff. Write them all down in the beginning, so you won’t forget them later.
  3. Once the Big Stuff is written down, start filling in details: what’s important about this date, explain this theory, what’s the application for this equation. If it seems relevant, give examples (but limit it to one or two easy examples per item; overfilling with examples can lead to your audience forgetting what you were talking about)
  4. If you are making a PowerPoint - start transferring that outline into your slides. Don’t worry about design, format, animations, none of that right now. It shouldn’t be pretty at the beginning, all you need is your information on the slides. Make sure your slides are simple and not stuffed with information. Font size should be at least 28 for every bit of text - if you need to shrink it down to fit your information on, move it to the next slide or user fewer words.
  5. Write your speech in bullet points. Resist the urge to write it out word-for-word. If you write it out word-for-word and practice from that and nothing else, one of two things is probably going to happen: you will recite the speech as you have written and it will come across as a recitation rather than a presentation, or you will forget a word somewhere in the middle and stumble over yourself. Writing your speech in bullet points lets you fill in the transitions as you’re practicing; your flow will be more even and natural when you’re speaking, and you won’t get caught up in what the next word is supposed to be.
  6. Practice. Practice, practice, practice. Do not, under any circumstances, wing it. If you wing it, you will feel unprepared, so you will come across as unprepared, and you will probably forget important details or be surprised when a particular slide shows up. Practice until you are tired of your topic, practice until you want to murder your topic and bury it out in the back.
  7. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a sentence and realizing you have no more air left. When you’re practicing, make note of where you should breathe.
  8. Practice with an audience that can interact with you (your dog is a loving and supportive friend, but your dog can’t tell that you’re talking too fast). You need to give your speech to someone who will give you honest feedback - it can be an audience of one. Make it clear to them how you want their help: do you want them to critique your content, your presentation skills, or both.
  9. Preparation is equally as important as practicing. Check your PowerPoint - are all your animations working correctly? Is everything spelled right? Do you have legible notecards written in a way that will help you? Do you have an outfit planned (you want to look nice, but you also want to be comfortable)?
  10. Three days before, stop tweaking it. Stop making major changes. Go ahead and change the wording, but do not add any new content (and do not remove content unless it really is garbage). Up until now you’ve been practicing with a certain set of content, and throwing new content in at the last minute can unsettle your pacing and structure - it’s information you haven’t had nearly as much time as practice.
  11. One day before, leave it alone completely. It’s locked. Done. It’ll be what it’ll be. 24 hours before your speech is not the time to making any kind of adjustments to it. You’ve practiced what you have, you know you can rock what you have, so you’re going to give what you have.
  12. If steps 9 and 10 have both failed for any number of reasons (which is fine! happens to me all the time), then this is the rule you need to pay attention to. For the love of everything you find holy, do not make changes to your speech right before you give it. This has the same effect as winging it, and all the practice you’ve done will be for nothing.
  13. Get a good night’s sleep. Be hydrated. Eat breakfast (but not a super big special breakfast that might upset your stomach; eat your normal breakfast, even if that’s toaster pastries and a can of soda). Dress in layers, so you can remove or add a layer as necessary and not be freezing or sweating up there.
  14. Go first, if you have the option. Seriously. Volunteer to go first. You’ll get it out of the way, and you’ll be done. More importantly, you won’t be watching everyone else’s presentations/speeches while worrying about your own - that’s a super easy way to psych yourself out. So go first, or at least go early.

Other tips!

  1. Watch stand-up comedy. What stand-up comedy teaches you is timing, pacing, and audience interaction. Stand-up comics stand in front of people and talk to them for a living - they just happen to be funny when they do it. Study them for timing and pacing: where do they pause, for how long, how do they transition two wildly different topics together, etc. Stand-up comics are great at handling unpredictable audiences.
  2. PowerPoint animations: never use slide transitions, and the only animation you should ever use is “appear.” The “appear” animation controls what’s on the slide at any given time and is helpful for both you and the audience (though don’t make stuff disappear once it’s already on the slide). You won’t rush over yourself trying to move on to the next topic, because the next topic isn’t visible yet.
  3. Also on PowerPoint: know where your slides end. Create a little circle or square in the bottom corner that’s just a shade or two darker than the background color, and have it be the last thing to appear on the slide. Your audience won’t notice it, but it’ll be an indicator for you that the slide’s over and you’re moving on.
  4. If it’s speech with a time limit, have a buddy keep time by holding up a piece of paper with how much time you have remaining. Since you’ve practiced, you should know about how long your speech is, but you may speed up or slow down in front of people and you need to know about that. Be clear with them up front about what they need to tell you: you don’t want to be suddenly blindsided with 2:00 LEFT, but neither do you want to be warned every five minutes.
  5. Have a buddy give you signals. I talk super fast in front of people, so I always have someone in the back of the room to give me the “slow down” hand signal. You may also get really quiet, and you need someone to tell you to speak up. If at all possible, you want to adjust your speed or volume before someone in the audience points it out to you, which can interrupt your rhythm and train of thought.
  6. If you talk with your hands, talk with your hands. If you want to stand still, stand still. If you like jokes, tell jokes. If you need Star Trek references, make them. Let yourself be yourself. You’re already in an uncomfortable situation, and trying to silence something fundamental about who you are is going to make it so much worse. Be yourself in front of a crowd - you will be a lot more interesting, and a lot more fun (and have a lot more fun), than everyone else who’s trying to be as flat as possible.

If you have any questions or want some extra advice or anything, I’m happy to help!

three weeks.

fandom: girl meets world
pairing: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 2,466
summary: the three weeks that riley is grounded are probably the worst three weeks of lucas’ life. // or lucas deals with a severe lack of riley in his life. 
notes: so this fic is a response to the latest gmw episode girl meets her monster!!! i decided to write a lil thing about lucas being all sad when riley is grounded so he can’t spend time with her and it ended up being a lot longer than expected, but hey i’m not gonna complain!! it’s far from the best thing i’ve ever written, but i hope you all enjoy it never the less! let me know what you think! 

All and all, the three weeks that Riley is grounded end up being some of the worst weeks of Lucas’ life. Alright, so he’s being a little dramatic, the entire year he was expelled from school and the months and months of living in love triangle limbo definitely were rougher and more exhausting, but that didn’t mean that the three weeks without Riley weren’t tough.

After weeks of living in bliss, spending afternoons and weekends at the Matthews’ house or sitting in Topanga’s with Riley, to suddenly have all their interactions limited to school, Lucas is pretty lost on what to do with himself. Them spending countless hours together outside of school wasn’t a new phenomenon that started when they started officially dating, Riley had always been one of Lucas’ go to people to spend time with, and while he loved spending time with Farkle and Zay, he needed a little bit of variety.

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The occasional Friday nights when Mike and El babysit are Holly’s most favorite thing in the entire world. El patiently helps with homework and gives her expert tips for those tricky math problems. Mike insists that he’s making nothing but broccoli and all her least favorite vegetables for dinner, while he’s really ordering pizza from their favorite restaurant (half extra cheese for Holly, half pineapple for El). El braids Holly’s long auburn hair in new styles and teases Mike’s short dark hair up with butterfly clips and scrunchies. The three of them squeeze together on the couch, pizza in hand, to watch a marathon of Disney movies, in which Mike quotes his favorite lines with frighteningly accurate impressions and El badgers him into singing the duets with her because they both know he knows them by heart (when Holly’s little, she doubles over in giggles at this, but when she’s a bit older, she rolls her eyes at their silliness). Holly always protests when it’s time for bed, even if she knows it’s futile, just so Mike will instigate a tickle fight and El catches her off guard so they can carry her to bed. They have a cutthroat competition in the bathroom over who can brush their teeth the longest (somehow the two teens always seem to give up right around the two minute mark, leaving Holly as the winner). El kisses each of the stuffed animals goodnight, and Mike checks the closet routinely for monsters. Even when she’s a little older, Holly can’t shake the strange chill going down her back whenever the nightlight flickers, almost as if she’s seen something like it before, something much more sinister….But those nights with Mikey and Ellie in the house, just downstairs snuggling in their matching flannel dinosaur pajamas reading books or watching Star Wars, Holly knows deep in her heart that the monster can’t get her, and all is right in the world 

man, don’t know about you, but i have spent most of today just kinda trying to hold myself together

so hey, wanna make a list of happy things? i’ll start:

  • the memory of my cousin’s three-year-old going absolutely APESHIT with joy when we convinced the d.j. at my brother’s wedding reception to play her favorite song (from the madagascar 2 soundtrack, natch) and the adults (including my brother’s super-hip friends) enthusiastically danced along and let her take little solos

Infinite list of favorite movies| (in no particular order)→  Roll Bounce                                        ↳  In the immortal words of my cousin, Rudy Rambo III, from the East Side, there’s three types of people in this world - people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who get Pimp Slapped for not having Rudy Rambo’s money on time.


As long as I am here, you will not die…

My favorite Dijun x Feng Jiu sequence ever is this one in ep 56.

Suffice it to say, that any pretence Dijun made of impartiality is long gone, what with saying things like that (reminding me awfully of Lu Bu x Diao Chan in Three Kingdoms 2010 - not a happy flashback seeing how those two ended up), stroking her face, holding her in his arms, and actually looking totally freaked out when she’s hurt even he’s normally as movable as a block of ice. 

Also, Feng Jiu has totally repaid any life debt - she saved his life twice here - once by preventing him from rushing to fight Ghost King because he’d be toast in a second with all his powers currently removed (I knew something like that was going to happen and his powers were removed for plot reasons because with his full powers he could fight the king pretty well and no Ye Hua sacrifice would be necessary). And then taking that bolt meant for him - she survived but he has less powers so he probably wouldn’t have.

I love how pragmatic Feng Jiu is, btw - she basically tells Dijun that if his fight was in any way useful, she’d just die with him and be done but there is no point in him fighting at all, so why die for nothing. ILY, Feng Jiu!

Last but not least, Feng Jiu, like myself, clearly has a thing for dudes who look like Tolkien’s elves.

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Favorite holiday?

It’s Thanksgiving, by far. Not even close. It’s not commercialized (unless you count the supermarket), and it’s about being grateful for what you have, not about asking for or expecting to get more things.

Also, it focuses on three of my four favorite F’s in the world, family, food and football. If I could only find a way to incorporate the 4th “F”… that would be the best holiday ever.


After a battle lasting many ages,

The Devil won,

And he said to God

(who had been his Maker):


We are about to witness the unmaking of Creation

By my hand.

I would not wish you

to think me cruel,

So I beg you, take three things

From this world before I destroy it.

Three things, and then the rest will be

wiped away.”

God thought for a little time.

And at last He said:

“No, there is nothing.”

The Devil was surprised.

“Not even you, Lord?” he said.

And God said:

“No. Not even me.”

-From Memories of the World’s End

Author Unknown

(Christopher Carrion’s favorite poem)

Days of Magic, Nights of War

Clive Barker

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my favorite part of Spanish class was always learning about the culture of Latin American countries but my teacher last year said "you all know about Mexico. you've spent three years in Mexico. Let's learn about the Caribbean" and it was fun learning about all the other places don't get me wrong BUT I REMEMBER NOTHING ABT MEXICO BC THE LAST TIME A TEACHER WENT OVER IT WAS AP WORLD SOPHOMORE YEAR pls tell us abt Mexico, please. i love learning about history and culture more than anything

YOOOO history is literally my favorite thing in the entire world and everyone knows whatever the fuck about US history and european history BUT LITERALLY WHAT ABOUT LATIN AMERICA!!!!!!! WE ARE SUCH INTERESTING PEOPLE WITH INCREDIBLE CULTURES and it would be a lie if i didnt say mexican history is my favorite one but YOU KNOW WHAT!!!! ill teach yall everything about mexico someday (and hopefully like !!!! other places too!!!!! i love peru’s history but i dont have a 16 page essay abt that one lmfao) 

in the meantime tho i can talk about my favorite period which, as i mentioned before, is the french intervention and the second mexican empire????

  • so like. it’s 1862 and mexico is a MESS
  • we have benito juarez (he’s on the $20 bill and his birthday is the 21st of march and it’s a national holiday so i dont have to go to school tomorrow GRACIAS BENI TE AMO) he was mexico’s “liberal” president at the time and he’d JUST finished fighting the guerra de reforma 
    • brief summary of guerra de reforma: mexico wanted to separate the state and the church and basically strip the church and the military of EVERYTHING they had and so benito and his friends (lerdo de tejada and iglesias) published some laws and NOBODY liked them the country was completely split in half (conservatives signed a treaty with spain and liberals //almost// signed a treaty with US (which would have absolutely SUCKED let me tell u)) and no one wanted to recognize benito as president but eventually they DID recognize him as president and the liberals won the war yay
  • anyway he owed A LOT OF MONEY to some european countries (over $136 million pesos, about $7 million dollars today) but because mexico was recovering from the guerra de reforma he briefly suspended paying the country’s external debt and europe FREAKED THE FUCK OUT
  • france, england and spain got together and they were like “???? the fuck is wrong with benito juarez why is he not paying us??????” and decided they had to !!!! INTERVENE!!!!!! and so between queen victoria, isabel ii from spain and napoleon iii they decided that they were going to fight mexico
  • because that’s EXACTLY how mexico was going to be able to pay them $136 million fucking pesos. by getting into another war. lmfao @vic, isabel and napoleon
  • anyway mexico actually defeats france (WHAT ??? I KNOW) on may 5th 1863 and that’s why 5 de mayo is a thing that’s celebrated (and to this day i really don’t know why american people do it because it has literally NOTHING to do with them but ~whatever~)
  • NOT SO FAST THOUGH despite beating them, the french still manage to somehow take over and take puebla (the place where the battle went down) and almost all mexican territory is packed with french soldiers. how did this happen?? i do not know
  • benito juarez fucking FLEES the country
  • and napoleon iii decides that the ONE thing mexico needs to thrive as a country is a european, conservative emperor (lmfao) so he and the conservatives choose archduke maximilian of austria (bae) to be mexico’s second emperor (the first one was agustin de iturbide back in 1821, not bae)
  • napoleon iii and maximilian sign a treaty where napoleon states that his french troops would remain in mexico for six years to aid maximilian in his first few years as emperor
  • AND SO ON JUNE 1864 MAXIMILIAN AND HIS WIFE CARLOTA (BAE!!!!!) ARRIVE TO MEXICO CITY AND MAKE EL CASTILLO DE CHAPULTEPEC THEIR HOME (MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ITS SO BEAUTIFUL literally if you have the chance to come to mexico city only once in your life PLEASE go to el castillo de chapultepec i will go with you and we can scream together)
  • (a lil fun fact about el castillo de chapultepec: among some nice things, maximilian wanted his wife carlota to have THE BEST VIEW in the entire country so the castle is surrounded by a giant fucking ass forest and in the distance you can see mexico’s main road, today called paseo de la reforma, but back in the day maximilian named it paseo de la emperatriz (road of the empress, empress meaning carlota) and it was made so that when he was away, carlota could see him leave and then LATER could see him as he returned to their home. what a pure)
  • anyway so after a few months with him in the throne it turns out THAT MAXIMILIAN IS A LIBERAL I CANT STOP SCREAMING IVE BEEN SCREAMING SINCE 1864
  • everything is kinda calm and steady until 1866 when for some reason napoleon iii FORGETS about the treaty he and maximilian signed and retreats the french armies from mexico because he was being threatened by prussia. this leaves maximilian completely defenceless 
  • and even tho mexico kinda liked maximilian theyre like “hey. isnt this the PERFECT time for a lil revolution???” and they kill maximilian in 1867 :((((
  • carlota remains in mexico for a while but she goes insane with grief like. she literally goes bat SHIT crazy and starts eating her bed sheets and stuff. my girl :((((
  • and so benito juarez returns to mexico city and the french never ever bother us again 
  • except when porfirio diaz arrives and literally wants to TURN mexico into france, but that’s for a different post

hope u enjoyed!!!!!!!

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms cdrama, ep 1-12

Yep, that kissee is our hero who can shape-shift into a baby snake/dragon…and nope, it’s not as weird as you think that would be. In the current semi-lull in kdramaland, only a special kind of drama can take you out of a drama funk, and 3L3W (Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/Eternal Love) is exactly that. Aside from having probably the longest drama title ever, it’s also the longest drama I’ve ever dived into. The 58 episodes here look manageable as the drama will encompass three reincarnations of the leads. The 45-minute episode feels just right and nothing feels draggy (yet).

If gods, reincarnation, and enduring love that transcends even death is your kind of thing then give this a shot. My favorite part about Goblin (*spoilers*) is Eun Tak and Shin’s rediscovery of each other after their separation—and this drama will give that angst to me three times? The very thing you know that will hurt you, but you can’t stay away as it will hurt oh-so-good. I’ve finally found a good fantasy romance in the same vein as Wu Xin, and 3L3W definitely has bigger budget than the former based on the production set and dreamy costumes. The effects are so tastefully done, it blends with the scene and does not distract you out of the story.

The first 7 episodes were easy to watch, but it’s after that where I kept finding myself reaching for that next episode. The actors all look so fine and ethereal as immortals. Main lead Mark Chao has certain angles that remind me of So Ji Sub. He plays the ever-proper crown prince immortal that has to place his duty to the throne first and foremost, and it’s adorable seeing signs of crack in his stoic armor due to our heroine.

There’s also royal politicking among gods but it’s more of a side plot, and the central story is the relationships among the characters from the different realms. Gods that morph into mythical creatures for battles between heaven/earth, and who engage in forbidden romances while doing so? Pinch me, did I just fall headfirst into my fave urban fantasy romance book?



  •  NAME: belle / b
 •   PRONOUNS:  she/her
 •   SEXUALITY:  bisexual
 •   TAKEN OR SINGLE: single.


  oo1:  i can draw and sing.
  oo2:  i practice tai chi two times a week.
  oo3:  brownies are my favorite thing in the world.

 •   HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): 5-6 years, on and off
 •   PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  tumblr, discord, chatzy, others.
 •   BEST EXPERIENCE: for better or for worse, meeting the love of my life.

•   FEMALE OR MALE:  i am more comfortable with male muses, but i love the challenge of writing females.
•   PLOTS OR MEMES:  and. memes sometimes kickstart plots.
•   LONG OR SHORT REPLIES:  and. it really helps keep muse going to have both types.
•   BEST TIME TO WRITE: on a rainy day.
•   ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): not really nope. they’re all stronger and braver than i am.

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Writing Self Evaluation 2016

Tagged by @dickie-gayson like THREE WEEKS AGO I’m so behind T.T

1. Lists of works published this year (2016):

Poop this is actually a way longer list than I thought it would be O.O hold up a moment: Tiny Miracles, Lyrium’s Boon, Souls Between Worlds, Family of the Unexpected Variety, The Iron Bull Interlude, A Myriad of Broken Things, Watching Stars Watch Her, Vivienne Interlude (quite possibly one of my favorite things I’ve ever written), and of course Lyrium’s Bane ^.^

2. Work you are most proud of (and why):

Lyrium’s Bane, because it’s the most complex thing I’ve ever attempted and I honestly don’t even care if it sucks technically or people end up hating it because i love it so much and it’s my baby ^.^

3. Work you are least proud of (and why):

Probably Family of the Unexpected Variety, just cause I don’t feel like I’m doing it justice to what I have in my head …

4. A favorite excerpt of your writing:


5. Share or describe a favorite review you received:

Had someone freak out in my inbox over cliffhangers and that was honestly the most entertaining thing XD

6. A time when writing was really, really hard:

Swim season conjoined with a CFS flare. I’ve had literally no energy, all I did for almost four months was work and sleep. Literally. That’s it. That’s been my life since November.

7. A scene or character you wrote that surprised you:

I think I mentioned this in the notes of the chapter when I updated, but the scene in the first full chapter of LB after the Hawke’s are introduced? Ila and Garrett have a moment in the gardens and I absolutely thought they were gonna kiss but Garrett turned out to be a bit more insightful than I thought and he quit the scene early. It made things really sweet, but it was absolutely not how I expected that scene to go XD

8. How did you grow as a writer this year:

Well my first fic was posted at the end of November of 2015, so basically a lot of my growth as a writer this year comes down to I WROTE. And I wrote A LOT, considering. Idk I’ve become way more analytical about writing and I’ve learned how to identify the how behind what other people write and I’m trying to incorporate some of those things into my own writing

9. How do you hope to grow next year:

More of the same! More reading, more writing, I wanna see about getting betas for stuff and kicking my brain things in the pants so they don’t let critiques be anything but constructive 

10. Who was your positive influence as a writer (could be another writer or cheerleader or muse etc etc):

@themarydragon and @e153n and @halfblood-fiend and @thesecondsealwrites and @princess–stabbity and @maharielofficial and @fayts-albel and @slothquisitor (I know that’s more than one but) Y’all have been so encouraging all the time and give amazing advice and invested in so many different ways in me doing things and especially when my brain things SUCK you’re all just still there and it’s amazing and I adore all of you so much <3

11. Anything from real life show up in your writing this year:

Anything neurodivergent … and Ila’s swimming. I’ve never competed at that level, but the swimming and the singing there are totally me. Annabelle being stubborn about things is me too. And we haven’t gotten there yet, but Annabelle coming to terms with what Turner’s put her through is very me as well with how I had to come to terms with what my mother did to me.

12. Any new wisdom you can share with other writers:

Just start writing! It’s not as scary as it seems and there are more people willing to support you and be kind than there are that are dicks.

13. Any projects you’re looking forward to starting (or finishing) in the new year:

Hopefully will finish LB this year, and I also want to finish up at least two of my shorter fics, hopefully Tiny Miracles and Family.

14. Tag three writers whose answers you’d like to read:

@themarydragon @thesecondsealwrites @joriesilver and anyone who wants to do it! ^.^

papermoon262  asked:

Questions 1-15 ^_^

1. things that inspire you

I find inspiration is literally everything. In fact, most of my story ideas come from basic things I do every day. However, I do draw a lot of inspiration from my family (my brother is one of the most creative people I know) and music.

2. things that motivate you

I am literally the laziest person out there, so very few things actually motivate me to write. One of them is the readers. Basically everyone who reads my stories is so supportive and I love you all to death.

3. name three favorite writers

Fanfic wise, my faves are @bellamysgirl, @lydamartin and @catarcher. As for real world authors, I love Victoria Aveyard, Marissa Meyer and Sarah J. Maas.

4. name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

Yikes there are so many! But probably in number one place is Shakespeare. When I was a kid, my dad told be all the Shakespeare stories and I still love them to this day. I guess I just want to be able to write stories as magical as his one day. Next is Hans Christian Anderson. His stories are just so beautiful, and I always dray inspiration from fairy tales. Lastly, Kenneth Oppel. The Matt Cruse series is one I have reread so many times that the cover has literally fallen off the first book. I just adore that series and one day I want to have stories as incredible as that.

5. since how long do you write?

I’ve been thinking up stories in my head since I was a toddler, but I actually only started writing when I was eight.

6. how did writing change you?

Writing really changed my life because it gave me a sort of escape from everything. As well, the first actual, finished story I wrote, my friends convinced me to enter in my school’s short story competition. I got an honourable mention on it, and I eventually won it two years later. I’ve connected with so many people through writing and it’s something I love to do.

7. early influences on your writing

I guess the biggest influence on my writing is my family. They’ve always inspired me. We also used to travel a lot, so visiting different places was always something that gave me lots of ideas. My dad also loves mythology, and he used to read the Greek myths to me all the time. These still inspire me today.

8. what time are you most productive?

Usually, it’s write when I’m not actually writing (did you catch the pun?) I get really creative in school or when I’m in the shower. 

9. do you set yourself deadlines?

I suck at following deadlines, so I barely even try.

10. how do you do your researches?

Honestly, I don’t usually do that much research before I write. It’s only if I realize something doesn’t make sense or I need background information. Then, I usually just do a google search and see what comes up.

11. do you listen to music when writing?

I do! I usually have a playlist for every story, so I just put that on shuffle.

12. favorite place to write

Hmm, I’m not really sure about this one. I write everywhere I can, so there isn’t really a definitive answer.

13. hardest character to write

I hate to say it, but it’s definitely Vivian. I have so much inspiration for her, but physically writing Ashes makes me want to throw my computer across the room.

14. easiest character to write

I have an unpublished OUAT OC named Zara. I really associate with her, so she’s super easy to write.

15. hardest verse to write

Harry Potter. That stuff is too complex for me. Plus, Those spells are hell to spell.

Yesterday you came over
And you brought posters
I have all three
Hanging on my walls now
My room looks less bare

The one I love
Is the one with your favorite quote
It hangs on the wall
Across from my bed
So when I lay on my side
I see it before I sleep

You left early this morning
Not from my house, but yours
Before you left my house yesterday
I gave you one of the things
Most precious to me in the world
Material wise at least

I told you it would keep you safe
That it was special
That it was important you take it today
So that I didn’t worry

Of course I worried anyways
I always do
I always will

You made it home alive
I think the coin helped

And maybe it’s silly
And maybe it’s insane
But I’ve had one thing on my mind
Since yesterday
That has been trying to force its way
Out of my mouth
I don’t even know if it’s true
Which is why I’ll only write it here
And not say it aloud

I love you