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Oh man I didn't know there were multiple occasions// ahh I've been a casual Shinee Stan of like three year and I want to get to know them! And then I saw all these posts about Minho hugging my little guy :'( and honestly any video of that would be just fine

minho hugging the little guy is actually my favorite thing so i’m just going to tell u about every time it’s happened (that i know of) so i can remember there is a good thing in this world and that good thing is minho

juliette win 090605

jonghyun is a precious sobbing mess. while minho doesn’t swoop in to save him until about 1:10, jonghyun spends that first minute sobbing loudly into the shoulders of some sj members before minho comes in to wipe his tears away and  hold him really close and pictures from this day also make me really emotional

tokyo dome 150315

honestly every second of this video makes me emotional more than words can express. key starts crying first and jjong goes into hug him while the other members stand to the side and smile at them. at about 6:00, key points out that jjong has started to cry and Precious Sunshine Boy minho comes in to pat his back. jonghyun then makes the most pathetic and emotional waddle over to hug taemin, then jinki–all while minho babe is standing off to the side, waiting for jjong–spitty, teary, boogery jjong–to hug him too at about 7:03. minho is extra precious here because he sways while they’re hugging and pats him a lot and i just ;;;; minho ;;;;

swc iii 140309

jjong bb just ;;; so ;;; teary and emotional. honestly he’s such an ugly and gross crier i wouldn’t come near him yet minho is just “my bro :’)”. he even wipes jjong’s tears away with his thumb and holds him from the side and then gets him a towel to cry into. minho is such a good boy.

blue night 170403

throughout this whole broadcast i just wanted someone to swoop in and hug jonghyun since he was crying so hard but no one did… and then minho came in to save the day. to save the Tiny Man. as soon as minho appears jjong does this weird thing with his neck, almost like he didn’t want minho to come, but then he gets up from his chair and minho is walking toward him with his arms outstretched and jjong just //melts//. he goes all limp in minho’s arms and lets minho sway him around. then at the end they hug again and pat each other’s butts and it’s so important to me.

in conclusion minho is the sweetest human being ever and there’s no one i’d rather have wipe away jjong bb’s tears ;;;

One of my favorite things from Night Vale is this part from Episode 21, A Memory of Europe

“Simone Rigadeau – the transient living in a recycling closet in the Earth Sciences building at Night Vale Community College – released a statement today, saying that the world has ended.
“The world ended three or four decades ago,” she scrawled on a Subway sandwich wrapper. “I don’t know what this thing is that we’re living in, but it’s not the world.”“

Just that concept and phrasing is amazing

The world ended.
Whatever this is, it is not the world

And as time goes on you slowly find out that the world really did end and she is the only person who kept her memory from that timeline

For work reasons, I regularly have to stand up in front of a bunch of people I have never met before, and talk to them. Usually it’s about fifteen people, but at conference time my seminars have upwards of seventy-five people or more in the audience.

For years, public speaking was not my favorite thing; I dreaded it more than anything else in the world. But I love it now, and I’ve been told I’m good at it, so I’m gonna share some tips. 

  1. Freak out. Go ahead. Give yourself permission to panic about having to stand up in front of a bunch of people and give a speech. Go. Panic, scream, cry, complain to the world. Just get it out of your system - really get it all out in one go. You can have anywhere from ten minutes to three hours, depending on how close this due date is. But however long you take, know that when you’re done freaking out, that’s it - it’s work time now.
  2. Make an outline. Write down the main points you want to cover. Dates, theories, equations, all of the Big Stuff. Write them all down in the beginning, so you won’t forget them later.
  3. Once the Big Stuff is written down, start filling in details: what’s important about this date, explain this theory, what’s the application for this equation. If it seems relevant, give examples (but limit it to one or two easy examples per item; overfilling with examples can lead to your audience forgetting what you were talking about)
  4. If you are making a PowerPoint - start transferring that outline into your slides. Don’t worry about design, format, animations, none of that right now. It shouldn’t be pretty at the beginning, all you need is your information on the slides. Make sure your slides are simple and not stuffed with information. Font size should be at least 28 for every bit of text - if you need to shrink it down to fit your information on, move it to the next slide or user fewer words.
  5. Write your speech in bullet points. Resist the urge to write it out word-for-word. If you write it out word-for-word and practice from that and nothing else, one of two things is probably going to happen: you will recite the speech as you have written and it will come across as a recitation rather than a presentation, or you will forget a word somewhere in the middle and stumble over yourself. Writing your speech in bullet points lets you fill in the transitions as you’re practicing; your flow will be more even and natural when you’re speaking, and you won’t get caught up in what the next word is supposed to be.
  6. Practice. Practice, practice, practice. Do not, under any circumstances, wing it. If you wing it, you will feel unprepared, so you will come across as unprepared, and you will probably forget important details or be surprised when a particular slide shows up. Practice until you are tired of your topic, practice until you want to murder your topic and bury it out in the back.
  7. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a sentence and realizing you have no more air left. When you’re practicing, make note of where you should breathe.
  8. Practice with an audience that can interact with you (your dog is a loving and supportive friend, but your dog can’t tell that you’re talking too fast). You need to give your speech to someone who will give you honest feedback - it can be an audience of one. Make it clear to them how you want their help: do you want them to critique your content, your presentation skills, or both.
  9. Preparation is equally as important as practicing. Check your PowerPoint - are all your animations working correctly? Is everything spelled right? Do you have legible notecards written in a way that will help you? Do you have an outfit planned (you want to look nice, but you also want to be comfortable)?
  10. Three days before, stop tweaking it. Stop making major changes. Go ahead and change the wording, but do not add any new content (and do not remove content unless it really is garbage). Up until now you’ve been practicing with a certain set of content, and throwing new content in at the last minute can unsettle your pacing and structure - it’s information you haven’t had nearly as much time as practice.
  11. One day before, leave it alone completely. It’s locked. Done. It’ll be what it’ll be. 24 hours before your speech is not the time to making any kind of adjustments to it. You’ve practiced what you have, you know you can rock what you have, so you’re going to give what you have.
  12. If steps 9 and 10 have both failed for any number of reasons (which is fine! happens to me all the time), then this is the rule you need to pay attention to. For the love of everything you find holy, do not make changes to your speech right before you give it. This has the same effect as winging it, and all the practice you’ve done will be for nothing.
  13. Get a good night’s sleep. Be hydrated. Eat breakfast (but not a super big special breakfast that might upset your stomach; eat your normal breakfast, even if that’s toaster pastries and a can of soda). Dress in layers, so you can remove or add a layer as necessary and not be freezing or sweating up there.
  14. Go first, if you have the option. Seriously. Volunteer to go first. You’ll get it out of the way, and you’ll be done. More importantly, you won’t be watching everyone else’s presentations/speeches while worrying about your own - that’s a super easy way to psych yourself out. So go first, or at least go early.

Other tips!

  1. Watch stand-up comedy. What stand-up comedy teaches you is timing, pacing, and audience interaction. Stand-up comics stand in front of people and talk to them for a living - they just happen to be funny when they do it. Study them for timing and pacing: where do they pause, for how long, how do they transition two wildly different topics together, etc. Stand-up comics are great at handling unpredictable audiences.
  2. PowerPoint animations: never use slide transitions, and the only animation you should ever use is “appear.” The “appear” animation controls what’s on the slide at any given time and is helpful for both you and the audience (though don’t make stuff disappear once it’s already on the slide). You won’t rush over yourself trying to move on to the next topic, because the next topic isn’t visible yet.
  3. Also on PowerPoint: know where your slides end. Create a little circle or square in the bottom corner that’s just a shade or two darker than the background color, and have it be the last thing to appear on the slide. Your audience won’t notice it, but it’ll be an indicator for you that the slide’s over and you’re moving on.
  4. If it’s speech with a time limit, have a buddy keep time by holding up a piece of paper with how much time you have remaining. Since you’ve practiced, you should know about how long your speech is, but you may speed up or slow down in front of people and you need to know about that. Be clear with them up front about what they need to tell you: you don’t want to be suddenly blindsided with 2:00 LEFT, but neither do you want to be warned every five minutes.
  5. Have a buddy give you signals. I talk super fast in front of people, so I always have someone in the back of the room to give me the “slow down” hand signal. You may also get really quiet, and you need someone to tell you to speak up. If at all possible, you want to adjust your speed or volume before someone in the audience points it out to you, which can interrupt your rhythm and train of thought.
  6. If you talk with your hands, talk with your hands. If you want to stand still, stand still. If you like jokes, tell jokes. If you need Star Trek references, make them. Let yourself be yourself. You’re already in an uncomfortable situation, and trying to silence something fundamental about who you are is going to make it so much worse. Be yourself in front of a crowd - you will be a lot more interesting, and a lot more fun (and have a lot more fun), than everyone else who’s trying to be as flat as possible.

If you have any questions or want some extra advice or anything, I’m happy to help!

30 Day Know Yourself Challenge

This challenge is one that will help you think creatively about yourself. It’s important to understand yourself as a person and as a being in this world. Really think about your answers and how you want to answer these questions.

Here’s my set up. I kept it pretty simple for this challenge.

1. Write your highs and lows of the past year. 

2. Three things you are terrified of. 

3. Write one sentence describing yourself.

4. Your favorite quote. 

5. Three ways to win your heart. 

6. Write what you want to say to someone who hurt you.

7. Describe your perfect spouse in five words.

8. List two weird things you do when you’re alone.

9. Write about something you miss. 

10. List six things that make you smile. 

11. Five pet peeves. 

12. Name a fictional character that is most like you and why.

13. Write one sentence describing your favorite place. 

14. List your top five favorite songs. 

15. Write about the importance of education. 

16. Describe your favorite color without saying it within two sentences.

17. Write about your best friend. 

18. Write your views on religion.

19. List your favorite places to eat. 

20. Write about what makes you nervous. 

21. List your top five favorite fictional characters.

22. Describe your dream job. 

23. Write your views on a topic that you are passionate about. 

24. Write about your earliest memory. 

25. List six interesting facts about yourself. 

26. Describe your favorite vacation memory. 

27. Name your favorite movie and describe it in one sentence. 

28. List your top five favorite non-fictional characters. 

29. Doodle a flower to relax. 

30. Describe a place you’d love to live. 

25 Surprising Things Part 2 of 2
  • Travis: Now the terrible, stupid thing that Cosmo has done here is they asked guys to submit them on twitter. So these are straight up submissions.
  • Griffin: Before we start, can I say that the thing that turns me on most in this world is exploring the secrets of the vagina? The seventeen dark secrets.
  • ...
  • Travis: Some of my favorites on this list - Number two is, "That early in the morning or tired at night phone voice." Which translates to me of like, 'Can we please just go to bed? Why are you up so early?' Number three, "Girls who swim."
  • Justin: Like, mermaids?
  • Travis: I guess!
  • Griffin: 'She's moist all the time, she smells like chlorine. I love it.'
  • Travis: Number eight, all caps, "PAYING FOR YOUR OWN DINNER."
  • Griffin: 'Mm, got a major boner. She pulls out that visa and this boner just jumps right off.'
  • Justin: 'You should see when the guy at Chili's is like, is this together or separate? And she's like, together, but he's with me.'
  • ...
  • Travis: "If you can spin around while you're riding it." Wheeee!
  • Griffin: 'It' being your office chair, right? And not your penis because that's not possible.
  • ...
  • Travis: Number twelve, "A chick that will play PS3 with me."
  • Griffin: 'While sitting on it and spinning.'
  • ...
  • Travis: Number seventeen, "Good credit."
  • Justin: Fuck you.
  • Griffin: Fuckin' stop it.
  • ...
  • Griffin: 'Listen baby, uh, we had a special night and you know I'm tryna crush some, gotta see if you can sit and spin, but first I gotta get on and just like find out what you're workin' with. Is it in the 500s?'
  • Justin: 'Do you have a PDF you could forward to me?'

I’m only 11 chapters into the book but reactions so far:

  • Loving that Calypso is having a complex reaction about being off her island
  • Leo can fit into a seven year olds clothes????
  • 4 entire people have been decapitated
  • I feel like I shouldn’t be as emotionally attached to Apollo as I decidedly am but there’s no escape in sight
  • Can’t believe this loser has to fight his super hot ex-boyfriend
  • “You know that feeling when you think you might have fathered someone”
  • So first of all: Goddess of nets? second of all: I love her
  • Leo finds decent vegetarian recipes and immediately gets them for Piper my heart
  • Those face monster things??? Give me a very clear image in my head of something from when I was a kid or something??? But I can’t place it???
  • Meg gave her captors the slip and I’m proud of her but I hope she never finds out that lead directly to the death of three people because I really don’t think she’d handle that well omg
  • When Apollo was giving his ‘last words’ and Calypso was his chorus and Leo was doing an interpretive dance in his underwear while trying to discreetly get to the bulldozer: A+ this is what I’m here for
  • Three Mile Island was caused by Hephaestus and Ares duking it out with chainsaws: I require details
  • As a general psa I still love Leo Valdez you can’t stop me
  • This oracle thing was so fucking? bizarre? Confront your nightmares and then if you don’t go insane we might be able to make a prophecy? Like what the fuck @ the ancient world I can see why Delphi was the more popular option omfg
  • Apollo’s constant inner monologue is just my favorite tbh
  • Apollo constantly threatening Leo who just waves him off like ‘sure buddy’ or holds the valdezinator™ above him lmao
  • Are we ever gonna see Festus again or
  • You know those really nice combat lesbians???? The ones that are sweet and hospitable to everyone and try to live happy and healthy lives and are trained fighters and are the only ones who can keep each other calm??? You know them???? GIVE THEM THEIR FUCKING DAUGHTER BACK
How to Write an APUSH DBQ

Each AP History class has slightly different DBQ rules so just make sure you’re writing the proper way. The average score for the DBQ is a 3 out of 9 which is bad for how easy the essay is. In my opinion, it’s the easiest essay and can be fun. You have to know outside information but you’re also given a lot. Plus, you learn some weird stuff. But basically, make it your strength. You need one good essay, one really solid essay, to do well. Knowing how to do it is half the fight and a rather easy one at that.

That being said, they changed the rubric, so if there are things I am missing, tell me! 

Understanding the DBQ

  • This is something I wish people would have told me so I’m going to tell you. The DBQ is a conversation. It’s going to flow like one. The documents are just that- documents. They are what you use to construct your conversation. You use those documents as examples and use outside knowledge for other examples. You’re talking about a topic, your thesis, and the evidence is the stuff you know and the documents. Thinking about it in those terms should help, I think. 

During the reading time

  • Read the question and rewrite exactly what it’s asking. This sounds stupid but it really helps. It’s super easy to answer the wrong question. Make sure your essay talks about the question. 
  • Take small notes about each document as you go, use easy words like positive, negative, social, political, economic, ect. You won’t know the groupings until you finish all the documents so it’s nice to have a few quick options. 
  • Read the documents once through, and then do back and decide exactly what your plan is
  •  You aren’t required to have a certain amount of groups but I like doing three. Make sure the groups answer the question. Go back and take note of what group each document is in. 
  • Underline or somehow mark just a line or two in every document. Don’t try to reread the document every time, just focus on that statement. It doesn’t work all the time but enough to make it worthwhile. 
  • Circle the author. It helps so you can analyze the point of view and bias and all that later on. 
  • Write down some stuff you know about what’s going on in the document. You need 50% outside information so little notes here and there help. 
  • STAY ORGANIZED!!!!!!Everything I tell you to do in this section is basically to keep organized. It’s the way I do it. If you have another system that works, go for it. 
  • Write your thesis before the reading time is up. It saves time so when it’s time to write, you’re ready. I promise you, having it written is extremely helpful. If anyone wants a whole post on how to write a good thesis, I’ll be happy to do it. 

Writing the Essay

  • Start by writing the document numbers on the front page of the documents. Cross each number out as you use that document. It’s the easiest way to keep track. You need to use all the documents. Make sure you don’t lose points on this. It’s simple and it’s a point. 
  • You don’t need an intro paragraph. A quick opening sentence or two if you want and then jump into your thesis. 
  • The thesis should reflect what you’re going to talk about. Use words from the prompt, include the years that your essay takes place. Make it specific, just do it. It feels weird but specific is important.
  • Again, just use every document. If you don’t know what a document is saying, use words like “perhaps” and then talk about it. Just try. Take a few extra minutes to understand, it’s worth it. 
  • Don’t use the word document. Use the author’s name or the document’s title. Example: “Document 4 states that the Constitution never said a national bank could be created so some people believed that it was not legal” is a bad sentence. Don’t do it. Instead say “Jefferson believed a national bank was unconstitutional (Doc 4)." 
  • Do put (Doc #) at the end of the sentence where you reference the document. Just do it. The graders want to see it. It’s also easy to look back and check that you used all the documents
  • I have always been told to not quote the documents. Paraphrase them. Use at most ten words. Analyze the words don’t just use them. 
  • For every document you use, write about some outside information. It’s the easiest way to make sure you have enough outside sources. Talk about who wrote the document or what what made them feel that way if you lack anything else. 
  • New this year I guess you have to connect it to broader topics and processes? So don’t forget that. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT PART! Sorry I can’t help with it. 
  • Analyze point of view and bias for all documents. This is my favorite part. Just talk about why people might think a certain way. It’s often pretty obvious. Don’t forget to mention it though.  
  • For a conclusion, just scribble more BS down or just restate your thesis. Save your energy for other things.

General Tips

  • Make inferences. Doesn’t have to be right, just sound right. 
  • Writing the essay feels like running a marathon. Just keep going, keep moving forward and don’t take breaks. Keep a steady pace, you have three essays to get through
  • You don’t have all the time in the world so keep that in mind but I rushed mine when I didn’t have to and I regret it. Take your time but not that much time. Find a balance is what I’m trying to say.
  • The DBQ is probably going to be the easiest essay so take your time, make sure you get all the points possible, and then move on. 
  • Believe in yourself. You’ve worked hard all year for this. You know what you know and you have the skills you need to do well. Just trust yourself and don’t freak out. 
  • You might read the topic and be lost. Just keep working through it. Typically things will sort themselves out in your head. 
  • Keep your handwriting legible and make sure you’re happy writing in pen. 
  • Bring a pen. Pretty important. 

Sorry this is so long! If I missed anything, feel free to tell me. If you want more posts like this, I’ll be happy to do it. If you need help with anything history, I’m happy to help. 

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  • 웃: what my muse would leave to people in their will
  • ♛: the pettiest thing my muse has ever done
  • ★: five things most people don't know about my muse
  • ☄: the last five Googles searches my muse made
  • ✉: the last five text messages my muse sent
  • ☢: how would my muse fare in a zombie apocalypse?
  • ☣: how would my muse fare in the hunger games?
  • ☠: how my muse would choose to die, if it were up to them
  • ♂: three names my muse might name their son
  • ♀: three names my muse might name their daughter
  • ♫: my muse's five favorite songs
  • ☤: the last time my muse went to the hospital and why
  • ▽: the first job my muse ever had
  • ☃: what my muse does when it snows
  • ☎: the last person my muse made a phone call to and why
  • ♠: the riskiest thing my muse has ever done
  • ➹: what my muse would do on their 21st birthday if they had all the money in the world
  • ☞: five things my muse is good at
  • ☜: five things my muse sucks at
  • ✄: what my muse would say to the mun if they had the opportunity

hey there!

i’m going to tell you, right off the bat, most, if not EVERY artist goes through a comparison phase in which we believe we aren’t good enough.
you remind me of one of my best friends, she was on a very similar boat and even getting her to draw anything at all was complicated because of how easily she’d get discouraged. mind you, she was a lot older than 18, in her mid twenties, when this came up. at the time, her art was good, but she refused to see it. even then, she kept practicing and drawing inspiration from her favorite artists whenever she could. today? her art is AMAZING. she improved a fuckton in literally a year and a half.

i improved a lot too since i was 18, and i’m not even that consistent when drawing, i can go months without creating anything, and i still managed to improve merely by observation and understanding, because art has a looot to do with making sense of how the world works three dimensionally, and the older you get, the better your perception of these things get. when i drew a face at 5 years old, in my head? it made perfect sense, it looked amazing. it obviously didn’t. when i was 15, i looked back on the drawing i had made 10 years back and thought, wow, this is total shit. i proceeded to draw another face. “now THIS looks actually good!” i thought at the time. at 23 years old, i look back on those drawings and realize how completely garbage they are, how the anatomy was all wrong, etc, and how somehow my brain was wired to think they were good. in 10 years time i will probably think the same of my drawings now, because your perception is evergrowing and so is your skill, if you exercise it. you don’t have to make a drawing every day. take a couple hours a week and dedicate them to picking up a pencil.

instead of comparing yourself, get inspired. i see artists who are younger than me and draw infinitely better and while at first it’s discouraging, then i realize that their work actually speaks to me and makes me want to keep creating. because each piece of art is, at the end of the day, an original piece that came from your head. so do not compare: observe, appreciate, and learn.

keep creating your art. ✏️

Just Because

A/N: An anon request where Spencer and the Reader’s three year old daughter asks Spencer why he fell in love with her mommy. :D @coveofmemories


As you walked around the kitchen making Spencer’s birthday dinner, Spencer watched as your three-year-old daughter, Lily, ran down the hallway and into his lap. “Happy Birthday, Daddy,” she said, wrapping her little arms around his neck before plopping down into his lap.

“Thank you, my sweet girl,” he said softly as he looked across the living room to where you were dancing around. You didn’t like to cook all that often, but when you did, you tended to go all out, especially for a special occasion. “Mommy should be done with dinner in a little while. You want me to tell you a story while we wait?” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you smile softly. You always loved hearing him tell your daughter stories.

“Yes,” she hissed happily. Saying S-words was especially hard at the moment considering she had a loose tooth. Normally, she didn’t have a preference, but today was different. “Can you tell me why you fell in love with mommy?” She looked between you both and then situated herself more firmly in his lap. 

She was probably expecting a grand and lavish story that turned their love into a fairytale, but in Spencer’s mind, it was the small things you did and said that made him love you - the little things were more important than where you went on your first date or how you looked on your wedding day. “Well,” he started, leaning back into the couch, “I fall in love with mommy over and over again. All the time.” You turned around and blew a kiss in his direction. 

“How do you do that?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with questions still unanswered. 

There were so many reasons he loved you. Where was he even supposed to start? “One reason I love mommy is that even though we work together, and she knows what goes on in my day all the time, when we get home, she still asks me how my day was,” he started. “That makes me realize that no matter how close or far we are away from each other, she still wants to know how I feel at the end of the day. It means she cares about what’s going on in here.” He pointed to your daughter’s heart. “That’s one of the many reasons I love mommy.”

“Tell me more,” she said, bouncing up and down on her father’s lap. “I wanna know all the reasons you love mommy.”

“All of them?” he asked animatedly. “That might take a while.” He’d be talking forever if he truly tried to recount why he loved you so much. Lily didn’t seem to care; she just sat back further into the couch and stared wide-eyed up at her father. “Ok, well another reason I love mommy is because she laughs at all of my really bad jokes.” On your first date all those years ago, you’d told him how much you loved bad puns, and he’d insisted he could tell you one that would make you groan. But it never happened. Your personal favorite was ‘what do you call an educated tube?…a graduated cylinder.’ It was so bad, but that’s why you loved them, and the way his face lit up at your laughter was enough of a reason to continue laughing.

Lily seemed to understand. “You do tell really bad jokes,” she replied with a smile. “But I still love you, so I guess that makes sense. Tell me more.”

As you continued cooking his birthday dinner, you listened in, falling in love with how he was describing the ways you loved him. His voice had an ethereal quality to it that just made you love him more. He told your daughter that you always snuggled up to him first thing in the morning, putting your head in the crook of his neck. Despite the jobs you had, that always made him feel grounded to the good in the world. Continuing, he told Lily how much he loved the messy bun you always put your hair in, how much he enjoyed watching you dance around the kitchen when you thought no one was watching, how he was grateful that you would eat at his favorite restaurant even though you hated it. There were so many little things you did for each other, he began to lose track. 

“Mommy is the most amazing woman in the whole world,” he said, placing Lily in his lap and looking toward you in the kitchen. “She listens to my stories even when she’s tired. When she reads to you, I love hearing her voice do all the different characters voices. I love the fact that at the end of the day, it could just be the three of us and I’d be happy forever. There is so much I love about your mommy.”

Lily looked enthralled, like she could listen to her father recount every single reason he loved you until the end of time. “What’s the biggest reason of all?” she wondered. 

He’d never thought about the biggest reason. It was just so cumulative. But there was one thing. After his father left, he always had this fear that no matter what he did, no one would ever be proud of him. After all, if his own flesh and blood wasn’t proud enough of him to stay, then how would anyone else be proud of him - all of him. He glanced your eye, not breaking eye contact as he spoke. “I think one of the biggest reasons I love mommy is because she’s proud of me. Even if I ramble on about things, or I get a little mean because I’m stressed out, mommy is proud to call me her husband.”

It had been quite a few minutes since you’d paid attention to making dinner. You were too enraptured with Spencer’s voice. “I am always proud to call your daddy, my husband,” you said, walking across the room to sit next to him and your daughter. You leaned over, giving him a soft peck on the lips as Lily looked on.

“Why do you love Daddy?” she asked you. 

Without looking in her direction, you spoke to Spencer, gently grazing his hand with your own. “I love Daddy because he loves me for exactly who I am. I’m a little hot-tempered. I’m a little weird. I like wearing sparkles and the color black. I’m a whole mess of different things, but no matter what I feel like on any particular day, I know that Daddy loves me regardless,” you said, smoothing back your daughter’s light brown hair. “I fell in love with Daddy just because.”

Scarlet Rose (Part One)

TITLE: Scarlet Rose
PAIRING: Gaston x OC
Warnings: None.. I think

A/N: Wow… the response on this is amazing and I’ve only just posted the Sneak! Here’s the full part one as promised! ((Also, for those who are wondering, Gaston will be coming in on either chapter two or three!)) -Author, Arianna


Halls echoed with laughter, music, and the sounds of people’s shoes clanking on the tile floors of the ballroom as they danced. The music… it was my favorite part of these parties my brother always held. Everytime I would sit inside the attic, listening to the music below me with my eyes closed. The sounds took me away to another place- just like the books that sit on my lap. To another world, somewhere where my worries leave me. Somewhere free of responsibility, troubles. Although it was always too good to be true. Like every good thing, it has to come to an end.
“Madame?” A familiar woman’s voice called at the other end of the door, knocking.
“Come in.” I called from my place at the bed, closing the book I was reading and placing it on my lap. A copy of The Twelfth Night, written by one of my favorite writers. The great William Shakespeare.
In came Mrs. Potts and her small son beside her, Chip. I smiled at their company. Unlike everyone else, I was rather fond of the house help here. They were almost like family.
“Hello, Mrs. Potts. Chip.” I said, standing to come and meet them, smoothing out the wrinkles in my simple dress’ skirt.
“Hello, princess!” Chip said with a smile as he wandered around my room, which I didn’t mind.
“Oh, goodness, dearie.” Mrs. Potts said once she saw me. She frowned slightly, her brows creasing “You haven’t even gotten ready and the party has already started!”
I sighed and ran a hand through my untied hair “Who said I was planning to go?”
Mrs. Potts sighed
“If I were a prince, I’d go to every single party!” Chip told me with a big grin
I chuckled and ruffled his hair “I’m sure you would, Chip.”
“Your brother is downstairs, already dancing, expecting you to come down any minute now.” Mrs. Potts told me
I scoffed and rolled my eyes “My ‘darling’ brother the great Prince Adam!” I said sarcastically “Don’t make me laugh. All he has in his mind is himself, how beautiful he looks, and all the beautiful company he keeps with him inside.”
“Now, Princess!” Mrs. Potts chided sternly “Your brother is many things, but he is not vain at heart.” She sighed gently and looked at me with that motherly look in her eye “The entire castle knows how hard your mother’s death has been on the both of you-”
Those words made me tense and sucked in a breath. My mother, the only one I’ve only ever felt close to. After she died, a part of the castle went with her. The real joy in Adam’s eyes, the old look in the face of my father whenever my mother would smile. Nothing has ever been the same. My father… he changed into something I couldn’t even recognize. Slowly, my brother started to change as well. Every bit of him, starting to turn into the man who stole our childhood. With our mother fell the happiness we once loved so dearly. Everytime I’m reminded of her, her last words to me repeat over and over…
“All I want is for you to be happy, my daughter…” She had told me, her eyes soft as if preparing to slumber. Her voice was no louder than a whisper. “Never should you have to follow in anyone’s footsteps… live the life you were meant to live, not the one they tell you that you were born to. Be free to do your will, and be free to love…”
With that, she smiled one final time and her eyes closed, with her breathing slowly pulling to a stop. Beside her bed, I cried. Tears flowed down my face as she died. That was only the beginning of it all.
“Adam has changed.” I said “But… as much as I hate to admit it, he is my brother.”
“And he is expecting you to make an appearance in his party.” Mrs. Potts said
“A party focused on himself and those who he finds ‘beautiful’.” I said with a snort
Mrs. Potts sighed and shook her head “Everyone can change. All he needs is a chance to open his eyes.”
“Help him.” I said and she nodded
For a while, I debated with myself. Family is always something we cannot escape. Whether we like them or not, we have to live with them. Its just a matter of treating them as a burden, or a gift.
“You’re lucky to be able to have a brother.” Chip told me
Strangely, it came to me that he was right. Even with all his flaws.
“Mrs. Potts?”
“Yes, dearie?”
“Thank you.”
She smiled “You’re very welcome, madame.”
“Now, if you don’t mind… can you help me with finding something the people would call decent for a party?”
“Well, well, look who finally decided to join the party!”
With my brother’s voice, everyone suddenly turned to face me. I was standing by the doorway of the ballroom, just having entered and was commited to staying undetected. You can see how well that plan worked out for me. The second I stepped inside, my brother spotted me.
My dress was fitting, loose and flowing at my legs. The fabric was dark blue, a veil of silver fabric placed ontop of the midnight blue, making it sparkle like the night sky. It was far more fancier than anything I usually wore coming from my closet, but Mrs. Potts insisted. If I were supposed to be a princess at the ball, then I should’ve looked the part.
Women who were considered “physically attractive” were dancing in the middle of the ballroom, my brother was in the middle, looking like he always did. Handsome- but the makeup on his face covered most of his natural features. Luckily, I had managed to avoid such fate.
“My darling sister,” Adam said, making his way towards me and turning towards the crowd
“Adam,” I warned. My name was not something I was very fond of. In my perspective, I name holds many things. My past, my origin, what I was born to be. I also believe that I should not let it define me.
“Princess Scarlettina Duerre of France!” Adam said, making me groan internally.
His voice echoed throughout the halls and it made me flinch when my older brother wrapped his arm around my shoulders. What I wouldn’t give to be in the library right now. The crowd applaused, making me want to hide. Anywhere but here. But, for the sake of my brother and the image of my family, I forced a smile at the crowd. If father were here, I’m sure he’d call me a disappointment.
“Ah, I hate you.” I whispered to my brother, still trying to keep my smile on
Adam only chuckled as he too kept his smile “Love you too, little sister.”
My narcissistic, proud, annoying, untolerable, pain in the-
The music started again and the next dance started.
“Care to dance?” A man offered
I looked at the man and like everyone else, he was a handsome, with dark hair and blue eyes.
I looked at him strangely, raising an eyebrow “And you are?”
“Elijah, your majesty.” The man told me with what other girls would call a charming smile. I, for one, was not swooned so easily.
“I’m not much of a dancer, monsieur.” I told him
“Nonsense, you’re fine with your two left feet.” Adam told me. Its a miracle how he can be both teasing and speaking his mind at the same time.
“Go on and dance.”
“Adam,” I warned. The only thing that came out of my mouth was his name but it spoke more than just one sentence. I wanted to say that this wasn’t right, separating those who he thought were appealing to the eye from everyone else. France will be doomed to a reign of stereotypes if he doesn’t stop. As usual, my voice was faltered as the music started.
“May I?” The man- Elijah- said, bowing and holding out a hand
I let out a small sigh “I suppose.”
Adam was right about one thing. I had two left feet. As I danced with Elijah, the only thing that came to my mind was not to trip of step on his foot. Maybe i was overreacting. I wasn’t the worst dancer in France- but I wasn’t perfect either. I took comfort in the fact that royalty like me can still be a bit humane. Although, I wished more would do the same. At the same time, I tried to enjoy myself. Still, as the song ended, I couldn’t help but feel relieved.
“Your majesty.” Elijah kissed my hand and I curtsied, just like how I was taught to. And like that, he was on his way.
“He’d make a brilliant suitor.” Adam, who was standing in the corner, leaning against a pillar, arms crossed and smirking told me
“No.” I said immediately
He chuckled and walked over “Why not?”
“Too soon, I’m not ready, I’ve only just met him-” I listed
“Alright, alright.” He said, hands raised in a joking surrender “But you’re going to have to get married someday.”
“Why? Who says I have to?” I asked with a raised eyebrow
“Its the inevitable thing about being royalty.” Adam told me with an eyeroll “Getting married is about as planned for you as you getting your crown.”
I froze “What?”
“Its father’s will before dying- amongst other things.” Adam straightened and looked at me “You are to be crowned as princess.”
The color from my face instantly faded. No… it couldn’t be. As if my life was as planned out enough. A crown on my head and I loose my freedom. Freedom to escape the castle walls, freedom to do what I want, freedom to choose for myself, freedom to love…
“What?” Adam said, frowning at me
“I’m not ready to take the crown!” I told him, louder than I had expected. It caused many eyes to turn at us, but neither Adam or I cared.
“You’re being childish.” He told me
“And you’re being as ridiculous as you’ve always been!” I countered “You can’t choose everything for me like I’m some simple house pet! You’re not looking out for me- you’re just doing what YOU think is best for yourself!”
Anger was written all over Adam’s face. He’s always been short tempered. And yet, he was trying to keep it contained
“You’re a child who doesn’t know what the world has in store.” He growled
“I am no child!” I spat “How would you know? All you ever think about is yourself!”
“Then what do you want?!”
“A life to live where nobody tells me what to do! Adventure and freedom- something you will never understand!”
“Then leave!”
Those words brought silence into the halls. Nobody said one word. The music had stopped and everyone turned to stare. Even I was taken aback, but I was too angry to notice that I took a step back.
Suddenly, Adam’s face softened as if he realized what he had just said.
“Oh Mon Dieu,” He said, his voice much softer “I’m sorry- I didn’t know-”
“You never know. I heard you loud and clear.” I said, scowling “I’ll leave.”
Without another word, I bolted out of the room and didn’t stop. Adam and the other servants called out at me, but i still didn’t stop running as a tear fell down my cheek
There is no place for me here, I thought bitterly
I ran as fast as my feet could carry me towards the stables. Away from the other horses was my black stallion, Arion.
“Hey there, bud.” I ran a hand down his neck, choking back a sob “Want to take a ride?”
Arion burst through the stables and through the courtyard, no one daring to stop me. My horse was the fastest in the stable. I didn’t dare to stop even as the gates of the castle were behind me.
Where was I going? I didn’t care as long as I could get away from all of this.
Suddenly, behind me, there was a loud bang in the castle. I pulled back Arion’s reigns forcing him to stop and turn. A golden light burst forth from the ballroom and suddenly it disappeared, so did the music and the sounds and the lights. Fear was like a dagger forcing itself into my chest. I suddenly thought of what had happened and forced Arion to ride back. But the ground underneath us started to turn into ice, casing Arion to buckle
“Easy, boy.” I said, softly, running a hand down his neck to calm him, but even I was bewildered. Somehow winter was spreading- in the middle of spring. My head started to get lighter for some strange reason.
“Arion, ride!” I yanked on his reigns and Arion took off again. At that time I wasn’t sure which direction I was going until Arion slipped on the ice. It sent us spiraling and I hit the ground… hard.
The entire world turned black.

[Femslash February]: New Haircut

one day i won’t be a day behind on prompts. today is not that day. 

Day 6: New Haircut (Chlonette)

Words: 1888

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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“You promise you’re not going to fuck this up?”

Marinette held one of her combs in between her teeth while she stood behind Chloe and passed a leave-in through her damp hair. “Give me some credit, will you?”

“I’m just saying,” Chloe lectured as she stared at her reflection in her vanity mirror. “This isn’t like doing my nails or my makeup. You can’t undo this. And if you make me look like an idiot, I will skip breaking up with you and go straight to murdering you.”

“I cut Rose’s hair when she decided to go short. You do remember that, right? Plus I give Alix, Juleka, and Alya trims all the time.”

“Yeah but this is my hair. A higher degree of discretion and caution is automatically required.”

Marinette started to pull out any last tangles from Chloe’s hair and chuckled. “Do you want me to do this for you or not?”

Chloe puffed out her cheeks and groaned while Marinette chuckled at her expression. Chloe had been talking about cutting her hair short for months. Something about wanting to embrace the whole gay thing and get her stereotypical “lesbian pixie cut” so that she’d be able to stick out and not have to defend the fact that she was actually a lesbian. Apparently, her aesthetic seemed to throw people off and she told Marinette – and she was quoting here – “it was either the haircut or the flannels, and like fuck am I wearing flannels just so girls will talk to me.”

Marinette kept trying to tell her that the whole “lesbian aesthetic” thing was stereotypical crap and that she didn’t need to do anything to fit in or prove anything to anybody. Besides, she was dating Marinette already, and Marinette certainly had no complaints in regards to Chloe’s looks. Quite the opposite actually. Chloe seemed to have at least conceded that point to Marinette, but the appeal of a short cut still managed to stick. She kept talking about still wanting to do something different with her look before lycée started, and kept texting sample pictures to Marinette while insisting that she’d definitely be able to pull it off. 

So, when Marinette came over to Chloe’s house today for a sleepover, she impulsively proposed that they just cut her hair now and get it over with so that Chloe wouldn’t have time to talk herself out of it. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey so I just checked the Candian Forces page about hair and it said this: "Aboriginal members may request to wear long hair or braids while on-duty, but only if there are no safety concerns." I know Lotor isn't Aboriginal and this IS an AU but hey, might give you some ideas or something. (Members are also allowed to wear their hair in Turbans, but I mainly sent this ask as an excuse to pit the idea of Lotor with braids in your head.)

Ohh!! that’s actually really cool! 

anon my man my friend my bro you know me so well… dudes in braids are like… my favorite thing in the whole world. see this guy?

this guy was my crush when i was ten years old. and fueled my love for dudes with long hair I WILL DRAW LOTOR IN A BRAID JUST YOU WAIT 

When Fire Meets Water (Seokjin/Jungkook)

Prompt: Professional opera singer Seokjin’s house is being renovated and his friend Taehyung is letting him stay on the couch. Taehyung’s roommate, Jungkook, is unsure what to make of Seokjin. He sings loudly in the shower, lights scented candles, and the fridge is now filled with food which Jungkook is nervous to eat (what the fuck is squab). Any rating or warning is fine.

Genre: Smut

Words: 3.4K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Tags: Male/Male, Angry Sex, Oral Sex, Shower Sex, Shameless Shower Smut, etc.

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

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Clean Room

Written for the dialogue-only challenge @xfficchallenges, Rated PG-ish, post-terrible-bridge-cliffhanger.

“How long do I have to stay locked up in here like an animal, Scully?”

“Until we’re sure the treatments have worked.”

“I see. Is it completely necessary for me to be naked?”

“No, but I requested it.”

“OK, doc, but seriously, this is humiliating. Doggett was in here earlier, and his expression was all business when he talked to me, but I think he was making faces at Reyes and laughing whenever he turned his back to me. I saw her face; she was suppressing a smile.”

“Maybe she was happy to see you. Anyway, it’s not for much longer, Mulder, and besides, you’re not really naked.”

“This gown doesn’t have an ass on it. That’s closer to naked than I’d like to be.”

“It’s sterile. You can’t risk getting infected while you’re recovering, while we’re making sure we got it right this time. I’ve seen others die who tried to join the general population too soon.”

“I’m not sick anymore, Scully. Would you like to see me do some jumping jacks? I can do a million of them. There’s nothing to do in here. How about push-ups? Look at these guns.”

“I’d love to see you do some push-ups, Mulder. You’re wearing a gown with no ass. Drop and give me twenty.”

“Watch out, or I will. C’mon. I want to be free; I need to be free.”

“It’s not much freer out here, really. We’re deep underground in a bunker. All the rooms are as bleak as this one. They all look the same.”

“The other rooms have you in them, a version of you not on the other side of a pane of glass. A version of you I might get to see naked.”

“Not until you’re cleared.”

“Then do me one favor.”

“I’m still not taking my shirt off for you, Mulder. There are cameras in here.”

“Hmph. And you don’t worry about the fact that there are cameras? I mean about who’s watching these cameras?”

“Your doctors, Mulder. That’s who’s watching. Not everything is some big conspiracy.”

“You’ve got to be joking. We’re in a bunker. I’m recovering from something that most definitely qualifies as a conspiracy. All that’s left of the world is conspiracies. One after another after another. You and me and conspiracy.”

“Three of your favorite things.”

“And all I’m asking is to see two of my other favorite things. I need something to picture later tonight, when they turn the lights off.”

“What makes you think they don’t have night vision cameras in the bunker?”

“Well, if they do, they deserve to see what a lonely man does when he’s locked in a cage with nothing to do.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Mulder.”

anonymous asked:

superhero, rapmonster

Summary: Sort of a sequel to Stay…? Set a good few months after the series.

Genre: Dad!Namjoon, not Daddy. Fluff, cute shit

“Yeonjoon-ah, what are you doing?” you slid beside your son who was concentrating on his homework from school. You placed the food on the table setting the plates around him, trying not to disturb him. “Don’t you want to help me? Dad is going to be home in a few minutes.”

Your young son, who was growing steadily more and more like his dad, pursed his lips slowly. Of all the things that he inherited from Namjoon physically, you were so glad that he took the dimples as his eyes slowly raised to meet yours. ‘Too bad he got my eyes though.’ you mused, returning his look with a smile.

“Mom,” you loved the way he said that with his bouncy cheeks. “…who’s your favorite superhero?”

The question caught you off-guard, but you decided to go with honesty, “I don’t really have a favorite superhero, sweetheart. You see, I liked k-pop stars like your dad more.” You nudged him, trying to make him feel better because of your lame answer. “Why did you ask? Is it part of your homework?”

He nodded, showing you the question on his notebook, ‘Who is your favorite superhero and why?’

“Oh, you like Iron Man, don’t you? I remember when you were younger, Uncle Jungkook gave you an Iron Man plushie and you loved it.”

“But it’s not like he’s my favorite.” he muttered, his eyebrows scrunching in thought. 

“Well, it doesn’t have to be someone who flies and has x-ray vision, right? I always thought my dad was the coolest person in the world. He can open jars that I couldn’t and could fix things around the house.” you turned to him with your hand under your chin. 

“But Dad breaks most of things around the house.” he giggled.

“You’re not wrong, but your dad is cool in his own ways too.”

You heard the door slam shut and counted to three before you felt Namjoon’s arm wrap around you and Yeonjoon. He kissed you full on the cheek and ruffled Yeonjoon’s hair before lifting him and hoisting him on his hips. “What are you guys up to?”

“Yeonjoon was doing his homework and I was helping him.” you answered just as Yeonjoon wrapped his arm around Namjoon. 

Namjoon turned to his son and asked, “Really? What is it about?”

“My favorite superhero.” the younger replica of his father answered with a mysterious smile. 

“Who is…?” 

“Mom, because she cooks, makes my clothes smell nice and gives me kisses. She helps me with homework and takes me to school. She does all of that and still looks pretty all the time.” he beamed at his father and Namjoon proudly smiled. 

On the other hand, you were stunned and before you could make a comment, Namjoon said, “What about me?”

“Your cool in your own ways too, Dad. You’re the coolest among the Bangtan Uncles at least!” Namjoon died, laughing boisterously and you couldn’t help but chuckle at their cuteness. 

“Alright, break it off, you losers.” you clapped your hands and Namjoon put Yeonjoon on the floor. “Honey, why don’t you clear your homework from the table while I help Dad with his jacket?”

Your son smiled and obeyed while you and Namjoon went to your room, so that he could change. 

“Your son is growing up to be your carbon copy. He even speaks like you now.” your rolled your eyes as you hung Namjoon’s jacket while he disappears into the closet. 

When he came back in a lose shirt and sweatpants, he had a grin on his face. “He’s not wrong.”

“What do you mean?” you raised an eyebrow and he simply swooped an arm around you to press you flush against him.

“I mean, you really are like a superhero, Y/N. For one, you saved my life by being in it.” he molded his lips with yours and you could feel him smiling as he tried to deepen the kiss. 

You pushed him slightly and wrinkled your nose at him. “You’re so cheesy, I swear to God…” He rubbed his hand on your slightly protruding belly and kissed your neck. “…if our next child takes after you too, I won’t be able to stand it.” 

The Sound of Music Lyric Meme
  • "My day in the hills has come to an end."
  • "There are voices that urge me to stay."
  • "The hills are alive with the sound of music, with the songs they have sung for a thousand years."
  • "The hills fill my heart with the sound of music."
  • "My heart wants to sing every song it hears."
  • "I go to the hills when my heart is lonely."
  • "How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?"
  • "How do you make her stay and listen to all you say?"
  • "How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?"
  • "These are a few of my favorite things."
  • "When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad."
  • "Let's start at the beginning, a very good place to start."
  • "The first three notes just happen to be do-re-mi."
  • "When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most everything."
  • "You wait on an empty stage for fate to turn the light on."
  • "You are sixteen going on seventeen. Baby, it's time to think."
  • "Totally unprepared are you to face a world of men."
  • "You need someone older and wiser telling you what to do."
  • "I am seventeen going on eighteen, I'll take care of you."
  • "I know that I'm naive."
  • "Fellows I meet may tell me I'm sweet."
  • "How can love survive?"
  • "How can I show what I feel for you?"
  • "Lost in our wealthy domains are we."
  • "We'll make our love survive!"
  • "Perhaps I had a wicked childhood."
  • "Somewhere in my wicked, miserable past there must have been a moment of truth."
  • "I must have done something good."
  • "So long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, goodnight."
  • "I hate to go and leave this pretty sight."
  • "I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne."
  • "The sun has gone to bed and so must I."
  • "Climb every mountain."
  • "A dream that will need all the love you can give."
  • "Today you have to learn to be a realist."
  • "I will not bow my head to the men I despise!"
  • "You can't stop it even if you tried."
  • "You're a fool if you worry over everything but little number one."
  • "An ordinary couple is all we'll ever be."
  • "All I want of living is to keep you close to me."
  • "You are sixteen going on seventeen, waiting for life to start."
  • "Somebody kind who touches your mind will suddenly touch your heart."
  • "Gone are your old ideas of life."
  • "You may think this kind of adventure may never come to you."
  • "You look happy to meet me."