my three favorite idiots

Single Daddy!Luke Would Include...

-not being sure if he can take care of a baby all by himself
-but nevertheless, he’s going to fucking do it anyway
-marveling at how little baby boy Hemmings has his exact eyes
-feeding baby Hemmings at 3:30 in the morning
-singing to him as he eats even though Luke himself is exhausted
-”Mom? Yeah, well, um….how do you change a diaper again?”
-buying a dozen pairs of these pastel purple socks he found because Luke thought they were so fucking cute
-”Look, peanut. These little socks go on your little feet.”
-”Young man, we do not hit daddy.”
-”Please, go to sleep, baby. Please, please, go to sleep.”
-Luke wanting to cry when his poor baby gets a minor fever
-always finding it a bit gross when baby Hemmings opens his mouth, revealing no teeth
-Luke mumbling ‘ew’ under his breath as he notices
-the guys always babysitting
-which it took forever to convince Luke to let them do because, “I am not risking my son’s life with you three idiots.”
-Uncle Calum being baby Hemmings’ favorite uncle
-having to call his mother to get instructions on how to put a car seat into his car
-weekend visits to his parent’s house
-Luke not being able to bear his child sleeping in a different room as him, so he moves the crib into his bedroom
-napping with baby Hemmings
-always making his son wear those little beanies because, “They make you look like an egg, buddy.”
-kissing all over baby Hemmings’ face and making little ‘muah’‘ noises
-”You’re my precious little Hemmings.”

Ashton / Calum / Michael


Green-Gray {M.C}

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1,987
Rating: FLUFF!!! G af
Summary: Michael gets you pregnant, leaves for tour, leaving you to raise Hayley with your sister… But three years later…

The alarm clock sings its menacing song, summoning you to get out of bed as the sun wakes from its rest. Wednesday, you think. Just a couple more days til the weekend. You sigh and sit up, then proceed to the room next door. With a small push, you see that she’s still sleeping. And in that moment, eyes shut; long eyelashes brushing her cheeks, serenity evident on her face, she looked so much like him. It sends a shiver down your spine, and you creep forward as you wash the thought away. You knelt next to her bed and gave yourself a moment to think. This angel… This little girl… She’s mine, you smile. Ours. Three years later and you still couldn’t push the incessant thoughts away.

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