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Okay, here’s the thing, I think Damon’s been over Elena for a long time.
It might just be my Bamon shipper heart reading too much into little things but let me explain how I see things.
I think in the last episode we got Damon realising and finally admitting to himself that he loves Bonnie more than anything.

First of all, the look on Damon’s face when Caroline mentioned Elena. It just didn’t look right, not the kind of look one would give when someone mentions the so-called “love of their life”. It felt like Damon wanted to stop and tell her something, that what she had just said wasn’t entirely right but then he let it go.

Then we have the epic battle between Cade and Bonnie for Damon’s soul. Like, the way Bonnie fought for him, she just didn’t want to let him go and Damon was just so shocked. When she said that she would fight he just looked like he couldn’t believe she would do something like this for him. This scene for me was really a way to show both’s love for each other.
And the look. The look he gave her when he was hugging his brother. For me this was the point where he finally realised that he loved her and needed her. And Bonnie looking back at him, just smiling… guys, she looked so in love. Maybe she wasn’t even thinking about how much she loved him and that she could actually be in love, I don’t know how to explain this, she was just looking at him, relieved, and in love.
(And little random thing, that scene, the hug between brothers and him looking at Bonnie, reminded me soooo much of Elsa and Anna’s hug at the end of Frozen where Anna then looks at Kristoff while hugging his sister. That kind of look just feels like something people in love would do).

And then, Damon being excited when Bonnie comes over. The whole scene had such a big meaning for me.
Damon was smiling down at Elena, then he closed her coffin and turned around to welcome Bonnie with champagne. They were of course celebrating Cade’s death but it felt like he was celebrating something more. For me, the look he had when looking at Elena was him finally letting her go. They had their time, a relationship that belonged to the past. Of course he was also happy that she was still ‘alive’, both her and his brother, but it just felt so much like he was letting her go. And closing the coffin and turning to Bonnie, with the champagne, saying “Yes” almost in a whisper to himself, then him saying “You came!” in that way like he was afraid she wouldn’t come because he had something to celebrate for with her, it just felt like he was ready to finally move on with her.

The thing I actually wanted to say is that through all this season we always got Damon mentioning Elena and his love for her but for me it was like he was saying it because everyone was expecting him to say it. It was like he had to mention it because everyone knew he loved her and it had to be that way but this love just went away and he was afraid of admitting that he loved someone else instead, to everyone else and to himself.
I’m not sure if this makes sense but it also adds to Damon not saying Elena’s name when telling Stefan about the girl he hopes to marry one day (and Bonnie not saying Enzo’s name when telling her grandma she’s in love with a vampire).

Again, I wasn’t hoping on Bamon becoming endgame anymore, I had lost all my hope, and I’m still a bit wary about it, but I got my hope back with this episode. I don’t want to deceive myself but the thing is, we got some pretty big hints and scenes and I know that it might just be my shipper heart hoping to see this ship finally sail and become canon, but I guess we just have to wait and see.

We still got a great character development from both Bonnie and Damon and we also have some great episodes and scenes so if it doesn’t end the way we hope, let’s remember what we have ♥

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For the fic meme: "You look like shit," he greeted, dropping his bag and toeing his shoes off.

(I made this otayuri because I’m trashed also I know the prompt says the next five sentences but I got carried away)

“You look like shit,” he greeted, dropping his bag and toeing his shoes off.

Otabek sighed, closing the book he had half heartedly been reading. “Hi to you too, Yura. If it’s any consolation I feel as good as I look.”

“Oh, so you feel like the handsomest boyfriend in the world?” Yuri responded with a grin, walking over towards Otabek’s position on the couch. He was covered in several blankets and his hair was in an amusing state of disarray.

“I do believe that award goes to you, kitten. After all, you always look stunning.” He managed a small grin at the sight of the red starting to show on his boyfriend’s cheeks. “Especially when you blush.”

“Alright, easy now, Altin. Your fever is getting the better of you because that was terribly mushy, even for you.” There was a caring smile on Yuri’s face as he walked towards Otabek, reaching out to check his forehead. “You’re not as warm as you were, which is good.”

“Did you bring me soup while you were out?”

“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t? I’ll go heat some up right now. But after that you need to sleep. You were supposed to be sleep long while I was shopping, Beka.”

“I couldn’t sleep without you, Yuri.”

“You’re such a sap, Beka.” With that, Yuri placed a kiss on Otabek’s forehead and made his way towards the bag he had left by the door.

“Ah, but I’m your sap and you love it.”

“Correction, I love you, Otabek.”

Yuri heard a soft chuckle as he walked into the kitchen, a can of soup in his hand. “I love you too, Yuri Plisetsky. You’re the best boyfriend ever.”


Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five.

Interesting thing about Kageyama’s character is that he seems in some way… unaware of his own abilities. You have people who are literally pissed off because of how good he is, Oikawa admitting that he can’t do some things Kageyama can and even Nekoma’s couch calling him a monster. 

He’s good at everything in volleyball - serving, setting, blocking and spiking. It’s hard to find a thing that would be his weakness (well, except maybe for his communication skills). 

And yet you never see him acting in any way superior to others. And that match in middle school. I don’t think it was Kageyama feeling better than others. It was more like as a setter he felt so responsible for the team that he forgot that people are not able to do things he’s able to do. Not to mention that this match got to him to the point where he has freaking nightmares about it and still hates when somebody calls him “king.”

It’s like… he is so not aware of how good he is. And he acts like a regular guy who still needs to practice, still needs to do his best. Still respects people like Sugawara and Oikawa. He’s still afraid that he won’t be good enough to play. And knows that there are certain things he needs to learn in order to be better. And his brain literally freezes when Hinata calls him incredible almost like he really doesn’t understand why. 

There is no arrogance or selfishness in his behavior. He’s just really nice guy who wants to be better for the team and who wants to change in order to work better with people. Who - even in sometimes aggresive kind of way - tries to help people grow.

Raising Demons [Jungkook]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut; fluff
Words: 10324
Author: Chloe
Description: Summoning a demon had probably been a mistake on your part, but summoning a demon who couldn’t get turned on without setting the world on fire was probably the bigger mistake, if you really, really thought about it.

Author’s Note: This is my longest fic I got carried away again oh no I swear I don’t have a thing for demon aus at all oh no I was just so ready to please the people who wanted this (ahEm @taehxyung​ and @jvng-soheok)… please enjoy I have sinned for this…

Sequel to: Spellbound [Jungkook]

There were perks to dating a demon, that was for sure. You had a personal heater as long as they were around. They were amazingly strong, and agile, and ready to explore anything from the human realm, making each date interesting. Their tails could act as hangers or bag holders, and those personal souvenirs from hell were at the very least interesting, and at the very most extremely dangerous, and potentially a bringer of imminent death.

There were downsides to dating a demon — that you had to admit. These included the hell-smell that always seemed to somewhat linger, the weird recipes they seemed to love, and of course their tails, which would constantly light up on —


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Eyyy if you're still up to these, how about “please, you can’t die now.” with Leslie and Jace? You know I'm trash for some angst~ c:<

Ohohoh man. Excellent choice, Mari. >:D

Different painters exist in the world. Some favor the bold colors splattered on a canvas while others take careful strokes with gentle tones, and words of color paint images to a listening ear. Though for one with a hand on colors and fire, onlookers often prayed for their hands and soul to remain well and carry on their range of paintings.

Jace had prayed for a particular painter, one who can color a person’s smile on in any given medium of art, to keep her soul shining through the dark clouds surrounding it. Few would suspect that Leslie was fighting a battle for her life, not with the blankets tucked around her, until they notice how much her face had aged.

Tired eyes, worn smiles, and if she finally loses the strength to keep the fire alive in her?

“Please… you can’t die now.”

His breath hitched at his last word, his voice trembling and he fought the tears threatening to spill. Too many times had he shed tears throughout the journey: tears of fear, of anger that he couldn’t brave through the horrors of the world, and now with these tears?

He looked back at her face, still relaxed and peaceful as she slept. Reaching Lavarck was a tiring trek, enough for the fire mage to collapse halfway through. While she ended up in the arms of the swordsman and assassin, taking turns to carry her whenever they reached an obstacle, fear reached all their hearts. Leslie slept often since then, only standing to wear a grin before tumbling from her own weight wiped the smile off. While slumber painted a peaceful look, so too did the hands of death…


Jace perked his head up. Leslie’s mouth twitched and she mumbled, “I’m shleepin… Jshh.”

A soft smile, though a strained one, and Jace laid his head on the side of the bed. “I’m sorry that I woke you, Leslie.”


Blurry words through blurry eyes, though they fluttered a few moments before closing again. Two quiet sighs, one a soft sound before waiting for the gentle hands of slumber to embrace her, and the other of relief that slumber was the current painter of the night. Green eyes watched her breathing slow, that she’ll keep breathing, and he entertained the thought of another cup of coffee and book to pass the night. He had an eye on the newest volume in his office, and while Derrick may scold him for another sleepless night, he couldn’t stand the thought of missing her last breath should her soul stop fighting for her life.

Though those of Darmi Fire are an element of passion, and passion fuels the soul with enough fury to survive a battle. Or so, that was what Jace found comfort in.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Steady, steady, keep the pace steady. While his tears had dried, the pool of worry and fear waited to flood should the final breath be taken.

No… water was an element of peace, and it would shame the colors he wore if he pushed the thought of peace away from them. Another breath in, and Jace reached for Leslie’s hand. Scarred hands knew the touch of the dark world, but if held gently, it’ll seem like those scars weren’t there. The painter of the night was still slumber, and he traced circles on her hand with his thumb as he watched the colors of peace settle on her face.

Steady, steady, just keep breathing …

Summer Paradise Solo concert:
“Sato Shori summer Live 2017 ~VIC’s sTORY~”

This year, the title of my live concert has a subtitle for the first time! „VIC“ is the abbreviation of VICTORY, which is my nickname in the English-speaking world. Since a few years ago it was given to me by an acquaintance and I always use it when I go abroad so to me it’s familiar but my fans might be surprised, right? You must be surprised!… All jokes aside (laughing), „VIC’s sTORY“ actually means „Shori’s story“. The lower case „s s“ letters are my Sato Shori initials. The concert’s theme will be like my subtitle says, about my story. I thought „Can I make a movie of my life?“ and got a little bit carried away by my thoughts (laughing). Well, first of all let’s try showing that in a concert! And from that on steadily expand these ideas. This year there will be more of a band feeling and I plan on having a stronger stage presence than before. Of course I will also play the guitar. Now the set list is settled and our preparatory meetings are almost over but I couldn’t write the lyrics of my new songs yet (laughing). No, the first one, I could do it. I mean, I wrote it in about two days. Usually I take 3-4 days to write so I thought this was fast! But the second one I couldn’t write at all and now it has already been three weeks. I was trying to write playful lyrics so I’m struggling hard to get to my earnest roots (laughing). But it’s very exciting to create such a stage from the beginning. I want to absorb many things this summer for my solo concert so I can bring it back to Sexy Zone!

To Shori from Sou:
Because I think Shori has a strong image of going an easy road in Johnny’s, somehow I want to see Shori destroy that and blow us away. For example, like Kento-kun’s loveholic aura, doing really sweet songs with cheesy lines, I expect Shori to come at us with a punch! (laughing).

Keep in mind I am not a native speaker therefore there might be mistakes in my translations. Also I’m not exactly translating word for word. Feel free to correct me in my ask box any time you want, I’d appreciate it! I apologize if someone already translated something before me and I didn’t notice, I hope you don’t mind.

Credit goes to kentonosexyzone @ twitter for the scans, thank you!

This is directly based on the raid theory posted by @faelapis

I’ve reblogged it just before posting this, but the direct link is here:

I was just going to reblog with a reply, but my train of thought got carried away (again) and the post got long so thought a separate post might be better. So:

I think  it was the beta kindergarten we see being attacked in Lapis flashback too, and that makes it a lot worse. I know  Gems don’t have a childhood as such since they emerge fully grown etc , but in a way they do. For an example look at Leggy. Leggy was with a squad and on her first mission the day after emerging, but watch her reactions compared to the other Rubies like how scared and unsure she is at first, how she seeks reassurance from the others

the innocent way she behaves in general, like randomly smiling at and waving at Lapis.

Originally posted by neorukix

and how the others seem to be mentoring and directly intervene sometimes

Originally posted by iknikblackstonevarrick

For Jasper apart from having her Diamond  shattered an attack on her Kindergarten might be the main reason why Jasper hates Rose, Earth and the CGs so much, but still respects Rose, (or used to, I don’t think its true with Steven who she sees as the same person) as a brilliant tactician, shattering her Diamond as well was just the final outrage. (Rose may or may not be guilty of shattering Pink, but it everyone including Jasper believes she did either way)

Originally posted by lesbian-garfield

Originally posted by stevenuniversegifs

My thoughts are that Jasper probably didn’t know Pink that well personally, both because she was new, and because the only Gems Diamonds seem to let get close to them on a meaningful level are other Diamonds, but she still had the  loyalty towards and admiration for Pink Diamond that most Gems seem to have for their designated Diamond, like how Peridot practically hero worshipped Yellow Diamond before she realised the truth and heel face turned, 

It alone might not have made her hate the CGs and Rose so intensely (she’s not the only surviving Gem who belonged to Pink) but having to literally be “born” fighting to survive  in the middle of a war zone, and witnessing most of her sister beta Gems being  poofed around her at the hands of the enemy could probably do it.

And I think it’s also how & why Lapis suddenly and unexpectedly got caught up in the middle of a battle (she’s a terraformer, not a solider), and possibly another reason why she was so resentful and mistrustful of the Crystal Gems to begin with.

Lapis was poofed by presumably CG Bismuth,

Originally posted by hahakonapeland

but trapped in the mirror while still poofed by Homeworld, not the CGs, 

Then cracked and abandoned in the panic to flee Earth. But her anger when freed is not directed at Homeworld, she accepts that as a mistake, that they genuinely thought she was a Crystal Gem, but Lapis is understandably angry at the CGs (except Steven) for just leaving her trapped after they found her and using her instead of helping her.

Lapis is grateful to Steven for freeing her, but initially also incredulous, like the fact he helped her, and the fact he is also a Crystal Gem totally contradict each other in her mind. The angry statement she makes to Steven in Ocean Gem  seems more general than specifically how they treated her:

“Don’t you know anything, Steven!?

Originally posted by starberry-cupcake

all they care about is the Earth”

She doesn’t elaborate, but could the events at the kindergarten leading up to her being poofed be what she is referring to? Steven knows by that point they left her trapped in the mirror, so is there more to her initial anger and mistrust of them?

If part of her role as a terraformer was to help create kindergartens, this could be why she and Peridot -a certified kindergartner, enjoy and are so good at growing crops and were initially disappointed to discover that plant life isn’t sentient (at least not unless Steven spits on it.) and why Lapis was so caught off guard and frightened when the fight broke out around her.

If she has some sort of past connection to Kindergartens and helping create new Gems, she probably would be pretty resentful of one (and the newly emerging Gems inside it,) being attacked.

Another question I have is to do with why the CGs really didn’t want Steven to release Lapis. Yeah, I know she was a Homeworld Gem but Lapis only showed gratitude to Steven for freeing her in Mirror Gem,

Originally posted by giffing-su

called him a friend before he even asked about releasing her just because he spoke to and treated her like she was a person,and even omitted information about him when interrogated after returning home to try and keep him safe, and then risked sending a message to warn him, despite still being loyal to Homeworld at the time. She didn’t betray him at all, despite that withholding information could get her into trouble if she was found out (and eventually did). 

so why were the CGs so against her being released that they left her trapped for so long? And why was Lapis so strongly against and scared of Steven telling them she’d been talking to him in the first place….?


Spuffy and Cangel. Cangel and Spuffy. Two completely different relationships and yet they hold so many similarities. Both Spike and Cordy love these two champions so much. Both are trying to help and give Buffy and Angel strength and comfort. Buffy and Angel who have been through many things with each other and even more things without one another and are afraid to love again. Afraid to connect with someone new,each for different reasons that make them hold back. Even through all this hesitation though and their baggage,it’s still only Spike and Cordy that can make them smile and for their eyes to shine so bright just from hearing some simple,truthful words from their better halves. Because Buffy is not ready for Spike to not be there with her. To fight,to love,to make her feel alive,to bring him to the light,to make her smile through all the pain,even if it’s him causing it at times. Because Angel needs Cordy in his life and he’s lost without her and his smile can’t ever reach his eyes.                          

Gifs by (x),(x).


Corazon Week 2016 - Day 3: Klutz / Clumsy

Reading from right to left :3

Kyaa I couldn’t wait to post this little comic! It’s been so long since the last time I drew a comic… I am still rusty but I like how it turned out! I thought a lot about what to draw for this prompt… Yeah, Cora-san is a rather clumsy man, but all he does it’s for a good reason and that’s why (well one of the reasons of course) Law started to get affectionated to him. You cannot help but love Corasan for his clumsiness, his smile, his kindness, for everything he is. ♡

Aaah I got carried away by my own thoughts… I love him a lot ♡


Miyuki Kazuya & Sawamura Eijun for @mitemitai || Happy Birthday, Dee! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

High School!Mike being in your photography class and him being assigned as your partner on the final project. After 2 days of arguing on what to do and how, you both finally figure out what you’re going to do. Deciding to go to your house after school that Friday to take the final few pictures and edit them. Not knowing what to expect from the loud, annoying girl that put up with no ones shit, Michael was a little frightened. After arriving at your house, you both started to set up the cameras.
“Hold on, I hate a quiet house.” You said before leaving him alone in your kitchen as you go to grab some old CDs. He had finished setting up yours and his camera by the time you returned with the stack of 6 CDs.
“Do you think it’s gonna take up 6 albums to get this done?” He asked, thinking you were doubting his photography skills.
“No, but I’m assuming I’m going to end up feeding you at one point and who knows how long that’ll take. You could be here all night for all I know.” You laugh as you put the first CD in the stereo system. You saw a small smile rise on his face as the first song played.
“Bowling for Soup. Nice”
“Well, a loud child needs loud music.” You say while patting his cheek before grabbing your camera and slipping out the backdoor to start. He laughs before following suit.
“MIKE, HURRY! THIS IS REALLY GOOD LIGHTING!” You yell before snapping a picture of the old, semi falling apart fence that separated your backyard and the neighbors. He smiled a big toothy grin before getting a very detailed picture of the half dead plants that seem to haven’t been watered in two weeks. He looked up to see your frame strutting across the yard then proceeding to take a picture of the squirrel who had stopped halfway up a tree. He couldn’t help himself. He had to snap a picture of you. “Clifford? Our project is about nature. Not me.” You said, kinda confused on why your partner was talking a picture of you.
“Sorry I just umm- uhh-…”
“I get it, I looked good as always. Now would you please focus.” You say before walking to the front side of the house.
“Damn.” He said before taking laying down to take a picture of mushrooms surrounded by grass. 30/40 pictures later, you had both gotten more than enough. “Hey we should get these download on the the computers.” He said as he met you halfway through your house. You agreed and plugged your camera in. After both had completely downloaded you had a suggestion.
“You know how earlier I said I’d pry be feeding you?”
“Yeah, why?”
“You have a better eye at this than I do, plus you’re WAY better at editing than I am. So you should do that and I’ll make supper?” You glanced at the clock to know that if it was actually about supper time. ‘6 pm. Ok that makes me feel better.’ You thought to yourself.
“Fine with me.” He said, shrugging slightly before turning back to the computer. You let out a small huff before rummaging through the freezer.
“We’re having pizza.” You say, knowing the blonde boys love it.
“YES! YOU ARE A GODDESS!” He exclaimed while throwing his hands up in the air. You laugh before turning the oven on, allowing it to preheat. You noticed the quietness of your home before slipping another cd in. You hear the roar of laughter come from the living room as he figures out what CD he was being forced to listen to. “High School Musical? Seriously?”
“HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IS THE GREATEST MOVIE OF OUR GENERATION AND IF YOU DONT THINK SO, THEN FIGHT ME!” You yell across the house, half joking, half serious. He took a break from sorting and editing the pictures to come eat. And dance of course. You alternated between Troy and Gabriella, in an almost perfect duet. At the end of “Just Wanna be With You”, he had is arms wrapped around his waist and yours around his neck, noses slightly touching.
“You cheesy mother fucker.” You say before leaving his grasp as well as him in stitches. By the time he could compose himself, you’d already eating half a slice of pizza. You set the slice down on your plate as he moved toward you. He wrapped his arms around your waist again as you placed yours on his neck, the two of you in the same position as before.
“This is gonna be cheesy as fuck and I don’t even care.” Michael says before gently placing his lips on yours. “I think I agree with you.” He says after pulling away, leaving you confused. “The hell are you talking about Clifford?” “High School Musical is definitely the greatest movie of our generation.” You let out a loud laugh before placing your lips back on his.


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I just reread TG re and in Ch 8 I thought it may be possible, that Mutsuki rememberd what Sasaki said there: "You Ghoul Investigators have to run! Even if your limbs are torn off!". What do you think?

(Looking at the follow-up is making me nostalgic because that’s such a Haise thing to say and believe in… //deep sigh.
I knew Kaneki had a positive mindset in him, somewhere deep in his subconscious. He was already there since the beginning.)

But, back to your ask: I always took this scene at face value, and tbh this hasn’t really changed. But I can see that looking back at that quote right now, it really looks like Ishida was winking at us :)

While it’s certainly possible that Mutsuki remembered Sasaki’s advice, I think it’s also reasonable to believe that even if he hadn’t, Mutsuki would have probably still tried to run for his life if he had a chance of doing so. It’s survival instinct after all. And we know that every minute spent with Torso has been excruciating for him. 

But, as much as I want to believe that Mutsuki really did run off (it’s the hypothesis that involves slightly less pain than the others), I’m starting to doubt that’s what’s happening right now. Yes, it makes sense if you think of the parallel with Kaneki and how he had to defeat Yamori and eat him (thus accepting his ghoul side) to escape, but there are a few hints here and there that make me think otherwise. 

I don’t want to speak too soon and jinx it, but I think that this is all a trap and Mutsuki is still as much of a prisoner as he was before this chapter, and here’s why: 

1. Last time we saw him, Mutsuki was still in a passive mindset, and there’s no hint at the fact that he underwent a change of heart like Kaneki did back then. I think it’s a bit of a stretch that something so important for his development - like chosing to become violent instead of staying a victim who only endures violence - would happen off-screen, without some sort of introspection/hallucination on Mutsuki’s part. Showing a dead Saeki this abruptly seems to me only shock-value worthy. I think Ishida at this point could either go with a parallel to Kaneki and let Mutsuki walk his path too, or using Urie’s presence as a fuel for more positive character development (as a reverse parallel to how Mucchan reached out to Urie after he went nuts against Big Madame. I’ll go back to this one).

2. I’m willing to bet Torso’s nose (or sight) is just as sharp as a Quinx’s. Remember how he spotted Mutsuki standing on a boat who knows how many miles away from Rue’s shore?

Plus, Torso is really possessive with his “lovers”. I think that if he caught whiff of the Quinx approaching, he would’ve set up a trap not to let them “rob” him of his prey. Call it a predator’s instinct, idk.

3. And for this horrible realization I have to thank @madame-pongo-de-pompadour‘s post here. I think there’s an high possibility of that body being neither Torso’s nor Mutsuki’s, but Shirazu’s
I know it sounds like madness, but if you think of it, it’s at least possible. For one, Urie noticed a difference in the smell he had been following up until that moment.

(Like the body was of someone who’d been long dead at that point, and had started to rot.)

Secondly, and that’s what really sold me on this hypothesis, is this:

“I can’t help but feel uneasy” and  “I don’t want to imagine”

It’s as though he already knows who that person is, but just doesn’t want to believe it because it would be a nightmare. Hence he feels so scared and he’s internally panicking.

But notice how he’s worried about Saiko in particular even before he reaches the cave where the body is kept. As though he knows that finding that body will have a huge impact on Saiko alone. If it were Saeki’s he wouldn’t have told the Quinx not to enter the cave: 

So there’s a high chance that the body is from someone both Urie and Saiko knew personally, hence the shock, the fear, the wariness. This definition applies both to Mutsuki and to Shirazu, but for Urie of all people to lose his cool like that, I’m willing to bet it must be Shirazu. Someone whose thought Urie had pushed to the back of his mind until he forgot was even in Aogiri’s hands, since he was so focused on the imperative of Saving Mutsuki from a really similar fate. Someone whose smell he definitely knew, someone whose smell would definitely be stronger than that of a bleeding and bruised Mutsuki, someone who he after all knew was in Aogiri’s hands, someone neither he nor Saiko ever properly mourned.

When Shirazu’s body was stolen by Aogiri, he lost his sleep training and wearing himself down in his obsession to find him and give him a proper funeral. So it could make sense that he reacts like he’s seen a ghost if - after all his efforts and during his mission to save Mutsuki from ending up as a name on another empty grave - he comes across the very source of his failure, cut up like meat, far from Urie’s idea of respectful rest:

Yep, it’s still a crack theory and you should take it at face value, but I think it could fit because it would build a cycle: Shirazu was the first one who made an impact on Urie and started his character development: Urie blames Shirazu’s death on his own personal weaknesses. He thinks it was his personal failure

So finding Shirazu’s body there, in his quest to save Mutsuki, could be the stepping stone to a more positive growth: it would imply that Mutsuki is actually still alive, and that he can still actively do something to help him. Like reaching out to him in a parallel to how Mutsuki reached out to Urie during his emotional breakdown here: 

That’s what I want to believe at least, because if that body really ends up being Torso’s it means that Mutsuki is taking the Kaneki Road, and that’s one for self-destruction, we all know that by now. It means that Mutsuki will end up believing that to contrast abuse you have to become an abuser and push back the gentleness inside of yourself because it makes you weak. It means walking the lonely path because the other ones only hurt your loved ones.
And Mutsuki did say it himself, didn’t he?

It’s painful, being alone… It’s agonizing.

john’s hand Actually touching sherlock’s ass though. like i’m thinking about this in depth. the first time they kiss and it’s getting a bit much and sherlock wouldn’t expect it and he’d freeze in the good way not bad way. john would worry about him sdfghjk like sorry i was my usual trash self and got carried away and thought it would be okay and he takes his hand away and sherlock makes the ugliest grunt noise and grabs john’s hand and slams it back on because he’s so extra

fall wedding with calum

this is so long because i got very carried away with my thoughts but I LOVE THIS CONCEPT AND I HOPE YOU DO TOO!!!

ok finally the day you have been waiting for since the day you and calum met would arrive, today you were marrying the love of your life.  it sounded cheesy but there was no one on this earth you would rather spend every day with, you were looking forward to a live with calum and he couldn’t wait to spend his life with you.  since i am in the fall mood i also am in the mood for a fall wedding and i see you and calum really going the whole nine yards to make this autumn day a very special one.   you guys would get married and do the whole shebang outside under the starry night sky in some sort of open roof venue and little heaters and candles everywhere to ensure your guests didn’t freeze to death.  it really would be something straight out of a magazine, but still original of course to make it fit for you and calum.  you would be surrounded by your closest friends and family and colorful leaves on trees, some already fallen to the ground.  the smell of fall was in the air and that only made the day better.    your dress would fit the mood perfectly and calum would absolutely adore how the slight blush tone in your dress matched the natural pink color of your cheeks.  calum would stand up at the alter looking handsome as ever (I can picture it in my head very clearly) he would have the biggest smile on his face teeth and all and you weren’t sure if it was because he was so happy or because he was trying to hide his tears but you could bet it was a little bit of both.  his hair would be curly upon your request but he would probably slick it back or something just a little so it didn’t look like he rolled right out of bed on the biggest day of you guys’ lives.  so you know how it goes you’d walk down the aisle and finally you’d meet the most important person to you at the end and everything was okay.  like you’d had nervous jitters all day and undoubtedly so did he, but once you guys held hands and looked right into his eyes you were positive every little worry you had was simply a worry and not an actual problem.  there you guys were finally together and so head-over-heels in love.  once everything was said and done you and calum would have the sweetest kiss, one that proved you two really couldn’t be more in love.  you’d smile so big into the kiss because nothing in the world could stop your happiness.  afterwards you, calum, the boys and your bridesmaids would take photos you were sure to cherish for the rest of your lives.  i just feel like the pictures are a really cute part of weddings.  later you would walk into your venue that was decorated with the perfect color scheme and had décor that you had dreamed of forever.  all of you and calum’s hard work and planning finally all laid out in front of you looking more beautiful than you ever could have imagined.  i think the whole night calum just wouldn’t be able to separate from you.  from the moment you walked through the door until…actually no just he’d never let go.  he’d always have his arms around your waist or your fingers interlocked with his it was all very romantic.  that would be the main word to describe your night, romantic.  the dim lighting and the colors and the way everyone was so in love the whole night screamed romance.  it wouldn’t be very hard to tell that you and calum loved each other and i feel like im kind of repeating myself but YOU WOULD JUST BE SO IN LOVE HE WOULD LOVE YOU AND YOU WOULD LOVE HIM OH MY GOD!!! anywho…as your dreamy night came to an end you would say goodbye to all your guests as they slowly left what was a fun night for them, but a night that meant everything to you.  you, calum and you guys’ parents would hang around after everyone was gone and you’d just talk about the past and whatever else would make this night not have to end.  eventually they’d tell you guys to head out and they took care of clean up, so you guys would leave in calum’s car ready for whatever the rest of the night had in store as newlyweds.  the night would truly be perfect and best of all it was with the most special man in the world, calum.

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 9

I just stood there completely still and in total shock as I felt the wetness seep through the crotch of my jeans. I simply could not believe he did that. Jared, on the other hand, took a few minutes to freshened up.

Stepping around me, Jared quickly walked into the bathroom. I heard the water running in the sink and I assumed he washed his hands and face. I mean, he definitely needed to. When he came back nice and clean with a smile on his face, I did nothing to hide the look of irritation that was firmly in place on mine.

I maintained eye contact as I slipped my feet into my heels. He knew he was pissing me off but clearly didn’t care. I reached down to pick up my purse that was on the floor, feeling my cold, wet, sticky jeans against my leg with each move I made. I was still by the door as he came to stand in front of me. It was very obvious I didn’t think what he did was warranted, especially under the circumstances.

“You look upset, baby, what’s wrong?” He asked in the most patronizing way you could imagine which really got my heart pounding…and NOT in a good way.

“You aren’t being very nice.” I said, crossing my arms across my chest.

I knew I needed to watch my tongue. I was feeling caught between two worlds again. If I lashed out, I knew it would not end well and the last thing I wanted to do was argue.

“No? How so?” Jared asked.

I knew he was still just still patronizing me. He didn’t care. The decision was done and final.

“Why am I being punished?” I answered his question with one of my own.

I know this was borderline temper tantrum but I was angry and feeling icky.

“You aren’t, baby girl.” He said dismissing me then bending down to grab his shoes. Walking to the couch, he sat down to put them on.

“Walking around in cum soaked panties and jeans that smell like cum seems like a punishment to me.” I responded, “I did not disobey you.”

Standing up, Jared walked to where I was standing, still at the door. Using his hands, he grabbed the tops of my arms as he looked down at me. He seemed slightly irritated himself now. Must be the borderline temper tantrum. Taking a step forward, he used his body to press mine into the door.

We were nose to nose.

“You didn’t disobey but you came dangerously close.” He said, “I told you we didn’t have time to continue. I very much enjoyed you being so creative and using your mouth to clean my cock but the fact is, you did more than that, didn’t you.”

At first I was angry but then I thought about it. Looking up at him, I really hated to admit it. I suppose he was right though. Maybe I did get a tad bit carried away.


I broke under his stern gaze and couldn’t help but drop my eyes to his chest. Mirroring my thoughts, he responded.

“You got a little too carried away and although I wouldn’t go so far as to say you disobeyed me, I’m now stuck with this.” He said as he grabbed my hand and brought it to his still hard cock tightly confined in his jeans, “If I’m going to be uncomfortable, then so are you.”

I giggled, dropping my forehead to his chest. I couldn’t help myself! My anger subsided immediately.

“Keep laughing and I’ll put you over my knee.” He warned as I looked up at him.

“Promise?” I teased.

Yanking my arm hard, he swiftly turned me around in his arms and delivered a hard smack across my ass. Totally surprised, I couldn’t suppress the yelp that escaped my lips.

“Let’s go.” He commanded as he opened the door for me to step through.

As we walked down the busy hall together, I tried to dab some lipstick on and tussle my hair a bit. I might smell like cum but I was hoping to throw that idea off by at least looking put together and not freshly fucked. Just before we approached the room pictures were being done in, Jared turned to me, pulling me against him.

“You going to be okay in there? Emma’s around somewhere…” He said looking around.

“Of course, I’ll be fine. I’m just going to find a spot off to the side and watch.” I told him smiling. “Don’t worry..”

His concern always makes my heart flutter….

“Okay good. Reni and Robert will be there too so if you need something ask.” He said bending down for a quick kiss.

“I will.” I said as he started to open the door, “Wait!”

Jared turned around with a questioning look on his face. Reaching towards his waist, I pulled his shirt down to cover his hard on, “Wouldn’t the girls appreciate seeing THAT when they got their pictures tomorrow!” I laughed.

He smirked rolling his eyes, “I bet they would..”

Jared walked in and went right over to the side where Shannon and Tomo were already standing while I walked in the opposite direction, towards the back of the room. Watching them talk and joke, it was kinda obvious the topic of conversation was me. That was a little disconcerting and I wished I could have heard what was being said. As Jared spoke, Shannon would smile then look over at me then Jared would do the same. I had to laugh because it was also obvious Shannon was teasing him.

Typical brothers. It was so cute to see…

Just as I was getting ready to sit down at a small table in the corner, Emma waved as she walked up to where I was standing.

“Hey there! We haven’t been able to catch was the flight?” She asked, giving me a hug.

“Really good. No delays, thankfully!” I said, hoping I was the only one who could smell cum.

Ugh….. Embarrassing!

“Thankfully is right! I think Jared would have blown a gasket!” Emma laughed grabbing a chair and sitting next to me.

“I know,” I said as I rolled my eyes, “He does love his schedules!”

She laughed and said, “True! But I have to say, he seemed really happy you were coming. He talked about Chicago a lot so I’m glad it worked out. I hope Kelly didn’t get in any trouble.”

“I’m excited to be here. I kinda missed him.” I said blushing, “Chicago was really great. Thank you for setting everything up for both trips. I know Kelly appreciated it too!”

Emma and I ended up chatting through the entire picture session of the Meet and Greet. It was really nice to get to know her a little better. Each time we talked, I felt more and more relaxed around her. Clearly, she was very important to Jared, not only in business as his assistant but she seemed to really be a friend as well.

Knowing that, it was great to feel as though she liked me. She didn’t have to make the effort to get to know me but I absolutely appreciated that she did. Emma and I were so engrossed in our conversation that I didn’t hear Jared walk up to us.

“You guys are chatty…” He said smiling.

“Yeah, it’s nice to have another girl to talk to!” She laughed, standing up. “I’ll see ya later, Vivie. I gotta make sure Shannon isn’t late this time!”

I followed and stood up too, waving goodbye as she took off towards Shannon. It was then, as my pants were stuck to my skin, pulling and pinching, I realized his cum must be like superglue. I couldn’t cover my uncomfortableness fast enough and he jumped on it.

Bending to whisper in my ear, “Are you okay, baby?” He asked smirking.

Turning to him with a smile I said, “Aside from the crotch of my pants being hard as a rock and stuck to my skin with your superglue cum, I’m just fine!”

He laughed so loud everyone left in the room looked over at us. I just rolled my eyes as he stood there seemingly so proud of himself.

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Miriam's gonna kill Chilton isn't she :c Or at least injure. She's like a reprogrammed bomb sent back to the FBI.

She’s like a reprogrammed bomb sent back to the FBI.” -these are actually my thoughts, too. 

In that promo she’s standing in the mirror room (idk it’s called mirror room as far as I remember), next to interrogation room, she’s watching Hannibal through one-way mirror:

Now, personally to say I’m 97% sure she won’t recognize him, that’d be too easy, but Hannibal may have brainwashed her, so she would recognize Chesapeake Ripper in someone else. Looks like he chose Chilton for that role:

 In the new still from 2x07, we can see that Chilton is being investigated in FBI :

 If he’s a suspect now (have no idea how that coud happen tho) there’s a chance they might interrogate him later, in the same room as Hannibal. And in the new mid-season trailer, we can see her firing a gun (she’s still in the mirror room).

Is she going to shoot whoever standing in the interrogation room? Someone she believes to be the Ripper? Maybe so, but I doubt it. Usually one-way mirrors for interrogation rooms are made of bulletproof glass and also Jack is standing right next to her, he will of course try to stop her.

However in the photo that Bryan posted a while ago on Twitter, we can see that there will be a lot of blood on the other side of the interrogation room. (It’s the same room, I made a post about it.)

So whatever happens there, eventually someone will get hurt. But, hey, that’s just my assumptions. 

don’t imagine alex and john saying their goodbyes before they part ways like they did every other time and john saying “don’t get into too much trouble” like he always did and alex saying “i can’t make any promises” and then they kiss like it’s the last time they’d have a chance to and they just look at each other for a few moments knowing full well that both of them were to reckless and too heroic and too goddamn stupid to stay out of trouble and they’ll part with don’t forget to writes (which they both found ironic because this was alexander hamilton they were talking about) and whispered i love you’s and then they’ll finally separate but this time it’s different because this time the next letter alex receives from john isn’t one filled with the subtle flirting and beautiful john-ness of it all alex has come to recognize no this time it isn’t from john at all instead this one is from john’s father telling him that john died fighting for his country and alex losing it because no no he can’t be dead john laurens his best friend his lover was dead and he couldn’t do anything about it don’t imagine alex locking himself away from the world as eliza tries to get him to eat or sleep or something but all he’ll do is write and write and dammit alexander how do you write like you’re running out of time and alex not saying it’s because he knows that he is running out of time and don’t imagine alex writing letters to john that no one will ever receive because john was always there for him and dammit john i thought we agreed not to get into trouble and he’d hide these letter not ready to let go of john of his dearest laurens and one day eliza would find them but she wouldn’t dare read them and she’d keep this information to herself knowing that what alexander needed right now was time and she was right because eventually he came to but he was never the same how could he be with such a large part of himself dead?

luke couldn’t remember a time when he didn’t hear you sing in the shower. in the 4 years that he had been your friend and roommate, he never once heard the shower run without your voice singing over it. your genre choice would vary depending on your mood. angry? you’d probably sing some kind of ass kicking break up song. stressed? you’d sing something calming and quiet. happy? probably some kind of dancey pop song that you could sing into the shampoo bottle. bottom line is, you would never go silent for a whole shower session.
so it surprised Luke when he walked into your shared apartment and heard the shower but not your voice. he walked towards the bathroom door, thinking maybe you were singing softly so he couldn’t hear it from the living room. you sign softly when you’re tired. but when he pressed his ear up against the door of the bathroom and listened for a song, he heard none. he listened harder, starting to get worried.
soon his ears were met with the sound of a small gasp and quiet sob. his heart dropped to his stomach. you have never cried in the shower before. not even when your boyfriend of 2 years cheated on you.
he reached for the door handle, trying to see if it was open. it was unlocked so he pushed the door open slightly and walked in.
‘uh, y/n? are you okay?’ he would ask tentatively
you would jump out of your skin but quickly recover and poke your head out from behind the curtain. ‘Luke?’ your eyes puffy, proving Luke right. 'what are you doing in here?’
he would look at you and you would know he heard you, so you would turn off the shower and he would hold a towel open for you while looking away and he wound wrap it around you and pull you close even though you’re all wet and drippy but he doesn’t care at all. he pulls you into his chest and let’s you cry into his shoulder until you’re so tired you can hardly stand so he scoops you up and brings you into your room and steps out of the room so you can get dressed and when you’re done you call to him in a small voice and tell him to come back in so you guys can cuddle.
when you guys are all situated in your bed he runs his fingers through your hair and when you finally calm down enough you say
'life is really testing me today’
and he would squeeze you closer to his body to encourage you to keep going
and you would continue 'I got Cs on my last three psych essays and my teacher is being a complete tool about it. also my best friend shouted at me today because apparently I don’t have time for her anymore’
he would nod and say 'but that’s not why you’re crying’ and you would just sigh
'my mom called me today’
his eyes would furrow together 'is she okay?’
you would sigh and nod and say 'yeah’ and you would let out another deep sigh and say 'my dog died yesterday’
immediately Luke would understand and wrap both arms around you, kissing your forehead
'I’m so sorry love.’
and you would let a few tears fall but your body didn’t want you to cry anymore so you would just lay there
'sing to me?’ you’d ask and he would comply immediately, singing some calming and happy songs to you until he heard you fall asleep