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Stanswap AU part 3

The spell Stanford needed was not in the first volume of the Journal. He would have to go by memory. That was just as well, he would have to modify it for this special case anyway. Besides, when dealing with the dreamscape, it was the thought that counted.

Modifying the spell was simple enough. Modifying the ritual took a bit more creativity. Normally it called for placing candles around the sleeping form of the individual whose mind you wished to enter, and then placing your hand on their head. Obviously that wasn’t an option here. Ford considered many options for a stand-in for Stanley. A drawing, an old photo, the burnt scrap of his coat.

Then he thought of his reflection that reminded him so much of his brother. The more Ford thought about it, the more appropriate it seemed. The mirror not only provided an effigy of Stan, it also acted as a representation of what he wanted, a window into the other world. It was perfect!

And so, by the end of the day, Ford had gathered a ring of candles around a standing mirror. He stood in the center, looking at his reflection. Boy, he looked like a wild man that had been hit by a bus.

“Ok…” He said, then took a deep breath, steadying his nerves. This had to work. It had to. “Er-herm. I’m Stanley Pines, I like punchin’ things, scarin’ people, and makin’ jokes at inappropriate times!” He didn’t quite buy it. He tried taking off his glasses and flexing his nonexistant muscles in the mirror. Better.

Now that he had the image of Stanley, it was time for the spell. “Ostende mihi gemello. Magister mentium. Magnesium ad hominem. Magnum opus. Nullum corpus.  Lactis est bonum. Magister mentium. Magister mentium! Magister mentium!”

The candles flared blue, and when their light subsided, Ford found himself in a new place. It had worked! He was in Stanley’s subconscious. This was it, definitive proof that his brother was alive!

It was a gargantuan cave, with a sandy floor and driftwood littered everywhere. To his right was the entrance to the cave, where a familiar swingset stood. To his left, an enormous ship lay half-buried in the sand.

Suddenly, it clicked. This was the old cave where they’d found the Stan’O’War all those years ago! It was much bigger than in reality, but Stanford supposed this is what it would have seemed like to the ten-year-old Stan.

Ford couldn’t help but give a sad smile. This memory was so important to Stanley that it had become the basis of his entire subconscious. Ford never would have guessed.

His sad smile quickly changed to a frown. Was that why Stan had been so upset about his brother’s favor? But wouldn’t that have fulfilled Stan’s big dream? Ford shook his head and moved on. There would be time to try and figure out his brother’s convoluted psyche later.

On the enormous ship, Stanford found doors leading to different parts of Stan’s mind. His fears were boarded up, and his hopes were behind a closed door, with only the faintest glow leaking through the cracks. The only readily available passage was labeled ‘memories’. Perfect.

Ford began walking down the hall of memories. Doors and windows led to different moments. He just had to find one where he could talk to Stanley, make contact with his subconscious. Any memory would do.

Stanford opened a door that looked like it had come out of his own house. He saw himself, standing before the portal, the circle in the center glowing bright blue. Between the memory Stanford and the observing Stanford was Stanley, who was holding his shoulder in pain. The skin was burned bright red, making a strange symbol that Ford almost recognized.

“Some brother you turned out to be.” Stan growled.

Ford slammed the door shut. Not that memory. He didn’t want to see… no, he couldn’t talk to Stanley in that memory. He’d try another.

Further down the hall was a door Ford recognized from their parent’s house in New Jersey. This was more likely to be someplace he could talk.

“Hey, it was an accident!” an 18-year-old Stan protested, “But hey, maybe there’s a silver lining–”

Ford closed the door with a scowl. Not this memory either.

Just a bit further, Ford found a door with bars on the window. Well, it couldn’t be worse than the other two.

“Jorje, Rico, you two are the best Colombian prison friends a guy could have.” Stan said cheerfully, placing his arms chummily around the two large, scarred men sitting on either side of him.

“Espero que muera.” One said.

“Si.” The other agreed.

Ford sighed in annoyance. It’d have to do.

He stepped into the memory, eyeing the two Colombian prisoners. He imagined a key for the prison bars. He’d rather have something between him and them.

“Wha… Stanford!? What the heck are you doing here?” Stan asked, clearly flabbergasted.

Ford opened the door and pulled his brother out before the two others could react, then shut the bars again behind him.

“Aha, yes!” Stan laughed with relief, “I knew you couldn’t forget about me forever! Sorry amigos, but my brother’s finally come to bust me outta here! I’ll write ya both once I get state-side.”

“Stan, you’re dreaming.” Ford informed him. He fought the urge to pull his brother into an embrace. It was a dream. It wouldn’t be real.

Stan’s face fell. “Well… wouldn’t be the first time.” he said dejectedly.

Ford knew he should probably explain what was going on, but his curiosity got the better of him. He had so many questions. “What’s it like? How have you survived this long?”

“Eh, well, it’s really not that bad once you get used to it.” Stan shrugged “You just gotta convince them you’re not worth their trouble. Worst part is I’m the only one who doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish. But on the plus side, constant companionship and three free meals a day!”

Ford facepalmed. “Not prison, you knuckle-head! The other side of the portal!”

Stan stared at his brother in confusion, and his expression slowly darkened, like he had just realized something awful.

“I’m not… that’s real… oh no… oh sweet Moses…” Stanley suddenly grabbed Ford tightly by the shoulders. “Ford! Are- are you really here!?”

“Uh… yes and no.” Stanford stammered, suddenly unsure of how to explain. “I’m projecting my mental self into your mind, across–”

“Ford, you gotta get me outta here!” Stan cut him off. “I don’t know how much more I can take! Nothing makes any sense! And there are these crazy… things, some of ‘em can talk! One tried to attack me, but when it grabbed me it started burning! So now they all just stand there, staring at me…” He trailed off, his voice hollow.

Stanford stared at his brother, scared at the panicked and crazed look in his eyes. Stanley had often boasted he wasn’t afraid of anything. This of course wasn’t true, but it was still disturbing to see Stan’s bravado fall away so quickly.

“I’m working on bringing you back… it… it just might take time.” Ford tried to reassure his brother. “Stan, I don’t know how much of this you’ll remember when you wake up, but I want you to know I’m sorry. I’m sorry I dragged you into my problems. I shouldn’t have asked you to come.”

Stan looked like he was going to say something about that, and Ford waited a second. Nothing.

“But I promise,” he continued, “I don’t care how long it takes, I will save you. So don’t give up hope.”

Stan looked at his brother. He wanted to believe there was hope, but the burn on his back still throbbed with pain, a reminder of all that had gone wrong between the twins.

“You never swooped in to save me before.” Stanley said bitterly.

Ford’s stomach twisted with guilt. “I know. I’m sorry.” What else was he supposed to say?

“How do I know this is gonna be any different?”

“I’m here now, aren’t I?”

Stanley continued to stare at his brother, standing there just as he remembered. Perhaps that was because it was a dream. Ford’s face was plastered with regret. That wasn’t normal. Ford never regretted anything. Despite all the anger boiling inside him, Stan would do anything to take that look off his brother’s face.

“You promise not to give up on me, and I won’t give up on you.” Stan finally said, extending a handshake. Ford looked at the handshake apprehensively, a flicker of fear shot across his face. Then it was gone and he had given into the temptation to hug his brother.

Dream or not, it felt real enough for now.

I love how Beca and Chloe’s relationship seems to be based off of Anna’s and Brittany’s.

I mean, first of all, half of what they joked about in interviews happened.

And then there was that “character-to-actor role-reversal”… We all have noticed how Brittany’s character (Chloe) acts all “gay” (for Beca) much like how Anna acts for Brittany herself.

It’s all- I can’t put it into words correctly. it just makes sense and it’s cute.

Some Thoughts on Ganondorf

So, I’ve been having some ideas about Ganondorf lately. As you’ve probably seen in my earlier post, the Downfall timeline left me feeling a bit sore because of how terrible things turn out for Hyrule, Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. However, apparently the Triforce, while it doesn’t judge good or evil, does looks for a righteous heart. “Righteous” implies there is some capacity of good within that person, though that can obviously change later on. These are just some thoughts on why Ganondorf might be the way he is, so bear with me folks.

Every time I see an antagonist or villain in any media I consume, the first question I tend to ask myself is if the said villain is self aware of his evil. What I mean is that, do they acknowledge that what they are doing is bad and don’t really care because they believe it is a “necessary evil” to achieve their own ends, do they simply not care and enjoy the rush of villainy, or do they truly believe that they are doing good when in fact, they are not. When it comes to Ganondorf, I think he’s of the first kind AKA he knows what he is doing is evil, but he believes that it is necessary to proceed in this manner.

Looking at the way Ganondorf was raised, he was living amongst a tribe of women that vilified men for many reasons I imagine. For one, their tribe suffers quite a bit with the lack of resources and the harsh conditions of their environment. From what is gathered, they do not receive any aid from the Hylian monarchy despite the claim that a war had been fought to unify the lands in Hyrule. I believe that the Gerudo view men negatively because the ones at the helm of Hyrule’s power are men, they consistently refuse to help the Gerudo, and do not make any effort to dispel the hatred that the rest of Hyrule has for them despite “unification”. Additionally, the Gerudo are required to find boyfriends outside of their home in order to conceive. This is just an assumption, but taking into account the hatred and fear people harbor for the Gerudo, I can imagine there may have been many unfortunate and abusive events that may have transpired during these outings. Hence, I can imagine that the Gerudo blame men a lot for their suffering as their abuse of power leads to their dismal conditions in the land and the maltreatment of their people as a whole. Therefore it is natural that the Gerudo have come to view men as greedy and cowardly as they withhold resources despite the abundance they have and are afraid of letting go of stupid stereotypes. They cannot see beyond what they believe and because of this, they cannot establish an amicable relationship with the Gerudo.

Now, Ganondorf is raised surrounded by the message that men are bad, men are greedy, and men are just overall evil. I think as he is growing up, even though he is praised as a blessing to the Gerudo, he doesn’t really realize he is also a man just like the men the Gerudo vilify until he is fully grown. This is because he would realize that the characteristics he develops at puberty AKA deeper voice, flat chest, beard hair etc. are the same characteristics that the men he has occasionally seen in his life until then possess. This probably becomes a sore point for him because, based on what he has heard all his life, that would automatically make him bad. Yet, the Gerudo praise him, so perhaps he believes that maybe he is different and can do some good for his people instead of the evil the other men have inflicted upon them. Add to the fact that Ganondorf is treated like a god amongst his people, and it is no surprise that he loves the rush of power and devotion. These two combined together would make the pursuit of the Triforce an excellent goal for him. With its power he would have the ultimate force that would lead himself and his people out of their misery, just like the power of a god.

Once he obtains the Triforce however, the rush of power may have proven to be too much for him (Zelda mentions this to some capacity on OoT, and she even mourns him in the manga), thus causing him to misuse his power and lay the land to waste. He is not surprised because he is a man, and men lay things to waste as he has be taught all his life. Therefore, he continues down this path of destruction, fueled by this belief that he cannot stop what is invariably a part of him, and slowly but surely becoming consumed by his hate for himself, for the way his life turn out, and for the people that had hurt him and all that he held dear. Soon power becomes all that he craves and wants, and he does not mind the destruction and suffering he leaves behind because that is what is in his nature.

So there are my ideas on why Ganondorf is such a destructive force, yet is still capable of wielding the Triforce to some capacity.

I talked a lot to parents and grandparents about poverty in Canada and while they are not poor, they have all invested ridiculous amounts of time and energy into aiding/feeding/housing the poor/people who just need help financially or emotionally or spiritually, and honestly a lot of what they said both shattered what I thought poverty was like in canada and also reinforced a lot of what various classes have taught me about it. heres some of the stuff that came up. 

First, the idea that impoverished individuals are not willing to work to make their own situations better was greatly supported by what ALL of them had to say. for example: My mom ran my churches food bank for 7 years and a lot of the people that came in spent most of their welfare cheques etc on things that were not going to help their lives to improve/move up the social “strata, if you will. Instead it was a lot of material possessions and cigarettes and phones etc, and then relied on people like my mother to get necessities. My grandma often experienced the same thing, except that she has done this thing called a bread run for 17 years where she gets “expired” donuts and bread from grocery stores and timmies and hands it out on the reserve and in more impoverished areas of town and just talks with an loves on people there. In the same way she has found that most of the people that she deals with have very little motivation to improve their own lives and because they get a lot of government support, abuse that and make it so that they do not try to improve themselves. My other grandma has found the same thing after investing in dozens if not hundreds of impoverished individuals. 

This made me think a lot about whether or not the other impoverished people just do not take advantage of these things because they attempt to use their money more wisely or whether this captures the majority of the poor experience. 

But that also got me thinking about how this society values material wealth. People often call the poor lazy and then praise those who have a lot of possessions, giving the poor this idea that maybe if they have these things, they will be more inclined to be happy/fulfilled BECAUSE thats exactly what this society is valuing/leading them to believe will help them out. We also as a society tell the poor that they are lazy/worthless, and this goes double for those who come from a First Nations background. We isolate them, and allow them no positive role models in mainstream media, and either constantly portray them as poor addicts or else demonize them in newstories, calling them lazy or freeloaders, or else just talk about those Native women who go to big cities and become prostitutes, instead of praising achievements, or even giving a big picture/full story portrayal of these individuals and the problems that took them to these places. So this reinforces the drug addict ideal within and outside of the reserve, and places no value on them as individuals or gives them any place in society other than as poor workers or worthless addicts. But then again from what I have heard from my Grandma who has worked with them very closely for decades, and is heavily involved in foster care for predominantly native kids, this is a fairly accurate portrayal. She tries SO hard to give these people everything she can and love them but a) they take her help and then just act like they have become entitled to the bread that she brings literally every Saturday and has made huge sacrifices to keep doing and b) they refuse to let her into their community no matter how hard she tries to love them and meet them on her own terms! and like if any white person is doing their best to be compassionate and non-colonial it is this woman. and yet they still reject any involvement in their lives outside of the things that she can give them. and on top of that most of the people she has worked with are addicts themselves and very rarely do anything to try and quit. but I again feel like this just plays back to the lack of value that canada has for it native members, and they internalize this and its a matter of “I dont have value and therefore i can do whatever the fuck I want without anyone rlly caring” which has disastrous consequences on their children and the way that the society perceives them, further creating this cycle of destructive attitudes and further concreting the stigma that we have towards them as a part of the greater society. 

Anyways, I feel like all of these issues relate back to greed and the value we place on material wealth as opposed to family and relationships and God and stuff. My family is mostly of the opinion that while sometimes sweeping government reform is necessary, its close interpersonal relationships with individuals that come out of a reflection of God’s love for us that are going to do any real lasting change at any kind of level. My Dad cited the abolition of the slave trade and like the origins of the Women’s suffrage movement as success stories for this mode of radical change, especially because they were very much begun by radical Christians who recognized the wrong in treating individuals in a certain way and like fighting for that change through both political means and investing in the lives of people who would really not have given a shit otherwise. In other words the massive changes that took places during these periods of time line up with massive Christian revival and often the major players in one movement was also somehow involved in the other. So like if we are going to have these major changes in how society is working then why don’t we first start with both teaching those around us about these kinds of issues and investing heavily into God-driven personal relationships. Even if they don’t take on that personal relationship, these kinds of interactions can still fuel change at an incredible rate. 

anyways, I think i’m done. caffeinatedgingers delight-mysoul girlwhowasonfire musiqchild007 four-fires i feel like you guys (and like anyone else who wants to) would have like interesting thoughts on this so like if you feel like responding you can. I want some ideas to bring back to family. 

Also I think i’m gonna do this more often LOL

I feel like the best example of how Daryl would act with Beth is from “Alone”. THAT was Daryl, he wasn’t rude or horrible. He was sweet and kind towards her because this whole thing was new to him and he’s never felt this way. Maybe he didn’t realize he was falling in love, but he liked the feelings he got being near her, he wanted to keep her close and he enjoyed talking with her. (He was courting her and didn’t even know it…. And Beth didn’t know it yet either!!) I feel like, had she never gotten kidnapped and had they simply found the group together, sure maybe he’d withdraw a little, but she wouldn’t have it and Daryl would miss her too much.

They’re interactions were really sweet and innocent and their love would be sweet and innocent. (Sure sometimes a little angst but they’re both new at this)

I’m sad that we never got to see it move further. I’m sad as viewers that we were not allowed to see this very unique and refreshing relationship play out on tv.

  • Meg Meg Meg Nutmeg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Meg is literal sunshine and it is soooo good to see her face 
  • where is Bea though please give me Bea I want to see her face too
  • can someone please make gifs of Meg saying “Hero said that I should do a room tour” and Hero actually saying “room tour room tour ROOM TOUR” in nmtd because that would be fantastic
  • ugh Meg is so cute and adorable and needs to be stopped just kidding Meg never stop being awesome
  • love how the three girls still catch up regularly
  • I’m really glad Hero’s excited for her birthday! considering what happened last year *wince*
  • what does Meg have planned? curious curious
  • “I know I’m intelligent, I’m hot, and I know what I’m doing so who wouldn’t want to date me?” MEG I LOVE YOU
  • oooh will we meet Julia? I hope so…
  • also is Julia dating John? I guess since John is a minor character in LLL… I’m actually curious to see John, to see what he’s like now that he has his life together more
  • Meg trying to give Ben nicknames - amazing
  • what is that hand sign?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • it’s so nice to have this sweet, confident video from Meg as a break from all the flat drama
  • and Meg seems so happy! She’s writing for a magazine, she has friends, she’s happy with her social life… It also seems like she’s more mature now and has her life together, which is lovely to see
  • basically this semi-surprise video was a delight and I can’t wait for more