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Derek Hale’s Camaro is season 1 and what Derek Hale’s Camaro in season 6B roughly looks like. Same type of car just new style. Oh the amount of headcanons that are swimming in my head knowing he still has his precious Camaro. At least I think it’s a Camaro. The only other car that has the tail lights in that clip is a volt and if Derek has a stupid little electric car I’m gonna be laugh so hard.


you’re my heaven / you’re my hell | a Vandermarin fanmix

01. hey little monster, you know it’s all okay, I’m gonna love you, no matter what you say / 02. hold on, please don’t leave me deep in my darkest hour, I know that you need me, so I’ll try to find the power / 03. now you’ll breathe me / 04. all, all I know is, just about a million ways to harm you / 05. I live by you, desire, I stand by you, walk through the fire, your love is my scripture / 06. would you leave me, if I told you what I’ve done? and would you need me, if I told what I’ve become? / 07. I’ll love you psychopathically, I can’t breathe without affection / 08. you wear the crown, be toast of the town, and I’ll take the fall when the walls come down / 09. I was put together wrong, still, I was made for you

[ L I S T E N ]

  • Day Four: Alternative Universe // Prompt_ AU

“Royal AU”

“Serena, will you please find a suitable dress for the ball. There will be some well matched suitors for you there to meet, and i will not have you turning up dressed in the usual drab outfits you wear. It is about time you grew up and found yourself a husband to settle down with and have children with. You’re the heir to the throne for heaven’s sake!”

Serena listened to her mother’s rant while they were having breakfast in relative silence. She had learnt by now that disagreeing with her only made things worse. “Yes mother” she replied, “i’ll go out today and find something… suitable” she lingered over the last word. She had heard her mother go on about finding a husband too many times to count, however how does the future heir to the throne find a suitable husband when she doesn’t seem to like any of the males she meets.

Serena finished breakfast rather quickly, hardly eating anything. She just wanted to escape her mother’s constant criticisms. She asked her maid to fetch her coat and she went out to find herself a dress that her mother may find appropriate.

Serenas driver pulls up to the royal tailors, she gets out, looks around at all the other stores in the street, with all the ordinary people just going about their days. What she wouldnt give to be one of them. To not have to worry about what the world thought of how she dressed, or how she walked, or who she dated. She sighed and entered the store. Serena had been to the store many times before, and as such she knew all the staff that worked there. Today, however, there was someone new. A beautiful, tall blonde woman. She had never seen her there before, and wondered when she started working there. Serena couldn’t stop staring at her. She had butterflies in her stomach. Serenas eyes traveled up and down the blonde womans body. She had a nice figure. Curves in all the right places, she thought. The blonde turned to look at Serena, and was shocked to see it was the princess. She curtsied low and knocked over the glasses stand as she did so.

“Sorry ma’am” she said, rather flustered, “i’m so terribly sorry” she repeated as she scrambled to pick the stand and items off the ground. Serena bent down to help her pick the fallen objects from the ground.

“It is quite okay. Here, let me help you, er…” she paused not knowing her name. She looked at the woman questioningly.

“Berenice. It is my first day today ma’am.” She responded.

“Nice to meet you Berenice. I am Serena.”

“I know who you are ma’am. You do not need to help me your highness. I am truly sorry”

“I want to help” she replied, as she reached for a tiara at the same time as the other woman. Their hands lingered touching each other over the shimmering item, and they locked eyes. Serena felt a tug in her heart as the stared into each other’s eyes. She really was the “most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen” She gasped in horror. She had said the last part out loud, and by the look on Berenice’s face she definitely heard her.

(when you get so stressed because your mind can’t work and your fiancée comes to save the day! Fic wrote by @berena-sapphic-angst-fest picture by me)


@fictorium putting things in context!

this is why i can’t ever support karamel, as a romantic or even a platonic relationship. that boy is just dragging our girl down. supergirl as a show has fallen so far down from the standard it had set for itself back in season 1, back in CBS.

mon-el just basically added a huge load on kara’s already very heavy burden just so he can feel good about himself. he might “like” kara but he never once had thought about her first, or respected her wishes.

emotionally manipulating women must never EVER be normalized.


“The final nominee for best musical features a thrilling mix of rock, pop, soul, folk, electronic dance music, and classic broadway. Inspired by a 70 page slice of War and Peace, the immersive staging of this unforgettable epic story brings us just inches from the performers as they light up broadway in an experience like no other. Nominated tonight for 12 Tony Awards, please welcome nominees Josh Groban, Denée Benton, Lucas Steele, and the company of Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812.”

Tarot spread for when you’re feeling frustrated and blocked. When there’s something wrong but you can’t quite figure what that is.

  1. The cork, what’s keeping card five trapped.
  2. What you need to keep an eye out for, the negative repercussions that this reveal will give you
  3. The positives that will come from this being let into the light
  4. What you should do to work on the negatives of card two, how to move further through them.
  5. The central issue, the thing that needs to be let out into the light
  6. How the positives found in card three will inform and shape and improve your life.

This spread actually helps me a lot with shadow work - if I keep running up against an emotion I can’t figure out the reason for, I work on this, but it also helps when I’m feeling stifled.