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@fictorium putting things in context!

this is why i can’t ever support karamel, as a romantic or even a platonic relationship. that boy is just dragging our girl down. supergirl as a show has fallen so far down from the standard it had set for itself back in season 1, back in CBS.

mon-el just basically added a huge load on kara’s already very heavy burden just so he can feel good about himself. he might “like” kara but he never once had thought about her first, or respected her wishes.

emotionally manipulating women must never EVER be normalized.


“The final nominee for best musical features a thrilling mix of rock, pop, soul, folk, electronic dance music, and classic broadway. Inspired by a 70 page slice of War and Peace, the immersive staging of this unforgettable epic story brings us just inches from the performers as they light up broadway in an experience like no other. Nominated tonight for 12 Tony Awards, please welcome nominees Josh Groban, Denée Benton, Lucas Steele, and the company of Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812.”

Tarot spread for when you’re feeling frustrated and blocked. When there’s something wrong but you can’t quite figure what that is.

  1. The cork, what’s keeping card five trapped.
  2. What you need to keep an eye out for, the negative repercussions that this reveal will give you
  3. The positives that will come from this being let into the light
  4. What you should do to work on the negatives of card two, how to move further through them.
  5. The central issue, the thing that needs to be let out into the light
  6. How the positives found in card three will inform and shape and improve your life.

This spread actually helps me a lot with shadow work - if I keep running up against an emotion I can’t figure out the reason for, I work on this, but it also helps when I’m feeling stifled.


Countdown to the Tony’s • Favorite Performance: Fun Home (2015)

“You didn’t notice her at first, dad, but I did I saw her the minute she walked in. I’d never seen a woman who looked like her! It was like I was a traveler in a foreign country who runs in to someone from home, someone they’ve never met before but somehow just recognized.”