my things*

OUT OF CONTEXT:  A playlist to play out in public loudly without headphones or to use to introduce your friend to musical theatre. All the songs in the playlist make zero to little sense without context.

Dogfight - Dogfight Off Broadway, Blue - Heathers the Musical, I Love You Like a Table - Waitress the Musical, Joseph Smith American Moses - The Book of Mormon, Over the Moon - Rent, Black Death - Something Rotten, Bend and Snap - Legally Blonde the Musical, If We Get Married - American Psycho the Musical, Vanilla Ice Cream - She Loves Me, Changing My Major - Fun Home, La Vie Boheme - Rent, Hell No! - The Color Purple, The Bitch of Living - Spring Awakening, The Internet is for Porn - Avenue Q, Shiksa Goddess - The Last Five Years, Poison in My Pocket - A Gentleman’s Guide, Something Rotten!/Make an Omelette - Something Rotten, Balaga - Great Comet of 1812, Spooky Mormon Hell Dream - Book of Mormon, Sweet Transvestite - Rocky Horror, Epiphany - Sweeney Todd, Never Ever Getting Rid of Me - Waitress the Musical, A Summer in Ohio - The Last Five Years, Die Vampire Die - Title of Show, Poor, Unsuccessful, and Fat - A New Brain


“drarry is cano—”

“harry and ginny should get a div—”

“i hate ginny we—”

“snape was just misunderst—”

“snape loved lily so mu—”

“au where snape adopts h—”

“i love gay ships im so sinf—”

listen to this bastille song when

missing someone: Laughter Lines, Poet, Torn Apart, Good Grief, Fake It

feeling depressed: Laura Palmer, Of The Night, Skulls, The Draw, The Driver

feeling like no one’s listening: Overjoyed, Haunt, Axe To Grind, Weapon

feeling like you’d like to hit someone: Blame, Torn Apart pt.II

lost hope: Things We Lost In The Fire, The Silence, Laughter Lines, Fake It

would like to fall asleep quicker: Oblivion, Overjoyed, Haunt

feeling like life is unimportant: Weight Of Living (pt.I /pt.II), Hangin’

tired of life: Icarus, Laughter Lines, Durban Skies, Pompeii, Snakes, Grip

feeling like anxiety has taken control: Campus, Grip, Send Them Off, The Currents

wanting to feel better: Pompeii, Of The Night, Good Grief