some seido aesthetics

haruichi: sugar cubes, daisychains, the kissing of bruises to soothe the pain, softness, quick pecks on the lips, covering your eyes with your hair, lingering hugs, holding hands, first names basis, fruity lemonade, wearing sweaters over button ups, warm sunlight on a cool afternoon, soothing someone when they’re upset, being acknowledged by your loved ones, smiling at your friends across the room, when the bat connects to the ball and it sends tremor down your hand.

furuya: northern lights, the feeling of crunching snow below your feet, when it starts raining on a hot day, quiet evenings, cloud watching, falling asleep on someone’s thighs, flannel shirts, muted sunlight filtering through the curtains, the natural silence of the woods, long overcoats, quiet music, the relief after getting to pitch, holding the door open for someone, ice cream dates, wanting to protect your loved one, rush of courage to intertwine your pinkies.

sawamura: glitter, sun-kissed skin, freckles, a bouquet of sunflowers, shoujo manga, when a story is so touching it makes you cry, when you grip someone’s hand during horror movies, kisses on the cheek, laughing until you cry, early morning runs, creamy hot chocolate, the rush of excitement after a good pitch, being praised, staying defiantly stubborn against a wrong doing, the way your stomach turns when you look at the person you like.

miyuki: black coffee in the afternoon, champagne on new year’s night, contradictions, forehead kisses, late night drives, marble sculptures, secrecy, a warm bath to relax after a long day, the dip of the bed when your partner sneaks in, striped or baseball t-shirts, well executed game strategy, reading your opponent’s moves, remaining smug even when embarrassed, dirty jokes, when someone smiles at you and you know they’re yours. 

kuramochi: leather jackets and black boots, recognising constellations in the night sky, finger guns, gaming ‘till 3am, when your skin breaks in goosebumps after a risky play, when you wake up before the alarm clock rings, the ache in your muscles after working hard, driving fast, fighting bullies, neck kisses, perfectly executed double plays, running to base and hearing ‘safe’, playing matchmaker, having someone you can trust, standing up for your friends.


This is all I do in skirmishes