my thing finally came in the mail

okay so usually thoughts i get at night dont tend to turn into any sort of urge but ive waited long enough

why has no one

I MEAN????







Let’s see what’s this? @myrobotlandlord

Hmm why does it feel so ….. light?

Awwww this is cute

wait…… if this is what I think it is ……

why is it light?






You think you’re so funny don’t ya!

Freaking trying to scare me, is that my punishment after you left me in Judgment hall for a month until I beat you?! I reseted before I enter the King’s hall. I never went through it SANS!!

So yeah, guess what came in today! I was worry when I got this in the mail cause that hole was there and I got scared that it was a empty letter. But he was stuck.

Thanks @myrobotlandlord I love him and has finally arrived after that whole thing X3

I Wish [OQ]

For @oqpromptparty. Thanks to @repellomuggletum15 (and @audreysl0ve!) for all the inspiration :) Canon-divergent after 3b.

166. Regina enchants Roland’s birthday cake so whatever he wishes for comes true.

It had seemed like an excellent idea, at first – an idea that had not even been hers, and what kind of monster would she be to refuse Robin when she’d never seen him so plainly excited at the prospect of magic for once? – but as Roland’s birthday drew near, Regina began to worry that a six-year-old boy might not make the most rational of wishes.

She spent the day preparing their house with a growing sense of concern, images of raucous pet dragons and mischievous Cat in the Hats (Robin would certainly enjoy the company of those) circling and circling her as she put the finishing touches on Roland’s black forest cake; but when Roland, pink-cheeked from all the festivities with a headful of streamers and sparkling confetti, blew out every last one of his candles and rushed back to Henry with a very chocolatey grin, Regina breathed a sigh of relief that perhaps he hadn’t quite understood the mechanics of wish-making after all.

Until a month after the party, when two things happened with such decisive timeliness that chance alone could not explain it: a long-awaited letter from the adoption agency finally arrived in the mail, and as a blurry-faced Robin smiled through tears of his own to kiss and kiss and kiss her, Regina came to the second realization that she was now three weeks late – and how like the son of a law-bending man, she thought with great fondness, to ply two wishes out of one.

TL;DT at bottom

Last couple days have been a nightmare.
Tuesday- assistant manager tells me all the mid tasks are done and I just need to worry about my closing tasks. Cool. Turns out literally NONE of the tasks were done. Not one. And that morning the store was closed for an extra 4 hours because the company’s update on our POS system crashed, people were not happy. So I finish them, whatever. I start my period literally 45 minutes from when my shift started. EVEN BETTER. A girl who is in training calls and says she’s going to be late. How late? She can’t give me an estimate. Phone rings again, my closer’s car broke down and she might be late (at least she called an hour ahead).
Wednesday-talk to my manager about the previous day, her response “oh I’m so sorry I was in a meeting with our district manager” THEN EHY DID YOU TELL ME THEY WERE DONE? I had to do her tasks at the end of the night before! Plus I had two girls who hate each other and I have to try and keep them separated in a small bar area where everyone is literally within five feet of each other for 8 hours. And listen to them bitch about one another (love the drama, hate that I’m their supervisor )
Thursday- my fiance is sick and I’ve been up all night and morning taking care of him. Guess what, allergies weren’t allergies I have a cold now. Can’t call in because every supervisor is working or unavailable (yet I signed a contract stating I wouldn’t go to work sick?) Anyways go in and everything is a disaster. The lobby is gross, trash overfilled, lines of customers who are all upset. Midday shift hands me the keys to the store and takes her break. Before I clocked in. I still had my purse on my shoulder and sunglasses on my head. No apron either. Jump right in and it’s like everyone wants to talk to the manager. All I want to do is get my coworkers in order and figure out what happened and how can I make everything fluid again. But instead I have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to talk to angry customers and also help make drinks and get everyone’s food. End of the day I was dead.
Friday- Lady calls and wants her receipt from two days ago. Can’t remember her order or what time she came in (literally the only two ways I can search for it) finally found it after ten minutes and she asked if I could mail it to her. Now I am a lowly employee who is in charge of smaller employees at a retail cafe. Plus that isn’t even a thing. I told her she would have to come by and we could print it. Says shell swing by tonight. Never came. I finally take my lunch and I’m already sick, pmsing, and slept maybe 8 hours in the last 3 days combined. It’s the first time this week I actually sit down and try to enjoy my 30 minute break. Not one, not two, but three employees needed me. One for a void on a transaction (which could have waited until I came back),two a customer wanted to know the ingredients in a drink (the person on POS could have told me instead of saying a customer wanted to speak with me), three an employee wanted to know how to make something but literally the directions are on the packet. Ended up telling everyone to leave me the fuck alone and me and one other girl (who is a dear friend of mine) and I got into a screaming fit in the back room.
Saturday (today): tried to request the day off two months ago but my manager said already four people requested it off. It’s the two year anniversary of my father’s death and I would love to spend it with my family (we’re an emotional group). No can do. AND TO TOP THE LIST! Literally right after I clock on and get on the floor I hear screaming coming from the drive thru window. It was along the lines of: “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! I HAVNT SEEN YOU BEFORE! EVERYONE HERE KNOWS MY ORDER!” Fortunately another supervisor was there and she said she’d handle it. THANK GOD! I still hear screaming and cussing so I decide to come over and see what the problem was because everyone in our lobby was looking over the counter, watching as this chick was trying to open her car door. I told her she needed to calm down and lower her voice, TWICE. I almost brought out my phone so if she did try to jump through our window I had evidence (AND A YOUTUBE VIDEO). She scoffed and sat back down in her car and bitched about how rude I was and how rude the other girl was and she’s a regular how dare we treat her like this (she’s like this EVERY morning. She has a reputation yet our manager won’t ban her). Anyways go on about the day and try to push to the finish line. Guy come by walks slightly behind the counter to grab a broom (TOTAL NO GO ZONE. I WAS HERE WHEN MY STORE WAS ROBBED DO NOT COME BEHIND THE COUNTER!). So I said the typical “sir, can I HELP you?” “Well I’d didnt want to have your girls clean the men’s room.” First of all our two restrooms are gender neutral because they are singles. Second, I’ve cleaned vomit from sinks, clogged toilets, period blood, shit on the floors, piss, and whatever that thing was in the corner. Third of all, and have I mentioned it, DONT GO BEHIND MY COINTER. Dude also looked like a drug dealer who would sell you an ounce of weed for $5 or a ride to the nearest 711. Then another guy came in and one of the girls told me a couple of nights ago her and a male friend were at a nearby gasstation and he made sexual motions towards her. So I told her to go into the back room take her break and I’ll keep an eye on him. I walk by him later in the night and he tried to say something to me. Fortunately my fiance was there and told him “don’t talk to her”. Shut his ass down fast. My fiance is NOT a fighter but if someone is making me uncomfortable he will shut that shit down. He’s amazing like that. So the rest of the night my fiance say at the table closest to my register so he can keep an eye on the creeper. FIANLLY 3 MINUTES UNTIL CLOSING and a MOB of people come in wanting drinks upon drinks. I take their orders and tell everyone in the lobby if they’re not waiting on their order they need to leave and the store is officially closed. Crepper dude comes up and my fiance snaps up and goes between us and he’s like “yo I just want to use the restroom” YA! “no sire the store is officially closed.” And just as if someone answered my prayers because a security guard came in and escorted that specific person out of the store. Just so happens during his smoke break my fiance had a chit chat with the security guard.
Good news is a competition company wants to take me with better paid, same benefits, longer lunch, as a supervisor with the same schedule and hours, and my store manager could possible be my old supervisor (who I replaced) who actually appreciates my hard work and is also a friend of mine. Honestly if she gets that promotion I’m gone from this stupid ass company. Only thing keeping me is it’s two cities away (managable but my car broke down and my only method of transportation is by train. And I’d be closing at the dead of night taking the train where there’s been a LOT of crime.)

TL;DR: Week was one of the roughest. Ended up with some lady screaming bloody murder over a $5 drink. Fiance had to fend off this creepy ass guy. Managers suck. Customers suck. But I might get a better job that’s exactly the same but o get more out of it.


Angie’s shirts came in the mail today! Another beautiful set that fit my boys perfectly. They look absolutely adorable, especially Joey in his little model pose, lol. They love their new shirts, but I think the twins love theirs the most mainly because of the deaf pride represented on them. It just means so much to us that we finally could get some clothes that represent them in a positive and powerful light. The only thing they can’t do is hear, but other than that they can do anything! They can speak, they can read lips, but they choose to use ASL (American Sign Language) over speaking unless it’s needed to communicate, and we’re proud! ASL is our life!” -Catherine

all three shirts came from the lovely @simmingonahill ❤️ one of my most favorite pieces of cc because my both my parents are deaf and representation of the culture I grew up in means so much to me… I know I already said this to you personally but I want to say it again… Thank you for the time and effort put into making this cc and sharing it with me! I love you!

so i work in the bookstore at a college campus and we’re located right next to the mail services like we literally share a basement space so i overhear things sometimes and you will never guess the funniest shit i just heard fjxndkkxjd sone kid came into the mailroom to pick up a package and i shit you not this is what he said

“i’m so glad you guys haven’t closed yet! this is my spare car key! i lost my car keys so my mom had to mail me my spare. i was able to get into my car because i was able to pick the lock but then i realized i didn’t know how to hotwire a car so thank god i finally got this(the package with his key)”

I was disappointed at Comic-Con to find virtually NO Jesus merch. AMC hasn’t released any official Paul Rovia shirts or anything. I got the funko pop and the only two Jesus drawings at all of C2E2 but I was still bummed and so I complained about it to my artist friend @youremyfanart.
She said she could put her Tom Payne drawing on a shirt for me. It came in the mail yesterday and I’m so happy. Thankyou for humoring me and my most recent obsession, side note Mind gamers a movie Tom was in just came out finally and it’s amazing. Beautifully done very interesting , some REALLY good writing, y all should check it out if you like philosophy and human consciousness. All the science in it is 100 percent certifiably real.

@ninotchka92 - Sure, tumblr keeps saying it posted my reply to your ask, but it’s not showing so I’ll use your comment instead:

In Dahmer Detective it’s pretty vague, almost exactly as I had described it. In short, Detectives Murphy and Kennedy joke that Dahmer has some fan mail and hands him the letters. Jeff picks one up and opens it, and “a photograph of a young woman, early thirties, with long brown hair and posed in a rather seductive position fell to the floor.” Kennedy says she’s kind of attractive, picks it up, and gives it back to Jeff. The letter says she wants to talk with him and she’s been following his case nonstop and found Jeff fascinating. “Dahmer put the letter down and looked at us in disbelief.” They continued looking through the letters, it was more of the same types of letters, in addition to interview inquiries, and an older lady offering to pay for his defense.

However: Jeff said later, shaking his head in disbelief, after receiving more ‘fan mail’ - “I thought that when my deeds finally came out I would be vilified, but these people want to be my friend. I don’t get it.”

In other books, notably Dark Journey Deep Grace, Jeff tells his minister he doesn’t like receiving those sorts of things, despite being gay and having no attraction to the women themselves, the sexual nature of them bothered him because it reminded him of his crimes.

Interestingly, if you’ve read any of his correspondence with the infamous “beautiful Mary”, you know that Jeff still wrote to women and accepted at least some of their photos, for whatever reason.

What a busy week!

 First I had my name change on Tuesday, and today, took a couple more steps. I started off the afternoon by going to the DMV and getting everything changed there. I have my temporary ID with my new name (AND gender marker adjusted!), and get my new ID in a week or so in the mail.

 Then I said why not, I have time, and stopped by one of my banks and changed my information there. The temporary ID with the judge-signed name change declaration was enough to get things changed there too, with a new debit card coming in the mail in… a week or so (theme there?).

 Third, I came out to one of my roommates (finally!). I have two male and one female roommate, and I came out to her. She was just as supportive as I thought she would be, and after a ~10-15 minute conversation, we hugged and are as good as we were before. Just the two guys to go… I think they’ll be guys, but no less supportive, but I’m sure will ask few questions, and probably won’t end in a hug either. They’ll be fine though, I have faith!

 I’m just sitting here finally getting off the adrenaline high from the day, drinking lots of water and finally getting my BP under control. I’ll end the post here because I just need to relax.

 I hope you have all as great as a week as I have, because you can bet your behind, I’ve had one of the better ones I’ve had in a long time!

 - (now legally) - Lana

Friday Night (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None! I haven’t updated a non-angsty imagine in a while so I figured I would treat you all. Also this may have been inspired by an episode of Raising Hope

Words: 2,333

Warnings: Spiders?

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @shamvictoria11 @spookass @pabegay1 

I’m binge watching Walking Dead and I’ve made it to season 3 in three days, I’m not at all ashamed by it. Also Daryl is hot and I want to kiss him repeatedly. 

It was your typical boring Friday night. Nothing exciting was happening around the tower, some were out on small missions and if they weren’t out on missions, they were in sweats and netflixing the night away. 

You were amongst the group of non-missioners. In fact you hadn’t been out on a mission in a few weeks, due to medical reasons. You would love to say that you got hurt by doing something heroic and awesome, but sadly that was not the case. 

Six weeks ago, on a rainy Tuesday night you were taking the trash out to the dumpsters behind the tower. Those dumpsters were filled high with all of Tony’s shit that he couldn’t find a use for, they were more like Tony’s personal dumpsters than the whole towers. 

You were in your pajamas and your panda slippers, keeping in mind those panda slippers were the most slippery slippers you owned. You slid throughout every room of the tower whenever you wore them, but you loved them nonetheless. 

The storm had died down quite a bit at the time you took out the trash, and it was only lightly sprinkling, however the ground was slippery and wet. There were huge puddles everywhere and you had to be careful not to step in one. 

You were staring down at the ground and tiptoeing towards the large dumpsters only a few feet away from you when you saw it. It was large, black and hairy. It looked like it could take up the size of your palm and it was only mere inches away from your foot. 

You gasped and tried to back up from it and go a different route to get to the dumpsters, even if it meant lightly stepping into a puddle. Your slippers slid on the slick ground beneath you and pulled your feet out from under you. Before you went slamming onto the ground, your left leg ending up in a not so good angle under your ass.

The trash bag that was gripped tightly in your left hand went swinging down and landed hard on one of your eyes. You let out a shriek and you were in too much of a shock to realize the amount of pain surging up and down your left leg. 

You tried scooting backwards back towards the door you came out of, but when you got close enough to try to open it from the ground, Sam decided to swing it open and come see what was taking you so long. 

You ended up with a fractured leg, black eye, bruised ass and a concussion. 

It was not your proudest moment, but the spider was huge. What were you supposed to do? Step on it and risk it jumping on you? Or worse, come back to life and crawl into your mouth while you were sleeping? The hell with that.

“Have you seen Bucky?” You passed Vision and Wanda together in the halls, Wanda was blushing and Vision seemed nervous. They were like a couple of teenage sweethearts, you loved them together. 

“He is in the family room, Miss Y/n.” Vision nodded towards you and offered a small smile. You knew that Wanda was working with him on acting less as a computer and more of a human. 

“Thanks,” You winked at Wanda and her blush darkened. “You two lovebirds have fun.”

“You go have fun with Bucky, you two are the real lovebirds.” Wanda looked over her shoulder at you once you had already passed them, your panda slippers slipping and sliding slightly every time you turned. 

You and Bucky had started dating six months ago. It took long enough for you two to actually start dating, Tony pretended to go on a couple dates with you to make Bucky jealous. So Bucky pretended to go on a couple dates with Nat to make you jealous. Bucky didn’t know that you dating Tony was fake and you didn’t know that him dating Nat was fake.

You started flaunting off your relationship with Steve around Bucky, Steve was your best friend. The two of you were tight and even had a tradition to go on a romantic dinner once a month even though you both were disgusted at the idea of dating each other. You were friends, not anything else. 

So Bucky became really close with Wanda, developing the same type of close relationship you had with Steve. 

After months of torturing each other, Bucky finally asked you out a date. It was the night of a huge snow storm and you had decided to go get ice cream, because you were out. It logically didn’t make sense to risk going out in a snow storm to get ice cream, but you didn’t care. 

You were fumbling with your keys and by the time you finally got your car door open, it was slammed shut by Bucky’s hand. He went on to give you the most perfect speech about how much he loved you and how you probably didn’t feel the same way, but you cut him off with the most electrifying kiss. 

It was everything you ever imagined it to be. Shivers ran up and down your arms and spine, but it wasn’t from the bitter cold. Your legs felt weak and at one point you used Bucky as a support for yourself. His arms were wrapped so tightly around you, and your hands clutched onto his jacket, pulling him closer. 

The snow was the cherry on top. It was sort of a cliche, but you loved a good romance story. 

But then your lips got frozen together and Steve had to help break the two of you apart; literally

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After sending out pretty continuous autograph requests this year with few results, I finally got my first success in three months! I was beyond delighted to get Kathryn Grant-Crosby’s response in the mail today, especially because I just got her book Bing and Other Things from the library today (what are the odds?). Kathryn is Bing Crosby’s surviving widow and a wonderful actress in her own right, starring in movies like Anatomy of a Murder and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. This came today, the day after my birthday, so the timing makes it a wonderful belated birthday present!

“Caring too much for objects can destroy you. Only—if you care for a thing enough, it takes on a life of its own, doesn’t it? And isn’t the whole point of things—beautiful things—that they connect you to some larger beauty?”   ―Donna Tartt


I posted the original design for this Winter Soldier/Black Widow shirt not too long ago, aaaaand I finally got the quality check shirt (i. e. the how-bad-did-I-screw-this-up shirt) in the mail today.  Verdict?  Ain’t bad at all, all things considered!  Fixed the design to work on dark OR light shirts without Bucky’s gun and part of Natasha’s hand getting lost into the ether.  My only real gripe is that the colors are muted, but Redbubble’s colors don’t have enough reach to get that zingy red.  

Check the last pic for what this thing came out looking like!  I didn’t do any color or contrast adjustment; the shine on the black portions is just because I had a light source directly overhead to get a crisp picture.

So, if you really want to…

You can buy it here.