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It’s finally complete! :D

The J2M set 2017 edition (2 lnch round, 100 buttons each)

the Misha design is v2.0 cuz added more words (v1.0 was from 2015)


TFW!Cas (2 inch round, 150 buttons)

the ‘castiel’ looks too dark to me (but it looked ok on my screen :/) so might have to redo this with a more lighter blue

and more bonus:

DeanCas (1 inch round, 25 buttons each)

just experimenting with this one, they’re kinda too small, might have to go up to 2 inch later if more people requests them

So that’s a total of 500 buttons that I will be bringing with me to Chicon to give away so come find us on Saturday and Sunday (follow me on twitter @scarlet_willow before the con starts to see where I’m at) if you want one :D

And if there’s any left over, it’s you guys turn to get dibs (as always, I’ll pay shipping and all that)

(I know tfw is incomplete but I run out of money and don’t have enough time so will do them later :P)

Sweet Jessica Christ, my disdain for Theresa May truly knows no bounds.

So the short version here: After spending the entire campaign pushing the lines that Jeremy Corbyn’s policy proposals are unaffordable (the phrase ‘magic money tree’ was mentioned just enough times to make me want to take an axe to whoever says it) and that he’d lead a ‘coalition of chaos’ if elected, here is where we currently stand in terms of our government post-election:

Theresa May lost her party’s majority and is clinging onto power with a weakened minority by signing a confidence and supply agreement with the bigoted regressive fucks known as the DUP. And to secure this, she made a deal with them for £1 billion.

That’s not a typo. 

Theresa May, Mrs. Strong and Stable, is propping up her minority government with a backwater party from Northern Ireland and having the taxpayers pay £1 billion for the privilege of this ‘government’ existing.

Labour’s policies to benefit actual people are unaffordable claptrap but £1 billion to prop up a Tory minority government? No problem mate, cash or cheque?

I fucking hate these arseholes with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns.

imagine being so confident in your shit policies that you call a snap election and pal around with donald trump, only to then blow a 24-point lead and lose your majority.


When the Skam notification bings and you leave all your responsibilities to go and check the NRK website.

  • David Cameron: Wow I sure did shoot myself in the foot thinking my side would easily win this special vote I called specifically to boost confidence in my government
  • Theresa May: Hold my beer

theresa mays announcement for anybody that missed it: 

we need CERTAINTY😏😏 STABILITY👊👊 and STRONG leadership💪💦😭 BREXIT🇬🇧 means BREXIT🇬🇧  Economic Danger?💰👀  there is NONE ❌ ❌👌👌 consumer confidence is HIGH 😁👨‍❤️‍👨   there’s a record number of jobs 👍🎉 and economic growth🌱👏 we want a 🇬🇧UNITED KINGDOM🇬🇧 that is FREE to control its OWN MONEY💰✋ the other parties👀  oppose it 👿😡 there is  DIVISON💔😢 💔 labour is voting AGAINST us 😱😱  they think they can FORCE us to CHANGE COURSE😡😡😷 we must hold a GENERAL ELECTION😜😭💦  stick to our plan for a STRONGER BRITAIN 🇬🇧👌💪😏