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Told my T that I spent my weekend outside relaxing for once and enjoyed it. Her response was "Oh the wonders of self-care. Funny how it can help your mood." My response? "I think I've heard of that word before. It rings a bell."(I had to throw in the Pavlov joke for her).

Eyyy, guess who finally pulled their life together for once? Since I’ve been in a good mood lately, I’ve been doodling frequently and happened to change my style. Drew grew out his hair, so now he decided to show his age lol. Just a few practice sketches of mine, hopefully I can incorporate my new style into asks!

(ft. some of my favorite engies ^-^ @ask-pnk-engie @ask-engiepoop @ask-ex-engineer )

feels great to be back! 

This got steamy

Closed rp with @ask-pastel-pyro

NSFW warning, use the “J” key on your keyboards sensitive viewers

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Siegfried kept on giving the pyro hickeys all along his neck and collarbone, getting hotter and hotter as he kept on it, feeling the rubs of the other one’s crotch against his own,  it gave him a clear idea of what he was about to see as he heard Cupid’s pleas that made him even more horny

“Wie du möchtest”

He moved away from the pyro’s neck and kissed him, having a taste of those big, soft lips he checked out earlier slipping a tounge stroke here and there as a mockery of a french kiss while letting go of both of his arms to run his gloved hands through all of the speckled skin that was in front of him, slowly caressing his chest and going down until he slipped both hands under the flame suit’s pants and grabbed his behind strongly