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Becca is really Alie 1.0

Ok, so I know I’ve seen this theory floating around but I wanted to get my take down on it too.

If you haven’t yet, go read @raincityrukus post on it here (x) first where they go over how the Raven’s costume changes through season 3 and 4 support this theory. I can’t remember if anyone else has covered this theory so if you have please let me know so I can tag/credit you.

I left some of my own thoughts on the theory on that post but I’d like to make something about it here on my own blog.

Because the writers are into dramatics on this show, one would think that them making the Becca in Raven’s head actually be Alie 1.0 wouldn’t be too out of reach. 

I’ll put my main points under the cut because this is gonna get super long. 

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Cockles: A theory

Because.. SDCC 2016 has collectively blown all of our minds, so let me show off my faux-mathematics skills by proving to you that Cockles is a real thing.

All gifs are credited, the uncredited ones are mine.


Theorem: Jensen and Misha are banging and in a relationship, and Jensen at least is slightly insecure.

I will proceed to prove this theorem by making TWO assumptions and trying to prove them. 

1. Jensen gets jealous and upset every time Misha flirts with Jared. 

Now, if the above assumption is proved true, we can safely say Jensen is romantically interested in Misha. Let me proceed to prove it by taking two separate incidents, which happened at different points of time,to ensure independence.

  • Phoenix Con 2016: In this gifset, check out Jensen’s expression as Misha starts whispering to Jared. His smile is seriously off, and he kind of stops being excited.
  • SDCC 2016: The exact same sequence occurs. Misha and start start their touchy feely whispery thing, and Jensen is upset again. Look at his face. And the way he’s rooting around, looking for something to distract him, and finds a water bottle. I bet he wasn’t thirsty then! (gif credit for the two below to @faramaiofnerdwoodforest)
  • Also, I want you to watch this bit. Jared starts laughing a little loudly and Jensen starts flicking the pen in his hand almost immediately, which is a surest sign of stress anyone can have. Listen to how loud and obvious it is.  

Now, this can be argued away using three assumptions.

a. Jensen thought of something completely unrelated that upset him then. At two seperate instances? Chances of that are so low we can rule it out. 

b. Jensen was upset that Misha is hitting on Jared, who he is interested in/has a romantic relationship with. It sounds alright, and is plausible if not for this. In the PhoenixCon, Jared notices Jensen’s rather put out expression and-

(gif credit for the above two to @thefanaticallife

Jensen is immediately pacified when Jared loops his arm around Misha. If it was Jared who is the intended love interest, this would make no sense. Also false.

c. Jensen is jealous because he’s romantically interested in Misha and is a little insecure. This does sound like the most possible option. These being grown men, I cannot for the life of me imagine it’s a purely platonic friendship that Jensen is somehow feeling insecure about. 

Assumption one, proved!

2. Jensen and Misha are definitely banging and everyone knows about it.  

This assumption can be proved in a million different ways, but let me take just these two examples. 

a. Example one

(gifs below credit to @supermishamiga)

Now, knowing what Misha sounds like in the morning is not that compromising. Hear me out. They’re friends and co-workers and spend a lot of them together.They travel together. Is it so unusual? Really? 

Now this can be argued away by claiming that it’s a running gag that Jensen and Misha have sex and that’s all there is to it. I’d believe this, if it weren’t for the fact that Misha also seems a bit discomfited here. If it was just a joke, we know he’s be all over that by playing it up big time.  

What I’m saying is there’s nothing so strange about Jared’s comment. Yet Jensen and Misha react in extremely shifty ways, almost drawing attention to it. And Jared too, said it to provoke a reaction.. which wouldn’t have happened if it is a purely platonic bond. 

Mark proceeds to change the subject, which is also interesting.

b. Example two (gif credit below to @novaks​)

Again, Jared is the main player here. Why is he looking back and forth between these two? And that don’t bend over comment? Again, if it is purely platonic, there’s no need to do that. 

Assumption two, proved!

So, Ahem.

Hence proved. 

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I know it's not new information, but the longer the show goes on the worse the plot becomes. To keep their main characters involved they've had to retcon their own work over and over until it's just a big old mess. When the show ends I'd like to see someone re edit the show so every clip is placed in chronological order, no flashback stuff. Just so we can all appreciate just how fucked up the timeline is.

Them retconning S1 low-key annoys me so much because it’s like, you’re not cool with just making the present season ridiculous, you have to retroactively drag S1 into this too? Let me have my untainted memories. 

(Of course, like most things on this show, I’m not against them revisiting the halcyon days of the show in theory. Just in practice.)

And I have half a mind to put all the flashback clips in order once the show is over, depending on which summer the show ends and if I have the time. I imagine it’ll be very jarring at points. 


Title: Superhumans

Rating: K+

Summary: Hawkmoth finally got what he wanted: Ladybug and Chat Noir’s miraculous. But Marinette and Adrien wouldn’t just let him have Tikki and Plagg. They would try to rescue them. There was no secret identity that was worth their kwamis’ life.

FF. net link: Superhumans

A/N: You guys. You let me here without supervision after I posted this theory. I just had to write it.

Before you go on, some things you should know:

a) This is not how I want the “secret identity revelation” to happen on the show. I just wrote it this way because of my previous post.

b) This is not a shipping love story. This is a friendship story. So don’t get too disappointed with Mari and Adrien reactions at the end, ok? They were more worried with their friends than their secret identities.

c) I won’t write a chapter 2. That’s just it.

I hope you guys like it!

Alya found her at a side street.

Marinette had bruises all over her body and a nasty cut on her cheek. Alya wondered how she got all those injuries. She feared moving her, but couldn’t leave her friend there, when there was so much danger all over town. Alya retrieved her friend’s small purse from the ground, and half carrying half pulling Marinette along the way, she managed to deliver her home.

Her parents took care of her, and an hour later she was safely in her bed, with Alya beside her. It wasn’t long after that that she woke up.

“Alya?! Where am I? What happened?” she tried to sit down but the pain was too much.

“Hey, calm down! You’re in your room. I found you on the street, wounds everywhere, passed out.”

Marinette bit her lower lip and suppressed a cry. Her memory was coming back now. Hawkmoth got her miraculous, she de-transformed and fell. She remembered vaguely Chat Noir trying to save her, but all went black after that. Was he alright? Did he managed to escape? Her breathing became rapid and shallow. Alya was worried.

“Marinette, what happened to you? When Hawkmoth’s villain appeared everyone ran away. What were you still doing there? Did you came back, was caught or something?”

“Alya, I-”

Her excuse was interrupted by Alya’s phone ringing. She thought about turning it off, but when she saw it was Nino calling, she decided it was better to know if he was ok.

“Nino! Is everything alright with you? Did you got hurt when we fled?”

She listened his answer, and Marinette had a horrible feeling. Alya looked more and more worried.

“But you’re taking care of it, aren’t you?” another pause. “Ok then. Call me if anything happens.”

“What was it?” Marinette demanded.

“Nothing, everyone’s fine. Now you need to rest. Have faith in Ladybug and Chat Noir, they’ll save us all, like they always do.”

Alya went downstairs to give the Dupain-Chengs an update on their daughter, while Marinette remained on her bed,  feeling more alone than ever.

Tikki was gone.

That single thought made a warm tear to come down and leave a wet spot in her pillow. What was she going to do without her adored friend? She needed to save the city, yes, but more than anything she wanted her friend back. And Chat Noir. She was so worried about her partner. But nothing would resolve itself if she stayed in her room, crying.

With that resolution in mind, she got out of bed, put her everyday clothes and prepared to leave. Alya came back to find her putting her small purse on her shoulder.

“Where, on God’s name, do you think you’re going?”

“Alya, you don’t understand-”

“I sure do not! You can barely stay on your feet, and now you want to go outside? What is so urgent that you need to risk your life for it?”

Marinette raised one hand to stop her friend’s rant.

“You asked me to have faith in Ladybug. Well, I do. But she will not save the city if I stay here.”

“What do y-”

Marinette hugged her friend tight.

“I’m so so sorry. I wanted to tell you so bad. Tikki said I couldn’t, it could put you, and me, in danger. All I can do now is to ask you to put in me the same faith you put in Ladybug.”

Still shocked, Alya couldn’t say a word.

“I have to find Chat Noir. We need to stop Hawkmoth.”

And then she managed to sneak out of the house without her parents seeing her. Alya would cover her, she was sure. Oh god, they’d have so much to talk about when she get back! A cold feeling went down her spine. Would she ever come back? How could she defeat her archenemy without her powers? But she had to try. And se was sure Chat Noir would come up to help her. He always did.

When she was already on her way, Alya received another phone call from Nino.

“Alya! You will not believe this.”

“What is it?”

“Adrien is Chat Noir! Our Adrien! He. Is. Chat. Noir.”

Alya gasped. What the hell happened to the world?!

“In that case, I have something to tell you too…”

“Wait. There’s more. He left. I just went out for one second…”

“What do you men he left?! You said you were taking care of him at your house!!”

“I’m telling you, he just dropped that bomb that he is Chat Noir and slipped away when I wasn’t looking! I think he is gonna try to stop Hawkmoth.”

Returning to the same spot where she fell, Marinette had a shiver. This is it. Her chance to prove she is more than a costume, that she needed more than just magic powers to fight. She gave a deep breath and was about to go inside the building when someone called her name. she turned and saw Adrien going towards her, using an arm sling and limping.

“Adrien! What happened to you?!” she helped him to sit down.

“I tried to-” he panted, trying to regain his breath. “I tried to run and get here as fast as I could, but my leg…”

“Why were you trying to get here for? It’s dangerous! Hawkmoth is inside that building with a crowd of villains!”

Adrien opened his mouth to answer, but then he noticed something.

“I could ask you the same. What are you doing here?”

Marinette stood up and looked at the building in front of them.

“I’m here to stop him.”

“Well, that’s my answer. I’m here to stop him.”

Marinette looked anxiously at him. Why would he throw himself in the middle of the chaos when most people were just waiting for Ladybug and Chat Noir to appear?

“I can’t let you do it. You’re already hurt. You would only hurt yourself even more.”

Adrien looked at the huge bandage covering half of her face.

“You look as hurt as I am. What happened to you?”

“I… I fell. And you?”

“I tried to save… someone. But I failed, now I don’t know if I almost got killed for nothing, because she might be dead.”

His voice failed at the last word. Marinette felt a sting in her heart to see him in pain like that.

“What are we saying? We can’t even save ourselves, what could we do against Hawkmoth, now that he has Ladybug’s miraculous?”

Adrien felt all blood leave his face.

“He got her miraculous?”

Marinette didn’t even noticed she was crying again. The silent teardrops fell from the corner of her eyes.

“He did. And now Tikki is gone, and I don’t know what to do without her!”

Her legs failed and she dropped to her knees. Adrien rushed to her side, putting one hand on her back and holding one of hers with the other.

“I’m sorry, Marinette. Tikki is a friend of yours? How did you lose her?”

It didn’t mattered anymore. She could tell him now. She was no longer Ladybug.

“Tikki is my kwami.”

Adrien felt his head spinning. He fell back, not touching Marinette any longer. Could it be…

“But if you have a kwami then it makes you…”

“…Ladybug, yes. But I’m not Ladybug anymore. Hawkmoth captured Tikki, and I’m just Marinette now.”

Adrien got up, helping her do the same.

“Marinette, you’re never ever ‘just Marinette’. You’re the only person brave enough to come out here and try to stop that lunatic, even without any special powers. You’re amazing, that’s what you are.”

For one second, Marinette forgot about her worries, the danger they were in, all she had to do to make things right, and let herself to get lost on the smile Adrien gave her. Her only visible cheek was pink. Then, like a wrecking ball, it hit her. ‘Adrien knows what a kwami is.’


“I’m so sorry, my lady. I was late. And I’m afraid we can’t use this nice afternoon to talk about ourselves. Not today, at least. Tomorrow, how about that? The only thing we have to do is defeat Hawkmoth once again and survive this day.”

Marinette was desperately trying to understand his words, the way he was talking. It could not be, could it? Adrien could not be…

Chat Noir?” she gave one step closer to him.

“My lady.”

He let her scan his face, he could almost see her brain trying to compare the face she was seeing now with the one who wears the black mask.


“Marinette, you need to call me ‘Adrien’ for today. I swear to you, we will tell each other everything, but we must go in and rescue our kwamis now. Plagg was taken too.”

“His name is Plagg?”

“Yes. And I feel just as lost without him as you feel without Tikki.”

Marinette looked down and closed her eyes for a moment. When she managed to calm down her racing heart, she looked at him again.

“Let’s go.”


They heard someone loudly clear his throat behind them and looked back. A small man in a red shirt with a flower pattern hold a staff and looked amused. A green kwami flew beside him.

“Now now. You didn’t think I’d just let you two go in there without any help, did you? But I do appreciate your courage to do so. Come kids, it’s time to teach that man a lesson.”

About the Stefan Karl thing..

Guys… WE SHOULD BE LUCKY that we are able to contact Stefan Karl via social media and he replies back to us instantly! I never heard of any other fandom that allows you to talk to them in any time of day and they reply back instantly (youtube fandom… yeah we can contact them but how often do you get a reply?)


You can wish him well, as minor questions, ask about the costume or experiences or your fave moments of the show or anything (or talk about his cat rufus)


Avoid mentioning the headcanons and theories and shipping because yeah, he’s somewhat aware about these things but at the same time, these things, the theories, HC’s and shipping, those are guilty pleasures. Something to entertain us (and him as well) in our own private matter (unless ofc you post them online to share with others).

Let me tell you a story of what happened in 2012 in Phandom (my previous fandom)

Back in 2012, the shipping, the theories and rumours got so out of hand that Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) had to full made a giant tumblr post DENYING everything that was rumoured as he was sick of it. He was fully aware on what’s going on and the fans wouldn’t shut up about it that he has to get out of his way to say that everything is false and he and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) ARE JUST FRIENDS.

Basically, he was v salty on the topic that there were rumours that he’d lash out to fans who asked.

Now Dan is their meme dad and is aware of the shipping, the memes and theories and etc (I swear he likes the fan art thats posted on tumblr) but the Phandom agreed in 2012/13 to steer away from mentioning it unless Dan and/or Phil wants them to mention it just so that the Dark era wouldn’t return

Just saying… don’t make 2017 LazyTown’s Dark era. Don’t ruin our chance to communicate with Stefan!

Let’s use our power wisely ok? 

And give the man a break… he’s on a year of healing. Let him rest! Just show your support and best wishes.

Armin Reiss theory

So I made a theory about Armin being a Reiss but this will probably never happen because it’s kind of unusual but it’s still possible.

Uri Reiss is Armin’s real father but his mother stays unknown. That means Mr. Reiss is Armin’s grandfather. The Reiss family is befriended with another family called the Arlert family. The Arlert family knew exactly what was happening in the Reiss family with titan shifting, secrets and etc etc etc. So Uri decides to let the Arlert family adopt little Armin because all the stress and negativity would be not good for Armin. So grandfather Arlert is who we’ve seen in the beginning and the anime. While Armin is a fullblood Reiss.

So this is my theory on how Armin is a Reiss. The reason why I said that uri is Armin’s father is because of the resemblence between Armin’s and Uri’s appearence. Let me give you an example.

Look at this. Uri and Armin. Do you understand me now?? The facial structure of the two have like no difference at all. Also the hair. Just look at it.
I’ve got more to show you, the titan forms of them both. There could be a high chance that Uri and Armin are related.

I mean. Look at the lips and mouth. Both small upper lips, teeth and gums showing. Again almost no difference, only the section of the eyes.

This was my theory, I hope you like it:) This was just my view of it so I’m not saying this will happen or something, but it could be possible.

Also my view on EMA splitting up, I think it will happen. Becuase IF Armin is indeed a fullblood Reiss, he will be able to see all of Bertholdts memories. And we all know Armin, he will be probably TRAUMATIZED if he gets to see all of those memories. So Armin will probably be in shock and he could keep those memories secret and it will split EMA up, obviously, or Eren sees Armin being in shock and tries to get it all out of him, which will leave Eren being pissed off because Armin doesn’t tell him anything. So Mikasa gets mad at Eren for acting like that and also at Armin for not telling them anything. (THE MOST RANDOMEST THING CAME UP IN MY MIND WHICH I NEEDED TO WRITE DOWN) but guys. We know EMA. They will get back together. They’ve had a whole life spent with eachother and it’ll be really odd for them to be oppositing forever.

elizabitchforpresident  asked:


🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them! @elizabitchforpresident you are funny and sweet and so good at listening to me when i wanna ramble about random theories or stories or shows i care about. i’m lucky to have you. @greatestheights you are kind and insightful. i love your west wing thoughts and you always like my insta posts. @theflanderspigeonmurderer you share my undying love for leo mcgarry and my love/hate relationship with politics (which, let’s be real, is just pure hate at this point). also you always tag me in stuff and you got me more into bruce springsteen (i always liked his stuff but your blog inspired me to really dive in).

🦄- List your three favorite things about yourself! i’m resilient, intelligent and compassionate.

🦋- Tag three people you want to get to know better and state why! @zombiescorp because i love you fdtd meta and generally admire you. @charliebrownadults you seem to have a similar sense of humor to mine and also a shared love for bobby kennedy. @meyerlansky i’ve been lowkey admiring your blog for like two years (three years? however long it’s been since bwe season five premiered) and i was super happy when you followed me back and now it turns out you like west wing too? to all three of you, this is no pressure to have to actually talk to me it’s more just me stating that i like/admire you and your blogs.

🌼- What are you attracted to in people personality-wise? loyalty, compassion, wit, intelligence, protectiveness

🌷- What are you attracted to in people physical appearance-wise? I have no idea. Zero. Zilch. Someone is either attractive to me or they aren’t and there’s no real consistency to it. Sharp cheekbones, tattoos, glasses, freckles (lmao i just described zane holtz that honestly explains a lot) are all pluses but none of them are required or dealmakers. Honestly idk.

Thanks friend! <3

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How to keep myself busy as an INTJ? I mean...I would love to plan something big or to solve some case. I want to think and use my brain.. I don't like being bored(and I simply cannot be bored,as every INTJ)

I think the best activity for an INTJ is to think about how to improve the world around them. Reflect on something you deal with on a daily basis and find a way to make it better. And that same approach can be applied also to bigger “cases”, for example scientific research. Is there anything you wish to change in this world? How can you change it? Make a detailed plan.

Discuss with other people, especially people who have a different perspective from yours. Learn how they think and why they think what they do. Try to predict their behaviors. Let them teach you stuff and talk about the things they’re most passioned about. Feed them your ideas and discuss them, so you can see their feedback and hear their suggestions.

Play chess or solve puzzles (you probably know Sudoku, but have you heard of Tentai Show?). Write essays for yourself on stuff you’re passioned about, arguing in favor or against an existing theory. Find a better option. Challenge me and my list of activities and find something better (and please let me know if you do :D).

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Hey, I can't bring myself to watch, so can you answer one question for me. Did Red confirm he was the dad- or- just let Liz assume? Thanks.

Wellllllll… In my opinion he did NOT confirm it. He simply allowed Lizzie to assume she was correct in her findings. The DNA test results that she had were from the 30 year old sample that Harold had… not exactly the most reliable source (if you believe the Imposter Theory). And not exactly realistic writing on the part of the show… but that’s to be expected from them at this point.

But back to your question - no, he just let Lizzie assume it in order to keep her safe and continue to hide the true identity of her father from her. When Lizzie confronts him about the results, Red doesn’t deny it, but he also doesn’t confirm it. He does this because Red never lies to Lizzie. And not saying anything is NOT an admission imo. In the very next scene, Dembe says, “And you didn’t deny it?” to which Red said no. 

So something fishy was def. going on there. At this point, I’m 100% confident in the imposter theory, so no, I do not believe Red is her dad.

Thanks for the message! And good luck with the finale. I personally liked it, minus the daddy gate at the end.

Uber A Motives Theory

The liars only know what A wants them to know when A wants them to know it. “That’s right, you got the book! Since when does the devil give out free samples?” - Toby, Shadow Play. 

A lead them to Mary Drake.

How does this not look planted? There was NOTHING ELSE THERE except loads of cobwebs that were perfectly placed around the perfectly planted file.

They think that Charlotte or Mary hid it there. I think that Uber A put it there and Sara’s only reason for staying at the Radley was to lure the liars so that they would find those pages. 

Why would Uber A choose to show them that Mary is Charles’ mother? 
The first thing Caleb says when Mona repeats that she’s Charlotte’s biological mom is, “She’s A.D.” Mary is a distraction/red herring.

Is it war between A.D and Uber A?
A.D just wants the killer, but Uber A is extremely territorial of the girl.
Uber A wouldn’t let anyone take the girls from them. 
Uber A doesn’t want the liars to get A.D. Uber A wants to get A.D. 
Uber A wants to be the hero.
By having them focus on Mary, Uber A can focus on A.D. and save their dolls.

Is the possible Spencer twin helping Uber A?
Did the possible Spencer Twin helped Hanna escape because she is Uber A, is dating Uber A, OR could it be that Uber A treat her like their doll, too?
Did she do it to get “papa’s” doll back? 
What if the motherly affection was her taking care her “sister?”

Is Wren their “Papa” who will also always stay with them? Would that make Wren Uber A? Or is there someone above him?

(picture from

What is Uber A’s Motive?
What if this whole thing was Uber A creating their own family? These games are teaching the girls that every choice has a consequence and secrets destroy relationships/family.
The girls said it themselves that A brought them back together…. Maybe “papa” wanted to teach them what he believes true family is: Loyal with no secrets. This is why he brought all their personal and family secrets out in the light. “Papa” has never left them and knows all their secrets so they have nothing to hide from him. 

Why use Mona, Jenna, Lucas, Sara, Melissa etc?
Uber A chose their closest friends and worst enemies to be a part of the game to isolate the liars from the outside world. Uber A wanted to cause the liars to band together, learn from their mistakes, learn from the mistake of others, to believe that they only had each other so that when they meet their “papa” they will cling to him and become a real family. 

Why a doll house?
”Home Sweet Home.” Charlotte’s doll house was a test run and a social experiment. How much have the liars learned? How loyal are they to each other? Who do they think is the strongest? Who do they think is the weakest? Are they ready to be a family? Escaping may have been part of the plan to see how they would work together and how they would cope afterwards.

Why use Charlotte?
Uber A wanted to show what happens to people when they are rejected by family and society. To show that evil starts innocent. Uber A also wanted to show how someone can change with help from family and friends. Why kill Charlotte? Uber A needed a reason to keep them in Rosewood together. Charlotte was expendable. 

Why kill Charlotte like Spencer’s essay?
To identify with her intelligence and show that he’s been with her this whole time.

These are my current thoughts/theories! I hope I connected the dots well enough. Let me know what you think!

Some point against 2CT(2 Ciels theory)

So,I just thought about something.

Sorry if anyone else thought about this already,but I will still mention it.

Do you remember in season 3,Book of Circus,Ciel was shot into the head?

…Well…Remember how Sebastian repaired it?And it went back to normal,just like nothing happened?

That is how Sebastian repaired that kind of situation

Now,talking about the subject 2CT,many people have mentioned about Ciel being “both in the cage and sacrificed”.

Well,I just think it’s Sebastian’s thing here.Maybe he’s just simply not in cage and sacrificed at the same time.

Yes,indeed,Ciel made a contract with Sebastian at the time he was in the cage,but you saw Ciel being sacrificed.

What if Sebastian did the same in the cult just the same way he did when Ciel was shot in the head?

I’m being against 2CT for my own reasons,and here is the explanation of the cult confusion.Ciel was sacrificed,then just like the shot-in-the-head scene,Sebastian just turned everything back to normal as if he was still in the cage.And that’s when Sebastian made the contract.

What do you think,everyone?Do you have any other explanations?

Also,please let me know if you want me to explain anything else!I love writing my theories here,yet I don’t always write them.I want to know what you want me to talk about.

Edit: For all of you saying he could be imagining or simply no agreeing for whatever reason,I’ve got something more to say.

Yes,Sebastian didn’t always act.Didn’t always do that.And yes,Sebastian goes on about how he killed the guys.I never said he didn’t kill the guys,but I just say he reversed so that he could get another chance of taking care of the guys.Yes,it may show how he killed them just like it did with the Book of Murder OVA,but it simply doesn’t mean he did it before the shot-in-the-head scene actually happened.For all we know,Sebastian is a fast beast who,if the reversal theory I made is true,would’ve taken care of the guys fast after reversal.

Now for Sebastian not using the reversal thing that much.Well,it’s easy.Sebastian doesn’t always need the reversal thing.He used it in critical situations when Ciel would’ve clearly not survived,just like happened in the cult and when shot in the head.

Now taking the Green Witch Arc in which he was “cursed”.Why Sebastian didn’t use the reversal?Because he most probably knew Ciel was going to get back to normal even without it.He knew there was hope.

So,for short: This reversal is not such as a healing power,but reversal,as above said.Which means,Sebastian would have had time to kill those guys after the reversal.Sebastian doesn’t use this for anything but critical situations(in which is clear Ciel would die).The scene that shows how he killed the guys has nothing to do with it,it’s just showing what he actually did after.

I like the callback from Marble Madness about the list Steven gave Peridot especially because it was from a very long time ago, even in the show universe. To me this implies that Aquamarine and Topaz have been on Earth for a very long time looking for six people matching the list and kept going from place to place until ending up at Beach City.

Imagine Topaz just capturing random people inside her and then having to let them all go as the two of them couldn’t find the people on the list.

Admittedly, this doesn’t quite make sense because Peridot didn’t know that the list entailed people who all live in the same city, but there is the additional information that where these six people live, the Crystal Gems also live

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It started with a knock on the door- the day after they moved in.  Felicity opened it to find a bubbly redhead who was all smiles with a pan of brownies and a cheerful ‘Welcome to the neighborhood.’  Her name was Janice, Felicity learned, and that she lived across the street with a husband who worked too many hours and three kids under the age of twelve.  Janice seemed to be part of some soccer mom’s club, because her house was always invaded with women in cardigan sweaters drinking their iced non-fat chai teas.  Not that there was anything wrong with that, in fact, Felicity found the entire group of them altogether endearing.  That is until she learned just what they did sitting on Janice’s side porch every morning.

It was a couple of weeks after they’d moved in and Felicity’s guilt over still having her neighbors pan was getting the best of her.  But she and Oliver were still getting used to domestic life– domestic bliss really, since the last several weeks had been the best of both of their lives.  They were enjoying being that overly handsy couple everyone in public rolled their eyes and groaned at.  And Felicity told herself that they deserved this, especially Oliver and everything he’d been through.

So when Oliver left for his early morning run, (shirtless, and she’d barely let him out of the house she might add), and her eyes fell on the empty brownie pan, Felicity slipped into a pair of flip flops, grabbed the pan and headed across the street.

And she wasn’t eavesdropping, really she wasn’t.  But the giggling made Felicity curious, so instead of ringing the front doorbell like she’d planned, she paused at the corner of the house, listening.

“I’ll bet he’s ex-military,” one of them said.

“With abs like that, he’s a trainer,” another voice laughed.

“And you’ve already got spies in all the local gyms don’t you, Ella?” the first said.

“Oh you’re just jealous that I get all the best gossip!”

“Do you think he smells as good as he looks?”

“Smells?  Just imagine how he–”

“You hush your mouth!” Another voice cried.  “There are too many little ears around.”

They all giggled at this, and Felicity found herself grinning just a little wider than she probably should be.  After all, she’d never been with someone so swoon-worthy before.  It was nice to know that her boyfriend was the talk of the town.

“You think he could be a model?  I think I recognize him from the cover of one of my romance novels.”

“Oh you’re so bad.”

Felicity could barely contain her own giggles at all of their theories.  She had half a mind to make them even more jealous by showing them some secret footage that she *ahem* may or may not have taken of Oliver on the salmon ladder.  Then again, she wasn’t sure she should fuel their fire.

“He stopped over the other day and helped me with my lawn mower.”

“Oh tell them the truth, Lynn, you asked him for help!”

“I did no such thing!”  There was a pause, and Felicity nearly moved, not wanting to be caught listening in.  But then the voice continued.  “I may have let it run out of gas when I saw him stretching in the driveway, but I didn’t ask for anything.”

“Oh you asked for it alright.”

Felicity shook her head, a smirk fixing itself on her features.  It was nice knowing that everything she had with Oliver went far beyond the shallow infatuation these women had with looking at him shirtless.  She moved closer to the women, her footsteps making herself known, and then knocked on one of the posts holding up the porch.

“Knock knock,” she said turning the corner to find five women huddled together on the patio furniture.  “Hi.”  She gave them a bright smile.  “I just wanted to return this, I’m so sorry for keeping it so long.”

“Oh hello dear!” Janice exclaimed, jumping up from her seat.  “It is so good to see you.  I hope the unpacking is going well and that you’re finding our community here inviting.”

“Oh yes,” Felicity said, feeling the smirk grow just a hint.  “Everyone here is very…friendly.”

“We are that,” Janice answered, taking the pan from Felicity.  “We were just talking about how sweet your man is.  He helped Lynn with her lawn mower the other day.  A regular hero he is, isn’t he.”

“Oh, you have no idea.”  She caught sight of Oliver making his way back up the street and his smile grew when he saw here standing with the group of women.  “Well ladies, I really should be getting back.  Thank you again for the brownies, Janice.  They were delicious.”

“Anytime, dear.”

Felicity turned and headed back to the house, sure that the whispers behind her back had more to do with Oliver’s sweat than anything she’d just said.

She found him in the bathroom, the shower already running, steaming up the glass as he stripped.  

“You make some new friends today?” he asked with a grin as she stepped into the bathroom with her hands crossed over her chest.

Felicity raised a brow.  “I sure did,” she said, hopping up onto the sink and wrapping her arms around his neck.  She kissed him, deep and eager, pulling him close.

“Good,” he whispered against her lips, before pulling her shirt off and guiding her legs around his middle.

“But Oliver?” she asked, pulling back the smallest bit.

“Hmm?” he hummed against her throat before leaving a kiss there.

“Tomorrow when you go running, for the love of all that is holy, wear a shirt.”

Stay Seventeen - All Time Low One Shot

A/N: Hey… So, this wasn’t requested but I really fucking love this idea so I had to write it and ahhh. I know, I have another three requests but I’m an obsessive writer and I can’t control myself! It’s from the perspective of Jack Barakat’s 17 year-old sister, and about her going on tour with them and such. So yeah, bear with me on this, I hope you like it! But if it’s horrible, please tell me! (Y/N/N) means your nickname. Title credit to The Party Scene - All Time Low.

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BTS Reaction To Walking In On Their S/O When They Are Watching Creepy Gaming Theories

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Jin:*When she gets scared later on he doesn’t let them cuddle with him* it isn’t my fault you decided to scare yourself

Yoongi: W-what is this why are you watching that? this isn’t like you..

Hoseok: What are they talking about why is this? *too many questions hobi slow down*

Namjoon: *pretends not to be scared but totally is*

Jimin: Jagi why would you show those thing to me? *so scared he started crying*

Taehyung: *Joins her and makes jokes about everything*

jungkook: *Laughs at first until it gets too deep and he start freaking out*

WARNINGS: lots of swearing, rated T. Not edited because its 12 AM and I have school tomorrow and I’m bloody tired cx
A/N: so I didn’t know whether or not you wanted fluff or something so I added a little (well I guess it’s not really fluff but you know). Anyways, sorry for the wait but finals are finally over and I’m back in my element cx Hope you like it!


It’s too bloody peaceful as you toy with the bars on the cage, successfully managing to break it open as you creep out onto the fern-covered floor, the moss soothing your bare feet. You glance over at the Lost Boy, who’s fast asleep against a tree trunk and you can’t help but snicker before darting past him.

The air is pleasantly warm, surprisingly. You had prepared for cold, bitter winds, because knowing Peter Pan, he was cynical when it came to night weather when you had nothing but a thin blanket and your own body heat to keep warm.

You’re halfway through the forest, the sea bright in your mind, but you should’ve known that nothing gets past the King of Neverland. He spots you before you can process his golden eyes staring at you from the shadows and before you can run, he’s pinned you against a tree, eyes dancing with malicious intent.

“Damn you,” you spit because you can’t think of anything else to say and you need to distract yourself from the sting of defeat. The knife pressed against your throat slips away but before you can dart away from him, his hand is pinning your shoulder against the tree and the other rests smoothly against the trunk, suave as ever, blocking your path to freedom.

“Did you really think you could escape? No one leaves Neverland, not without my permission.”

“Fuck you. Get your dirty hands off me Pan before I break them off myself.” Harsh words are the only thing that keep your hopes alive, because both you and him know that you can do nothing against him because he’s goddamn immortal and you’re strong against anyone but him. His eyebrows raise, almost challenging you, and a list of curses run through your brain, though none of them actually escape your lips.

“We both know, (Y/N), that you could never,” he whispers against your ear and your traitorous body shivers despite yourself. You know that he notices it; the smirk on his face his too big for your liking and you glare at him.

“I can try and it’ll hurt like a bitch,” you shoot back, jerking out of his grip. It’s pitiful how someone as cold as Pan can send warmth through your body, and without his hand on your shoulder, the warmth disappears immediately as you step away from him. He lets you go, a smirk still playing on his lips.

“Where will you go (Y/N)? You can’t escape, not without my help, and I quite enjoy your company.”

“You cynical bastard. Keeping me locked in a cage won’t stop me from finding a way to leave this place.”

His eyes glow with an unspoken challenge as he steps closer. You take a step backwards, hell-bent on keeping the distance between a long one. “Funny (Y/N). Because I believe that you don’t really want to leave.”

“Keep telling yourself that Pan.”

He has you pinned, again, but something stops you from running. Maybe it’s his stare, that’s a little too intimate for your liking, or the smirk that completely disappears as he steps a little too close. You can feel your glare melting away and your breath hitches.

“The fuck do you think you’re doing?” It’s meant to sound threatening but it comes out breathy and you curse yourself to oblivion for it. But even that doesn’t bring the smirk back on his face as his hand comes up to play with your hair, almost absent-mindedly.

“Would you like to test that theory?” It’s another challenge, because he’s so goddamn fond of them, and you straighten your back, facing it straight on.

“Let’s play. What are you going to do? Let me frolic out of my cage for a day? Show me the beauties of Neverland? Nothing’s going to keep me here Pan, and you—” You let out a yelp as his lips slant against yours.

You slump against the tree, eyes wide with shock as his hands take your waist, pulling you closer. It only takes you a few seconds before your hands move against your will, taking his hair in fists and pulling him closer, eyes sliding shut.

He smirks against your lips but two can play at the game. You force him a little closer, returning his smirk with your own before pulling away, pressing a kiss against his neck. He groans in a muffled kind of way, as though he had been forcing himself not to, and you smirk against as you work your tongue into the game.

He catches on fast as he recaptures your lips, tongue slipping in, uninvited. His hands are everywhere and you can’t help but feel lightheaded. The game slips away from your brain and you give in completely.

He pulls away too soon, as though sensing your defeat, though his eyes betray his shock.

“Damn you,” you mutter again, and it takes all your strength and pride to push him away. You can’t help but feel smug as he stumbles.

It only takes him a minute to recover, and once he does, the all-too familiar smirk is back. “I win. Looks like its back to the cage for you.”

You’re powerless against him, so you follow. But the games aren’t over. It’s the quiver in his hand as he shuts and locks the cage and the lingering stare he leaves behind before he disappears completely that tell you that much.

You know that you haven’t lost completely. And that thought is comfort enough as you do your best to warm yourself up against the rough blanket and fall asleep.

It’s only when you’re fast asleep and nothing but the sun’s rays can wake you does he return. He stops to watch your for a second before reaching through the bars, pulling the rough blanket away and replacing it with a softer one that smells like him. You curl a little tighter, subconsciously burying your face against the fabric. It makes him smirk before he disappears, the battle plans forming in his head.

You can’t fight fire with fire but you can bloody well try.



How I started to believe

Me: *A casual kaisoo shipper minding my own business* *BOOM kxxk dating news comes out* Me: *kinda sad* “okay cool hope they happy and shit” Then some conspiracy theory shit shows up on my dash Me: “Okay y'all being a little irrational and shit let them fucking be happ-” *reads the 2012 post that predicted that shit 😦* *notices how Sm never puts kaisoo together for shit for the exception of like maybe two things* *the intense stares* *the touching* *how fast kxxk was confirmed* *how Jongin Wasn’t happy" *the tearing up during sing for you* *the subtle compliments* And how I was fucking sold *JONGIN STRAIGHT UP CALLED KYUNGSOO JAGI* Me: 😧 😮 👍🏿


This is the LAST time I’m gonna try and make sense of this jam packed plot. If I’m wrong then I’m completely lost in this season.

I feel like they really fucked up with this election side plot.

That aside, there’s two episodes left and I have a theory.

The main plots are member berries, and skankhunt. I personally ain’t invested in these but they arent to bad. 

In tonights episode, Kyle and Ike FINALLY learn who skankhunt is. The episode leaves off with kyle dragging Ike out of the house like he has a plan.

Now here is where my theory comes in. 

This season is LACKING the kids big time. Like I thought we were gonna have a big girls plot with the gender war but they dropped it. Stan and Kenny arent even around anymore.

What IF Kyle goes to his friends, Stan and Kenny and they decide to take action. This is why they’ve been absent, they were saving it till now. They decide to play superheros and defeat the member berries! Not only this but, they ask for help from the girls and it BINDS them and ends their feud! 

After the member berries are defeated, it slowly transitions into the new game that comes out soon!

This is just a theory, as I want the show to go in the direction of the game like they did with the ‘Stick of Truth’.

Also, if this isnt the case, I’ll be upset. Let me tell you why. 

The kids are gone, and the adults are taking over with these story arcs. Now, I don’t mind story arcs, but I want them to involve the kids. I’m so done with these parent/teachers/adults plot lines. It just feels like theyre loosing their way right now. I have faith in trey and matt but I miss my kids.

My idea for the Shamy Reconcile / Proposal

Penny goes round to confront Amy. And shows her PART of that film.. nothing abut the ring. Penny Tell’s Amy she needs to confront Sheldon about his feelings before throwing him away as she thinks Amy is making a huge mistake. Amy goes over to confront Sheldon in his apartment. And just asks him to be honest about his feelings. He has his pride as per Sheldon attitude but then Amy tells him she has seen the film of him practically breaking down so be honest with her.

He breaks and is eventually honest with her admitting she is on his mind all the time and always has been. That night he messed things up. He was nervous due to what he had planned so was thinking of things to distract him and stop him becoming to nervous. Amy explains that she didn’t feel like he loved her, At this point she is becoming more understanding. Then Sheldon says he ruined it and she walked out and stopped loving him.

Amy explains that she never stopped loving him. At this point they start becoming very soft with each other. Sheldon says he would like to continue with his plans to prove to her how much he loves her and wants to be with her, If she has no objection to it of course. Amy accepts. And with that he sits her down in his spot, tells her to close her eyes as he has a surprise for her. Retrieves the ring. Kneels down in front of her with the ring out. He tells her to open her eyes and when she does, she is stunned..

“Amy Farrah Fowler, I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend, And I apologise. Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

She accepts..

And then a snarky comment about how he will be better then Leonard and lets show them up. And with that, he puts the ring on her finger, they stare at one another smiling and then kiss

Alright so everybody wants to know what I think about Beth surviving that shot to the head. So let me be clear. I’m on the fence. I fell in love with Beth when Daryl did ok. So I really cannot subject myself to that kind of heartbreak again. With that said, I think most of the theories floating around are awesome and I’m admiring them from a safe distance. It’s hard to believe she might still be alive after what we saw. It wasn’t just a bullet graze. It was full on in the head, shown up close and personal. And they carried her body out. Prepare to read a novel now.

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