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okay so I think that this season what people are going to learn most is going to be how to communicate and I just wanted to share my thoughts. 

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Let’s start with Sana, as she’s the main… Sana isn’t communicating her feelings and thoughts to the people around her:

- She doesn’t tell the girl squad (and specifically Vilde) that the things they do are bothering her / plain out micro-aggressions. Because of her silence the girls think that their behavior isn’t problematic, so Sana’s borders aren’t clear, which leads to misunderstandings. 

- Sana doesn’t tell Noora about her crush on Yousef and instead lies and deflects Noora’s attempts to learn more about about Yousef, etc. Sana not communicating about her crush is already creating misunderstandings and creates situations where the girl squad acts in a way that is (unintentionally) hurtful to their friend. 

- my theory that Sana is going to distance herself from Yousef now instead of possibly talking about it with him which once again will cause misunderstandings because Yousef is going to notice and connect her taking distance with what he said and think she’s not interested anymore while that might not be true at all.

Sana is such a closed off person and because she doesn’t communicate that is influencing everyone around her which is also something we see in the trailer with the chain reaction. 

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Then there’s Noora who isn’t communicating about what happened in London. She’s avoiding the topic and although it’s clear something happened she’s just talking about it and instead keeps it in. Her friends don’t have all the information and again this can leads to misunderstandings. 

Opposite to that you have her friends knowing Dickhelm has a girlfriend, while Noora is going on and on about how they are going to be end game. The girl squad not telling her friend, because they’re afraid of hurting her is already influencing their friend who probably would have an easier time moving on if she had all the information. 

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Vilde doesn’t communicate either, not about what matters anyway. She keeps saying her mom is doing wine tastings etc and now Sana called her out on that it’s clear there’s more behind it than we might have original thought. But again Vilde isn’t communicating and instead overcompensating about other parts of her life like her relationship with Magnus.

And now, with Sana calling her out on stuff it’s obvious something is brewing between them. But, instead of communicating and talking through their feelings both girls are being passive aggressive towards each other. This is going to blow up soon. 

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And then…. Even not communicating with Isak which can also lead to misunderstandings because Isak knows there’s something bad. Don’t get me wrong, I think Even has every right not to tell Isak, but the fact he’s not sharing it and Isak has figured out there’s a connection between Sana and Mikael is making it grow in Isak’s head. Like I’m pretty sure that by now a thousand different scenarios have gone through that boys head. And because of that he might misunderstand Even and the situation. And that can hurt Even in the end too, even with Isak by his side. 

In many ways Even and Sana are very much the same, but most notably they share the same trait of having difficulty communicating what’s going on in their heads with the people who love them. They’re both scared of people judging them in one way or another and we’re seeing this play out on screen pretty well already. 

All of this ties back to the song in the trailer: so many misunderstanding are forming/have formed already and it’s all because they’re not communicating with each other, which would help all of them so so much. 

The Big Bang Theory: “The Long Distance Dissonance” Review


My Top 10 Thoughts on Season 10, Episode 24:

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10. The slightly “dirty” talk between Sheldon and Amy was fantastic! This is exactly what I was imagining them doing….let the fan fics write themselves!

9. Ooooh, Ramona is BACK! She looks really good….but oh no! What “perfect” timing that Amy’s gone when she does!

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8. Penny and Bernadette’s conversation is hilarious! “Sexual Appetite” is a phrase I never thought I would hear Penny use to describe Sheldon and his actions!

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7. Even MORE funny was Amy’s conversation with Penny and Bernadette…anyone else in favor of Amy getting the “New Jersey” side of her to come back to California?

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6. Mayim’s acting has been ON POINT this episode; the expressions Amy had via Skype with both Sheldon and the Penny/Bernadette pair were solid GOLD.

5. I do feel bad that Rajesh is getting the short end of the stick…Stuart and him are getting the shaft in the friends group, and I don’t like it!

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4. Okay…Sheldon didn’t use Purell when Ramona touched him AND went swimming with her?! Hmmm…maybe the gang DOES have reason to worry!

3. I do love that everyone is concerned for Sheldon and Ramona…they ALL walk Sheldon and Ramona to their car; like good friends! “Excuse me!” Bernadette is amazing.

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2. And of course, “Big Sister” Penny has to explain to Sheldon about women fighting over him…can you all believe women are fighting over Sheldon?! My, how far we’ve come in Ten Seasons.

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1. WHAT…WHAT…..WHAT?!?!?!?! OH MY GOSH!!! HOLY SNAPS?!?! I JUST…..Those last two minutes……

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Ok, so I’m most definitely Not a fan of this kiss. NOT AT ALL! But the shock and realization on Sheldon face, (and the pure brilliance of Jim’s acting)… I just had to gif it.

Game of Thrones Theory

Spoilers for Season 5 Episode 10: Mother’s Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still here? 


Ok, the character of Melisandre has always really bothered me. I’m a staunch atheist, and I’m not exactly a fan of the divine intervention and fanatical religious tactics that the Red Priestess regularly employs. That said, she’s arguably the most successful character on the show, aside from perhaps Littlefinger. 

She started a slave. By embracing the Lord of Light, she improved her lot and managed to gain a tremendous amount of power and influence over a powerful and influential man, Stannis. In a society that oppresses women in a million different ways, that’s pretty damn impressive. 

Religion is a big part of the world of Game of Thrones. Most of the characters have some sort of religion. In 95% of cases, the characters pray to their respective gods, the Old and the New, and shit still happens. That’s part of the joy of being on a TV show based on a book series written by George R R Martin. It reflects normal life– people believe or don’t believe, pray or don’t pray, and both good and bad things happen. 

Sansa prays to the Old Gods, and half of her family still ends up dead. The High Sparrow holds an even more powerful position than Melisandre; he has the authority to bring down members of the royal family. Yet, for all his prayers for the common people, are they any better off? Most of those seen mocking Cersei during her Walk of Atonement looked rather worse for wear. 

However, Melisandre’s prayers don’t seem to go unanswered. Her visions come to pass; she said that he would betray himself and his family back in Season 2. By using Gendry’s blood, she managed to kill Stannis’ two greatest threats: Joffrey and Robb Stark. She even killed Renly with a fucking shadow assassin, to which she had given birth. 

Only once before has she notably failed: the Battle of Blackwater. Davos convinced Stannis to leave her behind, but should that have mattered? She killed Renly at a distance. She performed the magic that killed Robb Stark and Joffrey from afar. Shouldn’t the Lord of Light be able to hear her anywhere? 

And now, once more, she has failed during a battle. And this time, there’s no retreat to fight another day– Stannis is dead. The army is decimated. She can’t even attempt to seize control of the remnants. And there’s one major, blaring difference between this instance and the Battle of Blackwater: 

Melisandre was there, at first, until things went downhill. She sacrificed Shireen, Stannis’ own daughter, king’s blood. The first time, she had predictions, but no blood magic. We’ve already established that the distance conditionality has to be complete bullshit. Her magic (or her God’s magic) can work at a distance. 

Here’s my theory: Regardless of the validity of Melisandre’s faith and god, she has strong magical abilities. She used Stannis to gain power and further her own goals, but she never thought he was the Prince That Was Promised. 

She sincerely seems to serve the Lord of Light. If she wants to precipitate the coming of the Lord’s Chosen, she needs to get challengers out of the way. Stannis provided a method by which to do so: in his bid for the Iron Throne, he would need to take out contenders like Renly and Robb Stark, who were in the way. 

Renly and Robb were lesser threats. Renly didn’t have proper military experience to be a serious threat to the Throne, and Robb had no ambitions beyond the North. By clearing them out, Melisandre wasn’t actually putting Stannis in a position where he would actually have to rule.  Same goes for Joffrey– she managed to weaken the Lannister’s power by tearing apart the family. Tyrion, the true Lannister mastermind, was either to die or disappear; better yet, he did disappear and took out Tywin in doing so. A weak child was put on the throne in Joffrey’s place. And now, the Lannisters are a mess. When the true Lord’s Chosen comes along, he/she can simply topple the Lannisters with a single breath. 

Melisandre couldn’t risk Stannis actually succeeding in his bid for the Throne. That’s why she didn’t win him Blackwater. And that’s why she allowed for his army to fail against the Boltons, and for him to lose his life.

R’Hllor is supposed to be a god of life and light. In history and mythology, many gods are bloodthirsty, but many seem to frown upon the sacrifice of children, especially one’s own. The example recently brought up in regard to the sacrifice of Shireen is Agamemnon’s sacrifice of Iphigenia. Despite his sacrifice, Agamemnon met a fateful end. Tantalus was punished for eternity for sacrificing his own children to feed to Zeus. Stannis didn’t have good precedents.

Melisandre is a zealot, but hardly stupid or shortsighted in the least. She ought to have known that the sacrifice of Shireen would lose Stannis the support of half of his men (the unconverted ones). She could have foreseen it pushing Selyse over the edge. And maybe she even imagined it would anger the Lord of Light, so Stannis wouldn’t have his blessing in battle. Perhaps it was even an extreme version of the “Abraham and Isaac” scenario– only The Lord of Light (or at least Melisandre) was testing decency, not obedience or devotion. By agreeing to sacrifice his beloved daughter and only heir, Stannis proved he was not the true Prince That Was Promised, or even a worthy king. 

So who is the Prince That Was Promised? I have a couple of theories.

1. Daenerys Targaryen. She has all the fancy toys necessary to defeating the White Walkers. She has the bloodline and her heart is in the right place. But I can’t see Melisandre misleading Stannis for Daenerys, a woman she’s never met (as far as we know) or even mentioned. 

2. Jon Snow. She saw something in him when she met him. Every fan suspects that Jon Snow isn’t your run-of-the-mill bastard. He’s killed a White Walker, and he seemed to be the Night Watch’s best chance in winning that war. Would she lie and kill for Jon? If she were convinced he was worth it, yes, I think she would.

And now he’s dead. 

Yeah, right.

Melisandre abandoned Stannis and went straight to the Wall. She could have gone anywhere. At first blush, the decision to flee seems to indicate a desire for security. And the Wall is hardly more secure. If she wanted to be safe, she should have headed South.

Her predictions are pretty accurate. She may have foreseen his death. It’s not much of a stretch. And we know that Red Priests are capable of resurrecting the dead. Thoros of Myr did it. 


Maybe Jon Snow’s death is a necessary phase in his process of rebirth, so he can be unbound by his vows when he rises. If Jon is actually a secret Targaryen, recall the House’s words: “Fire and Blood.” George R R Martin said that Daenerys’ stunt at the end of Season 1 was a one-time, magical event made possible by blood magic and fire. 

If Melisandre feared for Jon’s life, the life of the true Prince That Was Promised, maybe she would have required a rather significant sacrifice to save him. 

Shireen provided the fire.

Jon provided the blood. 

It’s also possible that the Night’s Watch ends up burning his body. They don’t want him reanimating, of course. The prophecy also says that the Lord’s Chosen is born amidst “salt and smoke.” Burning the body would provide smoke. Not sure about the salt. Tears? Melisandre’s tears?

By blood and fire, Jon Snow will rise again as the Prince That Was Promised.

TL;DR: Melisandre never thought Stannis was the Prince That Was Promised; Jon is and she is acting in his interest. She made Stannis lose the Battle of Blackwater and Battle of Winterfell on purpose, to keep him from his goal of the throne, which she wants open for Jon. She will resurrect him by blood magic and fire, which will prove his Targaryen lineage. 

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Have you ever thinked about why the game is called 'Borderlands'?

Well, during BL1 & BL2 you might have seen these towers

They actually don’t let you to leave the Borderlands.
My theory is…

In borderlands 1 we see the same towers during the game. In that time Atlas was the ruling company on Pandora. I think over the borders there are a lot of secret Atlas buildings, maybe actually towns too?

So… This answer wasn’t enough for me. I turned on the cheats, so these towers coudn’t kill me like here:

Over the Borders in Tundra Express. Well as we know from TFTBL ep4, Jack owns Atlas this time, so he owns the towers too. These trains are Hyperion  properties.

Actually these maps are really big! Like for real!!!  You can’t even see the Express from here!

And now I went to Highlands where we can see the Towers again, a bridge aand

Opportunity from the distance. Well that’s why my theory is these borders actually cutting the bandits from a richer areas? 


Did you know there is a flying door in Sanctuary but we can’t see it from the clouds?