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been really absent lately and i want to get back into talking to you guys again and getting more involved with tumblr once again. so here is my second attempt haha

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Another close call again. I am terrible at my time. So this weeks theme is protection and what better way to show case that, than to redraw the scene that messed me up so bad that it still haunts me to this very day. Sorry if it’s not that great, it’s been a busy week and I only had two days left.

(All characters)~Alex Hirsch

A couple years ago my anxiety and depression reached critical mass and I stopped drawing and when I did I was too anxious to post on my own art blog lmao. Its been about two years right??? 

ANYWAYS. Im on meds and talking to a therapist living in Colorado now wow. I’m queuing up a bunch of art I posted on my main over the last couple months. Instead of just cross-posting it all at once. :’)

I’m also tried to change my tumblr themes and fix the links and stuff because I keep changing screenames sorry im a mess yall. 

15milbosses week! | Day 1 (3/20): introduce yourself to the community!

(I’ve never taken part in any kind of “themed weeks” before, this is my first try, so, I’m sorry if i mess something up.)

Hey! My name is Arthur. I’m a little nerd who thinks that can do something creative. Still, i make edits, gifs and sometimes “relatable” gifs/edits.

Obviously, i love YouTube, i watch a lot of Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie, Markiplier and much more other youtubers. Gradients, fog and glitch is my aesthetic.

And, as some bad things about me (there’s no perfect people alright) - i’m harsh and 100% honest. I won’t hide what i think about someone. Many people can take it as a good thing, and others don!

Alright, that’s me, Arthur, a.k.a. saneshine.

anonymous asked:

You seem cool, we've never spoken. But we have a lot of similar interests and your ask link doesn't work so i had to type /ask in the url bar.

I’m sorry :X I suck at coding and messed up my theme and obviously don’t know how to fix it.

But thanks!


Day 3 of Billdip Week: Sweater Weather

(i have to say sorry, cuz Im pretty sure i messed up this theme, I drew the first thing that came into my mind but later i looked more closely at it and smacked myself in the face when i noticed it wasn’t what this theme wanted. so yeah…:(

Funnyransom’s thoughts on: Taehyung’s Acting Debut


The first time I knew of Taehyung’s existence was during Korean class in Spring of 2015. With his messed up bed hair styled perfectly to fit the “bad boy on the streets desperately trying to pick up a girl” theme, his strawberry flavored (?) lollipop, and the way he threw it down with such force and licked his thumb while bouncing up and down– everything about it was pure seduction perfection. Insert clip now: 

Truth be told, Suga wasn’t my first bias. 


ME: “Sorry, Yoongi! It was because i was shallow and did not look past the outer appearance! I mean, come on, look at Taehyung! I felt war of hormones!! ME! T_T”

Moving on: So, I remember one summer night, in attempt to further educate myself on this kpop boy group called Bangtan Boys to write better fanfictions, I stayed up numerous nights (thank God I didn’t have anything else to do with my life cause once you’re in the Bangtan hole, you’re in there deep! lol.) watching everything from Bangtan bombs to music videos to radio interviews to Rookie King to American Hustle life– and i remember saying more than “I want to be their girlfriend/boyfriend”, I said, “Oh. It’d be really cool to work with them, someday.”

By “work with them”, as I’m sure my lovely followers know– i have a thing for writing. I mean, why else would i make reactions and scenarios if i didn’t enjoy imagining scenarios and reactions? Haha. So, in a couple of years or millennium or perhaps in another life, it would be a bucket list check off for them to act in something that i have written for them.

As an aspiring scriptwriter, i may have a keen eye for potentially talented actors and actresses or so I like to think. One member in BTS that stood out to me the most was Taehyung.

Does anybody remember the BTS elevator prank? Jin did his 1+1=giyomi, Rapmon sang a soprano, Jimin giggled like a perv, Jungkook was as awkward as ever around the woman, Suga did a splendid ab wave, Jhope sprawled across the elevator while the fair maiden walked in, and V– he acted like a noble and a peasant from a HISTORICAL DRAMA (2 characters in one). Not only that but whenever I saw V, i was thinking, “Wow. This kid would be really good at acting.” (I can’t find a gif of V in the elevator. HALP! >.<)

Anyways, The nights that i stayed up watching Taehyung, i remember specifically thinking and waiting for the day Taehyung would debut as an actor. I felt that this boy was meant to be in the entertainment world more than simply in the countryside playing his saxophone while looking up at the lonely moon, whistling and wondering what else life could have had in store for him. (I mean, how sad would it be if V wasn’t in BTS? … like, don’t even get me started! Haha.)

So, the conclusion for this whole rant is that—I, Funnyransom, want to say, “Taehyung, noona is not ready for your acting debut because I know it’ll only go up from there. But at the same time, I know you must do you duty and share your given talent and beauty with the rest of the world so that one day, you can star in American movies like you said you have hopes to. I thought you’d wait for me to write your scripts for you but you’re obviously doing fine– getting casted in Hwarang: The Beginning. And honestly, that’s probably a lot better than what I had planned for you because I wanted you to star in some high school love story but now, I’m getting super excited because I get to, HOPEFULLY, see you forehead in the Silla dynasty style. DO YOU SEE THE FOREHEAD?! lol. 

I just want you to know that I’ll be eagerly waiting for your performance, Taehyung! So, train well riding the horses. Don’t fall off and hurt yourself because actors are one of the most important people on set. Respect all the crew and cast. Get some rest and do the best that you can. But most importantly, stay humble and have fun because I feel like you were born to do this along with so much more. So, Aja Aja Fighting, Kim Taehyung!”

- Funnyransom

Now, time to appreciate some fine Taehyung’s acting skills in action. 

1. Taehyung’s horse riding practice:

2. Taehyung the Teenage Delinquent: 

3. Taehyung the partying professional:

4. Taehyung the professional kisser on set of man

5. Taehyung the professional tear jerker without need for onions and/or tear drops: 

Anyways, let me know what you guys think about Taehyung’s debut! :) I’m excited. haha. 

“You Wouldn’t Have.” 3/?

BTS Taehyung Fanfiction 

Theme: Angst, Fluff, Violence, Gang / Mafia AU

Word Count: 1652 Words

Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6

WARNING: This chapter may trigger sensitive things. Please read with caution.

Originally posted by bangts

“Yeah, it’s me.”

He walks in and closes the door. He sees me looking at him by the cabinet.

“Are you okay? You seem quite scared.”

“O-of course I am. I just got kidnapped by you guys.”

He comes closer and bends down on one knee.

“I’m sorry.”

“Huh?” I tilted my head in confusion.

“I’m sorry you’re caught up in this mess. We didn’t want this to happen in the first place. I begged Namjoon to keep you alive. So you should be happy you’re still breathing.” He sits down in front of you, looks down then back to you.

“Taehyung is right, you do get attached easily.” I mumbled.

“What? Taehyung told you that? He’s lying. I’m not weak.”


“Do you really think I’m desperate over you? Don’t think that way. I just didn’t want to see another girl die from Namjoon’s hands.”

“Namjoon? I’m guessing he’s the leader of your group?”

He nods, “Yeah, he seems like the bad guy here. But, he’s not. He’s just trying to protect us. He’s like a big brother to me. He doesn’t want us to break apart.”

“I see. Jungkook right? C-Can you tell me what’s your group about? Who’s in it? What do you guys do?”

“That’s something you don’t want to know. But since you’re here in our territory, I’ll tell you who’s in it.”

I look at him in which brought me closer to him. My curiosity caught him off guard.

“You really want to know huh?” he asks. I nodded, bringing me right in front of him.

“Well, you know our group leader, Namjoon. He basically controls everything here. He finds out who’s against us and who’s with us. Right now that’s what he’s trying to figure out about you. We have Jin, which is the oldest one in the group, he’s really parent like. Better than what most of us had. Yoongi, he’s a really cold guy. He really wasn’t that type of person that smiles. Once in awhile he does when we’re doing something stupid. Hoseok, he’s the one that figures out where to go to find our targets. He always the happy person in our group. Cheering us up and making us forget what we’re supposed to do sometimes. But he can be a cold person once in awhile, to the point where he can kill someone other than our target. Jimin, I know you just met Jimin a while ago. He’s not a bad guy, he only does that to scare people. But, other than that it’s best for you to stay away from him. He always out drinking, playing around with girls, and getting into fights. He only does that to get rid of the bad times he has had in the past. Most of us had bad pasts, it’s just what it is.”

“How about Taehyung?” I asked.

He scoffs, “What about him?”

“You were going to tell me all the members, but you didn’t tell me about Taehyung.”

“Ah, Taehyung. He’s older than me, but he’s something.”

“What do you mean something?” I ask.

He leans closer to me, less than an inch away from my face. I was getting flustered, not knowing what he was going to do.

“He’s not who you think he is.”

There was a moment of silence, then he leans back.

“He’s only doing this because you remind him of his dead girlfriend.”

“What? D-Dead girlfriend?” I stuttered.

He nods, “She died because of something that happened to her.”

“What happened to her?”


Curiosity hits me. I wanted know who she was and what happened to her. Taehyung didn't’ seem like a bad guy. But from what Jungkook said, it may be something different of Taehyung.

“She was raped and murdered.”

My eyes widen as I heard those two terms. Raped. Murdered.

“Before he was in group, he lived with his girlfriend in an apartment. They weren’t really a happy couple. They had fights multiple of times. One day, they had a fight, a huge one. He was very violent towards her. She was as well. They never really had a fight with physical contact, but it was one. The fight got worse, to the point where he actually hit her.”

There was a moment of silence once again. I gripped the bottom of my shirt, enduring what he was saying.

“Do you want me to continue?” he asks.

I nodded.

“Well, after what he did, she left the apartment. Taehyung felt regretful on what he did to her. After what he did and finding out what happened to her, he felt miserable. The police found her body in an alleyway, but they never found out who did it to her.”

He looks at his hand then at me.

“That’s why he saved you that night.”

“Oh. So that’s why, if I didn’t remind him of his girlfriend-”

“He would’ve let you die there. From Namjoon’s hands.”

“But you begged him to keep me alive. Why?” I asked in a questionable tone.

He chuckles, “Like I said, I didn’t want Namjoon to kill another girl.”

“Another girl? So he had killed one before.”


“Who was she? Was she someone different? Or was she just a girl that saw you kill-”

“I can’t tell you that. But I’ll tell you one thing.”

I lean in, trying to listen what he was going to say.

“She did exactly what you did in the alleyway.”

“Oh, and I’m guessing she didn’t get out of that alleyway.”

“Correct, you’re smart.” He smiled.

“And guess what Taehyung did to her before she died?”


He looks at me in the eyes and my body hits and lays onto the ground. Pinning my arms above my head.

“Just like what happened to his dead girlfriend.”

“Jungkook, what are you doing?!” A voice was heard behind him.

He lets go of me and I crawled back behind the cabinet. He looks behind him and smirks. I can see that grin on the side of his face.

“Ah, sorry. I guess I got carried away with her. I was just demonstrating to her something-”

he pauses and looks at me.


He gets up and heads towards Taehyung, “Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything stupid.”

He walks out the room, I see Taehyung with a bag in his hands and walking towards me.

“Are you okay? Did Jungkook hurt you anywhere? I’ll do something about hi-”

“I-I’m fine T-Taehyung.” I stuttered.

“You don’t look too well. Maybe you just didn’t eat yet.”

He opens the bag to see a bunch of food in styrofoam cups and plates. He takes the food out the places onto the ground. You look at the food, stomach growling, you crawled closer to Taehyung. He smiles at you, he takes your hand and puts a fork in it.

“Eat, you’re probably starving.”

I look at the food and places my fork the the cup of ddeokbokki. I places one in my mouth and chewed. The savoring taste made wanting more. I rushed and grabbed the cup and start placing more in my mouth. Chewing fast, adding more and more into my mouth. The heat was burning my tongue a bit, but I didn’t care. I took my spoon and put it in the bowl of plain white rice. I took a spoonful and put it into my mouth.

“Hey, slow down. You’re going to get sick if you eat that fast.”

He was right, it’s only been one day and I’m eating like I haven’t been for months. I hated the fact that I’m looking like a homeless person. I felt so scared. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t eating right now as well. My eyes started to water as I continued on eating. Eating faster, drinking the water faster to get the food faster down to my stomach. I sniffled as I continued on eating. Placing my head buried in my knees once more. Sobbing, scared, figuring out what was going to happen to me.

“Don’t cry. It’s making me feel bad for you.”

He heads closer to me and pulls me by his side. I shiver from his touch, afraid on what he was going to do.

“It’s okay. Just eat.”

I nodded and continued on eating. I forgot who Taehyung was, what Jungkook told me, and why I should fear Taehyung. Taehyung’s hand was gripping on my arm pulling me into his chest. Of course I ignored it. I was too busy with my starving self than focusing on what he was doing. I wiped my tears and continued on. As I was eating I heard the door slam open. I looked to see a tall man with pale pink hair. It wasn’t bright pink, but it wasn’t dark pink as well. It was the same man that had the sharp object to my neck that night.

He storms towards me and grabs a fistful of my hair. Pulling me away from Taehyung, I scream in pain.

I was pulled into a big place. It looked like an abandoned workplace. I was pushed into a chair in the middle of the place. I attempted to get off the chair until he pulls a pocket knife in front of me.

“If you run, this knife will slice your throat and you will slowly yet painfully bleed to death.”

I quieted myself, my eyes started to water.

“Namjoon hyung! What are you doi-”

“Not now Taehyung. She’s going to help us with something.”

I look down to the ground, as I was doing so the man so called Namjoon grabs my chin and examines my face left to right.

“Something very important.”

He smirks and lets go of me.

“Alright boys, grab your weapons.” Namjoon said outloud.

“What are we doing?” Jungkook said with confused face.

“We’re going to take back what’s rightfully ours.”

I just had an epiphany: Voldie’s Back!

So does anyone else think that maybe Tumblr was created in disguise by Lord Voldemort?? Because:

Who’s seriously thirsty for followers? LORD VOLDEMORT

Whose evil plot was it to mess around with the activity buttons at the bottom of the mobile themes and screw everyone up? LORD VOLDEMORT

Who would create a faulty communication system ( some of my asks or fan mails don’t get sent even though I KNOW I sent them)? LORD VOLDEMORT

I’m seriously convinced Lord Voldemort’s back, guys!!! Where’s The Boy-Who-Lived????

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

This is the closest “Cherry Blossom” themed shirt that I could find. It’s actually made out of bamboo and is amaaaazing.

 I need to rush to packet pick up for the race tonight because I’m working all day tomorrow for the second day of the expo. I’ve heard that the pick up is a hot mess though so I’m a little worried about it. But so it goes. I have basically no free time between now and Sunday night (GAME OF THRONES RETURNS) so really, typical weekend (sidebar: I’m sorry I couldn’t get my act together to organize some runblr meetup. But wave or say hi if you see me before, during, or after the race! I’ll be the ones with wings on her shoes).

I’m excited to run the 10 miler though! I am even MORE excited to find out that they have pace groups! I’m not trying to PR at this since I’m pretty sure my PR from last year is currently untouchable (1:15:30). But there is a pace group or 1:20 that would bring me in at solid 8:00 splits so I’m going to try to hang with them for the duration of the race.

I love this race distance. It’s just like a half marathon: long enough to feel like I put in a lot of work but not so long that I can’t function like a human being after. At least that’s what I’m hoping because right after the race I need to run over for the start of a Cherry Blossom bike tour that I’m doing with my friend. Because one form of cardio just won’t do anymore (kidding, don’t take that as encouragement, triblrs)!

Okay, back to work. The week has been crazy pants. If only it were also warm enough for  no pants Friday too. Come on, spring!