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Like father like daughter

i hope kis kisbys knows everything theyve ever drawn is the best thing ive Seen in my Entire Life

favorite lines from broadway songs: Newsies

santa fe (prologue)- there’s a life that’s worth the livin’, and i’m gonna do my share.

carrying the banner- it’s a crooked game we’re playing, one we’ll never lose, long as suckers don’t mind payin’, just to get bad news.

the bottom line- shaving is tricky, the razor should float, shave me to close and you may slit my throat.

that’s rich- hey baby, i was just talkin’ about you.

i never planned on you- i got no use for moonlight, or sappy poetry.

the world will know- the world will know that we’ve been here.

watch what happens- it can’t be any worse than how it’s been.

seize the day- wrongs will be righted, if were united.

santa fe- let me go far away, somewhere they won’t ever find me, and tomorrow won’t remind me of today.

king of new york- i gotta be either dead or dreamin’, ‘cause look at that pape with my face beamin’, tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it, but i was a star for one whole minute.

letter from the refuge- on the rooftop you said that a family looks out for each other, so you tell all the fellas for me to protect one another.

watch what happens (reprise)- dave what the hell, did they bust up your brains or somethin’, as i recall dave, we all got our asses kicked, they won.

the bottom line (reprise)- too bad you’ve no family, but you can’t have mine.

brooklyns here- have no fear, you know we’ve got your back from way back, brooklyns here, we’ll get your pay back and some payback.

something to believe in- one day may be forever, but that’s okay.

once and for all- this is the story we needed to write, as we’re kept out of sight, but no more, in a few hours by dawns early light we’ll be ready to fight us a war.

finale- now my eyes is finally open, and my dreams theys average sized, but they don’t much matter if you ain’t with me.

Rebelcaptain fanfic: 5 times Cassian and Jyn shared a bed

But then again, you can be quick to envy someone else’s struggles when they appeared easier than yours. 

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    The first two weeks Jyn Erso simply didn’t sleep.

   It was that easy; she instead haunted Yavin base, wandering the endless corridors like the rebellion’s very own personal ghost. It was fitting. There were enough ghosts surrounding her, so she may as well invite them in, let them become a part of her. She would eventually pass out in odd places: inside a crate amongst several blasters, in the middle of the north staircase. Once, she was even found curled up inside the cargo hold of one of the transports. She might’ve ended up in Imperial territory if someone hadn’t found her.

   Cassian seemed to be the only one who was willing to dare approach her. She wasn’t aware of much, but she would hear the other soldiers make the call (“Captain? Uhhh … yeah, sorry, but we’ve found Erso again,”) and knew he was the one who would come for her. She was liable to lash out at anyone who dared try and wake her, but the man was nothing but patient and Jyn didn’t know whether she loved or hated him for it. He would wake her as gently as he could, before sliding his arms under her slight weight. She would protest weakly, but the truth of the matter was that her brain was tired, confused and dangerously spiralling, and she would let him take her to the sickbay.

   “You’re going to hurt yourself soon,” he would say gruffly as she dozed half-conscious in his arms.

   But the dark abyss of sleep threatened to swallow her whole every time she tried. Every time she closed her eyes, her ghosts were faithfully there to keep her company. Rogue One would hang over her head, the blaster shots, the explosions, the pain and the exhaustion of the battle. The tears she’d been unable to choke back as she watched her father’s message, her cries as she held his broken body in her arms – all of it would flood her in sleep until she was sure she was slowly being driven insane.

   Cassian kept bringing her to the sickbay, probably because the man just didn’t know what else to do. Somewhere in her mind she recognised this and felt the guilt churning, knew that he was worrying over her, wanted to make it better somehow, but didn’t have the first clue how. She used to be so good at sleeping. She was a thief, a liar, always on the run, always trying to keep her head down and hide; she had to be good at sleeping whenever she got the privilege. Where had that Jyn Erso gone?

   Maybe she really had died on that beach.

   She didn’t recognise any of the parts of herself that were left, after all. 

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Rick’s Relationship with Women

I’m gonna keep this real simple:

Number of times Rick has checked out Carol: 0 times
Number of times Rick has checked out Maggie: 0 times
Number of times Rick has checked out Andrea: 0 times
Number of times Rick has checked out Beth: 0 times
Number of times Rick has checked out Karen: 0 times
Number of times Rick has checked out Rosita: 0 times
Number of times Rick has checked out Tara: 0 times
Number of times Rick has checked out Michonne: 5,473 times AND COUNTING.

Originally posted by dynamic-dynasty

Now, the camera has even paused to make it CLEAR to the audience that Rick was checking out this woman [sexually] a number of times from when they meet, leading up to the infamous couch scene.  Anyone who claims they didn’t catch not one of those times is a fucking liar.  Sorry, I meant a motherfucking liar.  That shit was not subtle.  The camera does CLOSE UPS when Rick watches her bend over or turn around.

I know Rick’s from the South, but he’s not an incestuous, son of a bitch.  Furthermore, Rick and Michonne never were related by blood.  That part of the story has not happened anywhere.  He is not/never was/never will be her father; he is not/never was/never will be her brother; he is not/never was/never will be her cousin.

Rick is simply her husband now.  They went from being two people who were marginally antagonistic, to allies, to friends, to friends in-like, to co-parents, to co-leaders, to best friends, to lovers.  And now those mofo’s are married.  They aren’t going anywhere or taking any breaks, ya heard?

Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 6.

finally part 6 is here!

I’d recommend reading previous chapters again, before starting this one <3 

Word Count: 3781

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 ongoing…

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I woke up with a terrible headache. Sighing loudly, I turned around in bed expecting the other side to be empty. Instead, I saw Sehun, leaning against a pillow with a book in his hands. Bright light shining from the windows didn’t let me open my eyes and wake up fully. 

“Be quiet.” He said quietly. There goes my “good morning”.

“I won’t disturb your reading session, don’t worry.” I murmured still half asleep. Suddenly he closed his book and turned around to face me.

“I didn’t mean that.” He spoke even more quietly. “Your parents are still here. I thought you could pretend to be asleep.”

I thanked him silently and hid deeper in the covers, holding my head that could burst any second with my hand.

“Headache?” Sehun asked. I nodded again, fearing that any other movement would make me cry from pain. “Stay still.” He said and stood up from bed, leaving the room.

I should have been surprised or confused by his actions, but nothing about Sehun made sense anymore. One day he would act as if I don’t exist. Then the other day he would hate me… but there were moments that made me think… Sometimes he acted like someone who cares. I didn’t know what to make of his little talks before sleep, or his gentle touch as if to silently tell me that everything’s okay. As if to tell me – he is next to me. I am not alone. If it were anyone else but Sehun, I would think like that. I would think that he cares just a little bit about me. But it was Oh Sehun lying next to me not anyone else. The person who made me feel hated in my own house. I didn’t know what to believe, so that’s why I decided not to overthink about his character. Sehun was impossible to read.

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My name iz Phayte / and wen it nite / I sit at computer / and start 2 write / I make the fics / n post them too / my fanz will reed them / and always come thru / crack fics r my forte / but thei don't clash / my favorite is when otabek / put covfefe beans in Yuri's asz

JFC - I wanna print this off and frame it!