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Could you possibly illustrate Carl and Negan battling in a water gun fight? It's ok if not, I would understand! I love you and everything you do ❤️

Lololol, totally!! 
No leather jacket, I think we need to see more Negan only with his white T-shirt. 
Though water gun fights sound like fun, I doubt Carl would enjoy it. 😅
//Shot me, I am not used to draw whole figure.

By the way. Guys, I am able to draw almost anything if it isn’t too wrong, nsfw or above my skills! I am glad you respect me, of course, but no worries.  <: I am always glad if you give me ideas!
Seven Day Challenge Chapter 4, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Michonne shares her news with her two favorite men... Enjoy!

Chapter Sample:

“So, what’s the surprise?” Carl was practically vibrating, his excitement reverberating around the inside of the van. He was on his knees between the driver’s and front passenger’s seat, gripping Michonne’s armrest expectantly.

Michonne regarded him amusedly, a smile frozen on her lips. “I was planning on waiting until we get home…” she laughed, her eyes flicking to Rick.

“We can wait,” Rick’s tone was firm, a direct contrast to his feelings. Carl was not the only one anxiously awaiting her news.

“Dad,” Carl rolled his eye, looking exasperated. “We’ve waited a whole week.”

Rick chuckled, meeting Michonne’s eye over their son’s head. He raised a brow, silently attempting to coax her.

“All right,” she acquiesced, retrieving her pack from between her knees. “You may want to pull over.”

Rick complied, bringing the van to a stop just inside a crop of trees, shaded from the view on the road. Michonne took a deep breath, holding a small square of paper to her chest. With a long exhale, she handed it to Rick. His thumbs brushed over the waxy surface, flipping over the small black and white photograph. Immediately, his chest contracted.

“What’s that?” Carl stood up, leaning over his father’s shoulder.

“Well, we have to start thinking of names,” Michonne’s voice was quiet. “But for now, I’ve been calling the little guy or gal "Peanut”.“

"A baby?” Carl’s voice cracked around the word.

“A baby,” Michonne confirmed, watching him carefully.

Rick’s mouth had gone dry, his pulse pounding in his ears. He stared at the fuzzy black and white photo in his hands until his vision began to blur.

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I was tagged by @nialilouarry to do 12 facts about me!

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1. I’m from Massachusetts 

2. I am a middle child. My sister is 26 and my brother is 17.

3. I have a dog named Max and he’s v cute and also stupid

4. I have an addiction to junk food

5. In my senior yearbook I was voted “most changed since 8th grade”.

6. My favorite show is The Walking Dead. And my favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye

7. My hair is really curly but I straighten it.

8. I like being alone way too much.

9. I work in a library and it sucks.

10. I have extremely low self esteem (basically non-existent)

11. I voted for Hilary but I wanted Bernie to get the nomination and win.

12. You will never see me dance. 

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