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what does bard think about miss fortune?

“She is… a criminal, in a way. She insights terror in her people, and the only way she gets respect is by force. Even then, it is nothing but fear. I know of her legend, and of her crimes. Miss Fortune is the type to play innocent in the face of all that she’s done wrong.

She is not someone I respect. But if I were to meet her properly, I would try and turn her life in the right direction. As of now, she has done nothing that requires divine intervention, so I have no reason to seek her out.”

“I can’t wait until Justice League and Black Panther come out so I can write for them!” I exclaim, knowing damn well I’ve got over 20 other things in drafts and none of the motivation required to do them.

What the Wonder Woman movie taught me:

• women can survive without men

• women are not always the ones that need to be saved

• being a warrior doesn’t mean that you have no emotions

• women can handle a feakin’ lot

• love doesn’t make you weak


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