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Stupid Love, part 10

Thor was very open in his attempts to seduce Loki into heat.

In truth, Loki preferred that. It felt less like manipulation, and more like an entertaining game. Thor was never in the least upset by his failures, nor did he demand anything in return. Loki even suspected that the man would stop his attempts, if Loki told him to; he was never pushy about making Loki go along with Asgardian customs.

He didn’t want to test it. He… liked Thor’s romantic gestures. It was reassuring to be so wanted, when far from home. And he certainly enjoyed touching Thor.

Thor greeted him cheerfully, when Loki joined his table, where he had been talking to his friend Fandral.

Thor put a hand on the small of his back when he sat down, and Loki smiled and pressed close. Thor was tactile. Almost no one had touched him back home.

“I was just plotting with Fandral how best to next try to win your love.”

“Oh?” He put his hand casually on Thor’s thigh.

Fandral laughed. “I suggested he have the bards write you a ballad, for the next great feast!”

“Oh, how dull. I liked when he brought me a dragon head.” He let his fingers creep slowly down the inside of Thor’s muscular thigh.

“You liked getting a dragon head. You did not seem much romantically moved by it.” Thor traced his fingers gently over Loki’s back. “In fact, I could barely tempt you out of your workroom for days.”

“Mmm, true. But I did like it.”

“Then you disappeared to Vanaheim for spellbooks!”

“You cannot expect me not to take advantage of finally having access to the bifrost!”

Fandral snapped his fingers at Thor. “Camping trip!”

“Hmm?” Thor shifted a bit. Whether to dodge Loki’s fingers or encourage them was unclear.

“He’s right, he’s barely gone anywhere by bifrost! You know some scenic, cozy little getaways….”

Loki rose an eyebrow at Thor. “Who were you taking on cozy getaways?”

Thor growled playfully, and pulled Loki into a kiss. “Maybe I was cozily getting away all by myself!” When he let Loki go, he captured his hand, to stop its exploration. Such shy people, these Asgardians. “Will you go?”

“I absolutely demand you take me. I want to see all the realms!”

Thor kissed him more sweetly. “Then you will!”


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just a little psa… I was seeing how many things I’ve written for this blog already (I figured it was quite a few) but when I counted everything (including this wip I’ve been working one for a while now) its already at 72! In hardly a months time too, that’s really awesome! Maybe I should do something fun when I hit 100? I dunno! I just thought it was amazing like that’s this is really the most I’ve ever written in my life. I should total the word count up one day…. but, for a basic understanding, I strive for around 500 words per piece, some go much over 500, some hover there, but that’s the idea. so… 500 x 72 is… 36000 so we know its at least over that!


“This film has long scenes where there’s time to illustrate the thought process.  All Moses does in some of them is to listen, which is very, very challenging.  To make Moses expressive, we used a lot of what some people call ‘bottom eyelid animation.’  It’s really difficult to suggest what Moses is feeling and thinking when all you’ve got to work with are the lines surrounding the eye.  There were also scenes where most of what I did were very, very subtle head moves, because I want the characters as true, as believable, and as real as possible.” — James Baxter, animator for Moses

Oh Ellie… I think they should be terrified of you.

Had to paint it as soon as that trailer for The Last of Us Part II came out!! The incredible modeling and expressiveness was gorgeous! 

Follow my Instagram for eventual process shots, and here’s my original tweet which got sooo many sweet responses from the Naughty Dog team including Shannon Woodward I’M DED. Also people keep asking about prints, I’ll try and get one up online but otherwise will have this at NYCC this year!


hey felix what’s it like to be an idol and the cutest boy on earth at the same time?

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