my the killers


yo i’m back. I saw The Killers two times in Manchester. 

AS I WAS EXPECTING I AM NOT OKAY. it was my first time since Riga 2013 (not counting 6 Bflows solo gigs during TDE tour) so believe me I was buzzing for seeing these Vegas lads again and my best friend in crime Martina <3 that I finally met after years of friendship on here.

On the first night we got second row, on the 2nd we got frickin barrier (stage was so close just look). They played Be Still what ruined me completely. They played Natalie - LIKE WHAT? Also I finally managed to hear SATN, I saw Brandzz wearing his pick jacket. Also Bflow smiled to me few times and I melted, my heart stopped and I felt like all my worries and problems don’t matter anymore. new version of bling was so groovy and the calling is just a dream (not mentioning brandon in sunglasses feat his dance that he think is sexy but is super awkward which made me laugh my ass off).

new stage is out of this world, everything is bombastic, huge. lights are sooo impressive (kudos to steven). the pink confetti, the pyro, brandon’s gold suit - really TOO MUCH OF ALL OF IT. I overdose the killers.

I love this band with all my heart and nothing will change it. they’re my parrarel universe I can run into whenever I feel like I can’t handle the reality around me.

all of these photos are mine so pls don’t steal them haha

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Me, a bitch with a fear of the dark and also anxiety: I'm gonna watch scary Shane Dawson videos at 1:05 am :)


me, a bitch who never sleeps anyway and is constantly terrified of the possibility of a home invasion: i’m gonna listen to every true crime podcast about the original night stalker :)