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white ppl getting insulted and defensive when my ethnic ass makes a white ppl joke

i hit a follower milestone yesterday morning, so i thought i’d make a second mutual appreciation post! first i just want to say thank you to everyone who follows me, and a quick thanks to everyone who also follows my sideblog since that also reached a follower milestone a couple of weeks ago! ♡

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with the F1 season slowly coming to an end i’d like to, once again, remind everyone that the ski jumping season is starting soon and that ski jumping is the best and purest sport on this earth with the most precious sunshines competing and if you’re not watching it you’re seriously missing out

Today I found out I am at the lowest I’ve been in 4 years since the start of my weight loss journey/ working on myself journey. September 11 of 2013 I was 185 lbs . Today I am 146 , that’s 7 lbs away from my all time weight goal . Please throw away that “magic ” pill it DOES NOT WORK. workout hard even when you feel down. Weight loss doesn’t happen with a blink of an eye and YOU have to be mentally ready for the challenge. But remember not to be so hard on yourself and get yourself that Chipotle & Oreo cookies here and there

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OH MY GOSH I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED! Okay, so y'all may or may not know this, but I originally never wanted to start this blog. I didn’t think anyone would like my art work, since so many people are so much better at it. But whoo boy, Imagine my surprise when I reached 100 followers, and then people just started to pour in, giving such loving praise and compliments to my work!

I almost cried when I saw the milestone we hit! I don’t think you people realize just how important this is to me. I had no confidence when I first created this blog, but look at me now! I’m currently running three blogs and co-owning another blog with Socky! I didn’t make this happen; you guys did! You gave me my confidence, and I am forever grateful to you all for it!

Now, some shout outs!
@blog-sockydraw you were such an inspiration to me, and much better with traditional art than I was, so I felt that I could only stare from afar while you amounted to this outstanding young artist you are now. But imagine my surprise when you actually followed me! I was so damn happy! And then you started to chat with me, and I can say with true honesty that you are one of my closest Tumblr friends.
@ask-guilldawhiteinkwildcat (I can’t tag for you some reason) you were so kind to me when I first started! You would chat with me sometimes and make me smile and laugh with your shenanigans. So for that, thank you!
@ihaileysenpai honestly Hailey, I wouldn’t care what you dubbed, because your such a nice person who’ve I’ve looked up to because of your personality and your jokes, which always made me laugh btw. You’re such an amazing person, so you keep being you Hun; never change! (Get better though Hun)
@theniceprincess-tnp wow, where do I even start? Okay, so I’ve been watching you for probably a year now. You were probably the second dubber I ever watched, the first being Ania. You made me crack a smile, and I’ve even talked to you on discord before, though you probably don’t remember. I was with Poni though! You’re such a nice and supportive person, and honest to boot. Playful too! So, do never change Nice, you’re such a good person, so don’t let anyone else’s opinion change that.
And now, probably the most important person to thank;
@pony-broni / @bendybabies
Hun, I literally don’t even know where to start. You helped me through a really tuff time, and I’ve always admired you, even before I started Tumblr. You were the type of person that made me want to better myself and I honestly never thought I’d ever meet you, let alone you noticing me. But when I decided to send you that first fanart, it’s one of my many decisions that I’ll never regret. Thanks to you, I gained so many opportunities and met so many amazing people, so for that I honestly thank you for the very bottom of my heart! Poni, I honestly consider you a sister, and I only do the at to people who I truly trust. So; thank you.

I didn’t make this happen, YOU GUYS DID. And I thank you from the very bottom of my soul. Tumblr is my home, it’s where I belong, and I’ll never regret joining this society.