my thangs

SO this happened today!

I finally got the courage to go into a normal male bathroom. it was going pretty well at first. i dashed in there, did my thang, and then went to wash my hands. then. 

shit. hit the fan

Him: “ what the fuck why are you in here!?”

me: “ i’m making a cake. what does it look like i’m doing?” 

him: “ * get louder* what the fuck why’s there a GIRL in here!”

me: getting a bit anxious. “ look man, i just needed to take a shit, okay,”

him: “ sure you did. what the fuck you doing in here, bitch. you don’t belong in here” 

me: “ look, i’m just gonna leave….”

him: like hell your’e not. * hits me hard on the cheek*

me: * kinda fell over*

other dude comes out of the stall. “ dude, wtf?”

him: this emo chick’s try’n to-

other dude: * helps me up* what the hell, man, you okay? 

other dude ( to him): leave him the fuck alone. or i’ll shove an urial cake up your ass. 

him: swears under breath, and then leaves.

other dude: seriously, what the fuck ass hole.


“Underneath all of the programming and underneath what has happened to him there is still  B u c k y  B a r n e s  and there is still an American patriot and hero.” (x)