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namjoon: [smiles, covers mouth with hand, and lowers head shyly]

me: 🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫 🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫 🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫 🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫 🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫 🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫 🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫🌸💝💞✨💗🌷⭐️🌺💖💓💫

honestly it’s actually the small, mundane, boring things that someone does for you out of love which mean so much rather than grand gestures and proclamations

Conversations with fic writers
  • Me: Sis, I need medical advice.
  • My Sister MD: ... for fanfiction?
  • Me: Yup!
  • My Sister MD: *sighs*
  • Me: So, listen - I need a body part that, when shot, will bleed lots, and the guy may even pass out from it, but other than the blood loss he'll be alright.
  • My Sister MD: I take it the penis is out of the question?
  • Me: ... the penis is still necessary for important plot reasons later in the story.

does anyone else out there want to have a ton of different jobs and live in lots of places?! Like I can’t see myself just going to college getting a job and settling down in one place and only being able to leave for a week or two a year… I’d rather be a photographer, model, adventurer, survivalist, teacher, nurse, pilot, writer, and creator all at different times in my life in different amazing new places. I don’t want to have limits, I don’t want to be tied down to something or somewhere my entire life. What is the point in living if you are living for someone else’s expectations? I want to feel free, alive, and work not because I need to but because I want to. I want to love what I do and most of all I want to inspire others.

bakugou: who the fuck-

aizawa: language, katsuki.

bakugou: whom the fuck-

aizawa: no.