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Why I love Tom Holland

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I officially became a fan of Tom. Throughout that time, I’ve tried to figure out what he’s like. Just today I took a few minutes to think about why I love him so much. Here are my reasons:

What I love about Tom is how down to earth and grounded he is. He hasn’t changed even with the fame, he still is himself. He’s very kind, polite and respectful to everyone he meets. He cares and loves his fans so much. He tries his best to meet them but when he’s unable to, he gets bummed out. The connection he has with them is very different, light hearted and fun (the roasts and the quackson joke). He has made children’s days by visiting them in hospitals. He brought smiles and joy to them and he loved being able to do that which shows how big his heart is and how sweet he is. He loves and cares about his family, friends and dog a lot and brings them along with him when he can. He’s very talented and works hard at what he does. The fact that he can do more than just act is impressive. He has accomplished quite a lot at the age of 21. He’s so energetic, lively and funny. He can light up a room with his presence, smile or laugh. He’s truly captivating. He’s definitely not afraid to be himself which shows just how comfortable and confident he is in his own skin. He takes absolutely nothing for granted & appreciates and is grateful for everything. He has acknowledged and shown appreciation for the people and experiences that have helped him thrive in his career. I love how he lives life by not taking everything too seriously and by living life to the fullest. He’s very admirable and inspiring. He has shown that if you work hard, stay focused and determined, you can do anything and even live out your dream.

Another PSA

For those of you who are worried/concerned that my love for Tom will cause my love for Brad to fade away or that Brad will no longer mean a lot to me, I am here to let you know that that is not the case nor will it happen. There are times when I fear/worry that Tom will replace Brad. But honestly, when I look at Brad, I’m reassured that he will always be my number 1. The reason why I believe this is because I have never been a fan of someone for this long and have continually experienced the same emotions that I felt when I joined the fandom until I found The Vamps. I have been a part of many fandoms, but no one else that I have been a fan of has given me a reason to keep living, has truly helped me overcome my anxiety & depression and who always makes me happy except for Brad. He has had a huge impact on my life, is so special to me and will forever remain in my heart.

Some men are so patronising… they act like everything they say is the most profound thing ever and they’re blessing you by imparting their wisdom. they don’t even talk with you, they talk at you.