This is sort of a Zhan Zheng Xi appreciation post that no one asked for.
He is extremely caring and kind, always checking on Jian Yi and wanting to understand him.
After the kiss he still assured Jian Yi that he wasn’t going to judge him or think any less of him for it. It also made me wonder if he knows that Jian Yi has feelings for him.
Zheng Xi is so protective and clearly puts Jian Yi above himself and most other people in his life. He is also very intimate with Jian Yi, hugging and grabbing his hand of his own free will.
Zheng Xi is probably struggling with how he feels about Jian Yi right now as well. But we aren’t given any insight to how he is handling what happened.
I really want to know more about what Zhan Zheng Xi is feeling and thinking, especially regarding the kiss. It is very likely that he has developing feelings for him and it would be interesting to see more about that.
I really want to know more about what Zhan Zheng Xi is thinking in the future, we know so little about his emotional development right now.
Haha, i really rambled here, but he is one of my favorites characters ever and i want to know more about him!!
Photo/translation credits @yaoi-blcd
19 days by Old Xian

Every time they “accidentally” leak pictures they are enjoying the attention that fandom can pay and help them fuel the news up. Wake up people.

Step 1 leak the fuck out!
Step 2 we will see fandom splitting in two, Team-A with “Respect your idols’ privacy and stop posting what they’re not ready to post!” where Team-B like us doesn’t care shit.
Step 3 they will spam our timeline with paid media articles, so Team-A can starts celebrating like “Aww cute” “They are so in love” “Relationship goals”.
Step 4 more articles come up saying “Fans celebrating the new born baby” and everyone pretends they’re happy in this fake peaceful realm.

Great image building plan, at least for outsiders. We were never the target audience. Who is leaking pictures and play the victim as usual? I bet we all can agree on this one.

Upcoming 2017 Animated Films:

Coco (Disney Pixar.)


Mary and the Witch’s Flower (Directed by former Studio Ghibli director, Hiromasa Yonebayashi.)

The Breadwinner (Produced by Cartoon Saloon, who also created The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.)

The Girl Without Hands


Your Name (Note that this film has already been released internationally in 2016.)

The Lego Batman Movie

Loving Vincent

Rock Dog (Featuring the voice of Eddie Izzard. Note that this film has already been released internationally in 2016.)

Mune: Guardian of the Moon

These are just a few of the upcoming films with a 2017 release date.