my tent is awesome

Day 14

Cold Springs Camp was a blast. My tent was soaked. I saw some awesome lightning. I hiked 12 miles today, mostly downhill. One may think that downhill is awesome. It is not. It is a bone jarring misery that isn’t much fun. I much prefer uphill. My shoes are too small and I hope to correct that in the morning. Overall today has been awesome though. I’m doing what I love. Met a guy named 5-0 on the trail. Cool dude. Rolled into NOC in time to eat a late lunch with my trail family. Loving life.

CPT NoBeard

Some good news for RAGBRAI

I got a call from the touring company I’m doing RAGBRAI with.

I’ve been on the wait list for tent city and my number for called! This means all I have to do is ride. They set up and take down my tent and even carry my bags to and from the tent daily.

This is especially awesome considering I’m one of the last riders in most days and all of the good spots are already taken.

Plus, setting up a tent in the heat or the rain after riding all day is no fun.