my teddy bear

When I was a kid I legitimately thought that my teddy bear would defend me if any monsters showed up in my room, that he would just somehow come alive when I needed him and be this fierce and loyal protector.

Have I ever mentioned here that my teddy bear is trans? When my mom had him she put him in a dress and used feminine pronouns and when I got him I took one look at him and I was like, “He’s not happy like that, he’s a boy.” 

Why can’t I hold all these Sally’s??

Drew up what I personally think Sally looks like in My Teddy Bear. Annd have her meeting my Sally. :D

Along with the story providing a picture of what the Charlie Bear looks like, all I can say is it’s in no way, shape or form directed in any way to my Sally.

If you wanna argue with me, I fucking DARE you. =u=