my tears are infinite

video game moments that changed me as a person
  • lara croft finally posing with her signature twin pistols at the end of tomb raider
  • arriving in columbia for the first time
  • ubisoft presents…. ASSASSIN’S CREED over a beautiful landscape
  • shepard’s last flashbacks during mass effect 3’s end
  • also all of the “its been an honour serving with you, commander” after spending years with these characters
  • joel calling ellie ‘baby girl' 
  • the VGA’S 2012 video game theme song medley
  • finding out what would you kindly really means
  • the first time fighting a dragon in skyrim with ’DOVAHKIIN, DOVAHKIIN!’ playin in the background
  • when you finally realise who the killer is in heavy rain
  • meeting and recognising your fave batman character the arkham games
  • recognising a historical figure in ac games
  • driving a fucking tiger round steelport in saints row
  • the last piano notes at the end of bioshock infinite
  • finding out haytham kenway is a templar
  • [ellie voice] Okay.
  • when ya sim wets themselves and their pee is blue like whats up with that?? ea whats up with that answer me

me and a friend r voicing ndrv3 together, but i’m reusing voices from the time i voiced sdr2 w/ friends, sO………


170208 | #Happy27thWoohyunDay


이게아닌데 - TAEYANG cover by HOYA

anonymous asked:

How do you combine science and religion? They're basically the opposite. I wish I could without feeling one is a lie.

Ahhhhhhh, nonny, nonny, nonny.

The answer is because, truly, nothing fuels my love for & faith in my religion more than science. And nothing keeps me motivated & driven to keep learning and working in science more than my religion.

I don’t try to analyse my Gods with the scientific method, the same way I don’t try to analyse my experience of being in love. Even if there is specific phenomenology one could identify, neurotransmitters being released, activity in parts of the brain, that’s not what those things are fundamentally about. Science does not hold all the answers to all the facets of the universe or life or the human condition. And a good scientist must always remember the limits of her theory and her experimentation.

But -

On Sunday night I watched David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II and had tears in my eyes at the infinite diversity and beauty of the natural world. Watching thunder clouds rolling over steppes and feeling filled up with love for Sif and Thor. Every sequence of predators chasing down prey resonating so deeply with the part of me that works with the Wild Hunt. And looking at every incredible living thing shown and knowing - that by the wonder of evolution - we are all cousins - all related - our ancestors are the same.

But everything I learn about molecular biology, the incredible, incomprehensible complexity of every cell in every living organism and how they interact - all hewn out of twenty amino acids, coded by four bases, all evolved from a single cell across billions of years - just increases my sense of awe and wonder and faith in the Gods. This is what they gave us.

As does the stunning beauty and elegance of the laws of physics. The wave equation. Dirac’s equation that knew more than he did. The energy-matter equivalence. Quantum-electro-dynamics, which is accurate to a degree equivalent to measuring the distance between New York and Los Angeles to within the breadth of a single hair. The fact that I can look up at the night sky and see light from millions of years ago. 

This is beauty, this is poetry, this is magic, this is where I find my Gods.


7 Years - Lukas Graham (Dance Practice) HOYA

remember when i was on the fence about adopting taz, & you babes were like YES DOG GOOD DO THAT

& now how he is the absolute light of my life & brings me to happy tears daily & i love him an infinite amount & greets me with so much love & excitement he can’t contain it & we are perfect for each other & i want to spend every possible minute with him & he is helping me through a rough time & helps reconnect me with the outdoors & is the biggest snuggle doggo i’ve ever met

THANK YOU for your consistently awesome advice & support, seriously

I love you to the moon and back. I love you with every piece of my heart. I love you with no strings attached. I love you with every bit of fiber. I love you with every drop of my tears. I love you for every weigh it takes. I love you infinitely. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I love you deeper than the oceans. There are lot of ways to say how much I love you, but there’s no simpler way than a normal I love you. I love you, I will never get tired of holding on to you. Leaving you will never be my choice when things get hard. I will never get tired of staring at your eyes trying to puzzle out your thoughts. I will never get tired of squeezing your hand just to feel you more near me. I will never get tired of leaning on to you. I will never get tired of understanding you. I will never get tired of thinking about you. I will never get tired of imagining my future with you. I will never get tired of loving you. I will always be strong for you, for us. I love you so much.
—  S.L

myunggyu’s heart ♥

Make me anew

It’s safe to say I can’t live without you
Blood still seeps, even after all these years
I spend every day trying to pull through

        Each night I but wish to be born anew
     To clean my slate of sanguinary smears
         It’s safe to say I can’t live without you

How to forget you, if only I knew
I’m watching a grey sky that never clears
I spend every day trying to pull through

         Attempts to no avail, that much is true
And now death no longer plays on my fears
          It’s safe to say I can’t live without you

I know, I am only getting my due
This halved existence of infinite tears
       I spend every day trying to pull through

                         I try and I try, it’s all I can do
             Until my last will to live disappears
      It’s safe to say I can’t live without you
I spend every day trying to pull through

- M.A. Tempels © 2016