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yet another dead/dying meme turned into a gifset at the last minute

-I thought we were going to the French seaside, Doctor.

-Yes, well, it is France you know. Or will be, after a bit of tectonic shift. Looks, oh…late Cretaceous, I’d say.

-Cretaceous? Doctor, how on earth did you undershoot the landing by 65 million years?

-Nobody’s perfect, Zoe! Besides, Jamie’s never seen a dinosaur before!

-I’ve never seen a what now?

-Oh you’ll love them, Jamie! Huge reptiles the size of houses with teeth like millstones…

-Oh aye… those sound…nice.

The amount of time that Two spent just trying to take his companions for a nice day at the seaside is very important to me.


On your own?’ She smiled. ‘Ya can’t have much fun on your own, can ya?’
‘Well…’ I was caught out slightly. ‘I’m always meeting people. Love people, I do!’ […]
Layla kicked her heels. ‘Yeah, yeah,’ she said […] ‘Don’t you have any actual friends?
‘Sometimes,’ I admitted. I didn’t meet her eyes, instead looking with intense concentration at a particularly intricate piece of the sonic screwdriver’s circuitry. ‘There are friends I travel with. But it’s not… not been a good time recently.’
‘Oh.’ Layla looked at the ground. ‘Did they die?
Dead Air by James Goss

So thinking about the whole Companions thing…. I really think that my favorite TARDIS team ever would be Martha/Donna/Rory, perhaps with Jack and Ace joining in every now and then to heighten the sexual tension and violence.  We already know that Martha and Donna are bad asses together, and Martha and Rory would totally bond over the doctor/nurse and being in love with oblivious people thing.  It would be perfection!