my teachers looked strange :0

this picture has been in photos for awhile now and i’ve been saving it until i could figure out a clever caption for t but i think this story is better: i was trying to find a picture of one of our old homework assignments because i had a question about it (i was redoing it) and i’m scrolling through and i’m about to click on the picture when my teacher stops me and gives me this strange look cause she’s staring at this picture and we stare at each other for about 30 uncomfortable and conceding seconds before i mutter “i have no answers… anyways” and i start talking about the homework but you can see the confusion in her eyes as she tries to process what she has seen on her students phone and i felt the need to share this with all of you. you’re welcome


“Selfie with our favorite teacher.”

Don’t ask me why or how… I don’t know. I was just trying LiS models and this happened.

+ bonus:
They didn’t allow Nathan to take selfie with them… so he angrily drank his coke

I Love My History Class

I have two semi-retired teachers for history that rotate days.  They are both really great people and teachers.  They also both know about Hamilton (the musical).

Recently we’ve been learning about the beginning of the U.S.  In class the other day, my teacher was talking about Hamilton’s Financial Plan and how much Jefferson hated it.  I, of course, being a Hamilton fan, immediately thought of Cabinet Battle 1.  I was apparently smiling, because my teacher looked at me strangely and asked me why I was smiling about it.  I laughed and explained that there was a song in Hamilton about this and that it was stuck in my head.  She laughed and continued with the lesson.

The next day in class we had the other teacher.  About halfway through class, she pulled up a tab on her computer (using a projector on the wall), mentioned the other teacher said I’d told her about this Hamilton song, and we listened to Cabinet Battles 1 & 2.  In class. At school. Loudly. With Speakers.

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